Intrusive Tape Games for Toddlers

Toddlers or preschoolers are the age where babies start to progress in their development process. Parents need to keep note of the activities and allow their children to do specific exercises to improve their development progress through fun activities and tape for toddlers.

Most of the Parents face the problem of bursting the bubble of boredom and allowing their toddlers to enjoy and have fun activities. Therefore, we have found an intrusive way of dealing with this problem that will not engage your preschooler in fun activities but will also pop the bubble of boredom.

There are many intrusive games for toddlers that you can set up quickly using tape for toddlers.

The benefits of peeling tape for toddlers allow them to use their mental and physical memory and muscles, which fasten their evolution. So if you want to know about these intrusive tape games, you have come to the right place.

Top 5 Best Tapes for Toddlers:

 24 Rolls Multi-Purpose Washi Tape Set

These are an exceptional combination of tapes by Washi. With an excellent rating on Amazon, these 24 Rolls Multi-Purpose Washi Tape Set are the most versatile and affordable tapes that you can find.

They have bright and attractive colors with exceptional sticking quality, making them the best choice to use for tape games. In addition to that, they don’t require scissors to be cut, as, with an easy-cut method, you can tear the tape and start using it in a hassle-free manner.

The length of these tapes is 1 ft. long which is enough to use as your primary tape choice for tape games.


  •         Affordable option
  •         No sticky residue
  •         1ft long roll
  •         Mess-free application and peel off


  •         No Cons Found.

 Rainbow Colored Duct Tape by Craftzilla 

Craftzilla has made its name in the children’s stationery market due to its exceptional quality. This colored tapes combo is no exception as it includes several strong adhesive tapes with attractive colors that will surely mesmerize toddlers and increase their interest in the game.

The tapes in the combo set have a width of 2 inches which makes them the best choice for tape games such as sticky spider game, tic tac toe, and many more. The role of the tape is about 100 yards which are more than enough for quality use.

Like other tapes for toddlers in the market, it is entirely safe to play with nontoxic adhesive and easy to cut by tear application.


  •         Convenient Application (Peel and Paste)
  •         No residue left
  •         Ideal tape for preschoolers
  •         2 inch width
  •         100 yards length


  •         The quality can be improved.

 Glitter tape set of 60 rolls

Another great offering from Washi Tapes. This steps up the game of providing quality at the most affordable price to the next level. This set of glittered tapes have 60 rolls.

All of the tapes have different colors and styles with glitter on top to make them stand out and attract the audience even more. They are the best tapes for gift wrapping, tape art for toddlers, tape games, etc.

Washi knows how to make quality tapes, and this combo of 60 packs in one is no exception. Good sticking properties, unique and attractive design, and affordable rates make it a tough competitor for other offerings.

The most exciting fact about this set is these tapes are double-sided, which means they can stick from both sides. This allows you to use your creativity and imagination to create and formulate fun and exciting things.


  •         It is double-sided
  •         Variety of bright, catchy colors
  •         Come in good packaging
  •         Glitter does not come off
  •         Pretty patterns and designs



  •         Not available in matte colors
  • Fragile tape

 AllyDrew Washi Tapes 

These differently designed tapes by AllyDrew possess great adhesive strength. Their easy to handle and use properties make them stand out and prove to be a friendly option to choose for toddlers.

They have a lot of variety from stripes, triangular, to dotted designs. The adhesive comes out neatly, leaving no residue to worry about. This attribute of easy peeling makes it a great choice of peeling tape activity for toddlers.


  •         Attractive designs
  •         Safe for children
  •         Easy to use
  •         High Quality


  •         Perfect for boys mostly
  •         Available in two colors only

 Scotch Colored Tapes

Scotch is the leader, hands down, and their products set new boundaries of quality for competitors in the stationary market. Their set of Colored tapes are the best in the market currently.

Their high-quality glossy color finish, strong adhesive, and ease of peeling without residue are ideal for toddlers to play with.

To fully allow children to play with them and enhance their creativity, you should tend to let them play with the tape and create the above-stated games by themselves to improve their learning, physical and mental health.


  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Perfect for all surfaces
  • Pretty colors
  • Safe handling
  • Easy to tear off
  • Great peeling tape activity for toddlers


  • So thin to take off from the role

Top 5 Tape Games for toddlers:

1.   Sticky Spider Game

The Sticky spider game is an exciting and fun tape game for toddlers. It can be played solo or multiplayer as per the needs. The game is quite simple yet intrusive and unimaginably fun to play.

