Intellectual Fun games with tape for toddlers and preschool kids.

Mother’s lap is a child’s first school. To train him well, try to find some appropriate activities for him that bring fruitful results such as tape games.

The sensory development of a kid starts at a very young age. Outdoor activities that strengthen the body of kids are also important. You can’t limit your kid to home only. Otherwise, his overall development might get affected.

In the same way, indoor activities are mandatory too. For this purpose, we bring an excellent playful tool for your munchkin. Here we are listing the best masking for toddlers and preschool kids.

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Intellectual Fun games with tape for toddlers and preschool kids.

Mother's lap is a child's first school. To train him well, try to find some appropriate #activities for him that bring fruitful results such as #tapegames. The sensory ...

Best masking tapes for indoor activities

If you are finding the best high-end masking tapes, you lend yourself to the right place. There are many fun games with tape that you can play. Here we go.

  • Learning resources play tape measure – measuring tape for kids

We usually use measuring tapes at construction sites for perfect measurements. This toy tape is the ideal addition to your kid’s collection. It will sharpen his memory too.

When a child has reached about the age of 3, he begins to explore new things. And whatever is learned in that duration will remain in the child’s memory forever. It is always advisable to buy those toys and gadgets that will help to promote a kid’s overall development.

Learning resource play tape measure is an aesthetic toy tape through which your child can quickly learn measurement units of lengths. The tape can measure up to 3 feet long objects and even furniture. No unpleasant sound is made when you pull the tape out or rewind it in.

With the help of this toy tape, your little one can observe the physical objects around him in a better way. In short, these fun games with this tape compels the minors to think about the world critically. However, if you want to read an article about fun games to play with the duct tape click on it.

Your child can grab this tool in his tiny hands comfortably.


  • Made with durable plastic.
  • Perfectly measure the objects.
  • Best for the kid’s mental health development.


  • Difficulty to rewind.

  • 40 Rolls washi tape set – decorative and adhesive


Image keyword: floor tape games

Children love colors. A baby can distinguish between the different colors at the early age of eight months. Bright colors are eye-catching. That’s why they hold the attention of children often.

Furthermore, kids are taught about the various colors in their preschool. Identifying the shades of colors correctly is an essential aspect of a child’s development.

At a young age, parents should indulge their minors in those activities through which the kid’s learning ability strengthens. Nowadays, colorful toy tapes are in use and the top pick of most parents.

A 40 rolls washi tape set is available in different colors. Each tape is 15mm wide that makes them versatile in use. These masking tapes are perfect for any floor tape game activity. This decorative tape set can be used for any purpose, from scrapbooks to journals, gift wrapping, and photo albums.

Sometimes, adhesive tapes leave sticky residue on floors or objects. But these toy tapes are made from fine material that is easy to remove and stick again on things. Get a lot of fun with this multicolored and decorative tape set.


  • Good quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Available in a variety of colors.


  • Some users reviewed that tapes don’t stick well.

  • Colored masking tape – Rainbow colors


Being a mom, it is challenging for you to engage your munchkin in a healthy activity. Masking tapes are a great playful tool through which your child can learn a lot while playing.

To make your toddler busy in an indoor masking tape game, we have several exciting ideas. These fantastic ideas promote kid’s creativity as well as imagination.

This multicolored masking tape set consists of 12 rolls of different colors. These vibrant and eye-catching colors grab the attention of children in no time. You can use them in various handmade crafts and DIY projects.

Unlike other masking tapes with not much adhesive in their application, colored masking sticks with the floors, ceramics, plastic, paper, glass, and different objects efficiently. You can easily reposition it from one place to another without any trouble.

The tape is made from durable material which is safe for your kid. Paper is acid-free and odorless. Painters masking tape for toddlers has brought a wide range of playful aesthetic activities for the child.


  • Water-resistant.
  • Perfect for any decoration.
  • Comes in 12 different colors.
  • Affordable


  • Strong chemical smell.

  • Play tape Black road – build highways and roads


This play tape can assist you in making roads and tracks according to your kid’s imagination. Your kid can make his imaginative world of roads and highways by optimizing this black tape. To make it a little bit realistic, use small toy cars and houses along the roadside.

The tape is straightforward to use. Just unroll it. Stick it to the surface that is flat such as floors or paper. Your child doesn’t require any scissors. He can tear it with his hands simply.

As a parent, you are concerned about the safety of your baby. It is made from non-toxic paper, which means your kid is entirely safe. Plus, the tape doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind when you peel it off from the surfaces.

The tape is meeting the environmental standards because it is easy to be recycled.


  • Enhance creativity
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to be torn.
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t stick well.

  • Ninico 30 Rolls Washi Tape Set

The little one is ready to explore things from scratch. So, why do you have to use plain tapes when you can use a ninico 30 rolls washi tape set that comes with different colors with various beautiful designs and glitter touch.

This tape set is perfect for a preschool child who is supposed to do creative activities in class. You can make an aesthetic scrapbook through it. Even a kid can wrap any of these tapes on the pencil to make it unique.

Ninico washi tape sets can be helpful for teenagers too. From it, they can make creative crafts and photo frames according to their desire.

