Innovative Tape Games Play For Kids Eliminate Lethargy

Games and sports are essential not for kids only. After a hectic week, we all need some playful activity to keep ourselves fresh. Some of us prefer table tennis while others go for cricket or badminton type sort of activities. In which their whole body can be involved or exercised.

Likewise, kids should be indulged in few appropriate games that bring some fruitful results. Nowadays, we can find a lot of learning stuff and tools around us. Smartphones and gadgets are also in a row. But they can provide more harm to the kids if they are not optimized properly.

Today, we introduce an excellent playful tool that offers many benefits without causing any damage to your munchkin. Tape games play for kids or Masking tape floor games are a handy tool that is easy to be carried anywhere.

Here we will discuss the best tape games play for kids that keep your child engaged throughout the day. Do you keep wondering which masking tape you should buy for your munchkin? Don’t worry. For your assistance, we reviewed the top 5 toy tapes that are incredibly good in their application. Let’s get started!

Best masking tapes of 2021 

To make this article worth reading for you, our experts examine these masking tapes on their own. After analyzing and checking them wholly from every aspect, we listed them here as a bestselling fun tool for kids.

Colored masking tapes – best for arts and crafts 

Vibrant colors always grab the attention of kids. At a very young age, the child can name the primary colors easily. To make them more efficient, colored masking tapes for kids are helpful. Even in preschool, teachers use colorful cards to make them color sensitive.

When it comes to children, we often prefer to use those tapes that can be torn by hands easily. This six-color washi tape set is relatively easy to be used by a kid. They don’t need to use scissors or any sharp object to cut it for floor tape games play for kids.

The tape is sticky enough to adhere to any surface without taking much effort. Your little munchkin can use this washi tape set for multiple masking tape activities because it is easy for him to reposition it from one surface to another.

Not for kids only, adults can optimize colored masking tape set for cell phone covers, desks, and photo frames. Or even you can create a unique sparkling wall-art for your room.


  • Easy to stick.
  • Colorful.
  • Simple to use.
  • Will not flake the paint on walls.


  • Adhesion is not very strong.

Scotch Painter’s Tape 2080EL-24E – best for delicate surfaces

Pealing tapes often damage sensitive surfaces. One of the advantages of using painter’s tape for kids is that it will not degrade the wallpapers of your walls. If your walls are freshly painted, then scotch painter’s tape is the perfect choice for you.

To end your kid’s boredom, you can create amazing games with it. Like, tape maze, in which your kid has to reach to his favorite toy by finding the best suitable path for himself.

For delicate surfaces, tape offers low, medium adhesion. That’s why it can be repositioned easily during tape removing activities. Completely safe for kids.


  • No surface damage.
  • Gentle adhesion.
  • Best for drywalls.


  • The Edge-lock technology of this tape sometimes does not work well.

Mr. Pen – Colored masking tape – For artistic activities  

This colorful masking tape set is best to use in homes, offices, and for educational purposes. The tape set consists of 6 masking tapes. Each of them is 15 yards long, having a width of 0.6 inches.

In homes, you can optimize this tape set for decoration and innovation. Kids naturally attract to this tape set because of its vibrant colors. Mr. Pen masking tape set is a jolly and user-friendly tool that can keep your child engage in vigorous activities. It will not disappoint you.

During testing, our experts found out that the tape sticks firmly with any plane surface. At the same time, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue when pulled out from any area. It is made from non-toxic paper, so you don’t have to worry about the kid’s safety.


  • Writable.
  • Easy to tear.
  • Waterproof.


  • Very small.
  • Pretty thin.

30 Rolls Gold Foil Washi Tape Set – with printed pattern 

Another aesthetic tape set on our list is the 30 rolls gold foil washi tape set. It’s an ideal tape set for indoor masking tape games.

You can see different beautiful patterns printed on each tape. Because of this aspect, tape sets can be optimized efficiently in indoor decoration and gift wrapping. You can create temporary wall art in various ways through a gold foil washi tape set.

Kids can enhance their creativity by utilizing a washi tape set in numerous tape games play. Because of good adhesion and easy removal, moms find this tape quite beneficial for indoor use.


