Benefits of peeling tape for toddlers

Kids these days are quite demanding and keep parents occupied all the time. In the early stages of toddlerhood, the babies are keen to explore new things and have different experiences. These activities and curiosity let them develop their skills and promote learning. During these times keeping the toddler at home without any mischief or trouble is a dream of every mother who is running 24/7 behind their cutie pies. The stress part is no matter which toy you give them or book they will end up bored and you will find them either in the kitchen or washrooms performing stunts. So you simply end up giving them smartphones or make them watch TV that is harmful to their brain development and emotional health.

Ahh! Can feel you there and that is why you need to try these cool and easy peeling tape activities for toddlers. It will be a great lifesaver for you and with your smiling toddler, you will feel all your burden go away. Indulged in these beautiful moments your bond with your little sweetheart will grow stronger and you will always be there when they achieve their milestones.

We have reviewed some of the best peeling tape available in the market you can buy for your toddler to enjoy tape art or tape games and you will be amazed by the benefits of this removing tape activity on your toddler or preschooler.

Best peeling tapes for toddlers Reviews

With the scotch masking tape with expressions, you can enjoy many tape games and can also create beautiful tape art for toddlers with it. This package of multiple expression rolls is great to attract toddlers’ or preschoolers’ attention.

These rolls of washi tapes from scotch are non-toxic and easy to tear and paste. The adhesion is good even on wet surfaces but when you peel the tape off from the floor or walls there will be no marks or paint damage with it.

Scotch expression tapes are excellent for decorating and creating the maze games with a different pattern tape roll for each feature. The tapes have no greasy feel and you can use a pen or the children can color with crayons over it with no issue at all.

Your kid will surely love these printed tape rolls and even bath time can be fun with a tape peeling game from the bathing tub floor.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Multiple patterns for arts and décor
  • Easy tear
  • Safe for children


  • No solid colored roll

Scotch Expressions Washi Tape, 8 Rolls, Great for Decorating and Crafts (C1017-8-P7), 3M

Price: $11.08
as of July 30, 2021 2:27 pm
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Current Price $11.08 July 30, 2021
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$11.00 July 15, 2021

For parents or tutors in school who want to make the kids learn while playing, getting a set of multiple solid colored tape rolls is a wise decision. With so many colors included in the pack, you can create the tape spider web game or the toy rescue.

Letting the kids pick up a certain color repeatedly will develop their sense of colors and with ease to write on the surface these tapes are the perfect learning tool for your preschooler.

Also with so many colors from bright shades to pastels, you can create tape art with your toddlers according to the mood and even gender-specific too. While choosing their required shade from so many options the child’s mind will grow and they will also learn to practice patience and decision making.

MT washi tapes are known for their remarkable quality and quality standards that are safe for the kids. You can paste it on any surface and in multiple layers and you won’t find any stain or damage to the surfaces.

These tapes are also water-resistant so that if your toddler spills juiced on their activity chairs the tape will not get soggy.


  • Great color variety
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to write and remove
  • Economical option


  • Not suitable for a single kid

MT Washi Masking Tapes, Set of 20, Bright & Cool Colors (MT20P002), MT

Price: $15.80
as of July 30, 2021 2:27 pm
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Current Price $15.80 July 30, 2021
Highest Price $15.80 July 5, 2021
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$15.80 July 5, 2021

Tired of cleaning walls and floors every day? Want a solution for your preschooler’s scribbling. Well, here it is!

This plain white masking tape from Shurtape is a brilliant solution for you. Stick the tape on walls till your kid’s height and on the floor and let them enjoy painting or writing on it all day. This will keep them engaged plus this will be super effective in making them independent, learn and explore new things and develop their writing and grasping skills.

This tape is easy to paste on any surface and will hold for days without any problem. Whenever you want to replace the tape layer you can easily peel it off without any damage to the paint of the wall or the floor.

Not only this plain tape is good for writing and painting, but you can also enjoy many tape games like tape web, tape jumping, or hopscotch game and also with numbers or letters written on small tape pieces the kid can learn to link them with objects.


  • Good adhesion
  • Easy to paste and remove
  • Child friendly
  • Affordable
  • Crepe surface for easy writing


  • No colors or patterns
  • Thickness is less

Shurtape CP 105 General Purpose Grade, Medium-High Adhesion Masking Tape, 48mm x 55m, Natural, 1 Roll (104468), Shurtape Technologies

Price: $5.15
as of July 30, 2021 2:27 pm
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Current Price $5.15 July 30, 2021
Highest Price $6.49 July 15, 2021
Lowest Price $5.15 July 30, 2021
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$6.49 July 15, 2021

If you want to decorate your little princess room or create a cute birthday tape game that goes with your theme then this set of scotch expression tapes is for you. With super adorable patterns and pastel color designs these tape rolls are great to add extra cuteness to your baby girl dining chair or hang toys in the baby play tent.