It can stick to the wall yet easy to be repositioned. Not very sticky. So, you don’t need to worry about the mess that other tapes can create. This multicolored tape set is perfect for removing tape activities and games.


  • Simple to use.
  • Easy to tear.
  • Available in different colors and designs.


  • Some users complain that the tape is fragile.

Characteristics of best peeling tape 

Peeling tapes are one of the best toy tools for children. But before purchasing any masking or duct tape, consider a few factors. They will help you to lower any risk or harm to your munchkin.

Moreover, painters tape for toddler activities will not create mess when it is pulled out from the surface.

Factors you need to ponder:

Easy to use 

For the floor tape games, sticky tape must be simple to use. If the child has to put much effort into its optimization, he might feel bored or frustrated. The above-listed tapes don’t require any scissors or sharp objects while cutting. To keep him engaged in the creative activities of tapes, get a user-friendly adhesive tape for your minor one. a Tape that can be pulled out and stuck quickly.


Adhesion is one of the crucial qualities of tapes. While buying, check whether the tape can stick better with the required objects or not. Otherwise, your child will feel inconvenience while playing.

Removing tape games include repositioning tapes from one place to another. So, if the tape leaves any sticky residue behind it, it will be tough for you to clean the floors and objects thoroughly.


Whenever parents purchase new stuff for their kid, the only thing that bothers them continuously is whether it is safe for their kid or not. Sometimes, tapes are made from chemicals or other synthetic dyes that can be very toxic for minors and preschool children.

As we are talking about the young ones, they are habitual of taking anything to their mouth. No matter whether it’s a food particle or a toy, they are meant to do that.

Fun games with tapes are quite amusing but always safety measures for your kids.

Always look for non-toxic excellent quality tape that is harmless for the younger ones. So, you can leave the minor one with tape games alone.

Ease in cleaning 

Mothers are the backbone of any house. They have to work 24/7 a week. To make their task more manageable, they should buy toys and tools that are easy to clean.

But kids usually do not focus on cleaning. While playing, their main focus is to explore new objects with enthusiasm and creativity. So, you can’t limit them with cleanliness.

Look for the tapes that don’t leave gluey residue behind them. Otherwise, it will be time taking for mothers to clean the floors and objects wholly.


Masking tapes should be water-resistant. If it is not, then spitting water or milk on it will discomfort your child while playing. Don’t you want your child to play in a convenient environment? Probably yes.

Moreover, the adhesiveness of water-repellent tapes can not be affected by any kind of liquid. Children always reposition the used tapes. So, water-resistant duct tapes and masking tapes will be better.


Whenever we go to purchase any stuff for our munchkin, affordability counts. Activities for our kids should be healthy, not expensive. Your child can broaden his view with tools and tapes that can be bought at economical prices.

Benefits of peeling tape for toddlers 

Tape activities for toddlers come with a variety of benefits. Whenever you try to get something for your toddler, the only question that annoys you is whether it is beneficial for your child or not? Will it provide my child everlasting advantages? Peeling tape activity for toddlers bring uncountable advantages.

It’s exciting to inform you duct tapes can make your kid busy throughout the day. Plenty of duct tape games for toddlers can be introduced to amuse him. At the same time through the duct, you are strengthening the intellectual and imaginary skills of kids. Kid games with tape keep the toddlers engage for a long time.

Let’s dig into this article to find how peeling tapes aid in youngsters’ physical and mental growth.

Fine motor skills 

Learning fine motor skills is essential for any kid. At Montessori, you probably hear and see several activities that engage your children in vigorous activities. They also focus on the fine motor skills of babies. It is mainly defined as learning about the movement of small muscles of hands and the coordination of our eyes.

With the help of masking tape activities, the kid starts learning slowly how to grasp the objects in their tiny hands firmly. For this purpose, professionals usually conduct different sessions. For a kid, it must be frustrating to sit in front of the laptop or in a classroom to develop fine motor skills. So, it is advisable to engage your kid in meaningful, healthy activities that bring fruitful results in the end. Fine motor skills activities include writing, holding pencils, and cutting with scissors. That’s why toy tapes can assist you the most in this way.

Improvement in sensory skills 

Senses start to develop in the initial ages. As an infant, a sense of taste works efficiently. To establish a sense of touch, you have to introduce those activities in which a kid can detect the stiffness of objects. Is it hard or soft?

During the early age of 4 years, kids absorb maximum information from the environment they live in. Or through the things or activities in which they are engaged.

Through masking tape activities, kids can indulge themselves in fantastic games like sticky spider web games. They learn the things best when kids experience the stuff on their own. While playing, they try to think in a specific manner through which their creativity and imagination get better.

If you get a multicolored tape set for your kid, then their ability to recognize the different shades of colors also improves.


For young children, home is the only place where they can express their emotions fully. Their world revolves around the members of the house in which they live. To enhance their socialization skill, the child has to interact with other kids of his age. Social development is so important. Otherwise, your minor will become a victim of self-isolation.

Making tape activities provide an opportunity for a kid to mingle with other kids socially and emotionally. Sometimes, they will feel sad, happy, anxious, or frustrated. But in the end, they will learn how to control their emotions proficiently.

