Amazing Sticky spider games activity for kids

Parenthood is a difficult task to execute. Parents are commonly stressed that they do not have the energy and cannot find a way to keep their children entertained while relaxing and having some time for themselves.

Moreover, it is essential for the development stage of your children to fully experience different activities and use their energy and muscles for further development.

Today we have come up with a tape game that is fun, exciting, and will make your child enjoy it, which is known as the sticky spider games. There are many duct tape games, and a sticky spider web game is one of them.

What is a Sticky Spider Game?

If we have to simplify the game of Sticky Spider, we can say that it is one of the most exciting, fun, and cheap (in terms of price) indoor games for preschoolers and toddlers. Tape video games on tablets or smartphones are also beneficial.

The name suggests the game is about creating a spider web from Duct Tape between small alleys, lounges, or anywhere with a small gap between them for the duct tape web to be formed.

How is it created?

To create the spider web game with tape, you have to get a duct tape that is sticky for the game to proceed. Double-sided duct tapes are more fun as they allow the game to be played from both sides.

Choose a doorway or any place with significant space between them for the web to form. Take the duct tape and stick it on the wall of one side to the other wall. Paste diagonal and straight strips of tape and leave the sticking face towards the direction from which the game will be played.

Once done, grab some papers such as; newspapers, magazines, etc., and make balls by crumbling documents for the game to be played.

How to play?

Once you have created the game, now it’s time to have fun. The kids will undoubtedly be excited by watching the web and will be enthusiastic about playing the game.

It can be a multiplayer game or a single one. If you wish to play multiplayer, you can differentiate the teams by coloring the paper balls.

To play, each player will go through the balls on the web, and as the sticky side of the tape is exposed, the paper ball will be stuck on it. The goal is to have the maximum number of balls stuck on the web. Once the balls are finished, the winner will be crowned, and the game can be started again.

Buyer’s Guide:

We have discussed many tape games and the most fun part about them is that you only require tape to get started. However, if you want to experience the best spider web game with tape, then you must have the best tape that you can find to have a great and playful experience indeed. Tape activities for preschoolers are pretty helpful in the overall development of kids.

There are thousands of offerings on Amazon for duct tapes, from ordinary cheap to expensive. However, it may be a difficult task to choose the best one that will suit your requirements. Therefore, we have made a Buyer’s Guide that will help you evaluate the offerings and choose the best option.

  • Length and Width:

The first thing that you should analyze is the width and length of the tape. As we require the tape to make a spider web that can catch the paper balls, the width should be more significant than usual to make it easy for the web to see balls.

Moreover, special notes should also be taken for the length of the tape to make them last longer and make yourself a good buy.

  • Sticking Quality:

You cannot test the sticking power of the tape online. However, you can evaluate the reviews and also see the options that the tape has. Double-sided tapes are ordinary nowadays, and choosing them will allow you to play the game from both sides.

  • Color and Design:

Kids don’t like dull and pastel colors. There are different colors and design options available, and choosing exciting and fun colors and designed tape will increase the children’s attention and excitement towards the game.

Check all these boxes, and you have yourself a great buy for your money that will allow you to play the game and have a great time.

Top 5 Duct Tapes for the Game

One of the best combo duct tape packages on Amazon. This 24 Rolls Multi-Purpose Washi Tape Set has a lot to offer for a fraction of the price. They are best for all types of tape needs. With its flashy colors, you can use it to decorate or label items.

Moreover, they don’t require scissors to cut as they can be torn. This makes it best for usage with children. So if you want to have a fun time decorating or making any of the tape game play with your kids, you can enjoy and be carefree.  This tape set is perfect for tape activities for toddlers.

Below are some of the product’s pros and cons that will help you evaluate the product’s qualities.


  • Affordable option
  • No sticky residue
  • 1ft long roll
  • Mess-free application and peel off


  • No Cons Found.

