How to Convert Baby Cache Crib into Toddler Bed?

Many parents are interested in the best ways to know how to convert baby cache into toddler bed? Understand that the process of transitioning from babyhood to toddlerhood and finally childhood involves lots of steps.

These steps are to be taken by both the toddler and the parents. It does not matter whether you purchase the Best manual breast pump or choose between Similac and Enfamil.

It must be understood that the age a child transitions from crib to toddler bed differs greatly from one toddler to the next. Bear in mind that some kids can move to a toddler bed quite early as eighteen months old.

Some others will need some more time and make the transition when they are three years old. All of this will depend on your toddler’s sleep routine and personality. It will also depend on your willingness to go through this phase as early as possible.

Understand that with babies, one minute, you may be seeking the best convertible car seats or even the most ideal baby carriers, and in no time, you have a tiny toddler trying to escape from the crib.

There are times wherein they fall asleep on their toddler bed, and in no time, they are moving all around. Kids come with lots of surprises, and as a parent, you are honestly never fully prepared for all of it.

Unlike choosing between crib vs pack n play, there will come a time when all you will seek is the ideal baby cache toddler bed to buy.

Some parents are confused on how to know when it is the ideal time to move from crib to toddler bed. The truth is that the ideal way to know is to follow up on their lead.

You are to look out for the signs that they may be ready to make the switch. For a toddler that has started potty training and even climbing out of the crib, or one that has outgrown the crib, all of these are ready signs for the switch.

You can make the switch easier if the crib can easily transform into a  baby cache essentials toddler bed. It will be easier if the new bed is very comfortable. This will mean you will need to think of changing the mattress and even adding a pillow.

It must be noted that there is no ideal age for transitioning from crib to the baby cache Vienna toddler bed. This means that there is no right age as most of these toddlers can be ready to switch between 1.5 to 3.5 years old.

Some of the sure signs to watch out for before you start the process to convert baby cache crib to full size bed include:

  • The toddler can climb out of his or her crib

Immediately your baby can make the nearly successful attempt of climbing out of their crib; you may want to begin the transition process.

Both pediatricians and experts recommend that it is time to transition once your kid is tall and big enough to hang over the baby cache bed rails. They can be as tall as 35 inches.

Irrespective that the railings will no longer be serving their major purpose of keeping the baby contained while he or she sleeps, it will pose a serious safety breach.

More so, it will become a hazard as the baby may suffer a crucial fall from the top 9f the railings when he or she attempts to get out.

  • The toddler has started potty training

Can you imagine how annoying it is to wake up to pee, but you have to climb over a fence first? Now, understand that your toddler may be susceptible to potty accidents and wetting the bed if something is standing in the way.

Remember that transitioning to a toddler bed makes it more comfortable for the toddler to stick to the ideal potty training program.

  • The toddler has outgrown the crib

This is the most obvious reason that parents have to begin the transition process. Note that sleeping may become very uncomfortable for the baby if he or she feels cramped in the sleeping space.

Once your child begins to touch both ends of the crib with their head and feet, it is time to upgrade to a bigger bed.

  • An Incoming New Baby

If you are expecting another child and your toddler is at least eighteen months, it may be an amazing and practical idea to move the toddler from the crib to any of the baby cache essentials toddler bed.

At this point, your toddler can have all the time to practice using the toddler bed. It will also free up the crib for the new baby.

  • The toddler wants to be the big kid

There are toddlers out there who feel proud whenever they are praised for attaining a milestone. When you make use of the terms big boy or big girl, they feel powerful.

Your toddler will be left wanting some more independence, especially when they see older kids with big kids beds. Like we mentioned, following their lead is key.

  • The toddler has a solid bedtime routine

Since we all went through establishing an adequate bedtime routine, you mustn’t transit from the crib to toddler bed if their bedtime routine is quite fragile.

However, once their sleep time routine is sturdy, you can quickly make the transition. The routine should be kept the same as only the bed is meant to change.

  • The toddler room is a safe space

One thing you do not want is for your kid to climb down the bed in the middle of the night into an unsafe part of the home. In a bid to place your mind at ease, ensure that the room is safe from any potential harm.

How Much Weight Can A Baby Cache Hold?

The simple answer is fifty pounds for those wondering how much weight the baby cache convertible cribs can hold.

The cribs and toddler beds are sturdy enough to protect your child and not collapse. The minimum age of the toddler should not be less than fifteen months old. And for all baby cache toddler beds, the maximum weight of the baby should not be greater than fifty pounds which is 22.7kg.

What About Baby Cache Bed Rails?

What About Baby Cache Bed Rails?

What About Baby Cache Bed Rails?

The ideal baby cache bed rail is:

  • The Baby Cache Manhattan Cognac guard rail

One thing to note about the Manhattan Cognac guardrail is that it is mainly used for kids as they approach the toddler phase. It offers an added safety as the guard rail when learning how to convert baby cache into toddler bed.

And it can be used for convertible cribs and helps with the conversion to toddler and day beds. It is easy to assemble and has three levels of mattress adjustment.

What Is A Baby Cache Toddler Bed Conversion Kit

The baby cache toddler bed conversion kit is used to convert baby cache crib to full-size bed. Some of the ideal baby cache conversion kits for full-size bed are:

  • The baby cache full-size conversion kit

It is used in converting the crib to a full-size bed, and it requires either a box spring or extra slats to support the mattress. Although, the extra slats or box springs are sold separately.

It is crafted from one hundred percent solid wood and not plywood or veneers like all other rails. This conversion kit comes with two wooden bed rails, four wooden mattress support slats, and some hardware and instructions.

Since kids grow up in no time, the Baby Cache convertible crib is one crib that grows with them. It has a warranty of five years, and it is pretty easy to assemble. Its maximum weight is eight hundred pounds.