Furthermore, coordination with other kids also promotes teamwork. That eventually compels them to view the world from a different lens. Finding the solution to problems from the perspective of others.

Pincer grasp 

The pincer grasp of the child is roughly developed within ten months. However, it can vary from person to person. The pincer grip is a technique of holding objects through the index finger and thumb with coordination of the brain and eyes. When the small muscles of the handwork properly, the baby’s holding power on objects increases. Slowly, he gains independence in it.

Tape games allow the children to develop the pincer grasp efficiently. Masking tape floor games can be beneficial in this regard.

It further helps them hold the pencil from the three fingers of their hand, just like we hold the pencil in preschool.

Interesting game play ideas for kids

You might think about fascinating games that your child can play with duct or masking tapes as a mother. As the duct tape games for kids and preschoolers are quite popular.

Here we have several intriguing ideas for indoor fun games with tape.

Measurements of objects 

If your child is around 4 to 5 years old, then measuring tapes for kids is best. It will be fun for him to see how large his toys are. Children usually measure objects in natural, spontaneous ways. So, measuring tapes are a great way to develop the kid’s numeric skill ideally.

Imaginative roads 

Masking tape floor games include imaginative road activity. For this activity, you have to create roads through tapes. You need to be a little bit creative for this activity. Because along the road you can make parking sites for cars. With the help of small toys like houses and cars, you can make a fascinating virtual commercial area. This activity is beneficial in intensifying the creativity of minors.

Tape resistance art activity

Tape resistance art activity is one of the amazing tap games play. Place the masking tapes on canvas in different patterns. Give the paintbrush to a little one. Let him paint in a way he wants. As long as he is done, remove the strips from the canvas. Your child will be fascinated with the picture he created.

Number and letters 

Another exciting tape games play in our list. Let your child peel the tape to tape numbers and alphabets on the floor. If your child is young, then you have to help to cut the accurate strips for alphabets and numbers.


  • Is it easy to be repositioned? 

Yes, masking tapes are easy to reposition from one surface to another.

  • Will it be easy for a kid to tear the tape from his hands? 

Yes, masking tapes are known for peeling off nicely. Your munchkin can tear them even with his tiny hands.

  • Will it leave any mark on the floor? 

No, masking tapes usually leave no mark on the floor. All of the tapes that we listed here are made of excellent quality. So, you don’t need to worry about the mess because it will make any.


Learning Resources Play Tape Measure, 3 Feet Long, Construction Toy, Easy Grip, Ages 4+

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  • ENCOURAGE kids to pretend, play, and learn with this jumbo-sized Tape Measure
  • INTRODUCE students to measuring through play
  • TOY TAPE MEASURE FOR TODDLERS: The tape extends out to 36 inches, perfect for measuring stuffed animals, furniture or even a playmate’s height.
  • Durable plastic tape measure fits perfectly in a small child’s hands
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF LEARNING: Whether you’re shopping for holidays, birthdays, or just because, toys from Learning Resources help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift! Ideal gift for Halloween, Christmas, Stocking Stuffers, Easter or even for Homeschool.

40 Rolls Washi Tape Set - 15 mm Wide Colored Masking Tape for Kids and Аdults,Decorative Adhesive for DIY Crafts,Gift Wrapping, Scrapbooking Supplies,Bullet Journals,Planners,Party Decorations

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  • [Dimensions] - One package includes 40 rolls of masking tape with fashionable designs. Each roll of washi tape is 0.59 inches (15mm) in width and 9.8 feet (3m) in length, so there is plenty of tape for all kinds of craft activities!
  • [Unique & Exquisite Design] - In this premium set, all the paper tapes are colorful and unique with the newest designs, including cute, universe, snowflakes, gems, hearts, leaves, geometry, cartoon, and solid colors. Delighted your art life.
  • [Versatile Use] - Small tape with big use. Perfect arts & crafts supplies for decorating planners, bullet journals, and scrapbooks. Filling scrapbooks, photo albums, and journals with these gorgeous masking tapes is a wonderful choice. Make unlimited use of your creativity!
  • [High Quality] - KUNMINGER Decorative tape is made of high-quality materials and produced with Japanese paper. You can remove it and easily stick it again without leaving any residue. It’s suitable for kids.
  • [A Pretty Gift Set] - This brightly colored masking tape set contains 40 rolls of different and unique decorative tapes. It’s very easy to use in your life! Perfect present for trendy teens and artsy kids. Your friends will be amazed by the creative gifts and decorations you will make with this tape!