24 Rolls Multi-Purpose Washi Tape Set | Variety of Colors in Solid, Glitter & Foil| Great for Adults and Kids; Decorating Scrapbook, Journal, Planner; Gift Wrapping; DIY Arts & Crafts, Popiwashi

Price: $12.48
as of July 30, 2021 7:08 am
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$12.48 June 24, 2021

Moving on, the next color combo duct tape package that was added to our list is from Craftzilla. They are one of the best companies in the market right now, and they know what they are doing with their products. Ideal for the tape art for toddlers.

This multi-purpose colored duct tape is the best for decorative and fun activities. Moreover, with their 2-inch width, they are ideal for our sticky spider game. They have excellent sticking quality with exceptional holding power.

The length is also great, with 100 yards that makes it last longer than you imagine. Moreover, the bright, fun, and exciting colors will excite the kids. The application is effortless with peel and pastes functionality. Like our first product, this also doesn’t require scissors to be cut and torn with hands, making it the best tape for toddlers and preschoolers.


  • Convenient Application (Peel and Paste)
  • No residue left
  • Ideal tape for preschoolers
  • 2-inch width
  • 100 yards length


  • The quality can be improved.

Craftzilla Rainbow Colored Duct Tape — 10 Bright Colors — 10 Yards x 2 Inch — No Residue, Tear by Hand & Waterproof — Great for Arts & Crafts, Color-Coding, and DIY Projects, Zoey Supplies

Price: $19.99
as of July 30, 2021 7:08 am
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This six-color pack of masking tapes from Feeke is an exceptional product. These bright-colored masking tapes are the best for kids and toddlers with their efficient sticking properties and tearing functionality. The width of the tape is 1 inch, while the length is 13 yards.

They can be used for multiple purposes, making them versatile. This allows the kids to truly explore their potential by creating and using their creativity to make new things and have a fun and exciting time. With the help of this multicolor tape set, you can make the best tape art for toddlers.

Their quality is exceptional, which is why Feeke offers a 100% Money back guarantee for any of the issues faced. This makes this product an outstanding choice to opt for, thus making it place in the top 5 best duct tapes for kids.


  • Available in attractive colors for kids
  • Handling is easy
  • Good grip
  • Good for traveling


  • Small Length

Colored Masking Tape,Colored Painters Tape for Arts & Crafts, Labeling or Coding - Art Supplies for Kids - 6 Different Color Rolls - Masking Tape 1 Inch x 13 Yards (2.4cm X 12m), Feeke

Price: $9.99
as of July 30, 2021 7:08 am
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Image keyword: tape for toddlers

The second Washi tape set of our list, and this one is even more insane. This comes in 60 different colored and patterned rolls. Moreover, they are shiny with the use of glitter.


And we all know that shiny things attract toddlers and preschoolers the most, making it a fantastic choice to opt for your kids. But the point to note here is that it is not all show and no go. They possess exceptional quantities.

In addition to that, this is our first double side tape of the list, with easy application and tearing functionality. Just pull the tape, peel the strip and paste to have a double-sided sticking option. They are one of the most affordable listings on our list. So, you should check them out as they have a lot to offer at such a low price.


  • It is double-sided
  • Variety of bright, catchy colors
  • Come in good packaging
  • Glitter does not come off
  • Pretty patterns and designs.
  • Best tape set for toddlers.



  • Not available in matte colors
  • Fragile tape

60 Rolls Glitter Washi Tape Set, Washi Masking Decorative Tapes for DIY Decor Planners Scrapbooking Adhesive School/Party Supplies, Ninico

Price: $11.99
as of July 30, 2021 7:08 am
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Well, if you are that type of person that wants quality, then this one’s for you. Scotch is one of the oldest and most reputable brands in the tape market, and their six-roll magic tape set is an excellent option to opt for.

They are white-colored and are oddly basic and dull. However, they have excellent quality, and for sticky spider games, they can serve the purpose as the web is white. They are not easy to use for kids. However, this will encourage your child to play under your supervision, allowing them to learn more.

They are frosted from the top, which allows you to write or draw over them, so if you want to be dramatic and make the game more exciting, you can write points on the tape while pushing the web and making the game more interesting. Ideal tape for preschoolers.


