What Is the Little Tikes Toddler Car Bed Mattress Size?

After going through the entire labor signs and giving birth to your bundle of joy, there will come a time when you have to move your baby out of the crib to a toddler bed. We understand that selecting the ideal bed can be quite challenging.

However, a popular bed for most parents is the Little Tikes race car bed. This race car bed will make it an amazing race time to bed. As we proceed with this article, we will be taking a close look at some of the intriguing Little Tikes beds out there.

You may love the Little Tikes Roadster toddler bed or even the Little Tikes toddler girl bed. It will be your choice to decide the bed ideal for you and your little one.

Understand that the race car beds have highly realistic styling plus detail. And, they come with an amazing little toy box. The toy box has been built into the front of the race car underneath its small bonnet.

Aside from selecting the best kids games, it must be noted that these Little Tikes roadster toddler beds are crafted for toddlers around the ages of three and up to seven or eight.

Interestingly, most kids out there will love to have this bed for quite a long time. The parents who once had issues with the toddler’s transition from crib to twin bed have realized that purchasing one of these fun beds has made their toddler happy.

Your kid may be very happy for the first few nights and will do anything to get to bed early in his or her Little Tikes roadster toddler bed.

What Size Mattress Goes In A Little Tikes Race Car Bed?

Before we delve into the Little Tikes toddler car bed mattress size, it must be understood that the little sleepy head toddler bed is extremely solid. And, it is capable of handling the test of time adequately due to its double-wall plastic built.

Aside from picking the best baby lotions, parents have been highly impressed with the durability of the little sleepy head toddler bed. Some have gone on to note that they have successfully had sleepovers with two kids in the bed.

And, when it comes down to some of the Little Tikes house toddler beds, they have been used for boisterous games, such as a trampoline. For those who have experience with Little Tikes toys already, you will understand how durable the beds are.

When it comes down to the Little Tikes toddler car bed mattress size, it must be understood that these race car beds are usually sized for the standard twin mattress as well as box springs. You are to provide these all by yourself.

Differing from getting the best baby gear gifts, those who do not have the twin box springs can use a bunk bed’s support board. Or, you can make use of a sheet of plywood. However, it must have some specific dimensions.

The dimensions are 72 inches which are 183cm x 36 inches which are 91cm x ¾ inches, which is 2cm. Note that the bed will come with wooden mattress supports. And, the height can be adjusted to roughly two levels.

Most parents might prefer the lower level if they use a mattress with the spring box. Be majorly aware that the wooden mattress supports will surely not be supporting the mattress by itself.

Interestingly, the maximum weight that it can support is two hundred pounds which are 91kg.

Now that you have an idea of the Little Tikes toddler car bed mattress size, an aspect of the bed that makes them popular is that they have high sides. These high sides are practically high enough to stop your baby from rolling out.

Even if your toddler is known for moving around in their sleep, parents have nothing to worry about as the little ones will always be safe.

Bear in mind that the sides are quite higher towards the top of the bed. This means that your little one can easily climb in and slide out just from the foot.

Understand that you have no reason to add side rails to such beds. However, if you need more on the side, you can easily take out the box springs. This will make the mattress enclosed on all the sides.

Since the Little Tikes toddler car bed mattress size uses the standard twin size mattress, you may discover that there are 4 inches, which is 10 cm long on its side.

Or, you may discover 2 inches, which is 5cm gam on the two sides between the bed and the mattress. It is ideal to ensure that the mattress is positioned centrally.

Note that this will not be an issue, and it will be easier to reach down by the mattress and pull out any fallen toys.

You can place a folded blanket or pillows in the space for those who want the mattress to be over to one specific side.

You should always have in mind that these beds are bigger than the regular bed. This means that you will need to ensure you have the room to fit it in.

For those who may be using the Little Tikes toddler girl bed in a small room, you are to measure the room first to ensure that it fits.

The Little Tikes toddler car bed mattress size is 27 inches high x 58 inches wide x 94 inches long.

How Do You Assemble A Little Tikes House Toddler Bed?

One other thing to bear in mind when you have a baby aside from figuring out what to do with maternity clothes is assembling these race car beds. Bear in mind that they are simple to assemble.

And, they take an average of one to two hours, although it can take less than that sometimes.

When assembling the Little Tikes house toddler bed or the Little Tikes Roadster toddler bed, its directions are simple and can even be downloaded on the Little Tikes official website.

Note that the only tool needed is a screwdriver. However, you will need to be careful if you make use of a cordless one. The reason for this is so that you do not strip the holes as you will find yourself screwing into soft plastic.

