The best soy formula for gassy babies you can find

If you recently became a parent, then you know what it is like when your baby is having gas. It is not an easy experience for you or your baby. Especially if you are a parent who depends on formulas. And if you want to choose a formula that is best for your baby, we are here to help. Whether it is the best soy formula for gassy babies you are seeking or any other kind. We will provide you with the full guide on how to deal with a gassy baby. And do not worry, we won’t forget to mention the best soy formula for gassy babies.

Reasons for gassy babies 

Before we start telling you about the best soy formula for gassy babies, we should know what causes it first. There are many reasons for this and knowing them can help you with overcoming it. We will give you a list of reasons, symptoms, and solutions. You might not want to know what is the best soy formula for gassy babies after all. 

The most common reasons are: 

  • Feeding position: this can determine the amount of gasses your baby consumes. Some feeding positions allow your baby to swallow air more than others. This is why you need to maintain an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. This is supposed to allow as little air as possible. 
  • The mommy’s diet: what you eat affects your baby for sure. When you eat a heavy meal that is hard to digest, you are passing the ingredients to your baby. And since the baby’s digestive system is not complete, they tend to have gas.
  • Bottles: believe it or not, they can affect your baby. If the nipple of the bottle is large, it allows more air to go through to your baby. Also, an incorrect latch to the nipple can cause the same issue. So buying a suitable-sized bottle can lower the levels of gas. Or you can just buy a bottle that prevents gas. 
  • Excessive crying: this can also lead to filling your baby’s stomach with air.
  • Constipation. 

So if the reason is simple like just a bottle issue, you may want to replace the formula with the best soy formula for gassy babies. 

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Symptoms of gassiness 

Gassiness can really be discomforting to your baby. So knowing how to diagnose it might help you better than finding the best soy formula for gassy babies. Some of those symptoms are: 

  • Too much burping can be a sign that your baby is swallowing too much air.
  • A bloated stomach or a swollen one might mean that there is too much gas inside. 
  • Excessive flatulence can be a sign as well. Although it is a normal way to release pressure due to gas, it can mean that there is trapped gas inside.
  • Spitting up more than normal can be a sign of the trapped gas.
  • An irregular sleeping schedule can be a sign. Especially if it is accompanied by one of the other symptoms. 

Before you look for the best soy formula for gassy babies, you may want to ask your doctor if it will help with the symptoms. 

Tips and tricks for gassiness 

We will give you some advice to help with easing gas for your baby.

Burp your baby

You should burp your baby after every feeding. Preferably after every 2 ounces of food as they might have swallowed too much air. After feeding, pediatricians recommend that you burp the baby in a seated position. That would be in a position where you support the baby’s head in the cradle of your arms. The normal position is also fine with the baby upright and his head on your shoulder. You should try for a couple of minutes and then move on.

Try different positions 

  • The football hold is one of those positions that you can do. To do this, you need to carry your baby face down with their body resting on your forearm. The chin should be cradled in your elbow with you holding the front of the diaper area in your hand. This pressure applied to the baby’s stomach should help with gas.
  • The colic curl position where you golf the baby’s head against your chest and put your arm under their bum. Then move your arm up slowly to curl them. You can reverse this position with the baby’s feet against your chest. 
  • The tummy tuck position is where you place a rolled-up cloth or one with a warm bottle in it under the baby’s tummy. For extra relief, you can lay the baby on a cushion with dangling feet while rubbing their back. Just turn your baby’s head to the side for better breathing. 
  • A tummy time position is just a simple position where you lay your baby on their stomach. The gentle pressure on the stomach will help with the trapped gas. In addition, the position itself will also help with the core and neck strength. Or on a more advanced note, lay your baby on a beach ball or an exercise ball and use both your hands to roll your baby on it in a circular motion.

Just wait at least 30 minutes after feeding before trying any of those positions. 

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Choosing the right bottle 

Bottles are made for different ages, so you should notice their size. The perfect nipple should be molded with the baby’s lips leaving no place for air. It should also flow the milk gradually allowing the baby to swallow while eating. If the baby finishes the bottle in under 20 minutes, this means that the nipple is too large. So pick one that fits their mouth with a gradual flow. 

Feed with an angle 

When you’re feeding the baby, hold them in a more inclined position. Not lying down but not vertical either. And with tipping the bottle slowly this should put the air on the top of the bottle. Making sure that the milk covers the nipple completely. 

Other tips  

You can also try some belly massage, as this should relieve some of the gas pressure. Or bicycling the baby’s legs as this can help the movement of the inner intestines. This releases trapped gas in the abdominal tract. You can also ask your doctor to use gas drops like simethicone to help with the issue. Or you can just wait it out if it’s not severe. 

How to choose the best formula for gassy babies 

Besides the best soy formula for gassy babies, other types can help as well. There is a long list of formulas to choose from if your aim is just a formula for gassy babies and not the best soy formula for gassy babies. This is why we will tell you how to choose a formula for a gassy baby to begin with. And maybe you can apply those to the formula you think is the best soy formula for gassy babies. 

