The best formula for sensitive breastfed babies

If your baby is suffering from a sensitive stomach, then definitely this article is for you. Having an issue with breastfeeding is more common than you think and the magical alternative is using a formula, but then again, you don’t just go to the supermarket and buy any bottle with the label formula, that is a decision that needs contemplating, do you think you are up for it? 

So, do you have a problem with picking up the right formula for your baby? It can be quite overwhelming, right?

Well, you don’t need to worry about this as we will go with you through a step-by-step guide for choosing the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies based on the reason for the little one’s upset tummy.

Breastfeeding Vs. Formula

As a new parent, there are always decisions to make, some might be more important than others, and one of the biggest decisions you will need to make -preferably even before giving birth- is whether you are going to breastfeed your baby or give them the bottle.

Either way, there is no right or wrong here and if your doctor approves your chosen method, then don’t let others guilt trip you into changing it.


If you ask any doctor or check the regards of trusted health organizations like the American Academy for Pediatrics (AAP) or the World Health Organization (WHO), you will find all of them strongly recommend that you breastfeed your baby exclusively from time ranging between six months to two years as this recommendation is helpful for both you and your baby. 

As for your baby, breastfeeding will ensure that they get the all required nutrients to boost their system, have fewer digestive system issues like diarrhea, build a strong immune system, get more protection against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

As for the mummy, it will help her with uterus recovery and with releasing hormones that will give her happy moods and thus preventing postpartum depression as well as bonding with the baby, and well, it’s free and available as much as the baby needs.

On the other hand, though, it can be uncomfortable for some mothers, plus not being able to measure how much the baby is eating and they will need to check their intake of caffeine, drugs, and alcohol for sure, which can be hard for some mothers especially after doing it for 9 months before. So, if you are one of those mummies, you can switch to formula and check out the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies.


If you decide that you want to go with formula, that is okay. Especially if your baby is sensitive to breast milk which is the point of this article, in this case, you will need to find the best formula for sensitive babies or the best formula for breastfed baby with sensitive stomachs if you are introducing formula with breastfeeding.

The benefits of the formula are many like making sure that they are providing your baby with the necessary nutrients as they are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), plus you can see and control how much your baby is eating. As well as being digested slower than breast milk so the baby will not need to eat as much. The great feature for the mothers here is that someone else can do the job.

What you will need to take into consideration here is that the formulas don’t provide the same protection that breast milk does, they need time to prepare and they are expensive. 

so, choosing the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies is no easy task and we are here to help you with it.

What is the best formula for babies with sensitive stomachs?

One of the most asked questions between parents is what formula is best for babies with sensitive stomachs. 

The answer is simple enough though, what is the reason for your baby’s sensitive stomach? Once you know the answer to that question, it will only be a matter of choosing what kind of formula to get. A visit to the doctor in this case, might be in order to know the reason and decide what baby formula is best for sensitive stomachs.

When you are choosing a formula, there is no brand that is better than the other because as we mentioned they all have to go through and pass the FDA’s approval.

What you need to make sure though, is that when you are making the formula you are following the manufacturer’s instructions because adding too much water can decrease the nutrients, and adding too little can harm the baby’s tummy and that might be the reason for your baby’s sensitive stomach to begin with. 

Although, if you find that there is a reason for the sensitivity, that will certainly help with getting the best formula for babies with sensitive tummies. Therefore, we are going to go through a list of reasons for the sensitivity of your child’s stomach and help you with what to choose in each case.

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Best baby formula for babies with colic

Is your baby crying more than normal? Even after you made sure that they are well fed and cleaned up. If that is the case, then you may need to check with your doctor for the most common reason which is colic

Colic tends to start with babies from aging three weeks and eases up from the age of four to six months and the exact reason for it is yet to be known. 

Thus, making sure that you’re using the formula right might be the answer to your prayers that the baby’s crying stops and this includes getting the concentration of the formula right, as well as choosing what suits your baby better from ready to use liquid or concentrated liquid or powder formulas. 

Also, choosing the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies might be of help, so switching to another elemental formula or one with a different protein source from cow’s milk, organic, lactose-free or soy milk depending on which one you are currently using. 

Another good idea is getting a formula that contains iron and DHA or ARA which are synthesized fatty acids that are found in breast milk as they proving to be helping with easing colic and they are commonly found in formulas that are within the list of the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies with colic. 

Just be aware that if you change the formula, it can take up to two or three days for you to notice a difference in your baby’s condition. And you can always check with your doctor for signs of improvement.

The best formula for gassy sensitive babies

Although gas is often normal when it comes to infants and sometimes it doesn’t even bother them, it can also be painful for your baby. 

Mainly, the reason for having gas is the nature of the infant’s undeveloped digestive systems as it produces lots of air when it is breaking down food, in addition to the fact that they can gulp air when they are eating, crying, or even sucking on a pacifier. 

Gases are usually common with babies aged from one to four months until they can digest properly. 

The reason for those irritating gases that can ruin both your and the baby’s day is often due to improper feeding, but it can also be due to sensitivity to the formula itself. And the answer might be in finding the best baby formula for sensitive stomachs.

Some signs that indicate that your baby is suffering from gas are having some bad-smelling stool, irregular sleeping patterns, and being fussy. 

When choosing a formula for this particular reason, you want to consider one with predigested milk proteins and lesser hormones as they lead to a well-rested stomach. 

Usually, the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies recommended for babies with gas and colic is Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula.

Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula

The best formula for dairy sensitive baby

A milk protein allergy is a serious issue for some babies, although fortunately not much. Research conducts that only 7% of babies have milk allergies, and the good news is that up to 80% of them outgrow it with age. 

A milk allergy often occurs with babies who are fed formula with cow’s milk, as the immune system regards the protein in the cow’s milk as a foreign substance that is harming the body and releases histamine which causes an allergic reaction that can be identified by those symptoms:

  • Vomiting. 
  • Spitting up.
  • Gagging.
  • Diarrhea. 
  • Blood in stool.
  • Colic.
  • Wheezing and coughing. 
  • Swelling (especially in the mouth or the throat). 
  • Skin rash.

The symptoms might show gradually from a couple of minutes to a couple of days, and in this case, you shouldn’t try to diagnose the symptoms yourself. You should head to the pediatrician and they will suggest the best course of action to take and the best formula for milk sensitive babies that you can feed to your little one.

Usually, most infants with cow’s milk allergy are also allergic to soy milk, so your choice of formula should be a hypoallergenic formula with a hydrolysate protein or an amino acid-based formula as they have protein that is already broken and in its simplest form so they are unlikely to cause a reaction. 

On the top of the list of the best formula for milk sensitive babies is the Neocate Syneo Infant Hypoallergenic Amino-Acid Based. 

Neocate SyneoTM Infant

The best formula for lactose sensitive baby

Lactose intolerance – also known as milk intolerance- is a condition where the infant is unable to digest the sugar in milk (which is the lactose). It’s different from milk allergy so you shouldn’t try to diagnose any of them and you must refer back to the doctor. 

Some lactose intolerance types are short-term, for example, if they are caused by a viral infection, and in this case, once the baby overcomes the infection they will be safe to continue drinking milk. 

On the other hand, another type which is congenital lactose intolerance is permanent as it’s caused by the absence of the lactase enzymes itself although if that is the case you will notice from day one as the baby would not be able to tolerate breast milk as well and your best bet here will be to choose the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies.

The symptoms for it include diarrhea, stomach cramping, and bloating. So, the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies, in this case, would be a lactose-free formula.

Best baby formula for Acid reflux sensitive babies

Acid reflux is what happens when the contents of your stomach along with acid in it get back up to your throat and esophagus, known for us as spit-up.

This usually happens with babies within the age of three months due to the still continuing process of esophagus developing. 

If your poor baby is suffering from acid reflux, then probably the way to go is to change the formula to another one that is the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies.

If the little one spits up two or three times a day and is gaining weight normally, then it shouldn’t be an issue. But, if it occurs more than five times a day and is accompanied by other symptoms such as:

  • No weight gain. 
  • Refusing to eat.
  • Bloody stools. 
  • Yellow, green, or bloody vomit.

Then, you should go and see a doctor. The solution here would change based on the case severity, so for mild acid reflux you can add a teaspoon or two of rice cereal to the formula and this should keep the stomach content heavier and harder to go their way back up, and certainly this should be doctor approved. Additionally, if the case is severe you might want to consider hydrolyzed protein or soy formulas, better yet a specialized formula.

If you are questioning about the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies for acid reflux, you may want to consider: Enfamil A.R. Infant Formula

Enfamil A.R. Infant Formula

The best formula for allergy sensitive babies

Is your baby having an allergic reaction to his food? If that is the case, then a trip to the doctor to pinpoint the cause of the allergy is a must. If the allergy is caused by milk or lactose, then go back and check the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies and the best formula for lactose sensitive babies.

Excessive crying, gas troubles sleeping, and irritability should be your first signs that your baby is having an issue, so you should be looking for more signs like wheezing, vomiting, bloody stools, and rash to confirm your suspicion.

Though the allergy may be caused by a different ingredient and the doctor will most probably suggest a hypoallergenic formula that is best suited for the baby’s issue and needs to provide all the necessary nutrients without causing the allergic reaction.

Best organic baby formula for sensitive stomachs

Organic lifestyle is not an easy task, right? If you are among the parents that are committed to that lifestyle and you want your baby to be there with you too, then you shouldn’t worry, companies thought of that and provided some of the best organic baby formula for sensitive stomachs out there.

In an organic formula, the ingredients are produced without any pesticides, or antibiotics, which can be more nutrient for the baby and causes less upset stomach issues.

To make sure the formula is fully organic, you will see the stamp of the U.S. Department of Agriculture on the box which means the formula meets the USDA regulations for processed foods.

But, if the packaging says that the formula is made with organic products, then this indicates that it is at least 70 percent organically processed ingredients and the rest are not made using any barred process like genetic manipulation, those products won’t have the USDA seal but they will have a USDA certificate.

As per the reviews, the organic best formula for sensitive breastfed babies is: Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Infant Formula

Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Infant Formula

Take away

Breastfeeding your baby- whether exclusively or with the help of formula- is your best bet when it comes to feeding your baby. Using formula completely instead is not harmful either, especially if your baby is allergic or intolerant to milk or if they have sensitive stomachs for whatever reason. 

The answer is to choose a formula that is best suited for your baby’s condition. For instance, you can buy the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies is great for babies with lactose intolerance, the best formula for dairy sensitive babies for those with milk allergies, or the best formula for gassy sensitive babies if gas and colic are the issues.

Overall, you will find uncountable formulas that can be the best formula for sensitive baby stomachs. A must-do though is checking with your doctor before using any formula and get recommendations for the best formula for sensitive breastfed babies.


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