It is straightforward to formulate; you have to have a tape and some junk paper to start playing a sticky spider game. Make a web out of tape for preschoolers between two pillars close to each other. Once the web is set, you have to make paper balls from junk paper. You can color the paper balls to differentiate between multiple players.

Once you get everything done, the aim is to throw and stick as many balls as you can on the web. Whoever sticks all their balls on the web first wins. This is a very innovative game as it involves physical activity and critical thinking to compete with different strategies making the development process fun and effective

2.   Tape Roads Racing

This is a fun game for toddlers that love cars. For this, you will need some sticky tape and toy cars to start playing. Layout and create a road on the floor with tape. Start racing your vehicles on the paved road. This makes the toddlers imagine and have fun while racing.

You can enhance the game features by adding objects and hurdles on the road to make it more exciting and fun.

3.   Tape Tic-Tac-Toe

Old but gold. Tic Tac Toe is one of the most played games. However, Tape Tic Tac Toe for toddlers comes with a twist. Instead of traditional tic tac toe, you play on paper by making crosses to complete three in a row.

For Tape Tic Tac Toe, lay an oversized Tic Tac Toe Table on the floor, and two toddlers can start playing. They need to use their hands and legs to complete the turns. The one that completes three in a row first wins. This includes motor skills and makes the toddlers use their muscles for development while having fun.

4.   Peeling Tape Activity for toddler 

You will need a peeling tape for preschoolers and toddlers for this game, which is safe for them to play. You can find that in our below-listed list of the top 5 tapes for toddlers. The game is simple and is played as multiplayer. Stick an equal number of tape lines on the floor. Use different colored tape to make the game more exciting and easier to differentiate between players.

To start the game, each player will start peeling the tape at once. The first one to finish wins the game. This includes both mental and physical attributes of the preschooler, which is one of the benefits of peeling tapes for toddlers.

5.   Calculating Tape

Lastly, we have the calculating tape. This is an exciting and intellectual game for toddlers that will make them buzz up with curiosity and excitement. This includes tape and a pen to write on the tape. However, your children must have significant knowledge about numbers and math.

Start the game, make equations from tape and stick it on the ground, such as; 1+1 =. Once the equation is ready, stick 5 – 10 options on tape such as different numbers; 2, 5, 7, 3, etc. The kid will start to stick the suitable answer tape on the equation to win.

These were the top 5 tape games for toddlers. Tape jumping game for preschoolers are also in the row. All of them included tapes as they were all tape games. To play and compete in these games, you need tapes for toddlers. This is the reason we have also listed down the best top 5 tapes for toddlers.

Buyer’s Guide:

You can find many tape games, jumping, and tape video games over the internet that can burst the bubble of boredom and allow you and your children to have fun with just a simple tape. However, if you want to buy the best suiting tape that will allow you to complete ace the tape games and have a great time making memories, you should take note of the following details, which will surely help you buy the best suiting product for yourself.

As hundreds of listings are to be found on different websites, we have made a buying guide that will help you select the best tape for your needs and requirements from the pool of thousands.

Length and Breadth:

To indeed have an idea of how long the tape will last and whether it will be suitable for the tape game that you want to play. You should check the length and breadth of the tape roll.

The length should be decent to last for around 3-5 tape games play with heavy usage. At the same time, the breadth should be broad enough to allow players to play the game with ease.

Quality of Adhesive:

Checking the quality and power of adhesive is impossible when shopping online. However, the hack for this is to review the rating and comments on the product listing to get firsthand knowledge and make a wise decision with the recommendation of others.


It would be best to critically analyze the color and design patterns of the tape that you opt to buy. Make sure to choose exciting and attractive colored and designed tape rolls to attract toddlers and enhance their engagement in the game.

Once you get all these things analyzed, you will end up with the best suiting tape for toddlers from which you can start playing our intrusive tape games. You can also check our Best Painters Tape for Toddler 2021.

24 Rolls Multi-Purpose Washi Tape Set | Variety of Colors in Solid, Glitter & Foil| Great for Adults and Kids; Decorating Scrapbook, Journal, Planner; Gift Wrapping; DIY Arts & Crafts

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  • All the colors you need! This collection contains 24 washi masking tapes – 12 solid colors (0.59in wide and 13.1ft long), 8 glitters (0.59in wide and 9.4ft long), and 4 shiny foils (0.59in wide and 13.1ft long).
  • Assorted colors are as shown in pictures – including gold, silver, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and more. The box set comes with a clear sliding cover, easy to store and pick the color you need.
  • Perfect for everyday use – Organize your to-do list, calendar and planner; Decorate your scrapbook and coloring books; Use them to label various items with the solid colors, wrap your gifts with the glitter and foils!
  • These washi tapes are easy to use, mess-free. Tape can be torn off by hand, no need for scissor; Easy to peel and reposition, no sticky residue; Write on with pens or markers.
  • Risk-free, try it today - we 100% guarantee you and your family will have fun with our washi tape set. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, so just let us know if you have any question.