Well, these can also be used for the baby boy if you plan to use light pastel colors. Make lovely arts or wrap-around plastic mugs with your little munchkins to let them indulge in these teamwork tape activities and make them work in turns and see the effect of combined efforts.

Quality-wise these tapes are made with kids in mind and hence contain no toxic or harmful ingredients. The tape is easy to tear so no need to keep the scissor around the kids. They are stain-free and easy to peel tape rolls that can also withstand water so if you plan to have a tape peeling game in the bathtub then these are the ones to go for.


  • Super cute designs
  • Great for wall décor and artwork
  • Impressive quality
  • Attractive price
  • Easy to write on surface


  • Thinner width of some rolls

Scotch Expressions Washi Tape Multi Pack, 8 rolls/pk, Pastel, Cupcakes and Donuts Collection (C1017-8-P2), 3M Office Products

Price: $9.99
as of July 30, 2021 2:27 pm
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Current Price $9.99 July 30, 2021
Highest Price $9.99 July 22, 2021
Lowest Price $8.99 July 15, 2021
Since July 15, 2021

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$9.99 July 22, 2021
$8.99 July 15, 2021

No doubt the quality of MT washi tapes is exceptional and instead of the solid color rolls if you want a cute patterned one for décor and artwork with toddlers then here is the right product for you.

This masking tape from MT has brilliant adhesion and can stick on any surface you want to. So if you plan to add an extra effect to the plain baby rocking chair then this is a great choice. The color scheme and flowery pattern are light and soothing and you can easily apply multiple layers for extra coverage.

The tape roll is water-resistant so in case of baby spit-ups or mess while eating it won’t come off easily. Also when you want to remove it you can without any sticky stains or marks on the surface behind.

The attractive design will engage your kid to play with this tape and have fun tearing and sticking it on their tables or books.


  • Beautiful flower design
  • Easy to stick and peel
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Good adhesive to hold on surfaces


  • A bit pricey for a single roll
  • Only suitable for girls

Mt Washi Masking Tape for Kids Motif Flower (MT01KID004), NaSh-Design

Price: $8.68
as of July 30, 2021 2:27 pm
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Current Price $8.68 July 30, 2021
Highest Price $8.68 July 30, 2021
Lowest Price $8.62 July 15, 2021
Since July 15, 2021

Last price changes

$8.68 July 30, 2021
$8.62 July 15, 2021
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Benefits of peeling tape for toddlers

By fine motor skills we mean the movement of fingers and their functionality. It is an important milestone for a baby to meet and with the tape peeling game these motor skills are strengthened which is very beneficial for the kid.

Grasping the tape from a tray or wall and peeling it with their tiny fingers will take them a long time to perform but with repeated peeling tape exercise their fingers will start functioning more precisely and hence polish their fine motor skills. Sticking tape on different materials like wood, plastic or walls is a great activity for their sensory development and they will get to know more about the things by exploring them with the feel.

You must have noticed that small babies look somewhere else and pick something else or they have difficulty in reaching the object they want?

Another great benefit of these concentrated pinching movements is that with having so much fun playing with tape your toddlers will develop their hand-to-eye coordination. That is a very important milestone in a baby’s brain development that helps to pick things they want and have better control over their actions. Also, bilateral hand usage is developed by this activity too and the kids learn to use both hands together to achieve a task.

Different colored patches are a good learning tape game for preschoolers. This way they get to recognize the colors better and remember their names. With tape activities like matching the color or picking the tape of a certain color, the toddlers and preschoolers can link better the colors with things like apples are red or the blue color of the water. This is very helpful in vocabulary building too.

The pincer grasp is the coordination of the thumb and index finger together to hold things and move them. This is a very important milestone for toddlers and needs to be developed or kids won’t be able to write while holding a pencil or eat or grasp anything small in their hands.

With tape peeling games this finer motor skill is developed and strengthens the thumb and finger muscles to have a neater pincer grasp. This is a must activity for preschoolers and toddlers above 10 months as this skill plays a major role in their normal life functions.

Peeling and sticking tape games for toddlers also strengthen their hand muscles and enable them to grasp things more strongly. These exercises with tape help the hands move in different directions and with more control and power the toddler can use hands better.