Colored Masking Tape, Rainbow Colors Painters Tape Colorful Craft Art Paper Tape for Kids Labeling Arts Crafts DIY Decorative Coding Decoration Teaching Supplies, 12 Rolls, 1 Inch Wide x26.2Yards Long

$16.99  in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • 【12 COLORED MASKING TAPE】The colored masking tape set comes with 12 colors: blue, green, red, yellow, purple, pink, orange, black, white, royal blue, lime green, brown. Colorful masking tape can meet your different needs for color. The rainbow masking tapes are perfect for crafts, arts and DIY projects. Assorted colors stimulate kids’ imagination and creativity, improving their color recognition and promoting aesthetic feeling. The colors of craft masking tape are vibrant and eye-catching.
  • 【PERFECT STICKINESS, EASILY REMOVE OR REPOSITION】Unlike other rainbow colored tapes with poor adhesive, the colorful painters tape features with perfect stickiness. You can apply colored masking tape to a variety of surfaces such as plastic, glass, paper, metal, ceramic, canvas, whiteboard, blackboard, painted wall, floor, and so on. The colored masking tape can be easily removed with no residue left and no damage to the surfaces. Moreover, the rainbow craft tape can be repositioned as needed.
  • 【SUPERIOR QUALITY, WRITABLE】Colored masking tape is made of eco-friendly crepe paper which is non-toxic, acid-free and odorless, making it safe to use. The rainbow paper tape is water resistant. Unlike others crafting masking tape being thin and easily torn away, these colorful masking tapes are thicker, durable and abrasion resistant. You can write anything on the colored masking tape with various pens and it shows up clear. The vibrant color will not fade.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】Children can tear the colored craft tape with no scissors needed so it is safe. The rainbow masking tape can be used as painters tape helping you to paint clean lines without paint seeping and bleeding. Colored masking tape has many other uses: Used as rainbow labeling tape for color coding on moving boxes, storage containers, cabinets, cables, documents. Use it in home decoration, party decoration, wall art, greeting cards, scrapbooking, automotive repair and much more.
  • 【VALUE PACK, SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】You’ll receive 12 rolls of colorful masking tape. Each colored painters tape is 1” wide and 78.6ft long, total 943.2feet. Rainbow masking tape is useful in many projects around the home, office, classroom, school. The colored masking tape is perfect gift for kids, teachers, painters, crafting enthusiasts for Christmas, Halloween and so on. If you are not satisfied with the colored masking tape, just contact us. We give you full refund or free replacement.

PlayTape Black Road - Road Car Tape Great for Kids, Sticker Roll for Cars Track and Train Sets, Stick to Floors and Walls, Quick Cleanup, Children Toys (30 Inch by 2 Inch - Pack of 1, Black)

$9.25  in stock
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  • Build-N-Play Fun: A kid’s imagination is their greatest source of fun, and PlayTape is perfect for building their own world of roads, highways, and racetracks; Create instant roads anytime, anywhere; Compatible with all your existing toy cars and trucks; Product shipped will include 1 roll of 30 feet long PlayTape.
  • The Real Thing: PlayTape is the original road tape; PlayTape is third-party tested to meet all U.S. and international child safety standards; It’s safe for your floors and walls too; PlayTape roads are perfectly sized for a young child to handle with ease; Get the original road tape – PlayTape
  • Simple to Use: Just unroll PlayTape, stick to any flat surface, and let your kid’s imagination drive; PlayTape is easy to tear by hand and reposition; Perfect at home or on the go
  • Safe for Your Child and Your Home: PlayTape is paper-based, so no sharp scissors or knives are required; Plus, it’s safe for your floors, walls, and furniture, peeling up easily with no residue; PlayTape meets all applicable child safety standards and is recyclable
  • Award-Winning Toy: PlayTape is recognized as the way to make toy roads; A 2016 Toy of the Year Finalist, PlayTape has won over 25 industry awards, including Parent's Magazine Toys of 2014, Academics' Choice Brain Toy Award, and Dr Toy's Picks of 2015

Ninico 30 Rolls Washi Tape Set - 10mm Wide, Colorful Flower Style Design, Decorative Masking Tape for DIY Craft Scrapbooking Gift Wrapping

$9.99  in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • ❤Dimensions: 0.4in Wide x 16ft Long ,PATTERN & DESIGN:colorful pattern and rainbow monochrome.QTY: 30 Rolls; MATERIAL: Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Natural Fibers.
  • ❤Usage:Decorative tape is ideal for packaging, crafts, frame walls, lamps, photo frames, computer monitors, books, keyboards, wrappers or pencils and decorative scrapbooks, bullet journals and planners; perfect for kids, teenagers and adults It is fully compliant with the requirements of card making, design, personalization, organization, labeling and school projects; it will bring you or your child a lot of happy and happy time, enthusiasm and imagination.
  • ❤High Quality:HIGH QC STANDARD: 10 Years Experienced Washi Tape Factory Guarantee Every Roll Fits to Standard of "No Stain, No Damage"; Moderately viscous, not too sticky, for easy removal.
  • ❤Features: No Residue; No Color Fade with Long Period; Easy Tear and Stick; Not need Cutter; No Glitter Flake Off; No Damage to Walls and Furniture; Stick for Long; Many Recollections For Festivals, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Parties.
  • ❤Any Question or Requirement, Will reply as soon as possible, Provide Guidance of Using.

