Kid Games With Tape- Efficient Way to Kill Kids’ Boredom

When the clock ticks boredom in the house, the kids start to irritate you as they want something to change their moods. There should be some instant ways to kill kids’ boredom and bring them new and helpful activities like Kid games with tape. 

The instant serotonin booster you can bring in the house is by playing kid games with tape. Duct tape is an efficient, affordable & time-saving option you can have.

Best Duct Tape Games for Kids 

Simple Genius Set of 12 Nature Pattern Duct Tape

The next painters tape toddler activities we have for your toddlers are from the Simple Genius Store. This set contains twelve tape rolls, 10 yards in length. The very first thing that compels you towards the duct tape is the eye-catching design. Acrylic, aesthetic & pastel design with warming color looks super calming.

The edges of the tape are non-stringy for a clean paste. The adhesive solution present in the layer of the tape is super-efficient. You can paste the duct tape on leather, marble, plastic, metal, and wood. Even on an uneven surface, the adhesion of the tape is satisfying.

The best use of the Simple Genius duct tapes is in arts and crafts. Ask your toddler to design scrapbooks, cards, wardrobe, wallet, mugs, hammock, key chains, phone case, jar, and pencil holder.

About the durability of the duct tapes, rest assured. The strong adhesive glue keeps the tape stick to the surface. The temperature bearability of the tape is up to 14-40 degrees Fahrenheit. The width of the tape is 1.88 inches, which is pretty satisfying.

When removing the tape, no residue remains behind. This point increases the flexibility and ease of cleaning.


  • Durable option
  • Set of 12 tapes at an affordable rate
  • Lengthy and wide
  • Easy to clean



  • On leather, the adhesion is poor

Paper House Harry Potter Washi Duct Tape

Take your kid on a ride of magic with the Paper House Harry Potter Washi duct tapes. Did you know? These tapes are pretty rare among the removing tape gameBe the first in your community to introduce these funky tapes.

The overall length of the duct tape is 10 meters. The set contains ten duct tapes in each five that is 15 mm wide, while the remaining five are 5 mm wide. The creative idea you can suggest to your toddler is to design a Harry Potter theme scrapbook.

The adhesive glue is pretty sufficient in performance. The glue plus the design are water-proof. The best way to use these tapes is with the combination of one broad and one narrow tape.

You can also decorate pencil cases, jars, wardrobes, mirrors, and spare boxes with the Paper House Washi duct tapes. The length of the tape is, however, limited compared to the competitors. But the ten tapes altogether fulfill the length needed.


  • 10 tapes with a unique design
  • Perfect for theme craft
  • 5 wide and 5 narrow tapes for customized designs
  • An affordable option
  • Water-proof
  • Easy to clean


  • Limited length
  • Non-sticky on wood & leather
  • Misprinting on the character roll

Choly Knight Awesome Duct Tape Project

Being a parent, bringing new activity ideas with duct tape for your toddler must irritate you. For sure, at one point, you think, now what is next? Relax, we got you. Here we have the Choly Knight duct tapes activity book for you.

Choly Knight duct tape project book has 50 awesome creative ideas for you. With this book, relish awesome creative ideas every day. The book has 64 pages. The guidelines are step-by-step with illustrative pictures. Using the guidelines, you can create whatever you want.

For a toddler, it might be hard to understand the steps. Help your kid to understand the step-by-step scenario. The creative ideas mentioned in the book are super cool and unique. The benefit you will sense with this duct tape is the mental development of your toddler.

The most prominent ideas include customizing phone cases, pencil cases, decorating wardrobe, wallet, purse, belt, and laptop cases. There is much more to discover about the duct tape with the Choly Knight duct tape project book.

Most importantly, you do not need any extra stuff for customization and decoration.