Now as these tape peeling activities require time to master the kid will learn patience and teamwork skills if playing with other kids. Also, the games like zoo rescue or tape peeling race their communication and language skills, and sports temperament is built that aids a lot in anger issues in the kids these days.

Finding ways to rescue their favorite toy or to peel the selected color from the web the kids will use their brain to think and figure out the way. This kind of peeling game for preschoolers will develop their mind for problem-solving and make them independent to make small decisions in games that are great for Child’s mental and emotional development.

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Factors to consider while buying tape for toddlers to play

Here are some things you must pay attention to when you buy washi tapes for your toddlers:

One and the foremost factor that you should look for is that the tape is non-toxic and the paints and colors used in it are chemical-free. This is necessary to keep the sensitive baby’s skin safe and in case the baby takes them in the mouth it is not poisonous. So while you leave your toddler alone playing with the tapes or doing tape art there is no risk.

As babies drool and spit a lot or in case they have something in hand like a milk bottle or sippy cup they will sprinkle liquid from that too. So it is always good to invest in waterproof tapes. This is also great for tape fun in the bathtub or playing tape peeling in the water tray.

Paper or washi tapes that you use for toddlers and preschooler tape games should be easy to tear by hand and peel. This is great so that you don’t have to keep scissors around as those mischievous kids can get themselves in danger. Peeling from the surface should also be easy so that their finger pores or nails don’t hurt.

When you are looking for an easy and effort-free game for your kids then you surely wouldn’t want to have an extra mess to clean?

Exactly! So buy tapes that have good adhesion but don’t leave a stubborn sticky mark on the floor or walls that take hours of rubbing to clean.

Obviously, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a simple tape game for kids so buy reasonable child-friendly tapes rather than fancy-looking expensive ones.

Another factor to decide which tape rolls to buy is the colors and designs on them, so according to your child’s liking and activity, you are planning to choose the tape to buy. Like plain colors for writing or racing and patterns for artwork and decor.

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Interesting peeling tape activities for toddlers

We have brought some super interesting activities for your toddlers with tapes

This one is the most favorite tape game that toddlers and preschoolers love to play. Just gather some of their favorite toy animals and stick them on a board or tray with washi tapes. Let them rescue one animal at a time by peeling the tape above them. This activity is great for their motor skills and imagination building.

Now this one is very cool, stick two or three kinds of tapes on the floor in a line or a pattern. Make each kid pick a tape side and start the race.

Let them peel the whole tape while they move forward.

This is like a line eating video game with the tape.

They will also have better balance, polished gross motor skills, and hand and eyes coordination with this game.

You can also play a tape jumping game too with tape on the floor, ask the kid to jump on a tape level, and then peel it off.

Similarly, they have to remove all pieces while jumping and removing. Note the total time and compare who wins among them

We have all played pick-up stick games in which we have to carefully pick a stick without moving other sticks. Similarly, it’s with tapes.

Make a web or pattern with multicolored tapes and ask your toddler to peel a certain color tape piece. This activity is great for mental growth and developing patience in the kids.

For toddlers aging 8 to 12 months a great activity to strengthen their hands and fine motor skills is to place pieces of tape on their activity or dining chair tray or just give them a try with tapes to peel. This will keep them engaged for hours while you do your house chores, plus they would be learning and developing.

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  • Why do tape rolls for toddlers need to be water-resistant?

Water-resistant tapes for toddlers are good because they don’t get soggy or wash off with the drool or spit-ups by the babies during tape activities with toddlers.

  • Can kids write with crayons or colored pencils on washi tapes?

Yes, most of the washi tapes have surfaces easy to write on with pen or pencils and kids can color on them with crayons or colored pencils easily.

  • Are these tapes easy to tear with your hands?

Yes, most washi tapes or tapes for kids are paper-based so kids can easily tear and paste them while doing tape artwork or playing tape games.

  • What kind of tapes are good for animal rescue games?

For removing tape games like animal rescue or removing tape from toys or surfaces a plain tape with moderate adhesion is good to play with.

  • For a toddler of 15 months is it safe to play with tapes?

Yes, tapes for preschoolers and toddlers are made from safe ingredients and are pretty much good to play for toddlers above 7 to 8 months.

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Wrap up!

Peeling tape games are great for a child’s mental and physical development and you must try these with your toddler to indulge in this fun-filled and creative gameplay.

You will bond stronger with each other plus your kid will meet his or her milestones at accurate times and won’t feel any difficulty in the pre-school to manage their little egos, temper, and patience with other kids.

So get one of the above tape rolls for your kids and start playing now!

Happy tape play day!

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