  • Cute patterns are printed on each tape.
  • Fosters creativity in kids.
  • Easy to tear.


  • Not very adhesive.

48 Rolls Washi Tape Set – with patterns and glitter 

We figured out that tapes with different designs and glitters quickly grabbed the child’s attention during our testing. 48 rolls washi tape set comes with various patterns along with glitter that will not fade off quickly.

A playful artistic tool is ready to be added to your kid’s basket. It’s not too sticky for quick removal. But adhere well with all the surfaces.

It enhances the kid’s imagination and provides him the best way to show his creativity. Tape sets can also be used for indoor decoration and as well as for creative school projects that give your kid an edge over his fellows.


  • Super cute patterns are inscribed on each tape.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quick in removal.


  • They don’t adhere well.

A buyer’s guide on how to buy the best masking tapes for kids

Entertainment is necessary for every person. For kids, the source of joy is mostly toys and likable games. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to opt best learning toy or healthy activity that brings some fruitful results.

When a baby becomes nine months old, his ability to understand different words starts to develop. He can retrieve the words like “no” or “yes” easily. By 18 months, out of every 50 words, he can use 20 of them in everyday life.

As soon as he turns one year of age, Baby’s learning capability enhances. Your munchkin can repeat the words of the poems he listens. He may speak half of the sentences to clarify his point.

For this age, masking tape activities are perfect to increase his cognitive ability.  But choosing the suitable masking tape that causes no harm to your child is necessary.

Easy to tear 

The Baby’s skin is too soft to be irritated. And you should not hand over the scissors or any pointing object to him for tape tearing. If it is hard for him to peel the masking tape then, he may have lost his interest in no time.

For his tiny hands, a tape that is easy to be unwound should be purchased. Otherwise, his fingertip or nails might get hurt.


Stickiness is another crucial factor that should be kept in notice while selecting any painters or masking tape for kids. Adhesion measures how long a peeling tape can stick to the surface.

Toddlers are involved in several floor tape games. They are habitual of removing tape from one place to another. If the tapes don’t have strong adhesion, then while repositioning, they will not stick well to other surfaces.

Simple to clean 

Are you fed up with the mess that the glues and sticky tapes leave after being pulled out? Don’t get frustrated. Painter’s tapes are a great way to go. They are not much adhesive and are best for delicate surfaces. But still good in application.

You don’t have to spend hours cleaning when your toddler is done with playing.

Colors and patterns 

Flamboyant colors are eye-catching. That’s why they are easy to be noticed by kids. And why should we go to buy plain tapes when we have colorful tapes with beautiful patterns on them?

You can choose the pattern and color tape set according to your kid’s taste.


If the tape is made from low-class material, it will be damaged quickly through any fluid. As the kids always spit the liquids on floors.

So, wise advice is to try to spend on water-repellent tapes. Your kid can play with them even in a fancy water tub or at pool sides.


Whenever you think about buying masking tape or duct tape for kids, size is one of the essential factors that should be considered. Duct tape games for kids are pretty famous these days. For more prominent places, like hallways or backyards, tapes with wider width are beneficial. On the other hand, tapes with narrow width can do their job well in smaller areas.


While purchasing any item or play tool, the only question that haunts most of the parents is whether the object is safe for our kid or not? No doubt, tape games play for kids are a healthy and appropriate activity for kids, but still, parents should keep the safety factor in their notice.

Kid games with tape include duct, masking, and painter’s tape. These tapes should be from non-toxic material, any synthetic dye and harmful chemicals.


Tape game is a fun activity yet cheap. It’s an economic tool that will not feel heavy on your pocket. Duct tape games for kids help in physical and as well as mental development.

Beneficial advantages of masking tape activities for kids

Fun games with tape are pretty intriguing, but they provide several benefits to a kid. Through the masking games, their thinking ability and creativity get promoted at the very initial stage. With tapes, they can discover new games for themselves.

