What Type Of Girls Bed Is Best For Storage?

For parents with a small bedroom or even closets that tend to burst at the seams, the idea of a storage bed will surely appeal to you. Differing from the regular beds, storage beds have extra storage space.

This storage space may come either as pull-out drawers found at the base or a lift-up surface found under the mattress.

Now that you are past the stage of purchasing new mom essentials, it is time to buy one of the fantastic girls’ space-saving beds for your little one. Understand that the additional storage space acts as a bonus to stow extra linens, clothes, and anything you want.

When you are out shopping for a storage bed, you must think of the type of space you have and the kind of ideal storage. You are also to consider the size of both the bed and the storage and the materials used.

Are Beds With Storage Good For Girls?

When you are past the stage of seeking the best gifts to buy for your baby, you will find yourself searching for the ideal little girl house bed in the market.

For those confused about the modern beds for girls, understand that the best bed type for your daughter will be dependent on the taste, size, and design of her bedroom.

If she is in a small room, note that cabin beds and even girls’ full beds with storage will be the ideal choice. While day beds can be pretty and add to the look of your daughter’s bedroom, they can double up as a space to rest and read or watch television.

For those wondering if beds with storage are ideal for girls, the simple answer is yes.

Why Should You Clean Under Your Bed?

While you may be concerned with cleaning every other part of the room, most people tend to forget what may be lurking under their beds. However, there are good reasons why you should clean under your bed instead of leaving it behind.

Note that the space found under the bed is the ideal collecting ground for food crumbs, hair, dust, and even dead bugs. It tends to become a breeding ground for dust mites, diverse harmful pathogens, and bacteria if it is left dirty.

As you sleep, you will be exposed to unsanitary air, and breathing this air in can make one sick, especially when it builds up over time. For this reason, you must clean underneath the bed.

Understand that there are tips for cleaning under the bed. However, you should know that after cleaning out the clothes or items from underneath the bed, the simplest solution is to purchase any of the robot vacuum cleaners.

This is because they fit under the bed nicely and can be programmed to clean even if you are not there. In addition, making use of ergonomic vacuums and handles will save your back from all the hectic bending.

More so, if the bedroom has wood floors, you can make use of a hair blow dryer to blow the dust out of there. Interestingly, you will not need to clean under the bed every time you vacuum the room if you clean weekly.

However, it would be best to clean under the bed twice a month or a minimum of once a month. This is needed so that the nasty items do not gather and pollute the air you breathe.

How To Choose A Storage Bed?

Even though your child is quite grown and you will not be concerned with baby products until you are ready for another baby, you will be concerned with purchasing one of the most beautiful beds for girls.

When choosing the ideal girls’ bed with storage, there are two features to be considered. They are:

  • The opening and closing of the storage compartment

Bear in mind that the opening mechanism is surely a basic area to consider. It must be noted that a heavy manual lifting system will make the additional space hard to use.

Nevertheless, some models make use of automatic opening systems. This opening system operates by making use of remote control. And, it will allow you to adjust the bed base however you wish.

It will make it easy for anyone to open it.

  • Removable panels to enable cleaning

As you seek the ideal girls’ full bed with storage, ensure that you select one with removable panels and feet high enough to enable cleaning.

How Do You Clean Under Your Bed With Storage?

As a parent, you must note that the beds with storage containers found underneath are mostly low. Unfortunately, this means that the lack of space will not easily slip a broom or even a vacuum cleaner.

Nevertheless, there are some tips you can use in cleaning these girls’ beds with storage. They include:

  • You can dampen a microfiber cloth with white vinegar to eliminate dust once weekly. This format should not be underestimated because dust is not harmful to asthma or allergy sufferers alone. Note that vinegar is the perfect alternative to detergents for naturally and thoroughly sanitizing.
  • In a bid to clean the storage space, use a soft cloth and subtly run all the panels using warm water and mild soap. Before you keep all the items underneath the bed again, ensure they are dry because humidity can lead to mold formation.
  • Always remember to regularly raise the bed to ventilate both the mattress and lower compartment.

What Bed Should A 5 Year Old Girl Be In?

When it comes down to bed, baby girl, it must be understood that they are manufactured with all that will captivate the kids’ minds. Since toddler beds are available in vibrant colors, like green, yellow, pink, and much more.