60 Rolls Glitter Washi Tape Set, Washi Masking Decorative Tapes for DIY Decor Planners Scrapbooking Adhesive School/Party Supplies

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  • Great Value Washi Tape Set - You will get 60 rolls glitter washi tapes of different designs, including 10 rolls of solid color and 50 rolls of different patterns, each roll is 15 mm (0.6 inches) wide x 3 meters (118 inches) long, total 196 yards long
  • Stickiness - This glitter tape is moderately sticky and can stick to the surface of most items, but it will not have strong stickiness like transparent tape. The glitter on the surface will not fall off and non-stick so it won't leave a mess on your hands. Our adhesive tape can be torn by hand or you can use washi tape dispenser
  • These 60 rolls of cute washi tape are full of vitality and bright colors. You can use our washi tape bulk to decorate bullet journaling, scrapbooks & planner, DIY crafts, photo frames, party decoration, gift wraps, frame computer monitors, walls, cards, frames books, keyboards, wrap pens and more washi tape aesthetic
  • School Supplies for Kids - Children will definitely like these colorful decorative tapes, they can stimulate their imagination and creativity. It is especially suitable for making cards and handicrafts on festivals and birthdays
  • Good Service - Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact customer service, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution

AllyDrew Blue & Greens Washi Tapes Decorative Masking Tapes (ADSET14), Set of 12

$19.99  in stock
3 new from $14.99
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as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm


  • SIZE: approx. 0.59"W x 393.7"L per roll
  • INCLUDES: 12 colorful rolls of Washi Tapes in each set
  • MATERIAL: Natural fibers
  • USE: Endless ways to use Washi Tapes - great for arts & craft projects, planner decorating, scrapbooking, party favor decorating, card making, cell phone decorationg, gift wraping & so much more! A great activity for children & adults!
  • DESIGNS: So many designs to choose from in each set! Each set comes with 12 Washi Tape rolls with various colors, patterns/designs

Scotch Expressions Paper Washi Tape, Great for Bullet Journaling and DIY Décor, 10-Pack (C317-10-SIOC)

 in stock
as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm


  • JOURNALING WITH STYLE: Perfect for organizing journals, planners, notebooks and more, with its easy, tear-by-hand usability and plenty of colors and patterns to roll out the fun
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF: Organize, personalize and decorate your home--initially repositionable on most surfaces and so easy to work with, the pressure of expensive, intimidating materials is no more
  • THAT SPECIAL TOUCH: Exactly what you need to have on-hand whether creatively labeling some upcycled jars, or sealing a sweet message to a friend who needs a kind word
  • ENDLESS DIY: Keep it on hand when inspiration strikes, from kids games and activities to a last minute costume or party idea
  • Tips for use: Did you know the oils from your fingers can break down the adhesive on tapes? For the best stick, try to avoid touching the sticky side of the tape as much as possible before placing

40 Rolls Washi Masking Tape Set, Decorative Adhesive Tape for Crafts,Beautify Bullet Journals,Planners

$9.99  in stock
as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm


  • ★Dimensions: Each roll is15mm (0.59in)wide, 5 meters(16.4ft) long, 40 different designs, with total 218yd (200m) length.
  • ★Designs: Lovely,vibrant and bright colors .Include:Unicorn,flamingo,cactus,pineapple,watermelon,lemon,cake, ice cream cactus,animal,cloud,flower.Your friends will be amazed by the creative gifts and decorations you will make with this tape. In this premium set, you will find our 40 newest designs. It's a box full of color and fun!
  • ★Use: the washi tape is a great way to frame computer monitors,walls, frames,books,keyboards, crafts,wrap pens and pencils and highlight those important dates in your planner and bullet journal.
  • ★No Residue: The tape will NOT damage your walls or furniture; you can remove them and stick them again easily without leaving any residue. You don't have to worry if your kids get into them.
  • ★Quality: We have high quality control standards; all the tapes are evenly sized and of great quality. Just contact us if you have any problem at all.