  • Up to 50 awesome creativity ideas
  • Step-by-step illustration
  • Colored images
  • Detailed guidance
  • Written guidelines are also mentioned



  • Toddlers need adult supervision

Lance Akiyama Epic Duct Tape Project Book

Can not say anything about you, but this one is our all-time favorite. For the mental growth of the kids, nothing can be a better option than the Lance Akiyama duct tape project book. Boys will show more interest in the mentioned peeling tape activity for toddlers.

This project book is a complete guideline set for toddlers. From how to handle duct tape without creating a mess to cutting & molding it: A step-by-step process is mentioned.

The steps start with how to cut the tape. Further, the steps lead to making furniture, different shapes, and objects. With this project book, the toddler will learn how a small strip of tape can make distinct objects.

Worrying about how the toddler will cut the tape? Well, the cutting procedure is simple by tearing it out. Other craft stuff you can provide your kid includes tins, foam, cardboard, spare box, and scissor. The guidelines are illustrated with pictures and written descriptions as well.


  • Best duct tape activities for toddlers
  • Step-by-step illustration
  • Reported mental progress in toddler
  • Affordable



  • More technical ideas, less fun ones
  • Some options are hard for toddlers

ALEX Toys DIY Wear Duct Tape

This duct tape project is going to be the ultimate option for your baby girl. All ideas in this project are for customizing and decorating jewelry. The box contains six free bracelets to décor and wear whenever you want.

Guidelines are also mentioned on the box for decorating the accessories. Besides, the box also contains five rolls of duct tape. The provided duct tapes are reliable and durable in performance. The adhesive glue present is also potent in performance.

To change the tape, peel the tape off effortlessly and paste a new one. Rest assured, no residues will be left behind. The duct tapes are skin-friendly to use. No scissors will require cutting the tape. Effortlessly tear it out using your hands.

You can also design a purse, earring, key chain, rings, headband, and chain with duct tape. Make sure to enjoy the fullest with the duct tape and make colorful pieces of jewelry.


  • Six bracelets and five duct tape roll
  • Easy to follow guidelines
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Fun tape art for toddlers


  • Expensive
  • Could be more interesting

After reading the reviews if you are now wondering how to select the best kid games with tape, check the buying guide below.

Things to Consider While Choosing Duct Tape Games

Let us dig into the things you need to consider as a parent while bringing any new game to the house for your kid. This buying guide is for kids games with tape.

  • Skin-Friendly

The first thing you should check is the material of the tape. Do not take any risk, and be sure that the material of the tape is skin-friendly, as kids have sensitive skin. Besides, make sure that the tape is effortless to peel off without pulling the skin along.

  • Ease-of-Cleaning

Most of the time, the duct tape leaves residues behind while removing it. The residues remain stuck to the surface and are hard to get rid of. Now, here you have to check that either the tape is effortless in removing or not. If it left any residues after painters tape toddler activities, evade investing in it.

  • Easy to Tear or Scissor Cutting?

This factor is the most crucial of all. As a parent, for sure, you do not want your kid to get hurt. Providing scissors to toddlers is not a safe option. Buy the duct tape for your kid that can be torn out with hands. Now it does not mean that the tape should have to be extra thin. Maintain the quality standard.

  • Water-Resistance

The last thing to check is the water-resistance quality of the duct tape. Do invest in water-proof duct tape that is water-proof. Be 100% sure your toddler is going to spill water on the tape art for toddlers. The water-resistance quality of the tape will keep the quality maintained.

Out Of The Box Tape Activities For Toddlers?

Now get set ready to make your toddler’s time healthy learning with peeling tape activity for toddlersAfter deeming all the ideas present in the market, here we have selected the unique ones.

  • Hopscotch

It will be a lie if you say your kid does not enjoy playing hopscotch. Be it a toddler or an adult: All love to play hopscotch. Now the thing you need to do is make square boxes on the surface, and mark them with numbers.

Now, ask your kids to jump through the boxes and reach the final one. This activity will enhance the mental capability of the kid the same way as the HABA symphony croc does.

  • Walk Through a Spider Web

Why try ordinary sticky spider web games for kids when you can have something out of the box? This activity with duct tape for preschoolers will let out their giggles.