Note that this conversion kit easily converts the baby cache cribs into full beds. With the aid of your existing crib’s footboard and headboard, the bed rails will enable you to turn the crib into a double bed or full-size bed.

This makes it easy for kids to transition without changing their environment or the atmosphere. Note that additional slats may likely be needed.

  • The Baby Cache Montana collection conversion kit

Since you will be spending lots of time in the baby’s nursery and have to ensure it is comfortable and safe, the best conversion kit to use is the baby cache Montana full-size conversion kit espresso.

This conversion kit has been crafted to convert the Baby Cache Montana convertible crib into a full-sized bed. It comes with two bed rails, four slats, baby cache toddler bed instructions, and hardware.

Note that Baby Cache is among the leaders in the baby furniture industry. The company has more than twenty years of manufacturing experience, so you can easily create the ideal nursery with the brand.

If you never knew, Baby Cache is owned by Heritage baby products. This is why you may likely love the Baby Cache heritage full-size bed. This conversion kit weighs thirty-six pounds.

  • The Baby Cache Vienna conversion kit

Understand that the baby cache Vienna conversion kit will assist you in converting your Vienna crib to a baby cache Vienna full-size bed for your toddler. The kit comes fully packed with two-bed rails and four slats.

Also, it can be assembled easily when you follow through with the baby cache toddler bed conversion instructions. It comes with a Poplar as well, and the hardware is included in it.

This Baby Cache toddler bed conversion kit weighs twenty-three pounds. It has a warranty of one year.

How To Convert Baby Cache Crib Into Toddler Bed

How To Convert Baby Cache Crib Into Toddler Bed

How To Convert Baby Cache Crib Into Toddler Bed

When learning how to convert baby cache into toddler bed, there are baby cache toddler bed instructions that you must follow. The steps are:

  • Step One: The Assembling of the headboard

You are to insert Allen bolt one ¼ with a spring washer. It will be done through the metal bracket holes at the end of the side rail. It is passed through the top and bottom holes in the headboard.

You are to connect it with nuts that measure ¾ inches. You tighten it with your hands and nothing else.

  • Step Two: The Assembling of the footboard

In learning how to convert baby cache into toddler bed, the next step is to assemble the footboard by inserting Allen bolt of ¾ inches with spring washer. It is to be done through the metal bracket holes in the end side of the rail.

This is carried out through the threaded holes in the footboard. You are to tighten all the bolts with an Allen key. Then, you are to insert the Allen bolt of ¾ inches through the top hole in the headboard.

This is done from the inside, and you are to connect everything with nuts of about ¾ inches. All the bolts and nuts are to be connected with the Allen key.

  • Step Three: The Assembling of slats

In the third step, as you convert baby cache crib to full-size bed, you are to install five slats in the two-piece side rail positioned above the pre-drilling holes.

More so, you are to insert ten pieces of screws. The screws should be one ¼ inch and screwed into the slat holes through the side rail pre-drilling holes. You are to tighten it with your hands alone.

Once you successfully insert all the ten pieces of the screw, you are to fasten it with a screwdriver.

What Are The Best Baby Cache Toddler Beds?

Some of the best baby cache toddler beds that you will find in the market are:

1. The Baby Cache Cape Cod convertible crib

The baby cache Cape cod Convertible crib was once a part of the exclusive Babies R Us nursery collection. And, it features a classic design sensibility yet rooted in traditional elegance.

This crib provides amazing raised carvings and moldings that can evoke powerful emotions of sensibility and style. This three-in-one crib can seamlessly convert into a baby cache toddler bed.

It has a standard crib size and is made from solid wood. However, you can purchase any of the baby cache bed rails to add. Furthermore, it perfectly fits the standard crib mattress, and it has a phthalate-safe finish. It is lead-free.

The weight capacity of this convertible crib is fifty pounds, and it does not come with a mattress. As mentioned earlier, it easily converts into the day bed and even the toddler bed.

It comes with three levels of mattress adjustment. Plus, it fits the standard crib mattress. It comes with a nontoxic finish and is free of phthalate and lead.

Its wood which is used in its construction, is harvested from eco-friendly renewable forests.

2. The Baby Cache Vienna Convertible crib

It must be understood that the Baby Cache Vienna 4 In 1 Convertible crib makes the nursery look classy with its classic colors and highly distinctive style. As a chic crib, it features an adjustable design and has four different setups that will grow with your toddler.

It can be easily converted to a daybed, toddler bed, and full-size bed. The bed rails and toddler rail are separately sold. It has a Poplar construction and needs assembly. It comes with tools and hardware.

The crib weighs 101 pounds, and it has been certified by JPMA. It meets up with the safety standards of CPSC and ASTM. It has a limited warranty for one year, and it is imported.

With its highly functional design, it enables the crib to be transformed into a baby cache Vienna full-size bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the Baby cache guard rails safe? 

Yes, they are. You will not need to worry about your kids falling and sustaining injuries. 

  • Is it hard to follow up on the baby cache instructions? 

Once you have all the tools you need, the instructions are easy to follow. 

  • Is the baby cache toddler bed the same size as the crib’s mattress? 

Yes, they are. If you have a mattress already, you will not need to purchase a new one. 

  • How safe are baby cache products?

The products manufactured by Baby Cache have been tested to meet up and even exceed diverse governm


We have successfully provided you with all you need to follow up on the baby cache toddler bed conversion instructions.

Also, you will love the baby cache Vienna toddler bed for diverse reasons, although there are other models that you will not regret purchasing.

Whenever you are ready to use the baby cache conversion kit for a full-size bed, you can skim through this article to make the right choice on the kit to purchase.

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