Decorative Craft Washi Masking Tape (Set of 12 Rolls) by United Tapes

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as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm


  • BEAUTIFUL VIBRANT COLORS: This rainbow themed set of 12 rolls of washi tape measures 15mm (.59 inches) wide by 10m (32.8 feet) long. You will find aesthetically pleasing and fun designs within the main rainbow theme including dots, stripes, stars, arrows, and geometric shapes. Colors included are red, orange, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white
  • STICKY AND FLEXIBLE: These washi tapes are sticky but also very easy to peel off and reapply. They can be reapplied many times before they start to lose their adhesive properties. Don't hesitate to use on walls; they will leave no residue behind if you choose to remove them. Great for children
  • DECORATE TIL YOU DROP: Go crazy decorating anything and everything with these washi tapes. They are perfect for calendars, planners, journals, envelopes, folders, or whatever your heart desires
  • SCISSOR-LESS: Don't get stuck having to use scissors to cut through washi tape. Scissors are not necessary for these tapes. Make your life easier by going scissor-less
  • CUTE, FUNCTIONAL, & DURABLE PACKAGING: These washi tapes come in a cute sized rectangular cuboid/box. After Decorating til you drop this box is perfect for storing your washi tapes until your next washi adventure. No tape organizer or storage box necessary.

30 Rolls 15mm Wide Washi Masking Tape Set, Colourful Rainbow Tape,Decorative Writable Craft Tape for DIY Scrapbook Designs

 in stock
as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm


  • What You Get - You will get 30 rolls of different pastel washi tape, the wide of these decorative tape is 0.6 inch(15mm) , each roll is 10(3m)ft long
  • Rainbow Color Design - 30 rolls includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and more rainbow colors. Make your projects pop with colorful 30 rolls masking tapes
  • School Supplies for Kids - This rainbow washi tape set is an essential tool for art & DIY crafts, also the best school supplies for children, scrapbook supplies, bullet journaling supplies. It can also be used for gift wrapping, party decoration, decorate books, cups, envelopes, postcards, photo frames, and wall decoration
  • Simple to Use - Easy to tear without leaving behind glue, the washy tape can be reused , it will not leave any glue stains! you can even write on the tapes. Good gift choice for kids, teachers, painters, journal lovers
  • Good Customer Service - Please contact us immediately if you have any problems, we will give you satisfactory solutions

Ninico 30 Rolls Washi Tape Set - 10mm Wide, Colorful Flower Style Design, Decorative Masking Tape for DIY Craft Scrapbooking Gift Wrapping

$9.99  in stock
as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm


  • ❤Dimensions: 0.4in Wide x 16ft Long ,PATTERN & DESIGN:colorful pattern and rainbow monochrome.QTY: 30 Rolls; MATERIAL: Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Natural Fibers.
  • ❤Usage:Decorative tape is ideal for packaging, crafts, frame walls, lamps, photo frames, computer monitors, books, keyboards, wrappers or pencils and decorative scrapbooks, bullet journals and planners; perfect for kids, teenagers and adults It is fully compliant with the requirements of card making, design, personalization, organization, labeling and school projects; it will bring you or your child a lot of happy and happy time, enthusiasm and imagination.
  • ❤High Quality:HIGH QC STANDARD: 10 Years Experienced Washi Tape Factory Guarantee Every Roll Fits to Standard of "No Stain, No Damage"; Moderately viscous, not too sticky, for easy removal.
  • ❤Features: No Residue; No Color Fade with Long Period; Easy Tear and Stick; Not need Cutter; No Glitter Flake Off; No Damage to Walls and Furniture; Stick for Long; Many Recollections For Festivals, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Parties.
  • ❤Any Question or Requirement, Will reply as soon as possible, Provide Guidance of Using.

48 Rolls Washi Tape Set - 8mm Wide Decorative Masking Tape, Colorful Flower Style Design for DIY Craft Scrapbooking Gift Wrapping

$11.59  in stock
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as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm


  • 48 rolls different patterns of washi tape (8mm width x 4meters length).
  • 48 unique patterns include tall and straight trees, fresh fruits, colorful flowers and cute little birds. No matter where you put it, it adds a lot of vitality to your life
  • It's light and delicate, you can stick in any place you want to stick and do not have to worry about leaving traces when you remove it
  • You can write on it, so it is suitable for day planners, calendars, folders, labels, hanging photos, greeting cards and gift box decoration, etc
  • Washi tape is a good choice as a gift, you can give it to your kids and friends ,and they must love it

40 Rolls Washi Tape Set, Decorative Masking DIY Tapes for Children and Gifts Warpping (Mix)

 in stock
2 new from $6.98
Free shipping
as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm


  • 40 ROLLS WASHI TAP SET - Tape sizes: 0.3 inch W x 13ft L, 40 bright colors,lively designs.
  • RAINBOW CANDYI DESIGNS -40 rolls includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple and more rainbow colors.
  • PERSONALIZE GIFT WRAP -Add stripes of pretty paper tape to plain gift wrap. Make rainbow greetings cards or handwrite letter to friend . Filling scrapbooks, photo albums, and journals with shapes made from gorgeous washi masking tape .
  • SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT AGES-Whether adults or children will find fun from this washi tape set.
  • 40 DIFFERENT COLORS, must includes favourite colors.

Washi Masking Tape Set 60 Rolls 5mm (0.2 inch) Wide Decorative Craft Tape Collection for Scrapbook DIY Crafts Gift Wrapping Planners

$7.99  in stock
as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm


  • Tape Size:Total 60 rolls,each roll 5mm Wide x 3 Meters Long (9.8 feet).
  • Rainbow Colors :You can choose from total 60 colors, each of these colors is bright and beautiful.
  • Suitable For Everyone : Different age groups will find fun from this washi tape set.Good for decorating planner, diaries,cards, rooms, and more
  • As a Present Set : Best gift for children,not only bring their fun but also develop their Creative ability.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us within 24 hours.

Grid Washi Tape Set, 6 Rolls 16.4ft Long Black White Checkered Decorative Washi Masking Tapes for Bullet Journal, Scrapbooking, DIY, Craft, Planners, Scrapbooking, Gift Wrapping

$8.99  in stock
as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm


  • PACKAGE:6 rolls Washi Tape,16.4ft(5 M)long each roll. 0.78 inch (20mm) wide x 2 tapes; 0.59 inch (15mm) wide x 2 tapes,0.39 inch (10mm) wide x 2 tapes; Different widths are perfect for different scenarios!
  • MATERIAL:The Black White Grid Washi Tape Made from high-quality paper.It can be easily peeled off without damage.You can be stick in any place, Don't worry about leaving traces when you remove it.
  • DESIGNS:This Washi tape has different checked patterns and sizes to meet all your white grid washi tape ,Friends will be amazed by the creative gifts and decorations you will make with this tape. In this washi tape set, you will find our 6 new designs. It's a box full fun.
  • NO RESIDUE: This Grid Washi tape will NOT damage your Scrapbook; you can remove them and stick them again easily without leaving any residue.
  • MUTI-USE: The black white Cute washi tape can be used to decorate your diary, planners, hand book or gift wrapping, pencil, scrapbooks, photo,stickers, books, calendars, cards, visual panels, vases, photo frames, etc.They all very cool!

MT masking tape - Set Of 4 Pastel Washi Masking Tapes

Viglink trouva UK
Last update was on: May 21, 2024 12:20 pm

MT masking tape - Set Of 4 Black And White Washi Masking Tapes

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Last update was on: May 21, 2024 12:20 pm

MT masking tape - Set Of 4 Earth Tone Washi Masking Tapes

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Last update was on: May 21, 2024 12:20 pm

MT masking tape - Set Of 4 Peach And Turquoise Washi Masking Tapes

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Last update was on: May 21, 2024 12:20 pm

MT masking tape - Set Of 4 Neon Washi Masking Tapes

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Last update was on: May 21, 2024 12:20 pm

Christmas Washi Tape 6 Rolls Xmas Tape Collection For Holiday Decorations Gifts Wrapping And Present Scrapbooking Arts Crafts

 out of stock
as of May 21, 2024 12:20 pm

Final Verdict:

In the end, we can conclude that tape games play a vital role in the development of toddlers. It is one of the easiest, fun, and exciting ways to pop the bubble of boredom and start having fun while allowing preschoolers to progress in their development process.

Moreover, we can state that tape games enhance toddlers’ physical and mental attributes, but the tapes used for such games should suit toddlers and must be made explicitly for them to keep them safe from any unfortunate event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does Tape Games allow toddlers to enhance their development process?

Yes, most of them enhance the development process of toddlers as these games involve physical and mental exercises.

  • Is every tape safe for toddlers?

No, it would be best if you opted for friendly tapes that have light and nontoxic adhesive. Moreover, they should be easy to cut by simply tearing to eliminate the risks of using scissors.

  • What tape games are the best for toddlers?

Numerous games have the benefits of peeling tape for toddlers. However, you can check out our list of the top 5 best tape games for toddlers.



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