What is the Best Play Tent for Toddler Bed?

It is vital to note that kids’ imaginations can run pretty wide compared to children’s beds. And, providing them with their very own Play Tent for Toddler Bed will enable them to have dreams that will surely last forever.

If you ever felt happing in your tiny little space as a child, then you will understand how your kids feel when you provide them with a Disney cars toddler bed with tent. They will love to play inside this kid’s tent.

Bear in mind that the tent for your kid’s beds will enable them to feel both secure and safe. Also, they will be capable of hanging out on their mattress and not the floor. Nevertheless, some of the tents can be used on the floor.

Note that there are many different designs in the market for playing tent for toddler beds. Some are made specifically for bunk beds, cribs, and even those made for double or single mattresses.

There is an amazing way of transitioning from the cot to a full-size bed for toddlers. Using a tent is a brilliant way of changing their views for kids who have issues falling asleep in the dark.

The tent will help in changing their bedroom into a haven. From getting the ideal medical handgloves, learning how to wear baby bodysuit with pant, and giving your kid the best finger food, you will need to provide the ideal toddler bed.

What Is A Bed Tent?

What Is A Bed Tent?

What Is A Bed Tent?

The bed tent is a magical sleeping solution for toddlers. If you have toddlers that struggle with moving from a cot to the bed, or one that enjoys building forts and have an adventurous imagination, the bed tent will be a delight.

Understand that the bed tent is an easy concept. The play tent for toddler bed is simply a tent around the bed that transforms their usual bedtime routine.

Those with kids who usually complain about going to bed will be more than excited to jump on this bed. The pop-up tent for the toddler bed provides comfort and privacy. It is an amazing option if you have two kids sharing one room.

How To Select The Ideal Kids Bed Tent?

When it comes down to play tent for toddler bed, there are things to have in mind when selecting the best kids bed tent. Some of which are:

  • Size and shape of the canopy

For the canopy for the toddler princess bed, it is best to consider the shape that will fit your child’s bedroom. The tent bed covers tend to come in diverse styles, some of which are a tunnel. The tunnel shape is similar to a half-circle that is above the mattress.

You can also find an A-line tent design, a cone shape with sloping or circular sides, and sits above the bed. Everything will be dependent on the preference of your child.

The size is very vital. This is because some of them come in double, twin, single, and even cot sizes. Even though some of them are subtly adjusted, you can buy one that fits the corresponding dimensions of your toddler’s bed.

  • Mermaid or car design

As you select the ideal canopy for toddler princess bed or canopy toddler bed boy, you are to choose a design that your toddler will love. You will be amazed by the plethora of designs that are in the market.

There is a Disney cars toddler bed with tent, mickey mouse toddler bed with tent and Elmo toddler bed with tent.

Aside from those above, there are some other intriguing features to look out for. Even though all these beds serve the same purpose, the bed toppers have diverse aspects that distinguish them. Some of the features that will make sure your toddlers are safe and satisfied are:

  • Strong pole construction of high quality
  • Mesh inserts for visibility and air circulation
  • Easy assembly to be capable of installing and de-installing easily
  • Huge doors or openings to enable kids to enter and exit with ease
  • Elastic straps or skirting to slide on the mattress

How To Make A Toddler Bed Canopy

Are you wondering how to make a toddler bed canopy? If yes, sit back, relax and keep reading. You can build your canopy for toddler princess bed by following some basic instructions. The steps involved include:

  • Step One: Creating four boards

In this step, to build the ideal canopy toddler bed boy, you are to saw the 2×8 inch boards into a pair. This pair will be 28-inch boards, and there will be another pair of 55 ½  inch boards.

  • Step Two: Connecting the boards

You are to make us one and half-inch deck screws and try connecting the two 55 ½ inch boards to the pair of 28-inch boards. In this part, you will be creating the frame of the bed.

However, the longer boards will be placed on the outside.

  • Step Three: Sanding the edges

You are to use your sandpaper and apply it to the bed frame edges of this toddler bed.

  • Step Four: Saw 2×4 inch boards

Here, you are to divide the 2×4 inch boards into no other thing but a quartet of 28-inch planks. And, the next step is to attach them to the frame with screws. You are to screw them straight into the back of the 28-inch boards.

By doing that, you will be creating the foot and head of the frame. The next step is to attach the remaining 28-inch boards with screws. The boards remaining will be two, so you are to attach them that you will have 18 inches between both of them.

