What Should Be a Cars Toddler Bed Mattress Size?

There will surely come a time as a parent wherein you will no longer be disturbed about the best baby diaper bags but about the ideal race car toddler bedding set and ideal Cars toddler bed mattress size to purchase. 

Understand that the race car bed is the best solution for parents who find it hard to get their kids to cooperate when it is time for bed. These beds are different from the buy now pay later toddler beds

Interestingly, your toddler will surely love the idea of falling asleep in an excitingly fun bed that sparks various imaginations. In no time, they will be off to dreamland. 

Bear in mind that transitioning from the crib to the toddler bed can be quite challenging. However, it is best to prepare with the appropriate gear to make this transition easy for everyone involved. 

As you prepare for this transition, bear in mind that you will need the best race car toddler bedding set to make the room complete. Before we delve into how you can carry out the DIY toddler car bed, you should understand what car beds truly are. 

What Are Car Beds? 

What Should Be a Cars Toddler Bed Mattress Size?

What Should Be a Cars Toddler Bed Mattress Size?

Aside from purchasing the ideal high baby chair for your baby, you must understand that kids love car beds. The reason why they will love a blue race car toddler bed ranges from the fact that it is flashy, colorful, and overall, very cool. 

Note that having a blue race car toddler bed and not the buy now pay later toddler beds is amazing. This is because most racing car beds have successfully combined an exciting design with a highly safe structure. 

For those unaware, car beds are normally small and crafted just for kids. Now that you have passed the stage of using the ideal baby safety gates, it must be understood that the car beds feature vibrant and bold colors. 

These colors allow them to stand out and make kids like them the more. The blue race car toddler bed and Jeep car bed toddler are the most common choices for kids. And the most popular colors are blue and red. 

The car beds tend to have numbers on them and some checkerboard patterns on their sides. Engaging in the DIY toddler car bed is an amazing concept. 

What Age Is A Toddler Car Bed For?

When it comes down to the age of a toddler car bed, it must be understood that most parents carry out the switch to a toddler bed when the toddler starts climbing out of the crib.

It must be understood that you should not rush to purchase a new bed the first day your toddler climbs out of the crib. Differing from when babies crawl and you are out to help them, your kid may not be ready to move to a toddler bed. 

Also, it may not be very safe for your toddler to be up and about the house when everyone is fast asleep. For those seeking the ideal age for the toddler car bed, you can make the transition when your child is roughly three years old. 

And, if you are afraid that your toddler might want to leave the toddler car bed, you can make use of the car’s wooden toddler bed with a safe sleep rail

When you use the car’s wooden toddler bed with a safe sleep rail, you will no longer have to worry about your baby falling off the bed. 

Note that parents may quickly want to switch their kids to a toddler bed when they are expecting another baby. If you fall under this situation, you can make the transition roughly six to eight weeks before you are due to give birth. 

More so, dependent on the age of your toddler, you may delay the transition until your new baby is three or four months old. Your newborn will be sleeping in the bassinet during this time, while the toddler will have lots of time to adjust to the transition. 

If you wonder the age your toddler has to be for a toddler car bed; the simple answer is roughly three years old. Note that some toddlers adjust readily while others have a challenging time. 

Understand that all kids are different, and it is not strange for firstborn toddlers to resist the transition. 

Cars Toddler Bed Mattress Size

Bear in mind that the car’s toddler bed mattress size is the standard toddler bed mattress size. This means that it is the same as all other crib mattresses. 

This size is 27 ¼ inches x 51 5/8 inches. Understand that toddler beds fit into the crib-size mattress even though they can come disguised as race cars. 

It is worth noting that the car’s toddler bed mattress size is the same as the crib mattress. So, you have nothing to worry about when making the transition from crib to toddler beds. 

Nevertheless, toddler bed dimensions can differ if you are making use of a non-standard crib. 

How Do You Make A Car Bed?

How Do You Make A Car Bed?

How Do You Make A Car Bed?

When it comes down to making a race car bed for your little one, there are steps you will need to follow. Understand that there are cars toddler bed instructions we will be providing for you to follow.