  • Age: the baby’s age can matter. As the babies’ nutritional needs change over time. Make sure that you are using an age-appropriate formula.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics: those two can work magic. They are especially helpful when dealing with fussiness and discomfort due to gas or colic.
  • Nutritions: do not forget to look for those. A proper formula should include DHA, minerals, and vitamins in the ingredients. Just to make sure that your baby is getting all the nutrition that they need. Also, make sure that the formula is free from any genetically modified materials or preservatives, or artificial substances. 
  • Allergies: it is important to know if your baby is allergic to any ingredient. Just to stay on the safe side, check the product labels and keep an eye on the ingredients list.

Now that you know the general steps to choose a formula, you might want to know specifics. Choosing the best formula for gas and reflux or the best soy formula for gassy babies will require further explanation. We will start with the best soy formula for gassy babies. 

The best soy formula for gassy babies  

The best alternative to dairy products is soy. It offers complete nutritional value just like milk. But it depends on protein isolate which is digested much easier. Without the dairy ingredients, gasses can ease. When you try to find the best soy formula for gassy babies, you will most probably find that the top two will fall in the Similac and Enfamil categories.

The Similac Isomil Soy Baby Formula is one of the most known soy formulas. It has an amazing mix of nutrients. While it is soy-based and definitely helps with gas and even sensitive stomachs, spitting up and vomiting are known to be associated with this formula. You might want to give it a try and you can always change it if you don’t like it.

Enfamil ProSobee Soy-based Formula is on top of the list of soy formulas. Parents rave about this formula all the time. Besides gas, it also helps with spit-up, vomiting, and reflux. In addition, babies love how it tastes. Although, it is said to increase constipation if your baby already has one, so beware of that. 

So you should try those two and decide for yourself what is the best soy formula for gassy babies.

The best formula for colic, reflux, and gas

While we all wish that there is a magical formula to solve all these issues, there isn’t one. But we will tell you the best formula for each of those issues. 

The Enfamil Gentlease formula is said to be the best one out there for gas. It also helps with colic, spit-up, and fussiness with a promise of 24-hour relief. So we can consider it as the best formula for gas and reflux. But then again, if your main concern is colic, then the Gerber Good Start SoothePro should be the way to go. So you should give it a try. 

As for reflux, Enfamil A.R Instant Formula is the best. It has a thickened texture when you make it as it is thickened with rice. And after the baby eats it, it becomes ten times thicker in their stomach. Which reduces the possibility that it comes back up immensely that in turn stops the reflux.

Now that we have discussed the best soy formula for gassy babies and the best formula for colic reflux and gas, finding the best formula for gas and constipation is in order.

The best formula to prevent constipation

Constipation is usually more common in formula-fed babies. This is because breast milk is easier to digest. Normally, your baby poops two to three times a day. And one or two times a day when it is solid stool. If this doesn’t happen, then your baby is probably constipated. Unfortunately, no formula is branded for constipation, but some can help.

For example, Enfamil Reguline Infant Formula is designed to give a softer stool within the first week of use. They achieved this by adding special probiotics specifically. The formula also has a full blend of nutrients that your baby needs within their first year. So we can consider this the best formula to prevent constipation. Or the best one to ease it more accurately. 

The best organic formula for gassy baby

When you look for an organic formula for gassy baby, you need to know that there are certain standards to meet. The formula needs to be free from any pesticides or fertilizers. They are also free from any additives like colors, flavors, preservations, or any growth hormones. 

Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Infant formula tops the list of organic formulas. It has 95 percent less lactose which means that it is easy to digest and will more probably help with gas. The cow’s who produce the milk eat grass to produce the most organic milk. The formula is filled with nutrients like omega 3 and 6 and prebiotics. Some parents say that the formula is inconsistent from one batch to another. So keep an eye on the milk when you make it. This formula also is considered one of the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months. 


When to switch formulas because of gas? 

Once you see signs that your baby is having gases, you might want to confirm this with your pediatrician. When you are sure, you can switch to a formula that helps with gas. You should be able to see a change from 2 to 3 days. Some formulas also promise instant relief.

What is the best bottle type for gassy babies?

There is an anti-colic bottle type in the market. These bottles can be great when it comes to gassy babies too. Though most bottles are fine when having gas. You can also ask your doctor for recommendations.

If I eat certain foods, can my baby become gassy?

The answer is yes. Actually, eating certain foods is one of the main reasons for gas in babies. Having a diet with protein or dairy products like milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream can make your baby gassy. As well as food with casein, sodium, or whey protein can be the reason.

Can drinking carbonated sodas make my baby gassy?

No, this can’t happen. As the only food that affects your baby is the one that passes in your bloodstream. In the sodas though, while the carbon goes to your blood, the bubbles in the sodas can’t. So you are good to drink those.

Can my baby become gassy if I am gassy and breastfeeding? 

On the contrary to this breastfeeding myth, your gasses can not affect your breast milk in any way. So rest assured that the answer to that question is a big no.

Can changing the formula cause my baby to become gassy?

This is a possibility. If the formula type is not consistent with your baby, it can cause them to have gasses. Though that is a fair chance. You can be doing something wrong or not following the instructions right. You can always change it again to see if it is the cause of gas. But for gasses mostly are caused due to normal reasons that we have discussed before.

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Gasses can be irritable for your baby and they can cause discomfort as well as fussiness. The best way to treat that is by figuring out the reason for it. You can deal with it by trying some home remedies or searching for the best soy formula for gassy babies. All in all, just don’t forget to ask your doctor for the best course of action. 


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