Also, ensure that the board is flush with the bottom of the frame. You can keep the screw holes from being quite visible by drilling a hole for those who may like it. This hole should be big enough to fit a wooden plug of 3/8 inches.

Immediately the supports are fully secured, you are to place the plugs in to create a finished appearance. Then, apply wood filler in a bid to obscure the gaps.

  • Step Five: Topping off the frame

In learning how to make a toddler bed canopy, you are to carry out step five by placing the three 2×4 foot panels from one end to the next. Or, you can put down the 4×4 foot plywood piece on top of the frame.

Make use of the ½ inch thick plywood that you can rest onto your 2×4 inch board. Ensure that you attach the plywood to the 2×4 inch boards with screws. This section should be done from the inside so that there will be no screw holes.

  • Step Six: Forming of the legs

In the step, you can form the bed legs using the 2×4 inch boards. Bear in mind that each leg is meant to be 27 ¾ inches long with two 20 ½ inches long. You are to smooth the legs out by simply sanding them.

  • Step Seven: Attaching legs to the bed

You can now successfully connect to the canopy toddler bed boy, but it should be done outside the corners. Note that the longest two should be at the head of the bed, and you can attach the smaller two to the foot.

Bear in mind that you are to use wood plugs in a bid to hide the screws.

  • Step Eight: Cutting three boards

You are to cut out three boards after you measure the two legs to match the measurement. Note that the final length must be 31 7/7 inches long. After you are done sanding, you are to screw them into the head and foot of the bed.

Also, hide the screw heads with wood plugs. With a length of 2 ¼ inches down from the top of the front legs of the bed, this should be enough for the first headboard.

As for the second headboard, the measurement down from the top should measure roughly 8 ¼ inches. Understand that the connection of the footboard should sit an inch below yo the upper sections of the back leg of the bed.

The screws can finally be hidden with the wooden plugs.

  • Step Nine: Staining the bed

Finally, you are to utilize stain in finishing the bed. Once you are done, you are to add a polyurethane coat. When this is done, place the mattress on the bed.

When it comes down to how to make a toddler bed canopy, we have provided you with a step-by-step breakdown of how it can be done.

The Best Play Tents For Toddler Bed

The Best Play Tents For Toddler Bed

The Best Play Tents For Toddler Bed

After you seek the ideal baby carriers and the best newborn lounger,  your baby will grow older and need a toddler bed.

Some of the best toddler tent bed girl and pop up tent for toddler beds are:

1. The Sunny Days Entertainment Thomas & Friends Pop up Tent Bed

There is no better way to give your toddlers their space to excitingly hang out than with the Thomas the train toddler bed tent. Understand that this bed has other of room for roughly three children to enjoy some hours of fun.

Your kids can use this place to play with their toys, read, and imagine that they are down the track with Thomas itself. This bed can be easily assembled as parents will love its pop-up design.

When you assemble this tent bed, you just need to pop it up and connect all its accessories. Once your kids are done with this tent bed, the train folds flat and easily fits into its carrying case.

The Thomas the train toddler bed tent is more than four feet long and roughly three feet tall. Its multiple entryways keep the kids busy. You can use its roll-up rear door for supervising the kids as they play.

The Thomas the train toddler bed tent is built with safety in the mind of the creators. It has round corners and makes use of both durable stitching and highly safe materials.

All the tents are thoroughly tested to make sure they meet the federal requirements that both the FHSA and the CPC outline.

2. The Delta children Disney mickey mouse tent bed

The first thing to note is that the Delta Children Disney mickey mouse toddler tent bed is that it is highly recommended for toddlers that are fifteen months and above. This mickey mouse toddler bed with tent is capable of holding up to fifty pounds.

Understand that this bed is the ideal solution for parents who have been plagued with sleepless nights. It is crafted for toddlers as they will love this bed. It is not just a tent alone but has a bed frame.

You can buy this delta children’s Disney mickey mouse toddler tent bed with or without any toddler mattress. Its design readily features exciting patterns and shapes as well as a Mickey mouse.

Bear in mind that this bed is solid and low to the floor. This means that your toddler can have access to it easily. It comes with a roll-up door that is positioned on both sides and a mesh window.

Its ends are open since the toddlers are too young to be kept in a completely enclosed space. Keep it in mind that this amazing delta children’s Disney mickey mouse toddler tent bed has inbuilt guard rails.

With its mickey mouse design, your toddler will find this tent bed fun.

