Similac pro advance sensitive   

Similac pro advance sensitive formula comes in when you are looking for a formula that helps your baby develop a good immune system and helps the blood to flow well in your infant. In this article, you will learn what is Similac pro sensitive formula and whether it is the best for your baby. In addition, we will address all the questions you have often asked about the Similac pro advance sensitive. Read on while we demystify everything to your understanding.  

What is Similac pro sensitive?   

Similac pro advance sensitive is the infant formula that contains 2′-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), which is a nutrient and prebiotic similar to breast milk. The 2’FL efficacy in helping to strengthen your baby’s immune system so that they are not missing anything when compared with babies that are fed with breast milk has gone through countless research over the course of 15 years. And this extensive research is backed up by facts and numbers. What more? They have testimonials of mothers who have used Similac pro advance sensitive for their babies, and the result has been great.  

Prebiotics which the Similac Pro advance sensitive contains is known to support the development of gut in your baby. Baby Shop states that the immune system is found in the gut, which is about 70%.  

Inclusively, the Similac Pro advance formula is noted to support the blow blood in your baby’s system.   

Similac pro-advance sensitive is one of the two gentle formulas by Similac that are non-GMO. The second formula is the Similac Pro-Sensitive.  

When you are looking for the Similac formula closest to breast milk, Similac pro advance sensitive is an infant formula that you can count on. It has among its ingredients lutein which is also called OptiGRO. It ingredient helps the development of the brain and eyes in your baby. It also can be your best source of immune support as it does not contain GMOs. One interesting fact is that it is cheaper when compared with Similac pro-sensitive. Additionally, it comes with vitamins E and DHA.  

Now that we know about the Similac pro advance sensitive, we will consider the ingredients below.  

Similac pro advance sensitive ingredients   

Similac pro advance sensitive contains the following ingredients:  

  • 2′-fucosyllactose  
  • Non-fat milk  
  • Lutein  
  • Coconut oil  
  • Lactose  
  • Ferrous sulfate  
  • High oleic safflower oil  
  • Whey protein concentrate  
  • Soy oil  
  • Nucleotides  
  • Short-chain Fructooligosaccharides.  
  • Mortierella Alpina oil (for ARA, Arachidonic acid).  
  • Crpthecodinium cognii oil (for DHA)  

It is pertinent to know what this infant formula does not contain. It does not contain corn syrup, GMOs, and Added sugars. Also, it does not contain artificial growth hormones.  

 You should know that the Similac pro advance sensitive is a good formula, but like all infant formula with a baby’s tolerance and all of that, it cannot escape having a downside. Thus, we will consider the Pros and Cons of Similac Pro advance sensitive below.  


  1. It does not contain any hormone-enhancing ingredients that support artificial growth.  
  2. It has no added sugar, and it is natural.  
  3. It does not contain any corn syrup whatsoever.  
  4. It is a non-GMO formula.  


According to Motherhood Community, the following are the disadvantages of Similac pro advance sensitive.   

  • It is not a lactose-free formula.  
  • The presence of vegetable oil may not be ideal for some babies.  
  • Another disadvantage of Similac pro advance sensitive is that it does not contain as much carbohydrates, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium and protein as the Similac Pro-sensitive.  


What is the difference between Similac pro advance and sensitive? 

The difference between Similac pro advance and sensitive is not a clear-cut one since they are a product of the same brand. However, differences exist between the two formulas, and they hereunder stated. Kindly note that the difference will be stated under paragraphs stating why each is better. This way, we do not directly use one formula against the other.  

Why Similac Pro-Advance Formula Is Better  

Similac pro advance and sensitive

Similac pro advance and sensitive

  1. One difference that stands Similac Pro-Advance out from sensitive and other formulas by Similac is that it is the closest formula to breast milk.  
  2. It does not contain any added sugar.  
  3. In addition, it does not contain corn syrup. What more?  
  4. It is cheaper when compared with Similac pro-sensitive.  

Why Similac Pro-Sensitive Infant Formula Is Better  

On the other hand, the difference between Similac pro-sensitive infant formula when compared with Similac pro advance formula is;  

  1. It does not contain lactose. And it is the best formula for babies allergic to lactose or whose tummies are sensitive.  
  2. It contains more protein than Similac pro advance, and protein was synthesized in such a way as to remove lactose and fats from it.  
  3. Additionally, it contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates, and sodium more than Similac pro advance.  

Mixing Similac pro advance and sensitive   

The question often arises, “can you mix different types of Similac?” Say mixing Similac pro advance and sensitive? Yes, you can mix Similac pro advance and sensitive since they are formulas from the same brand. This is the closest recommended way of mixing the formula. But you are advised to be courteous when you mix and observe how your baby tolerates the mixing. If your baby loves it and does not develop any issues, you can go on to continue mixing. However, if your baby responds to the mixture with a feeding issue, you should stop immediately. Overall, you are advised to often talk to your pediatrician before you mix or switch between Similac pro advance and sensitive.  

Does similac pro advance sensitive cause constipation?   