YUBBAEX 10 Rolls Washi Tape Set Black Gold Foil Print Decorative Tapes for Arts, DIY Crafts, Bullet Journals, Planners, Scrapbook, Wrapping 15mm (Black Gold x 10 Rolls)

$8.99  in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • UNIQUE DESIGN - This washi tape with a rich variety of shapes, patterns in black gold foil to let your creativity shine. It adds vibrancy to photo frames, journals, phone case, make-up and gift wrap.
  • IDEAL STICKY & REMOVABLE - Durable paper, gentle adhesive, our scrapbook tape can stick to most clean surfaces, also remove easily without any sticky residue.
  • GENEROUS SIZING – This pack of 10 extra long 0.6 in (15mm) x 16.42 ft (5m)
  • USE:-The craft tape is a great way to frame computer monitors,walls, frames,books,keyboards, crafts,wrap pens and pencils and highlight those important dates in your planner and bullet journal.
  • GREAT GIFT: Everyone from creative homemakers to trendy teens and artsy kids will adore this washi tape set! It's great fun for all ages. It's a beautiful gift for bullet journal lovers, craft friends, students, and good use on anniversary, birthday and holidays, etc.

48 Rolls Washi Tape Set - 8mm Wide Decorative Masking Tape, Colorful Flower Style Design for DIY Craft Scrapbooking Gift Wrapping

$11.59  in stock
2 new from $11.59
Free shipping
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • 48 rolls different patterns of washi tape (8mm width x 4meters length).
  • 48 unique patterns include tall and straight trees, fresh fruits, colorful flowers and cute little birds. No matter where you put it, it adds a lot of vitality to your life
  • It's light and delicate, you can stick in any place you want to stick and do not have to worry about leaving traces when you remove it
  • You can write on it, so it is suitable for day planners, calendars, folders, labels, hanging photos, greeting cards and gift box decoration, etc
  • Washi tape is a good choice as a gift, you can give it to your kids and friends ,and they must love it

Dizdkizd 20 Rolls Washi Tape Set, Green Motif Masking Tape with 3 Sizes 10/15/30mm Wide, Natural Style Decor Colorful Tapes for DIY Craft, Journal, Planners, Scrapbooking

 out of stock


  • 1. Decent Quality: Japanese professional textured paper tape, waterproof and sticky.
  • 2. Product Sizes: 3 sizes in one set, 10mm * 4 rolls, 15mm * 12 rolls, 30mm * 4 rolls, 2m per roll.
  • 3. Naturalistic Motif: On the basis of the nature, Dizdkizd try to build rural to transmit unvarnished, leisure and fresh design concept.
  • 4. Forest-Green Elements: Coloful patterns with artistic figures, eucalyptus, cute animals, lemon, classic plaid, etc brings a subtle hint of summer style.
  • 5. Wide Application: Perfect for artist, planners, travel bullet journals, books, calendars, cards, photo album, wedding invitation DIY wall art etc.

48 Rolls Washi Tape Set,Decorative Masking Adhesive Tape for DIY Crafts and Gift Wrapping,Beautify Bullet Journals ,Planners by KOVANO

 out of stock


  • COLORFUL DESIGN: This pack of 48 washi tapes is designed to combine the four seasons terms and cute theme with beautiful flower pattern; It will satisfies both kids and adults need; The 48 different designs add beauty to all your craft projects!
  • GREAT VALUE SET: 48 packs washi tape, include different styles which are very easy to work with; The tape is easy to peel and cut and leaves no sticky residue on surfaces when removed; Beautiful, cost-effective
  • BE CREATIVE AND UNIQUE: Jazz up your journal cover then add washi tape tabs to mark important pages; Fill scrapbooks, photo albums, and journals with shapes made from gorgeous washi masking tape, etc
  • CUSTOMIZE HOME ACCESSORIES: Pretty up plain vases, ceramics, glass jars, and pencil pots; Make bookmarks or bring photo frames to life with strips of this decorative masking tape; You could even decorate your table for the holidays and make one-of-a-kind wall art

Solid Color Washi Tape Set, EnYan 5 Rolls Basic Collection Decoration 10mm Wide Japanese Masking Decorative Tapes for Bullet Journal Planners DIY Crafts Arts Scrapbooking Adhesive

$7.99  in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • 【SET OF 5 DIFFERENT ROLLS】 Each of 5 rolls is 10mm (0.4in) in width x 5 meters(16.4ft) in Length for each roll, 5 roll per unit
  • 【GENUINE WASHI MATERIAL】Made from premium Japanese paper washi material, No odor at all. These decorative tapes material can be written with pen or marker and torn directly, no need scissors or teeth, and stick to almost any surface but will not leave sticky residue.
  • 【YOU WOULD NEED IT EVERYWHERE】Perfect for Planners, Bullet Journals, Bible Journals, Arts and DIY Crafts, Scrapbooks , Decorate your diary, Hand Book, Photo Frames, Calendars, decor, embellishments, Card making, Room Decoration on Walls. Use them to personalize your own stuff
  • 【VIBRANT DESIGNS】This gorgeous basic collection pastel washi tape comprises of variety of cute pretty pink blue green warm and pure color, simple design to give you creativity. Your friends will be amazed by the creative present and decorations you will make with this tape.
  • 【PRETTY PRESENT SET 】Good present for homemakers to trendy teens and artsy. It's great fun across different age groups