Almost similar to trimming baby nails safely, there are toddler bed instructions that will help you carry out the DIY toddler car bed. 

For those who have kids that love racing cars and will be pleased to have a Jeep car bed toddler or even a beetle car toddler bed, you will be glad to build one for them. 

Though this project is not a swift one, you can roughly make use of six to eight hours to finish it up. The steps involved in creating the ideal DIY toddler car bed include:

  • Marketing and planning step

The first thing to do here is to work out which of the cars you want your toddler’s bed to look like. Also, you are to decide on the color of paint once you have an idea of the car your design will be based on. 

It could be the blue race car toddler bed, the beetle car toddler bed, or even the Jeep car bed toddler design. The preference will depend on your kid’s desires. 

  • Drawing step

The next stage in the DIY toddler car bed is to draw the car’s shape on the side of one piece of your MDF. The drawing can be used as a template to cut every other piece.

  • Cutting step

You are to position the MDF template on your workbench and secure it using clamps or vice grips. More so, you are to make use of the circular saw for any of the straight edges. 

Then, you are to use the jigsaw to cut out the shaped parts of your car design. It is vital to remain within the pencil’s lines and ensure the jigsaw blade is kept perpendicular. 

Note that they always tend to bend a little when pressured against wood; this means you will have to keep it neat. Once you have successfully cut out the first piece, you will use it as a template for the other side of the car. 

This will make the two pieces to be identical. 

  • Front and back pieces step

If the car you are working on has a slanted front like most cars do, you are to cut a piece of MDF. This will help to accommodate the thickness of the mattress. And, it will allow for the bed to be properly made. 

You can use swivel screws at this point to be capable of opening the front away from the mattress when you need to make the bed. As for the headboard, you will have to observe the same criteria.

This is done to ensure that your toddler does not bang his or her on any protruding pieces. 

  • Assembling step 

Immediately the four primary parts have been cut; you are to glue and screw them together. Ensure that the front of the car and the headboard are screwed to the outside edges. And, you will have to drill pilot holes for the screws. 

They will need to be screwed to the outside edges of the two long pieces for additional stability. 

  • Priming and painting stage

Since the bed is finally assembled, you can now paint it in any of the desired colors. When doing this, you are to work in an area that is well ventilated for painting and priming the MDF. 

You are to spray the primer evenly over the outside and inside the car, covering the entire piece. Ensure that the primer dries; this will take roughly two hours. Finally, spray paint the car bed. 

While one coat may likely be enough, two will be much better. You can also decide to go for a clear topcoat of car lacquer to make it shine more. 

  • Decals step

During the DIY toddler car bed process, you will need to complete the genuine look of the car by sticking the decals on it. Here, you can purchase kits with stickers that will resemble wheels. 

For those who already accounted for this in their design, you can use the stickers at this point. You can make use of bumpers and headlight stickers as well. Once you are done with this, position the bed in the room, add the mattress and the race car toddler bedding set

Types Of Cars Toddler Bed

Bear in mind that there are diverse Cars toddler beds that you can purchase. Some of them are:

The Pacific Play Tents 19710 Bed

The Pacific Play Tents bed is among the ideal cars toddler tent bed you can purchase in the market. This is a tent bed that inspires your kid’s imagination all the time. 

This Pacific cars toddler tent bed fits the standard size twin mattresses and beds. It is an easily assemble the lightweight frame with a vast opening and velcro closure T style door. It comes with mesh panels for great ventilation. 

It’s made with highly durable polyester taffeta fabric and comes with a storage bag. It can be used both on and off the bed, plus it is ideal for kids from the ages of three upwards. 

More so, its piles are coated safely to prevent any form of shattering or splintering. It has been shock-corded for a simple setup as well as a takedown. 

As one of the ideal cars toddler tent beds that you can find out there, it offers a highly secure play area during the day. And, it gives kids a fun sleeping experience during the night. 

Its fitted outer skirt helps to secure the tent to the standard twin-size mattress. While transitioning is challenging for most kids, this car’s toddler tent bed is the ideal accessory to make it easier and fun. 