  • Great price
  • Very easy to use
  • Amazing sheerness
  • Amazing for wrapping gifts
  • Reliable


  • Gets split easily

Scotch Magic Tape, 6 Rolls, Numerous Applications, Invisible, Engineered for Repairing, 3/4 x 1000 Inches, Boxed (810K6), 3M Office Products

Price: $13.28
as of July 30, 2021 7:08 am
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$13.28 July 30, 2021
$12.50 July 25, 2021
$12.82 July 23, 2021
$12.87 July 18, 2021

Benefits of the Tape Activities

There are a lot of benefits of the tape activities. The most significant advantage of these indoor games using different Tape activities is that they allow children to play and have fun while improving their development. Tape jumping games are best for strengthening the external body parts.

Some of the main benefits that these tape activities provide are listed below:

Motor Skills Development:

Toddlers and preschoolers need to refine their motor skills. They cannot perform a specific exercise for long enough as they have not developed their motor skills.

Therefore, engaging them in activities such as; tape activities, games, or even their time in fun beds for children allow them to engage in a particular activity for quite a long time while having fun and being happy. This enables the child to improve their motor skills and develop them for further progress in life.

Physical Development

Playing such games and engaging in these types of activities allow children to use their physical attributes properly. Their muscles, bones, eyes, and other sensory objects are activated and try to work in harmony to process more information and concentrate on a sure thing. Tape jumping games can assist you the most in this way.

This improves the physical development progress of the children. With such activities, they learn more about controlling their body and gain the upper hand in being the dominating force to guide their bodies according to their need.

Social Development

Many children face social development, and it is an essential part that should be taken note of. This is why children should engage in such activities and engage in social movements from a very early age to improve and develop their socialization.

To develop their social attributes, parents should involve other children in such activities and play together, which will improve the kid’s social development progress and help them in the future.

In this modern era of science and technology, you should get an advantage from tape video games. On any electronic device, they can be played,

Mental and Cognitive Development

Toddlers and preschoolers have an urge to learn and experience new things. They grasp the stuff around them very quickly and want to know the answers to problems and be problem solvers. This thinking process is convenient and efficient.

Therefore, to improve their mental and cognitive development, engaging them in such activities and games will allow them to face challenges and make them use their mind to become problem solvers. This will enable them to develop their skills and be better people.

Final Verdict

In the end, we can sum the topic of the sticky spider web game. The game is straightforward to create and requires a tape and some old paper to be played. Once you make the game, you can have an immense level of fun and excitement.

The game is exciting and can engage and attract children for a long time. Not only this, the game involves thinking, strategy, and body-mind relation. This makes it a fantastic game that will not only be fun for your children but will also develop their motor, cognitive, mental, and physical skills.

So, if you have a tape lying around and cannot find a way to keep your children entertained and bust the boredom, Sticky Spider Web Game is the game to play!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Sticky Spider Web Game safe tape gameplay for children?

Sticky Spider Web Game is for children of all ages. It is entirely safe for children as it doesn’t include any sharp or hard objects that may hurt or be dangerous for children. Moreover, the sticker spider web game doesn’t involve running and making it completely safe as the only thing involved in the game are paper balls that are harmless and fun for kids to play with.

  • Can you create a sticky spider game with any tape?

The short answer is “Yes,” but tapes with small width are not fun to play. The main objective of the game is to stick as many paper balls on the web as possible. Thus, creating the web with small width tape will not let the balls stick as the area is too small and the strength to hold the paper ball is not present. Therefore, “Yes,” you can create a sticky spider game with any tape, but using good quality and tape with at least 1-inch width is ideal.

  • Do tape activities improve children’s development?

Most of the tape activities that we discuss on our website are ideal for children’s development. Thus, it is safe to say that “Yes” tape activities improve children’s development. We discuss the activities that develop the children’s mental and physical attributes in a fun and exciting manner. Therefore, if you want to improve the development process of your children, then opting for these activities will surely keep your children entertained, busy and improve their development progress in a fun and exciting manner.

  • Can multiple children play a spider web game?

The beauty of the game is that any number of players can play this game. Whether you are single or multiple, you can have a great time playing the spider game. You can color the paper balls with different colors to differentiate the players, and the players with the most colored balls stuck to the web win the game.


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