First, you need to make a spider web between two walls. Make sure that there is enough space in the web from which your kid can pass through. Hang little bells on the tape so that they ring whenever something touches.

Now challenge your kid to pass the web without touching it. For sure, they will accept the challenge and give their best to pass it. This activity with tape for preschoolers will bring mental stability and urge to pass hurdles.

  • Paper Plain Target

Making paper planes is an all-time favorite activity. Let us twist it with something extra this time. Take the duct tape & mark circles on the wall or the ground. Mark each circle with numbers and make paper planes.

Make groups, and guide the kids that the group which scores the most points will win. This activity brings the concept of competition among the kids. Distribute the paper plain of the same color within the group for easy recognition.

  • Jumping Frogs

Here is the last out of box activity idea with tape for toddlersFor this activity, you have to mark lines on the floor. Now let your kids jump over the floor as much as they want.

Another idea for jumping frogs with duct tape is to paste the duct tape upside down on the wall and make paper frogs. Introduce your toddlers what frog is from the leapfrog animal book.

Now throw the paper frogs on the wall and stick them on the tape. The team that sticks the most frogs will win.

Simply Genius (12 Pack) Patterned and Colored Duct Tape Variety Pack Tape Rolls Craft Supplies for Kids Adults Patterned Duct Tape Colors, 10 Yards, 120 Yards Total, Nature Patterns

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  • Duct Tape Multi Pack that is easy to tear, clean and even, no stringy edge; Simply Genius decorative duct tape adheres well to wood, plastic, metal, leather, more; Beautiful colored duct tape designs; Durable, strong grip craft tape; A craft assortment of multi-use adhesives for DIY projects, designs, custom creations, art and crafts projects, kids crafts, crafts for adults, decorating, scrapbooking supplies
  • Colored and Patterned duct tape set adds style to home repairs, mending, building, home décor; Tape furniture, bikes, skateboards, kids toys, wearables, accessories; Patterned tape can make a duct tape wallet, purse, phone case, hammock, jewelry, keychains; Cover a pencil holder, jar, storage box, coasters with duct tape patterns
  • Perfect for Everyone: Duct Tape Designs are safe craft supplies for kids, craft supplies for adults; Duct tape bulk pack for various uses and makes for fun school supplies, office supplies, art classes; Also great for decorating computers, laptops, tablets and cell phone case covers, as well as video game systems such as PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo. Flexible for uneven surfaces; Suitable to temperatures 14 to 140 degrees F; Colorful duct tape for adults and kids craft supplies
  • Each printed duct tape roll: 1.88 Inches Wide x 10 Yards Long; Nature variety pack includes: Waves, Dark Universe, Lavender Leaves, Wood Grain, Lightning Storm, Leopard Print, Night Flowers, Flames, Peacock Feathers, Mermaids, Tropical Breeze, and Spring Floral tape
  • (12) Duct Tape Rolls By Simply Genius, Nature Patterns; Decorative Tape For Arts And Crafts Supplies New In Retail Packaging

Paper House Productions SET0013 Harry Potter Washi Tape Bundle includes Five 15 mm Rolls Five 5 mm Rolls, Decorative Adhesive Tape

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  • Add colorful fun to so many everyday things with wonderful, officially licensed Harry Potter washi tape from Paper House Productions
  • Washi tape, which is Japanese-style decorative masking tape, is indispensable for any paper craft art project - but don't forget all the other ways you will use it!
  • Try it as a a border for photos, to attach tags to gifts, to identify cords for electronics, to add personality to your phone case... the list goes on
  • Pack includes Quidditch Match, Chibi Characters, Expecto Patronum, Hogwarts House Crests and Iconic Harry Potter Image themed tapes
  • Pack includes ten rolls as pictured - 5 15 mm (.59 in) wide rolls and 5 5 mm (.2 in) wide rolls and all are 10 m (32.8 ft) long