Motor Skill development

Motor skill development is a broad category. It is further divided into two small branches: Gross motor skills and fine motor skills. From a very young age, gross motor skills are strengthened when the kid started walking or crawling. It involves the movement of large muscles that further assist them in running and performing other significant tasks.

But for fine motor skills, in preschool, teachers offer live sessions. It is mainly defined as the movement of small muscles in coordination with the eyes and brain. These muscles let you accomplish smaller tasks like grasping objects or drawing something on paper.

By the kid games with tape, these essential skills are easy to develop. For a kid, it is very frustrated to attend the live session. When you involve your kid in tape gameplay, he begins to explore the object independently. His fine motor skills are enhanced. You will observe the difference shortly that the grasping power of your kid on things immensely improves.

Color recognition 

Color recognition is an essential milestone in a kid’s cognitive development. Children usually learn about the different colors in their preschool. Through colors, they develop a connection between the words and descriptive pictures. It is easy for them to remember the minor details about the image by learning color names.

Picking a colorful, vibrant tape is best for your toddler to strengthen color recognition skills. There are various fun games with tape, such as tape-resisting art, that help them to retrieve colors quickly.

Social integration 

For a child, home is the only place where he expresses his emotions easily. If you isolate your kid in the house only, he may not interact with others in public with confidence. To make him strong from the inside, social interaction with other children is also essential.

When he plays different games with masking tape in school with other kids, he develops his thinking pattern. Also, how to control his emotions proficiently.  He learns the importance of teamwork that further helps him in problem-solving.

Because by working in a group a huge problem can be divided into chunks. And each person works on a specific part. In this way, issues and tasks are solved and performed effectively.

That’s how fun games with tape promote social integrity in children.

Out-of-the-box indoor masking tape games  

For gross motor skill development 

Long track 

Take any masking tape, and build a long track in your house with it. Ask your child to follow it, and when he is done, award him with a candy or his favorite sweet that gives him the motivation to do it again. You can change the pattern into zig zags or parallel lines to coordinate eyes and brain with muscles.

Improve cognitive ability 

Letters and numbers 

The basic foundation of language is letters and numbers. If the kid is familiar with them, it will help him in mathematical reasoning and cognitive development. All the masking and painter’s tapes are writable. Cut the tape into strips or small square boxes. Write the numbers and alphabets on them. Ask your toddler to recognize the particular letter or number that you nominated.

Imagination and innovation enhancers 

Tape-resist art 

Place the various strips of tapes in different patterns on a canvas. And let your kid paint in a way he wants. When he is done with it, remove the strips. An artistic picture you will get that will amuse your kid too.

Roads and highways 

With the tapes, let your kid build highways and roads. To provide a realistic touch to this visualization, add small toy cars and trees, and houses. You will be fascinated to see a small town that your kid made.

Colored Masking Tape,Colored Painters Tape for Arts & Crafts, Labeling or Coding - Art Supplies for Kids - 6 Different Color Rolls - Masking Tape 1 Inch x 13 Yards (2.4cm X 12m)

 in stock
as of May 18, 2024 7:50 am


  • Durable Versatility: It can be torn by hand, sticky enough to adhere to any clean surface and easy to re-position. The tape can be used on paper, objects and walls.
  • Easy-to-stick, Easy-to-tear.Adhesive holds securely. Whether adults or children will find fun from this tape set.
  • Kids Craft Multi Pack Colored Masking Tape Variety Set [Bulk Value for Kids] with vibrant assorted colors including blue, purple, orange, green, yellow, red
  • Make your cell phone cases, storage boxes, desks, coffee tables, and household appliances,and picture frames twinkle, or create sparkling wall art in on-trend metallics.
  • 100% MONEY BACK: Please contact us right away if you have any issues.