EnYan 4 Rolls Washi Masking Tapes Set, Japanese Decorative Writable Rural Natural Summer Autumn Flower Tape for DIY Crafts Arts Scrapbooking Bullet Journal Planners

 out of stock


  • 【RETAIN MEMORY】Using the washi tapes to decorate unique bullet journal notebook for commemorating great memories of life and self-goal management system more beautiful
  • 【PREMIUM & GORGEOUS DESIGNS】Made from premium Japanese paper washi material, No odor at all. Comprises of variety of Summer, Picnic, Vegetable & Bread, Cotton, Flower& Fruit. Fresh design to give you the highest creativity.
  • 【WRITABLE & Removable & Reusable】These masking tapes material can be written with pen or marker and torn directly, can be reused since they are removable and re-positional, easy to stick and remove without any residue.
  • 【YOU WOULD NEED IT EVERYWHERE】The Decorative Tapes Perfect for Planners, Adding splashes of color to back to school gear, Travel Bullet Journals, Bible Journals, Arts and DIY Crafts, Scrapbooks, Decorate your Diary, Hand Book, Calendars, Decor, Gift wrapping, Room Decoration on Walls. Use them to personalize your own stuff
  • 【PRETTY GIFT SET 】Good present for homemakers to trendy teens and artsy kids. It's great fun across different age groups and 100% of product satisfaction, 15mm wide x 3 M in Length for each roll

Colored Grid Washi Tape Set - 27 Rolls of 15 mm Wide Writable Paper Masking Tapes for Adhesive School/Party Supplies, Bullet Journal, DIY Decor Planners Scrapbooking

 out of stock


  • ★【Great Value Set】: This is definitely a great value package. Buy 18 rolls and you can get 9 extra rolls, for a total of 27 rolls!Each roll of tape is 0.59 inches (15mm) in width and 16.4 feet (5m) in length, a total of 443 feet, so there is enough tape for various craft activities
  • ★【Rich Colors】: 27 rolls of lovely, vibrant and brightly-colored washi tapes with beautiful grid patterns that are perfect for planners, adding splashes of color to school projects, stationery, computer cords, cell phone cases, desk accessories, home, office and highlighting important dates in your planner and bullet journal
  • ★【High Quality】: You can tear it by hand or use a washi tape dispenser, and you can remove or reposition washi tape without leaving any sticky residue, which makes it a great craft tape set for kids and adults alike
  • ★【Pretty Gift】: Each washi tape set arrives carefully designed, making it a beautiful gift for journal lovers, crafty friends, students, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and so on
  • ★【Package】: The 27 rolls of grid washi tape come in a beautiful PET box. This box can be used to organize the tapes and reused

Vintage Washi Tape Set of 7 Rolls, Masking Decorative Retro Paper Tape for Bullet Journal DIY Decor Planners Scrapbooking Party School Supplies Craft’ (Style B)

$6.99  in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • 【High-Quality Material】Using Japanese washi paper, thus you can easily use these versatile tapes on the smooth surfaces, No odtor at all. You can tear the washi tape easily without scissors, nice stickiness but will not leave sticky residue.
  • 【Versatile】Washi paper can be used to decorate books, cups, envelope, postcard, gift wraps, photo frames, room decoration walls and even parties.You can also DIY your own objects,Use them to personalize your own stuff.
  • 【Feature of Product】A total of 10 rolls, with different colors,Macaron style, looks very comfortable, 2 rolls of patterns can play an embellishment effect on any item.The width of the eight rolls of tape is 0.4inches wide and 6.6 feet long. The two rolls of tape are 1inches wide and 6.6 feet long.
  • 【Enjoy life】If you love life and write letters, you must not miss macaron paper tape, it will embellish your life and make your life more interesting.
  • 【Service Guarantee】If you have any questions or suggestions about our products, you are welcome to contact us at any time, we will be at your service until you are satisfied.

Knaid 40 Rolls of Slim Washi Tape Gift Box Set, Decorative Paper Tapes 10 mm Wide for Scrapbooking, DIY Arts and Crafts, Bullet Journal, Planner, Junk Journal, Notebooks (Minimalist)

$15.99  in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • VARIETY OF DESIGNS - 40 piece washi tape set in various patterns and colors that are perfect for note-taking, tone-setting in any notebooks, journals or DIY projects. This crafting tape assortment features geometric prints, trendy neutrals, solid colors and more designs (No Duplicates!) This is a great value for what you get!
  • HIGH QUALITY TAPE - Made from high quality washi paper with an adhesive that sticks well to paper and craft projects, the tapes are tearable & repositionable. You can tear by hand or use a washi tape dispenser, and you can remove or reposition your washi without leaving any sticky residue, which makes it a great craft tape set for kids and adults alike.
  • MULTI-USE - This pack of washi tape is perfect for planners, scrapbooks, calendars, bullet journal, bible journaling, junk journal, card making, gift wrapping, embellishing thank you cards, photo frames, school projects, stationery, computer cords, cell phone cases, desk accessories, home, office or wedding decor and everything else your creative mind can think of.
  • DIMENSIONS - A full set of 40 rolls with different patterns. Each roll of washi tape is 0.4 inch (10mm) in width; various length: 16.4 feet (5m) x 10 rolls, 9.8 feet (3m) x 30 rolls, so there is plenty of tape for any kind of craft activities and no need for an immediate refill.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR CREATIVES - Each washi tape set arrives carefully packaged in an elegant marble gift box, making it a beautiful gift for journal lovers, crafty friends, students, anniversary, birthday and holidays, etc.