Awesome Duct Tape Projects: More than 50 Projects for Washi, Masking, and FrogTape (R): Totally Original Designs (Design Originals) Ultimate Duct Tape Idea & Activity Book for Boys & Girls [Book Only]

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Part Number FOX-5453
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Duct Tape Engineer: The Book of Big, Bigger, and Epic Duct Tape Projects

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Release Date 2017-02-01T00:00:01Z
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Format Illustrated

ALEX Toys DIY Wear Duct Tape Bangles

$15.99  in stock
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  • Just peel, stick and glue to make 5 beastly bags
  • Each project comes conveniently individually packaged
  • Dr Toy's 100 Best Children's Products, the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval and Today's Parent Canada Top Toys
  • Includes 5 rolls of duct tape, 6 plastic bangles in 3widths and easy instructions
  • Recommended for children 7 years of age and older

Decorative Craft Washi Masking Tape (Set of 12 Rolls) by United Tapes

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  • BEAUTIFUL VIBRANT COLORS: This rainbow themed set of 12 rolls of washi tape measures 15mm (.59 inches) wide by 10m (32.8 feet) long. You will find aesthetically pleasing and fun designs within the main rainbow theme including dots, stripes, stars, arrows, and geometric shapes. Colors included are red, orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white
  • STICKY AND FLEXIBLE: These washi tapes are sticky but also very easy to peel off and reapply. They can be reapplied many times before they start to lose their adhesive properties. Don't hesitate to use on walls; they will leave no residue behind if you choose to remove them. Great for children
  • DECORATE TIL YOU DROP: Go crazy decorating anything and everything with these washi tapes. They are perfect for calendars, planners, journals, envelopes, folders, or whatever your heart desires
  • SCISSOR-LESS: Don't get stuck having to use scissors to cut through washi tape. Scissors are not necessary for these tapes. Make your life easier by going scissor-less
  • CUTE, FUNCTIONAL, & DURABLE PACKAGING: These washi tapes come in a cute sized rectangular cuboid/box. After Decorating til you drop this box is perfect for storing your washi tapes until your next washi adventure. No tape organizer or storage box necessary.

30 Rolls Gold Foil Washi Tape - 15mm Wide Japanese Masking Tape for Scrapbook, Bullet Journal, Planner, Arts & Crafts

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as of February 18, 2024 4:11 am


  • Dimensions - Total 30 rolls, each roll is 15mm (0.6 inch) Wide x 4 Meters (13 feet) Long
  • Fantastic Design And Style - 30 kinds of cute patterns designed, including rainbows, balloons, donuts, green plants, kittens, owls, green leaves, dots, stripes etc. 15 of these rolls come with gold foil printing for your more creative needs
  • Multiple Decorative Uses - It's great fun across different ages, kids teenagers, students, homemakers. Perfect for decorating planners, scrapbooking, bullet journal, walls, phone cases ,gift cards, vases,calendars, and gift wrapping
  • Perfect Gift - This kawaii washi tape set is a perfect gift for any holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc.
  • Quality - Made of real Japanese paper, moderate adhesion, tear off without leaving any residue

Ninico 30 Rolls Washi Tape Set - 10mm Wide, Colorful Flower Style Design, Decorative Masking Tape for DIY Craft Scrapbooking Gift Wrapping

$9.99  in stock
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  • ❤Dimensions: 0.4in Wide x 16ft Long ,PATTERN & DESIGN:colorful pattern and rainbow monochrome.QTY: 30 Rolls; MATERIAL: Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Natural Fibers.
  • ❤Usage:Decorative tape is ideal for packaging, crafts, frame walls, lamps, photo frames, computer monitors, books, keyboards, wrappers or pencils and decorative scrapbooks, bullet journals and planners; perfect for kids, teenagers and adults It is fully compliant with the requirements of card making, design, personalization, organization, labeling and school projects; it will bring you or your child a lot of happy and happy time, enthusiasm and imagination.
  • ❤High Quality:HIGH QC STANDARD: 10 Years Experienced Washi Tape Factory Guarantee Every Roll Fits to Standard of "No Stain, No Damage"; Moderately viscous, not too sticky, for easy removal.
  • ❤Features: No Residue; No Color Fade with Long Period; Easy Tear and Stick; Not need Cutter; No Glitter Flake Off; No Damage to Walls and Furniture; Stick for Long; Many Recollections For Festivals, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Parties.
  • ❤Any Question or Requirement, Will reply as soon as possible, Provide Guidance of Using.