For those wondering if their five years old can sleep in a toddler bed, the simple answer is yes. Aside from being concerned with skin care for babies and toddlers, parents are also concerned with where their kids sleep.

Understand that these toddler beds are available in many shapes. They also come in objects and characters from books, movies, and activities that your daughter loves. The style of toddler beds you can consider for your five-year-old daughter to be in are:

  • Canopy beds
  • Loft beds
  • Captain beds
  • Bunk beds for kids, girls, and even;
  • Trundle beds

Best Storage Beds For Girls

It must be noted that your baby girl is growing fast. You were searching for the best parent starter kit one minute, and now, you need the most adorable girl’s full bed frame.

Since your house will not be growing with your child, you will have to maximize the available room to have the needed space for playing, sleeping, and storage.

As a parent, you are lucky as many girls’ space-saving beds‘ options are available for you. Some of the best storage beds for kids are:

  • South Shore Loft Bed Imagine Collection, Morgan cherry

First and foremost, this is a loft bed that blends visual appeal, flexibility, and practicality to give you one of the best modern beds for girls. The whole bed comprises a top bed with a ladder, a storage unit with a door, a three-drawer chest, a toy box, and an extra drawer on one side.

Its setup is reversible so that parents can choose the side they will like to pace the chest or drawer on. Also, they can decide if they would like to place the ladder on the left or right side.

This bed is estimated to be four feet, and its sides are elevated. This helps to prevent your baby girl from falling to the ground. Parents should assemble this bed at the ideal spot in the bedroom that they want the bed to be located.

This is because it helps to eliminate the inconvenience of moving this heavy piece of furniture. In addition, due to its plenty of storage, it is ideal for all spaces, including small bedrooms.

This bed has been created from environment-friendly laminated particle panels, and its bottoms are made from durable wood fibers. If you need a little girl white twin bed, South Shore Loft Bed is regarded as a twin loft bed with simple elegance.

You can leave the space under the bed to be free in a bid to create a playful area for your child. Its three-drawer chest and storage unit are known to be interchangeable. You can place the storage unit against the wall as it is accessible from within.

Each detail of this bed is thoughtfully crafted, and it perfectly fits a regular twin mattress. Note that it does not need a box spring.

  • The Prairie Collection Twin Storage Bed

The Prairie collection twin storage bed is a country-style bed with three storage drawers that can be easily opened. The assembly of this bed is easy, even though it can take more than one hour to round up.

However, an additional hand will help decrease the time and effort it will take to assemble the parts. The drawers can be positioned on either side of the bed. Note that this bed is quite sturdy and affordable.

It is an amazing girl’s wooden bed that sits pretty on the floor. This means that you will not be bothered about objects getting shoved under the bed or pets crawling underneath.

More so, it comes with three spacious drawers and lots of handy storage. Its drawer bottoms are created with authentic wood fibers. The drawers are reversible and can go on any side of the bed.

Note that it is the ideal little girl white twin bed that comes with a five-year limited warranty. Its metal drawer pulls tend to add a vintage charm to this bed. It is environmentally friendly.

You can mix and match this bed with some other Prairie collection pieces. For example, it is paired beautifully with the Prairie twin bookcase headboard and the night table from South Shore.

Parents can shop confidently due to its warranty. Note that it must make them feel calm and relaxed when picking a house bed for little girls. The Prairie collection twin storage bed will offer a peaceful and re-energizing atmosphere for your child.

To make the room more beautiful, you can add some bright-colored accents to the decor. Also, it comes with rounded corners for safety.

  • The Pure White South Shore Tiara Collection Twin Mates Bed

The Pure White South Shore, twin mates bed is an enchanting bed that your baby girl will surely fall in move with. It comes with three drawers that can be placed on any side of the bed.

You will love the decorative cut-outs and the jewel-like handles that make this bed have a princess-like look. Its weight capacity is two hundred and fifty pounds. It is not hard to assemble.

More so, its surface is sturdy wood, and this means that you can make use of it without a box spring. So, aside from being a fantastic storage option, it is an affordable way to place a smile on the face of your baby girl.