3. The Delta children canopy toddler bed

One thing to note about this delta children’s toddler tent bed is that it is highly recommended for toddlers fifteen months and above. It is among the best toddler tent bed girl designs that give the bedroom a fairy tale feel.

It is crafted in bold shades of pink and comes with exquisite graphics and decals of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, and even Belle. This Delta Children toddler tent bed is a solid bed that is topped with an amazing canopy.

As a Disney toddler tent bed, it offers toddlers the independence they seek while simultaneously keeping them safe all through the night.

This Disney toddler tent bed comes fully attached with a toddler-sized bed frame, and even its canopy is covered with prints of Disney princesses. With its toddler tent bed girl designs, your daughter will be delighted with the canopy style.

This bed is capable of making the bedtimes easier and helps the towers to feel comfortable. While you can use your crib mattress, you can also choose to purchase the entire set that includes a toddler mattress.

This delta children’s toddler tent bed comes heavily secure with guard rails.

4. The Pacific Play Tents Kids Bed

For those seeking the Disney Pixar cars toddler tent bed design for their toddlers, the Pacific Play Tent Kids Bed is the ideal cars toddler tent bed you need. It makes use of amazing graphics to help stimulate the imagination of kids.

As an amazing cars toddler tent bed, it is ideal for kids that love zooming around the house. You can make use of it as either a kid bed canopy or even a playhouse. It features diverse mesh windows plus a zipped door.

Like other Disney cars, toddler beds with tent designs it has a low height, making it ideal to use bunk beds. It has a checkered outer skirt that comfortably fits the standard twin-size bed mattress.

It comes with robust tent poles, and they are shatter-resistant. This means that you do not need to bother your head about safety. Since this car’s toddler tent bed instructions are not clear, it may be frustrating for parents to set it up.

Though you may struggle with its zipper, the Pacific Play tent kids’ bed has a highly imaginative race car design.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I be worried about these kids’ bed tents? 

No, you shouldn’t. The kids’ bed tents are safe. And, every tent bed mentioned on our list comes with a durable framework and tough fabric to keep kids safe. 

  • Are The tent beds for toddlers strong? 

The tent beds for toddlers are not only enduring, but they are amazingly strong. This is because they are crafted to fit a mattress tightly without sliding or moving around. 

  • Will I find a waterproof kids’ tent bed?

You should know that the tent beds for kids you will find in the market are mostly water-resistant. Nevertheless, it is advisable to scan through their specifics when buying to select those that are waterproof. 

  • Is there a way to clean these bed tents? 

While some models can be washed with a machine, you can always wash with your hands if you are bothered about spoiling the colors or graphics. 

You must remove the framework and poles before cleaning. And make use of warm water and mild detergent to clean. 


On a general note, we have provided you with some of the best toddler tent bed girl designs and mickey mouse toddler bed with tent.

You can read through our compilation to pick the tent bed that best suits not just your need but include your toddler’s desires.

Sunny Days Entertainment Thomas & Friends Tent – Pop Up Play Tent for Kids - Big Thomas The Train Toys

$39.99  in stock
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as of May 23, 2024 2:28 pm


  • CREATIVE, IMAGINARY PLAY: Give kids their own place to hang out. Use the tent as a place to play with toys, read or imagine you are racing down the tracks with Thomas. The realistic details and signature style graphics made adventures more fun!
  • LARGE PLAY TENT: Designed to fit one or multiple children, this tent is over 4 feet long and over 3 feet tall. The multiple entry ways keep kids busy. Use the roll up rear door for increased supervision or serve as a connection site to attach other play tunnels for even more fun!
  • YEAR ROUND PLAY: All aboard for endless adventure with everyone's favorite locomotive! This pop-up play tent is the ultimate play space for any Thomas lover to pretend they are racing down the railways of Sodor.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY, FAST STORAGE: Pop-up design allows for hassle free assembly. Simply pop up the tent and connect the accessories. No need for tools! When play time is over the train folds flat and fits into the included carrying case for easy storage.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: Designed with safety in mind, the tent has round corners, durable stitching and safe material. The extra roomy, no floor design makes for a safe and fun place to hang out.

Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed, Disney Mickey Mouse

 in stock
3 new from $89.99
2 used from $71.36
Free shipping
as of May 23, 2024 2:28 pm


  • Recommended for ages 15 months plus; Holds up to 50 pounds
  • Features 2 attached guardrails Includes removable tent with mesh windows and roll up doors
  • Uses a standard crib mattress (sold separately) sturdy steel frame and high quality plastic construction
  • Assembled dimensions: 53.94 L x 29.13 W x 37.40 H; Easy assembly
  • JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM

Delta Children Canopy Toddler Bed, Disney Princess

 in stock
3 new from $88.06
7 used from $67.19
Free shipping
as of May 23, 2024 2:28 pm


  • Recommended for ages 15 months and up
  • Easy assembly certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM
  • JPMA certified

Pacific Play Tents 19710 Kids Rad Racer Bed Tent Playhouse - Twin Size , Yellow

$36.25  in stock
2 new from $36.25
5 used from $25.52
Free shipping
as of May 23, 2024 2:28 pm


  • Twin bed tent size: 77" X 38"X 35" high, Great graphics to stimulate the imagination, Can be used on or off the bed
  • Helps transition child from crib to bed, Mesh panels for ample ventilation and allows for easy viewing
  • Fitted outer-skirt secures the tent to the mattress (mattress not included)
  • G-3 Super Poles are extra strong and make for easy set up and take down
  • Durable, 190T polyester taffeta fabric, Includes carry bag

Play Tent with Mat, Large Kids Playhouse with Windows Easy to Wash, Indoor and Outdoor Play Tent for Kids, little dove Toys for Girls,Neutral Color,47x40x52

 in stock
3 new from $54.99
5 used from $50.08
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as of May 23, 2024 2:28 pm


  • PLEASE NOTE: Press and make sure EVERY poles tightly connected to fit the cover, or the fabric cover won't fit over the tent structure.
  • LARGE SPACE FOR KIDS: Unleash your child's imagination with our sprawling play tent, measuring an impressive 52 x 35 x 52 inches. This generous play space comfortably accommodates two kids at once, and even adults can join in the fun! It's the ultimate haven for role-playing and storytime adventures.
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE SET: Unveil a delightful playtime haven with our comprehensive package. Inside, you'll discover the adorable play house, a set of sturdy assembly poles, enchanting star lights, charming tassel garlands, and a generously sized non-slip mat. It's a plush retreat perfect for imaginative play, reading adventures, and peaceful naps.
  • DURABLE & MACHINE WASHABLE: Meticulously fashioned from premium polyester, our kids play tent promises lasting durability. Its solid structure ensures safety while offering a secure haven for your children's imaginative escapades. For those inevitable spills – be it soda, chocolate milk, or crumbs – fear not! The tent is conveniently machine washable, maintaining its charm and providing a clean space.
  • Easy To Assemble & Fold: Turn your child's space into a magical realm effortlessly. Our kids tent sets up in a flash without the need for any tools! Set it up indoors, in the backyard, or at the park—the enchantment travels with you. IMPORTANT: Press firmly to secure poles for a proper fabric cover fit.

LOVE TREE Large Kids Teepee Tent Portable Children Play Tent for Boys Indoor Outdoor Use Fort with Carrying Case Black

 out of stock
as of May 23, 2024 2:28 pm


  • LARGE SPACE:Different from the decoration Indian tent,our tent is much sturdier and just like a real house for children to play in freely without safety concern.This playhouse size is 59’’ x 59’’ x 39.3’’,it can accommodate parents and children together,even a Toddler Bed can fit inside it easily!
  • UNIQUE DESIGN & GOOD QUALITY: Peek-a-boo! 4 windows keep good air circulation in the tent, and you also can keep an eye out for your child from the windows. Both side doors can be easily closed and opened by zip, the bottom flooring keeps dirt out.This Teepee tent is made of 100% natural, non-toxic, unpainted cotton canvas. The frames are sturdy fiberglass poles. All of the seams are reinforced.
  • PORTABLE & FOLDABLE: It is easily assembled and folded with instruction,only 2 steps. Folding size is 26’’ x 6’’ x 8’’, so kids can take their favorite playhouse anywhere with our carrying bag.
  • WONDERFUL GIFT FOR Boys: If you are looking for an amazing gift for your child or your friends’, this teepee tent is definitely a good choice. Our tent will be a great surprise and win the hearts of children.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are so confident that kids will like our teepee tent since boys always want a personal playroom. If you have any question, we are here to offer solutions at any time. If you need eplacement poles, just contact us.