During the day, this car’s toddler tent bed is capable of transforming your toddler’s bed into a private play space. This bed is ideal for adventures. 

The Delta Children Grand Prix Race Car Bed 

The Delta Children Grand Prix Race Car Bed is the ideal blue race car toddler bed that will put your toddler to a good night’s sleep within minutes. 

Understand that this bed has semblance with a racetrack-ready car with its realistic details. The details entail its aerodynamic spoiler, 3D accents, and even decals that accentuate its headlights, exhaust, and wheels. 

It has a grow with me design that begins as a toddler bed then subtly converts into a twin bed. This conversion of such a blue race car toddler bed is done by inserting four panels that help extend both the width and length of the bed. 

To make sure your child is safe, the mattress sits very low to the ground. And, the sides of this car take on the role of security guard rails. 

This means that this is one of the cars’ wooden toddler beds with a safe sleep rail. Bear in mind that Delta children were established around creating safe and quality children’s affordable furniture’s for everyone. 

Since they understand that there is nothing compared to safety when it comes down to kids’ space, Delta Children products have been built to last long. The products are tested rigorously to meet and exceed all industry safety standards. 

The Delta Children Grand Prix Racecar bed can be easily transformed from a toddler bed to a twin bed. It is created from highly durable molded plastic. 

Since the mattress is crafted to sit low for the ease and safety of kids, it disrupts the need for those toddler guard rails. 

KidKraft Wooden Racecar Toddler Bed with Built-In Bench and Bed Rails

The KidKraft race car toddler bed is yet another blue race car toddler bed ideal for kids who love racing. It comes with bold colors and highly sensible durability. The age range for this bed is fifteen months upwards. 

This bed fits most of the crib mattresses if you wonder about the car’s toddler bed mattress size. Its bed rails securely keep kids safe. The bench has been built into the foot of your bed. 

When it comes down to the race car toddler bedding set, it does not come with a pillow, mattress, and bedding. Though, its construction is sturdy and packaged with details. 

The Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Convertible Bed 

If you need to get your kid a bed that will grow with him or her over time, the Jeep car bed toddler construction is the ideal way to go. You will love the Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler as it is convertible. 

This means that you can make use of it as your kid’s first big kid bed, and it will expand when your kid is prepared for a standard twin-sized bed. The wheels of this bed are capable of lifting the frame off the floor. 

With this, there is more room for storage below. And, there is a spare tire slot that is usually doubled as a shelf. You will surely be needing 9 AAA batteries. The batteries are for the two LED lights that are at the top of the rollbar. 

More so, the mast comes with a fabric sail and crow’s nest. Additionally, the headboard has some cubby holes that will hold some small items like your kid’s clock or even their books. 

It comes with an in-built toy box that has a detachable lid. It has a Ship’s wheel that your toddler can turn, and it comes with pretend cannons on its side. 

The highest weight limit here is roughly fifty pounds, and it will need some assembly. 


We have successfully provided you with all you need to know concerning cars, toddler bed bedding, and the cars themselves. It is advised to have a swift glance at the article’s content to make the ideal choice for your kids. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can I purchase a race car bed?

The amount of the race car bed is dependent on the quality and the seller. You may purchase it for as low as $50 and as high as $200. 

  • Are Car Beds Safe for toddlers? 

Yes, the car beds are very safe for toddlers.

  • Are there ideal car beds I can buy?

Yes, there are. You can glance at the delta Children Grand Prix Racecar as it is among the ideal car beds you can buy. 

  • Is there an age restriction for car beds?

This question is dependent on the parents as they can transition their toddlers to a race car bed from three years of age or even as low as fifteen months. 

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  • Made from durable molded plastic
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  • Bed resembles race car with its aerodynamic spoiler, 3D accents and decals that accentuate the headlights, wheels and exhaust; Easy-to-apply decals are included

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  • EASY ASSEMBLY: With simple-to-follow instructions and minimal tools needed, two people can put together this bed in approximately 2 hours.
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  • SAFETY MEASURES: Height of bed is low to the ground so kids can easily get in and out on their own, building independence. Clever higher sides keep kids from rolling out.

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