40 Rolls Washi Masking Tape Set, Decorative Adhesive Tape for Crafts,Beautify Bullet Journals,Planners

$9.99  in stock
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  • ★Dimensions: Each roll is15mm (0.59in)wide, 5 meters(16.4ft) long, 40 different designs, with total 218yd (200m) length.
  • ★Designs: Lovely,vibrant and bright colors .Include:Unicorn,flamingo,cactus,pineapple,watermelon,lemon,cake, ice cream cactus,animal,cloud,flower.Your friends will be amazed by the creative gifts and decorations you will make with this tape. In this premium set, you will find our 40 newest designs. It's a box full of color and fun!
  • ★Use: the washi tape is a great way to frame computer monitors,walls, frames,books,keyboards, crafts,wrap pens and pencils and highlight those important dates in your planner and bullet journal.
  • ★No Residue: The tape will NOT damage your walls or furniture; you can remove them and stick them again easily without leaving any residue. You don't have to worry if your kids get into them.
  • ★Quality: We have high quality control standards; all the tapes are evenly sized and of great quality. Just contact us if you have any problem at all.

RamPro Chevron & Polka Dot Styles Heavy-Duty Duct Tape | Assorted Colors Pack of 12 Rolls, 1.88-inch x 5 Yard.

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  • ? The RamPro Chevron & Polka Dot Styles Assorted Colored Duct Tape Set, will stick to most substances and will provide your project with a wonderful appearance.
  • ? SPECS: Each roll is 1.88-inch wide and 5-Yards/15-Foot long (48 mm x 4.75 M).
  • ? QUALITY: The Vivid and Bright Rolls of Heavy Duty Duct Tape sticks extremely well and when removing it does not leave any terrible residue or stain surfaces.
  • ? DESIGN: The Elaborate and Colorful designs will enhance all of your projects and you won’t need scissors to cut a clean line since the surface has horizontal rows of indented dots making it easy to tear off pieces by hand.
  • ? USES: Use it to label plastic storage boxes, scrap booking, color code boxes during house moving, seal/ship boxes, make bows to add on to head bands, create wallets, light sabers for a birthday party, decorate vinyl flags, arts and crafts, students enjoy it for their projects at school as well as for their school folders and workbooks etc.

Jacks Duct Tape

Last update was on: February 18, 2024 4:11 am

10M x 50mm Waterproof Sticky Adhesive Cloth Duct Tape Roll Craft Repair 8 Color-washi tape

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as of February 18, 2024 4:11 am

Summing Up!

With this, we hope you enjoyed the interesting gameplay ideas with duct tape. Make sure to participate with your toddler while playing the games with duct tape for toddlers.

Besides, following the buying guide is a must thing to do. Using the buying guide, make sure to invest in something. Lastly, we have many valuable things in our store, make sure to have a visit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is there any difference between painters’ and masking tape?

The main difference is in their strength. Masking tape is more adhesive and hard to peel off. Reversing it, the painter’s tape is less adhesive and effortless to peel off.

  • Can duct tape games bring mental stability to kids?

A big yes! You can play mental stability games using duct tape for the mental growth of your kids. The games you should play for this purpose include target games, math games, and zigzag races.

  • What should be the width of the duct tape for the spider web maze?

The width of the duct tape to opt for a spider web maze game is 1.5 inches at least. This width is enough to make a thick web for effortless trapping.


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