When it comes to disassembling, you only need to do everything in reverse. Before you begin assembling the Little Tikes house toddler bed, you open the box and ensure you sort the pieces.

This is done to check that each of the parts is complete. You can even check them against the picture diagram in the instructions, as it will display each screw.

Though mistakes can happen. When they occur, you can call the company for instructions on getting any of the missing parts. As you assemble, note that the wheels are held by only one screw.

This means that you will need to take a little more care. More so, liquid nails will need to be used for additional strength.

One thing most parents have claimed to have an issue with is attaching the decals of the car. With this, the decals will smoothly go on. When it comes down to this, you only need to take your time and be highly patient.

It will also be an amazing idea if you have another person to help you by beginning at one side of the sticker and subtly applying from the side yet rubbing to the other.

Note that, once you apply, you will not be able to remove the stickers in hopes of readjusting them. This means you will have to be careful when using the Little Tikes Lightning McQueen toddler bed replacement stickers.

Many people tend to recommend that you attach the decals before you assemble the bed. Although, you will need to leave the wheels as the last thing to do since you have to screw the wheels on.

And, no one wants to tear the center of the sticker. Neither will you want to tear the Little Tikes Lightning McQueen toddler bed replacement stickers.

Understand that if you are u lucky with them and mess one up, you can depend on calling customer care to help you get new stickers.

How Do You Disassemble A Little Tikes Car Bed

When it comes down to disassembling a Little Tikes race car bed, there are steps that you will need to follow. But first, have an understanding that the Little Tikes race car bed is built for kids by the Little Tikes company.

The Little Tikes company are manufacturers of kids’ furniture and toys. Their beds do come in two sizes. This means they make one for toddler usage, and the other is usually a twin size. They are both created in the shape of a little racing car.

More so, they are created for swift assembly on-site, and you can disassemble them easily. The minute you take it all apart, you can finally move the bed and reassemble it wherever you find it convenient.

The steps to disassembling the Little Tikes princess roadster toddler bed are:

  • Step One

Here, you are to lift the mattress as well as the bed spring from the bed frame.

  • Step Two

You are to take out three planks that have been set at the bottom of the frame. They serve as the mattress’ support. Interestingly you are to alone one end of the planks on the side rail at the bottom of the frame.

You will be doing this until the planks are diagonal, then you are to lift them out of the frame.

  • Step Three

In this stage, you are to flip up the caps covering the four huge screws that are holding both the baseboard and headboard of the secured frame. Proceed to unscrew the long screws from the frame.

You are to locate the screws at the center front of the side frame piece, roughly mid-height from the floor to the beginning of the frame. Plus, the rear of the side frame pieces is slightly underneath the spoiler-shaped section of the bed frame.

After doing this, you are to proceed in closing the cap pieces back onto the screw heads. This is done to prevent them from getting lost.

  • Step Four

At this stage, you are to take off the four screws holding the baseboard and headboard onto the side frames. It is best to locate the screws along the rails underneath the two boards at the corners linking the boards with the side frame pieces.

  • Step Five

Here, you will be pulling the four sides of the frame completely apart. Start with a side piece by pulling it away from the baseboard and headboard. Then, you are to pull the baseboard and headboard from the side piece that is remaining.

  • Step Six

You are to disassemble the wheels that are on the sides of the frames. You will do this by removing the cap that is covering the screws which are holding the wheels in one place.

And you are to unscrew the screws of each of the wheel pieces. To complete the disassembly process, you are to remove the screws to remove the hubcap and wheel from the frame.

How Do You Put A Little Tikes Bed Together?

When it comes down to the Little Tikes car bed assembly instruction , note that you will need to follow the steps to attain your goal. The steps include:

  • Identify the parts

Here, you will open the box and sort the pieces to check if all the needed parts are in the box. If they are not, you can call the company for instructions on getting the best parts.

Understand that the instructions in the box showcase picture diagrams of how many of each washer, screw, and cap are packaged with this Little Tikes roadster toddler bed.

Note that the basic tool that you need is a Phillips head screwdriver.

  • Assemble the frame

The initial part of putting together the Little Tikes princess roadster toddler bed is attaching the four wheels to the two side panels of this bed. Note that the wheels line up into the groves that are molded into the panels.

And, the hubcaps are placed over them and secured in place using the screws. More so, the panels are attached, beginning with the left panel. You are to prop it against the wall for additional support.

Furthermore, the rear panel is fully attached to its back end, while the front panel will be attached to the front end. Moreover, the right panel is linked to the opposite ends of the front and rear panels.