Scotch Painter's Tape 2080EL-24E Scotch Delicate Surface Painter's Tape, 0.94" Width x 60 yd, Purple

$8.60  in stock
25 new from $7.27
Free shipping
as of May 18, 2024 7:50 am


  • READY. SET. PAINT!: 1 roll of 0.94 inch wide Scotch Delicate Surface Painter's Tape, a versatile solution for protecting surfaces that require a little extra care when preparing to paint your living or working environment
  • DAMAGE-FREE PAINTING PREP: Colorful painters tape can stay on surfaces for up to 60 days, and it removes easily without leaving a sticky residue behind
  • PROTECT DELICATE SURFACES: Specially designed masking tape for delicate surfaces, like wood floors, wallpaper, cabinets, painted drywall and freshly painted accent walls (painted at least 24 hours ago)
  • VERSATILE: UV and sunlight resistant painting tape features Edge-Lock Technology that seals out paint to deliver sharp paint lines and clean removal for wow-worthy painting projects; intended for indoor use only
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Solvent-free adhesive tape made from 50% renewable resources with a core made from 70% post-consumer waste

Mr. Pen- Colored Masking Tape, Colored Painters Tape for Arts and Crafts, 6 Pack, Drafting Tape, Craft Tape, Labeling Tape, Paper Tape, Masking Tape, Colored Tape, Colorful Tape, Artist Tape, Art Tape

 in stock
as of May 18, 2024 7:50 am


  • Package Includes: 6 x Masking Tapes, Each 15 Yards Long With 0.6 Inch Thickness, In 6 Vibrant Colors
  • In 6 Bright Colors: Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink And Red
  • Sticks and Holds Firmly In Place Without Any Tear Or Curling, And Sticky Residue After Removal
  • Easy To Tear And Remove, Acid-Free Tape
  • It Can Be Written On With Pen, Pencil, Marker, etc.

30 Rolls Gold Foil Washi Tape - 15mm Wide Japanese Masking Tape for Scrapbook, Bullet Journal, Planner, Arts & Crafts

$9.99  in stock
as of May 18, 2024 7:50 am


  • Dimensions - Total 30 rolls, each roll is 15mm (0.6 inch) Wide x 4 Meters (13 feet) Long
  • Fantastic Design And Style - 30 kinds of cute patterns designed, including rainbows, balloons, donuts, green plants, kittens, owls, green leaves, dots, stripes etc. 15 of these rolls come with gold foil printing for your more creative needs
  • Multiple Decorative Uses - It's great fun across different ages, kids teenagers, students, homemakers. Perfect for decorating planners, scrapbooking, bullet journal, walls, phone cases ,gift cards, vases,calendars, and gift wrapping
  • Perfect Gift - This kawaii washi tape set is a perfect gift for any holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc.
  • Quality - Made of real Japanese paper, moderate adhesion, tear off without leaving any residue

Cute 48 Rolls Washi Tape Set,Foil Gold Thin Decorative Masking Washi Tapes,3MM Wide DIY Paper Tape for DIY Craft Scrapbooking Gift Wrapping Planner

 in stock
as of May 18, 2024 7:50 am


  • ❤DIMENSIONS:【THE AMAZING SUPER SLIM TAPES】 Each roll of washi tape is 0.12inch (3mm) in width x 13ft (4m) in length.QTY: 48Rolls; MATERIAL: Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Natural Paper Fibers
  • ❤HIGH QUALITY:HIGH QC STANDARD: 10 Years Experienced Washi Tape Factory Guarantee Every Roll Fits to Standard of "No Stain, No Damage"; Moderately viscous, not too sticky, for easy removal
  • ❤FEATURES: No Residue; No Color Fade with Long Period; Easy Tear and Stick; Not need Cutter; No Glitter Flake Off; No Damage to Walls and Furniture; Stick for Long
  • ❤USAGE:Decorative tape is ideal for packaging, crafts, frame walls, lamps, photo frames, computer monitors, books, keyboards, wrappers or pencils and decorative scrapbooks, bullet journals and planners; perfect for kids, teenagers and adults It is fully compliant with the requirements of card making, design, personalization, organization, labeling and school projects; it will bring you or your child a lot of happy and happy time, enthusiasm and imagination
  • ❤SERVICE:Money Back within 1 month! Any Question or Requirement, Will reply within 24hrs, Provide Guidance of Using