There have not been any reported cases that we know of where Similac pro advance sensitive causes constipation. states that Similac pro advance contains galactooligosaccharides which are similar to oligosaccharides found in breast milk that help to soften a baby’s stool and prevent constipation. Thus, Similac pro advance sensitive does not cause constipation. It does prevent constipation in infants.  

Is Similac pro sensitive good for babies? 

Yes, Similac pro sensitive is good for babies as it contains ingredients that help address gassing and fussiness in babies with sensitive tummies. It is a non-lactose formula with prebiotics that aid the development of your baby’s immune system.  

Similac pro sensitive

Similac pro sensitive

Similac pro advance sensitive reviews   

Reviews of Mothers on Similac pro advance sensitive  

Under this subheading, we will consider the positive and negative reviews that mothers have shared on similac pro advance sensitive. As a caveat, we advise that you do not take the negative review as a piss off. You should know that what a particular baby can tolerate may not be the same as other babies. Therefore, a particular baby intolerance to similac pro advance sensitive does not mean it is not ideal for your baby.  

Similac pro advance Positive Reviews  

“My daughter did very well with the pro-advanced formula. She is 6 months now and she very rarely (less than 10 times) spit up. Rarely had a hard time sleeping from gas in the first 3 months.”  

 – Reviewer on Similac’s website.  

“With twin babies we went through a couple different formulas trying to find one that would work well for both of them (vs having to do two different kinds of formula). We had one baby who had bad reflux and was always spitting up and crying like he was uncomfortable. Our other baby would cry and always had gas issues.. finally we gave this one a try and I’m so glad we did! Both babies started acting so much better gas/fussiness wise and very little spit up issues since starting! After reading a bit into formulas this one isn’t horrible either with its ingredients and added probiotics (we still give another probiotic on top of whatever is in this formula) So far this keeps my now 6mo old babies healthy and happy, so we are sticking with it even though it’s a bit more spendy (especially with twins), I think the ease on my babies tummies is worth it!” 

 – Reviewer on Target.  

Additional review

“I can’t even begin to count all of the formula’s we tried for my 4 month old. Every brand, every type. I was heartbroken to not be able to breastfeed, so finding the perfect formula was so important to me. I started with the organic, which made him spit up. Tried most other brands, which hurt his tummy and caused constipation, which led me to try the sensitive tummy versions, which were also a no go. Then we tried pro advance… and it was literally life changing. No more spit up, happy tummy, and he was finally sleeping. 1000% recommend!”  

 – Reviewer on Similac’s website.  

Negative Reviews about Similac pro advance sensitive  

“My son was in the NICU for the first two weeks of his life. He was given Similac Pro Advance, but the ready made formula. Despite having a serious infection, my baby gained a full pound the first week of his life and has never looked back, lol. I bought the powder version to go home with. Over the span of 8 months, I have tried different formulas but always come back to Similac and now will just stick with it until he is off formula. 0-4 months he seemed to spit up a lot so I tried different formulas, including the spit up formula by Similac and the sensitive formula; I didn’t notice a difference though with the sensitive formula he seemed to spit up a bit more. I think it was just his age because he has seemed to grow out of the excessive spit up.”   

  More reviews

Reviewer on Amazon.  

“I’m a first-time mom and was not making enough milk in the beginning. I opted for this because it’s advertised as the closest formula to breastmilk. I bought a can and it was fine but on our second can our baby started getting fussy and crying for long periods of time, she hardly slept. Our baby threw up constantly and had a lot of gas. She had all symptoms of reflux, after a couple of sleepless nights my milk came in and I decided to exclusively breastfeed. It was a huge difference, she slept more and was no longer throwing up gas went away too. Then all of a sudden I ran out of milk (My supply went down) and I decided since all I had was the can of formula I’d try again. Symptoms came back the same day of feeding and she was very fussy I felt like a terrible mom. I would love to give Similac another chance but I would hate to spend another 35 dollars on a can we won’t use.”   

– Reviewer on Similac’s website.  

  Summary and Conclusion  

In this article, we have discussed Similac pro advance sensitive in detail, providing the ingredients, and the pros and cons of buying the formula for your baby. We have not left any questions unanswered as we compared with Similac pro sensitive. Additionally, we enumerated the ingredients found in Similac pro advance sensitive. Finally, we discussed the positive and negative reviews of Similac pro advance, noting that the negative reviews should not be the sole consideration you should look at when you want to buy the formula, because babies are different. And a baby reacting to the formula does not mean it is bad. If the formula is bad, trust that the FDA would have recalled it long before you. To your best choice, enjoy!  

Frequently Asked Questions  

How do I know if my baby needs Similac Pro-sensitive?  

 The symptoms to look out for if you want to detect if your baby needs Similac Pro-sensitive is gassing, fussiness, and also diarrhea.  

What age is Similac Pro-sensitive for?  

Similac’s pro-sensitive formula is made to support your baby’s growth from 6 months to about 2 years of age. Similac pro-sensitive contains a rich blend of nutrients for the growth and development of essential organs in your baby. It is also a non-GMO formula certified to be easy on your baby’s developing digestive system.  

Which Similac is closest to breastmilk?  

 Similac pro-advance is the closest to breastmilk and what you should go for when you do not want your baby to miss out on nutrients that breastfed babies enjoy. 

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