40 Rolls Washi Masking Tape Set, Decorative Adhesive Tape for Crafts,Beautify Bullet Journals,Planners

$9.99  in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • ★Dimensions: Each roll is15mm (0.59in)wide, 5 meters(16.4ft) long, 40 different designs, with total 218yd (200m) length.
  • ★Designs: Lovely,vibrant and bright colors .Include:Unicorn,flamingo,cactus,pineapple,watermelon,lemon,cake, ice cream cactus,animal,cloud,flower.Your friends will be amazed by the creative gifts and decorations you will make with this tape. In this premium set, you will find our 40 newest designs. It's a box full of color and fun!
  • ★Use: the washi tape is a great way to frame computer monitors,walls, frames,books,keyboards, crafts,wrap pens and pencils and highlight those important dates in your planner and bullet journal.
  • ★No Residue: The tape will NOT damage your walls or furniture; you can remove them and stick them again easily without leaving any residue. You don't have to worry if your kids get into them.
  • ★Quality: We have high quality control standards; all the tapes are evenly sized and of great quality. Just contact us if you have any problem at all.

Agutape 48 Rolls Washi Tape Set,Foil Gold Skinny Decorative Masking Washi Tapes,3MM Wide DIY Masking Tape

$6.99  in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • DIMENSIONS:3mm wide X 5 meters long for each roll
  • PACKAGE:A clear PVC plastic box with 48 rolls tapes,include 16 rolls foiled washi tape and 32 rolls washi tape.
  • DESIGNS:The amazing super slim tapes are designed by creative US designers. These decorative tapes are perfect for adding splashes of color to back to school gear,stationary,diaries,planners,and more.all of 48 rolls are fashion designs. Kids and adults all LOVE them.
  • USE:The Washi tape is a great way to frame computer monitors,keyboards,wrap pens and pencils and highlight those and pencils and highlight those important dates in your planner.try to add a set to your cart today and get creative!
  • QUALITY :We have high quality control stanards, all the tapes are produced by advanced machine and superb technology. You're protected by a satisfaction warranty from our store

30 Rolls 15mm Wide Washi Masking Tape Set, Colourful Rainbow Tape,Decorative Writable Craft Tape for DIY Scrapbook Designs

 in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • What You Get - You will get 30 rolls of different pastel washi tape, the wide of these decorative tape is 0.6 inch(15mm) , each roll is 10(3m)ft long
  • Rainbow Color Design - 30 rolls includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and more rainbow colors. Make your projects pop with colorful 30 rolls masking tapes
  • School Supplies for Kids - This rainbow washi tape set is an essential tool for art & DIY crafts, also the best school supplies for children, scrapbook supplies, bullet journaling supplies. It can also be used for gift wrapping, party decoration, decorate books, cups, envelopes, postcards, photo frames, and wall decoration
  • Simple to Use - Easy to tear without leaving behind glue, the washy tape can be reused , it will not leave any glue stains! you can even write on the tapes. Good gift choice for kids, teachers, painters, journal lovers
  • Good Customer Service - Please contact us immediately if you have any problems, we will give you satisfactory solutions

20 Rolls Washi Tape Set, Colored Masking Tape, Decorative Nature Colored Tapes for Arts, DIY Crafts, Bullet Journals, Scrapbooking - 15mm Wide

$7.99  in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • 【Packing & Size】- This washi masking tape set comes in 20 rolls,and each roll is 0.6 inch(15mm) W x 10(3m)ft L
  • 【Natural Color Design】 - The Series washi tape selects 20 kinds of soft, warm and pure colors. Simple designs to give you the utmost creativity, it will be your favorite washi tape
  • 【Versatile】- The washi tape can be used to decorate diaries, manuals, gift boxes, scrapbooks, embellish books, calendars, cards, photo frames, etc. It can also be used as sticky note paper,school supplies, game props and other uses , all kinds of ideas are used, they are all very cool
  • 【Exquisite gift box】- This 20 rolls of adhesive tape are all packed in a beautiful gift box, making it a wonderful gift for diary lovers, smart friends, students, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc
  • 【High Quality】- This traditional crafts and paper decorative tape with a soft appearance and durable color. They can be easily torn or cut and have ideal adhesion without leaving any glue

HILELIFE Decorative Washi Tape Set - 6 Rolls Floral Gold Foil Washi Masking Tapes for Scrapbook, Bullet Journals, Planners, Cards, Gift Wrapping, Arts, Crafts (15mm Wide)

 out of stock


  • [Package with Box] - 6 rolls quality colorful washi tape (15mm wide, about 16 feet long for each roll), your friends will be amazed by the creative gifts and decorations you will make with this washy tape.
  • [6 Different Colors] - Instead of using boring labels, light up your supplies with washi tape to color code and organize them, they’ll add a pretty pop of color to your home decoration or office shelves. You can even add personality to pen cups with washi tape—the possibilities are endless!
  • [No Residue Adhesive] - These beautiful washi tapes are made according to high quality standards,, and adhesive is formulated to be repositionable, so the tape is easy to stick on, unpeel, and move to a different spot.
  • [MULTI-USE] - Washi decorative Tape can be used on any of your home decoration & office supplies, scrapbook, bullet journal, planner, card, gift wrapping, art, craft, the possibilities are endless!