Colored Masking Tape, Rainbow Colors Painters Tape Colorful Craft Art Paper Tape for Kids Labeling Arts Crafts DIY Decorative Coding Decoration Teaching Supplies, 8 Rolls, 1 Inch Wide x 14.2Yards Long

$8.99  in stock
as of May 18, 2024 7:50 am


  • 【12 COLORED MASKING TAPE】The colored masking tape set comes with 12 colors: blue, green, red, yellow, purple, pink, orange, black, white, royal blue, lime green, brown, Colorful masking tape can meet your different needs for color. The rainbow masking tapes are perfect for crafts, arts and DIY projects. Assorted colors stimulate kids’ imagination and creativity, improving their color recognition and promoting aesthetic feeling. The colors of craft masking tape are vibrant, bright and eye-catching.
  • 【PERFECT STICKINESS, EASILY REMOVE OR REPOSITION】Unlike other rainbow colored tapes with poor adhesive, the colorful painters tape features with perfect stickiness. You can apply colored masking tape to a variety of surfaces such as plastic, glass, paper, metal, ceramic, canvas, whiteboard, blackboard, painted wall, floor, and so on. The colored masking tape can be easily removed with no residue left and no damage to the surfaces. Moreover, the rainbow craft tape can be repositioned as needed.
  • 【SUPERIOR QUALITY, WRITABLE】Colored masking tape is made of eco-friendly crepe paper which is non-toxic, acid-free and odorless, making it safe to use. The rainbow paper tape is water resistant. Unlike others crafting masking tape being thin and easily torn away, these colorful masking tapes are thicker, durable and abrasion resistant. You can write anything on the colored masking tape with various pens and it shows up clear. The vibrant color will not fade.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】Children can tear the colored craft tape with no scissors needed so it is safe. The rainbow masking tape can be used as painters tape helping you to paint clean lines without paint seeping and bleeding. Colored masking tape has many other uses: Used as rainbow labeling tape for color coding on moving boxes, storage containers, cabinets, cables, documents. Use it in home decoration, party decoration, wall art, greeting cards, scrapbooking, automotive repair and much more.
  • 【VALUE PACK, SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】You’ll receive 12 rolls of colorful masking tape. Each colored painters tape is 0.6” wide and 75ft long, total 905 feet. Rainbow masking tape is useful in many projects around the home, office, classroom, school. The colored masking tape is perfect gift for kids, teachers, painters, crafting enthusiasts for Christmas, Halloween and so on. If you are not satisfied with the colored masking tape, just contact us. We give you full refund or free replacement.

Craftzilla Colored Masking Tape – 6 Jumbo Rolls – 1,080 Feet x 1 Inch of Colorful Craft Tape – Vibrant Rainbow Color Teacher Tape, Great for Art, Lab, Labeling & Classroom Decorations

$21.95  in stock
as of May 18, 2024 7:50 am


  • Cooler Crafts – Broaden your creative palette with 330 exciting, colorful yards of masking tape. Whether you need painters tape or colored tape, create something beautiful with Craftzilla.
  • Bigger and Brighter – Worried about running out of tape before you’re finished? 990 feet of vibrant colored tape per pack ensures you have the length and colors needed for project after project.
  • A Full Palette of Uses – Get creative with where you put your colored painters tape every day! Use it for arts, crafts, carpentry, labeling, and anywhere else you want a sticky splash of color.
  • Sticky, Not Icky – Enjoy safe and simple use at home, work, or school. Your no-mess craft tape is just the right type of sticky to stay on strong and peel off clean, thanks to its natural rubber adhesive.
  • The Craftzilla Promise – Get stuck on us for our high-quality color tape; stay stuck on us for our stellar customer service. Let us help you make your next project big, bright, and bold.