One of the ideal girls’ beds with storage comes with many storage spaces and has a feminine style that your daughter will love. Its plenty of storage spaces will come in handy when you are organizing your daughter’s things.

The storage spaces can be found in the bookcase headboard and even the mates’ bed drawers. As a girl’s white bed frame, it is made from laminated particleboard. And, it pairs perfectly with pieces in a similar finish.

It comes with rounded corners for your child’s safety and has a five-year quality guarantee. This bed is shipped in two boxes, and it meets and exceeds the safety standards of North America.

  • South Shore Pure White Sand Castle Country Twin Mates Bed

As one of the beautiful beds for girls, the South Shore sand castle country twin mates bed is designed to grow with your baby girl. This bed comes with a storage bed frame with roughly two drawers, a dresser, a nightstand, and a headboard.

It has lots of storage room to save space and assist your child in staying organized. Its drawers have wooden knobs that improve the style while adding convenience. For the nightstand and dresser, they have exquisite wooden legs.

While your kid continues to grow and develop her style, the bed’s traditional design will easily blend with any decor that your child loves. In addition, using one of the girls’ full beds with storage is a fantastic way to train your child to be organized.

This bed is made of engineered wood plus a pure white finish. It has a timeless design that is appropriate for girls of all ages. You will love the two under-bed storage drawers as they have matching white pull knobs attached to them.

It perfectly fits the regular twin-size mattress and will need to be assembled. Though it comes with a five-year warranty, it does not come with accessories and a mattress.

  • WeeHom Stable Frame Canopy Bed with Flower Design Platform Princess Bed Under Bed Storage Best for Adults Kids White Twin

WeeHom Metal Framed bed is among the modern beds for girls that come with four canopy posts. It is easy to assemble and features steel slats that offer solid support for a spring mattress, hybrid mattress, or even memory foam.

It is a highly elegant and sophisticated bed for your little one. Its style is not only modern, but it is also simple. It comes with heavy-duty solid metal construction as well as an in-built footboard and headboard.

You will love the large under-bed storage space, and you will not need for box spring when you purchase this bed. It is swift and easy to assemble. The bed is customized with decorative curtains.

Interestingly, the footboard and headboard have full-length guardrails. This gives a fixed space for a mattress and provides a safe and beautiful sleeping environment for your child.

It comes with metal slats that provide both support and durability. Its six legs aptly contact the ground for stability. It does not matter if you are buying this bed for a dorm room, kids’ room, or spare room because it can be used for diverse spaces.

Since it comes with a platform frame, there will be no need for a box spring. This means you can place your mattress directly on its frame without any hassle. It is shipped in one box.

Note that this bed is the ideal gift for someone that moves frequently or parents that need to upgrade their current bed. In addition, it is a convenient bed when you are moving as you can detach the middle backbone.


On a general note, it does not matter if you seek girls’ single beds or girls’ beds with storage; we have provided you with some of the best beds you will find in the market.

These beds will provide the comfort and relaxation that your daughter needs. Also, they have enough space to stow away items that belong to your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What size of bed should my ten years old daughter have?

A full size mattress is appropriate for kids that are between eight to ten years old.

  • What age is good for a girls' twin bed?

The age for a girls’ twin bed is four years.

  •  Are there compulsory things that I should have in my girl’s bedroom?

It is important that there is a bed, furniture, and nice decor in the bedrooms of girls.

  • What are the best girl’s bed for storage?

Some of the best you can find out there are Weehom stable storage bed, South Shore
bed, and even the Prairie collection twin bed.


South Shore Tiara Twin Bookcase Storage Bed in Pure White

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  • Economic option
  • Does not require box spring
  • Rounded corners safety

WeeHom Stable Frame Canopy Bed with Flower Design Platform Princess Bed Under Bed Storage Best for Adults Kids White Twin

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  • Simple assembly and ships in one box. Twin canopy bed frame and needed tools included.
  • Convenience Design: Suit for anyone who need to move frequently or wants to upgrade their current one (The middle backbone can be removed, it will be very convenient when moving). Fast and easy assembly.
  • Additional center legs provide stability and durability.
  • Allows for valuable under bed storage with 12.7 Inches high clearance.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 77.4" x 36" x 78.1" (L*W*H) inches.

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