60 Rolls Glitter Washi Tape Set, Washi Masking Decorative Tapes for DIY Decor Planners Scrapbooking Adhesive School/Party Supplies

 out of stock


  • Great Value Washi Tape Set - You will get 60 rolls glitter washi tapes of different designs, including 10 rolls of solid color and 50 rolls of different patterns, each roll is 15 mm (0.6 inches) wide x 3 meters (118 inches) long, total 196 yards long
  • Stickiness - This glitter tape is moderately sticky and can stick to the surface of most items, but it will not have strong stickiness like transparent tape. The glitter on the surface will not fall off and non-stick so it won't leave a mess on your hands. Our adhesive tape can be torn by hand or you can use washi tape dispenser
  • These 60 rolls of cute washi tape are full of vitality and bright colors. You can use our washi tape bulk to decorate bullet journaling, scrapbooks & planner, DIY crafts, photo frames, party decoration, gift wraps, frame computer monitors, walls, cards, frames books, keyboards, wrap pens and more washi tape aesthetic
  • School Supplies for Kids - Children will definitely like these colorful decorative tapes, they can stimulate their imagination and creativity. It is especially suitable for making cards and handicrafts on festivals and birthdays
  • Good Service - Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact customer service, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution

VIVIQUEN 20 Rolls Washi Tape Set Colored Masking Tape Pack Decorative Thin Tapes Children and Gifts Warpping (7.5MM)

$8.99  in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am


  • SIZE & COLOR: Each roll of washi tape is 0.3 Inch Wide x 16.5 Feet Long (7.5MM x 5M).
  • PACKING: This rainbow candy washi tape themed set come in 20 bright color. Enclose 2 rolls of random design. Receive 22 rolls in totall.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Easy to tear without leaving behind glue and can be torn easily without the aid of tools. If tiled wrongly, just pull up and paste again, it will not leave any glue stains! you can even write on the tapes.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: made from high-Grade, durable materials. These decorative tapes are repositionable & tearable, and stick to almost any surface. Precise printing delivers clean and vibrant colors.
  • MULTIPLE USES:Multi-color masking decorative tapes, perfect for decorating your day-planner, diaries, postcards, cards, envelopes, blackboards, children's rooms, making kaleidoscopes, labels personal spaces and more! A perfect for kids, colorful tapes can grasp kids attention, not only bring their fun but also develop their imagination to create a special own world.

#1-6 Rolls - Dina Wakley Media Washi Tape

Viglink A Cherry On Top Crafts
Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

Mustard Measuring Tapes multi - Pinata Washi Tape

Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

Erin Condren Washi Tape - Blue & Purple Abstract Washi Tape - Set of Two

Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

3M Washi Tape -Black

Viglink A Cherry On Top Crafts
Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

Erin Condren Washi Tape - Glue Tape - Set of Two

Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

60pcs Plain Washi Tape

Viglink SHEIN
Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

Sizzix Die-Cut Cartridges - Botanical Making Essential Washi Tape Set

Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

10rolls Flower Print Washi Tape

Viglink SHEIN
Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

6rolls Mixed Pattern Washi Tape

Viglink SHEIN
Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

2rolls Random Pattern Washi Tape

Viglink SHEIN
Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

Mustard Measuring Tapes multi - Pink & Yellow Power Up Washi Tape Set

Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

The Completist - Origami Washi Tape

Viglink trouva UK
Last update was on: July 21, 2024 11:00 am

24 Rolls Washi Tape Set Gold Foil Masking Tape Decorative Adhesive Tape For Diary Sticker Scrapbooking Arts Crafts Stationery

 out of stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am

20pcs/box Vintage Washi Tape Set Gold Bronzing Paper Sticker Material Japanese Kawaii Decorative Masking Tape Office Supplies

 out of stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am

50 Rolls/Set Kawaii Washi Tape Japanese Decoration Masking tapes Simple Adhesive Tape Kids Scrapbooking DIY Tapes 1.5cm*3m

 out of stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am

On sale Randomly Mix 30 rolls washi tape set petal Animal Flower Paper Japanese Washi tape 15mm*10m Top quality

 in stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am

10 Roll Rainbow Washi Tape Set 32 Feet 3/5 Inch Width Adhesive Masking Tapes Sticky Decorative Paper Tape DIY Gift Wrapping Tape

$10.89  out of stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am

6 Rolls Grid Washi Tape Set 5M Colorful Writable Paper Adhesive Masking Tapes 35MM Width Sticky Paper Tape for DIY Journals

$10.89  out of stock
as of July 21, 2024 11:00 am

Final words 

Being a parent can be very tedious. And a child can not engage himself directly in any activity. So, here peeling tapes can serve the parents accurately. To end your kid’s boredom, we have listed exciting ideas and games that can be played through masking tapes in homes without any difficulty.

At this time covid-19 when everyone is locked or isolated in their homes, we have to focus on innovative activities.

Kid games with tape are pretty creative as well as innovative.


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