With all the primary parts in place, screws are fully utilized to secure all of the connections. These screws have caps with loops so that they can pass through, and this will prevent the caps from getting to fall off.

This is ideal for preventing your toddler’s little hands from prying the caps off and losing them in the room.

  • Supporting the mattress

The Little Tikes roadster toddler bed is outfitted with about two support slots to insert the wood slats enclosed. The lowest level is simply to support the standard twin-size box spring plus a mattress.

Meanwhile, the upper level is used with only the mattress and flat support. When it comes to the box spring method, note that the wood slats are fully inserted into the lowest level, snapping them in place.

You are to place the box spring on the wooden slats and position the mattress on top. As for the mattress method, you can either use the bunk bed support or a piece of plywood.

The plywood should be at least ¾ inches thick and cut to three feet by six feet piece. You are to position the board on the wood slats and place the mattress on top.

Ensure that you dress the bed with car-themed sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Types Of Little Tikes Toddler Beds

It is important to note that there are different Little Tikes princess roadster beds available for your kids. Some of the best are:

  1. Little Tikes Roadster toddler bed

Bear in mind that the Little Tikes Roadster toddler bed makes it exciting and fun for kids to transition out of the crib and onto a big bed. Its sporty style and realistic wheels will make kids race beneath the covers once it is bedtime.

The Little Tikes roadster toddler bed has been sized to fit the standard size crib mattress. More so, it is crafted to be low to the floor with rounded sides to make climbing in and out stress-free. And, it has support in the sheet of plywood.

Little Tikes Roadster Toddler Bed

Last update was on: January 15, 2022 1:48 am
out of stock
  1. Princess Pink Roadster Toddler Bed

There is no better way to tuck in your little one in a race car than in the Little Tikes princess roadster toddler bed. The princess pink roadster toddler bed is exciting and fun.

And, it makes sure that taking naps and settling in the bed for the night becomes easier for both parents and the kids. Your little girl will love the glamorous yet glitzy design as it has been crafted for a princess.

It does not come with a mattress and support though the bed structure is polyethylene. Note that little girls will love this race car bed. It makes use of the standard crib mattress.

And, your toddlers will revel in a structured and healthy nighttime routine. It is made with sturdy yet durable construction. And it is easy to assemble.

Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler Bed, MGA Entertainment

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  1. Little Tikes Thomas and friends toddler bed

The Little Tikes Thomas and friends toddler bed is an amazing little sleepy head toddler bed.

It comes with unique niches to hold books and any small collectibles. It has an in-built cowcatcher storage area. This storage area helps in holding pajamas, slippers, and any other thing.

It has tracks that are molded into the bed rails to enable kids to play. Though it requires bedding, mattress, springs, and a sheet of plywood, they are not included.

The Little Tikes Thomas and friends’ toddler bed frame uses the standard crib mattress so that you do not have to worry about the Little Tikes car bed mattress size.

Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Toddler Bed Box

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my daughter love the Little Tikes princess roadster toddler bed?

Yes. It is designed to make the little girl feel exactly like a princess in a beautiful castle bed. 

  • Are Little Tikes beds safe?

Yes, they are. The company makes beds that meet and exceed the safety standards for furniture. 

  • Are there amazing themed Little Tikes beds?

Yes, there are. Your kids may love the Thomas and friends themed bed or the princess-themed bed. 

  • Is assembling the Little Tikes bed stressful?

No, it is not. Once you follow up on the steps we have provided, you will discover how stress-free it is. 


We have provided you with some of the best Little Tikes house toddler beds that your kids will love. You have nothing to worry about as these beds come with high sides to prevent kids from falling off no matter how they roll in bed.

Little Tikes Roadster Toddler Bed

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as of January 15, 2022 1:48 am


  • Sporty roadster car styling
  • Holds crib size mattress (not included)
  • Recommended Age Range 15 months to 5 years

Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Toddler Bed Box

 out of stock
as of January 15, 2022 1:48 am


  • Thomas & Friends themed toddler bed
  • Special niches hold small collectables, and a build-in "chassis" storgae area holds PJ's or toys.
  • Takes a standard crib mattress with support or sheet of plywood (not included)

Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

 out of stock
as of January 15, 2022 1:48 am


  • Durable themed toddler bed
  • Includes ship's wheel
  • Built in toy box with removable lid for toy storage
  • Headboard cubby holes for clock and books
  • Includes Working night lights; Made in USA

Little Tikes Fire Truck 3-in-1 Bed Tent & Ball Pit, 9424

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Little Tikes Enchanted Princess Carriage 3-In-1 Bed, Tent, Ball Pit

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