Colored Masking Tape, 12 Rolls 720Feet Rainbow Colored Painters Tape, Colorful Craft Tape for Arts Crafts, Craft Art Paper Tape for Kids Labeling, DIY Decorative Code Coding Decoration

 in stock
2 new from $18.99
Free shipping
as of May 18, 2024 7:50 am


  • 【Valuable Package】The rainbow colored masking tape set comes with 12 colors: blue, green, red, yellow, purple, pink, orange, black, white, royal blue, lime green. You could use these multi color masking tape to do various activities with you toddler. Assorted colors teach kids to learn colors and stimulate kids' imagination and creativity, improving their color recognition
  • 【Great Stickiness and Reposition】The diy art craft paper tape doesn’t come off easily like other tapes and easy to remove and is sticky enough to stay on the variety of surfaces such as wall, glass, paper, metal, ceramic, canvas, whiteboard, blackboard, floor, box, books, envelope, if you are not very satisfied with the position where you stick, you could tear it off and reposition it again for best angle. No residue left. No more worry about the wall was painted by kids
  • 【Premium Quality, Writable】12Rolls painter masking tape is made of high quality paper material which is non-toxic and odorless, 1inch x 20yards, enough length making it use for many times. You can write anything on it to make it more attractive and helpful on art projects, The bright and vibrant colors is also suitable for kids to exercise their hands on ability. The vibrant color will not easily fade
  • 【Art Craft Tape for Kids】The decorative colorful masking tape is perfect gift for kids, teachers, painters, crafting enthusiasts DIY art projects on Holiday, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Halloween,Anniversary Day, Party Decoration, Bachelor Festival Party
  • 【Wide Application】The 12 rolls colored craft tape is suitable for seal the edges of your embroidery cloth, and kids could decorate his room and make all kinds of shapes with this masking tape, as well as moving boxes, DIY arts, crafts, photo sticky, wall classroom decorations, teacher supplies, home storage and organization, food label, report making, holiday decorations, party decorations

Craftzilla Colored Masking Tape – 11 Extra Large Rolls – 1,980 Feet x 1 Inch of Colorful Craft Tape – Vibrant Rainbow Color Teacher Tape – Great for Art, Lab, Labeling & Classroom Decorations

 in stock
as of May 18, 2024 7:50 am


  • COOLER CRAFTS – Broaden your creative palette with 605 yards of exciting, colorful yards of masking tape. Whether you need painters tape or colored tape, create something beautiful with Craftzilla. Size: 55 Yards x 1 Inches each roll tape
  • BIGGER AND BRIGHTER – Worried about running out of tape before you’re finished? 1,815 feet of vibrant colored tape per pack ensures you have the length and colors needed for project after project.
  • A FULL PALETTE OF USES – Get creative with where you put your colored painter's tape every day! Use it for arts, crafts, carpentry, labeling, and anywhere else you want a sticky splash of color.
  • STICKY, NOT ICKY – Enjoy safe and simple use at home, work, or school. Your no-mess craft tape is just the right type of sticky to stay on strong and peel off clean, thanks to its natural rubber adhesive.
  • HALLOWEEN HAUNT – Transform your space into a spooky spectacle with our colored masking tape. Perfect for crafting haunted house decorations and adding a ghoulish touch to your party setup.

Creativity Street Colored Masking Tape, Assorted Colors, 8 Rolls

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MT masking tape - Set Of 4 Earth Tone Washi Masking Tapes

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MT masking tape - Set Of 4 Black And White Washi Masking Tapes

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MT masking tape - Set Of 4 Peach And Turquoise Washi Masking Tapes

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Colorations 1 Colored Masking Tape Set of 6 by Colorations

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Wrapping up 

Tape games play for kids are the best tools that offer to learn and as well as entertainment. They come at affordable prices. That’s why each Baby can play with them.

In this time of covid-19, try to indulge your kid in healthy activities. Electronic devices and gadgets are suitable but not the best option. Stay these devices away from your kid. It will be possible only if you introduce intriguing games and activities. Floor tape games are quite beneficial for him.


  • Can we write on masking tapes?

Yes, each of the listed masking tapes is writable. So, you can write on them with pen,pencil and even with markers.

  •  Are these tapes waterproof?

Some of the masking tapes are waterproof. Which if the child spits any liquid on it, then
its durability will not be affected.

  • Can we tear masking tapes with hands?

Yes, masking tapes can be torn easily with hands. They are a little bit fragile. So, your
kid doesn’t have to put much effort while trimming and playing.


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