Tiny Land Kids Teepee Tent with Mat & Light String& Carry Case- Kids Foldable Play Tent for Indoor Outdoor, Raw White Canvas Teepee - Kids Playhouse - Portable Kids Tent

 in stock
3 new from $59.99
5 used from $53.76
Free shipping
as of May 23, 2024 2:28 pm


  • Please note: The 100% pure cotton tent is sensitive to high temperatures. We recommend hand washing and air drying, avoiding tumble drying to prevent shrinkage. We have extended the ropes to ensure they can still be installed after washing!
  • ⭐【100% Cotton Quality TENT】- UNLIKE other Cheap poly cotton tents. Our Kids teepee tent is made of 100% pure cotton and includes 1 thick mat and 1 string of lights. It is of high quality and comes with abundant accessories, different from the cheap tents on the market. If you value quality and durability, it will be your best choice.
  • ⭐【Easy to Assemble & Stable】- Our Kids Teepee comes with detailed instructions and is very easy to put together. The bottom poles are comprehensively wrapped in the tent for extra stability and less chance of slipping or collapsing. The mat also has little traction pieces on the back to help it stay in place.
  • ⭐【Large Space for Kids】 - With a width of 48 inches and a height of 66 inches, this toddler tent indoor can easily accommodate 1-3 children. It's perfect for 1-12 year old girls or boys, and is ideal for kids to read, play together, and spend their happy time.
  • ⭐【Multi-Functional Tent for Toddlers】- This children's play tent can be placed in the corner of a kid's bedroom to use as a reading nook, playroom, or nap space. It can also be used as party decoration for a birthday or sleepover party, and makes a great gift for your granddaughter or toddlers on Christmas or their birthday.

Kids Play Tent Large Playhouse Children Play Castle Fairy Tent for Girls Boys Toddler Indoor and Outdoor Toys Birthday Gift

$49.99  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 2:28 pm


  • BEST GIFT- Every kids is a little prince or princess, the kids tents will no doubt give them a good feeling. Kids can also use indoor tent as a game-playing house. Folds and sets up easily. No need to waste the whole afternoon trying to assemble it... Super easy, tool-free (and mom-friendly) installation
  • SIZE MATERIAL - 47" L x 39" W x 55" H. material is no smell, safe for kids. Specially designed perfectly sized space is roomy enough and easy to move around for both kids and parents. Different from the easy break apart castle and decoration Indian tent ,our tent is much sturdier and just like a real house. Children can play in freely without worrying about it will fall apart.
  • LARGER SPACE- More happiness - Help cultivate your little ones imagination, by taking them to another world while you sit inside and read your favorite stories. Watch their magical world grow as they day dream of fairy tale forts and adventure.
  • Different from the easy break apart castle and decoration Indian tent, our tent is much sturdier and just like a real house. Children can play in freely without worrying about it will fall apart.
  • HAVE FUN WITH FRIENDS - Spacious enough to accommodate more friends, toys and kids-sized furniture for children to play role-play indoors and outdoors. Included: so cute play tent,a set of poles to build tent for kids, star lights

Space World Kids Play Tent, Indoor & Outdoor Tent Playhouse for Boys, Girls & Children - 48" x 48" x 43"

 out of stock
as of May 23, 2024 2:28 pm


  • Unique Space World Kids Tent. Your little one will be swept up into an imaginative space world adventure when being surrounded by the vibrant space illustrations on the tent. The space capsule door design will inspire your little astronaut’s imagination to explore the Galaxy. Cool target game(3 dart balls included) can also provide huge fun for your kids.
  • Roomy & Funny Playhouse.This kid play tent measures 48” x 48” x 43”, spacious enough to accommodate 3 kids, toys, and other kid-sized furniture. The top mesh panels provide good ventilation and keep your kids comfortable while playing. ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Play & Learn. The captivating solar system illustration on the tent floor can encourage your little one physical play and crawl and learn about different planets in space. Ideal for your little one’s intellectual and creative development.
  • Quality Material. Our kids play tent is made of high-quality & tear-resistant Polyester and strong & safe PE coated fiberglass rods, making it sturdy and safe enough for your kids to enjoy the fun of space exploration.
  • Perfect Gift for Kids. What can be a perfect gift than a fun space world play tent? Let your little astronaut’ imagination run loose inside their own space world playhouse. Our play tent makes a great gift for birthday, Christmas, party favors or for your child’s little achievements!

Privacy Play Tent on Bed,Warm Sleep Bed Tent for Kids Indoor Use - 1pc

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