Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients comparison

Knowing what formula to use for your baby is kind of beguiling -and not in a charming way at all-, but every momma out there wants only the best for her baby, especially since some women feel guilty for not being able to breastfeed their little ones. 

But not to worry, you can grab the daddy and buckle up to know the ingredients for some of the most famous Similac formulas and our special Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients. This should help you with a better decision on a certain product and give you a nice background in case you want to check other formulas from other companies as well. And we hope that this article will make your ride a little bit easier. 

And don’t forget to read our hot comparison of Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients. 


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Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients comparison

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Similac Pro Sensitive 

Before we give you the Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients comparison, we will give you a little brief about both products starting with the Similac Pro Sensitive. 

Similac Pro Sensitive is a formula made for babies with lactose sensitivity while sustaining all dairy products. The formula has the addition of 2′-FL HMO which is a prebiotic found in breast milk as well as the additions of DHA, vitamin E, and lutein which are called the OptiGRO ingredients. The protein in this formula comes from milk protein isolate for easier digestion with the addition of vitamins and minerals. 

This formula is rich in palm olein oil-free and linoleic acid that help with promoting the digestive system and strong bones plus helping with calcium absorption, all of that while maintaining a non-GMO stand.

You will be able to see more on the Similac Pro Sensitive nutrition facts in the Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients part.

Similac Pro Advance 

Now a brief on the Similac Pro Advance for the sake of the Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients comparison. 

This formula was the first of its kind whose main target here was to be as close to breast milk as it can get which is why it was the first formula with added 2′-FL HMO AKA human milk oligosaccharide, a prebiotic that is found in human milk that strengthens the immune system, this formula is also OptiGRO and non-GMO. 

The formula is rich in nonfat milk and lactose due to higher whey protein and cow milk concentration, so it would do great for healthy babies.

But let us get a closer look at the ingredients in the Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients comparison next.

Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients

We decided to discuss the Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients due to the many questions we get about Similac Pro Sensitive vs Similac Pro Advance like what’s the difference between Similac Pro Advance and Pro Sensitive. 

And we chose to discuss the Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients specifically as it’s what matters when choosing formula to be sure of the nutritional value you’re giving to your child.

While both formulas are pro formulas, meaning they have the HMO addition, plus both being OptiGRO and non-GMO while containing the needed nutritions and prebiotics, some differences need to be discussed.

The Pro Advance is a regular formula made with basic ingredients to suit healthy babies. The formula is mainly made with nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate for a protein source while the carbohydrate source being lactose and a mix of vegetable oils like soy oil, coconut oil, and high oleic safflower oil as a source of fats.

On the other hand, the Pro Sensitive is a formula for sensitive stomachs due to lactose intolerance, which is why the formula depends on milk protein isolate instead of the lactose in cow’s milk.

To replace the loss of lactose which is the main carbohydrate source, Similac used corn syrup, which is a bit of a downside as the formula is rich in it which means a lot of sugar for the baby. The source of fats here is the same as the Pro Advance which is a mix of vegetable oils.

Now that we have discussed the Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients, another hot comparison is due which is the difference between Pro Advance Similac and Advance Similac.

Similac Advance vs Pro Advance

After the Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients we want to give you something that you always ask about. We always see people asking questions like whats the difference between Similac Pro Advance and Advance or is Similac Advance and Similac Pro Advance the same and wanting to know more about Similac Pro Advance vs Similac Advance and we get that because we know that the price change is not small and people want to know if it’s worth it.

The Leche Similac Advance -as the Mexican call it- is the lower version of the Pro Advance, but they both share the fact of being OptiGro. 

However, Similac Advance and Pro Advance differences are many, like the fact that Similac Advance doesn’t contain HMO but has a GMO ingredient included which is R-BST or Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin a genetically engineered form of Bovine Somatotropin that is a hormone produced by the cows’ pituitary glands. 

While Pro advance holds no GMO ingredients and ranks higher for having HMO in it. Also, the two formulas don’t share the same smell, with the Pro Advance having a sharper one. 

The Pro Advance is said to possibly help with gas, vomit, and spit-up, while the possibility of the Similac Advance causing gas or allergies is there.

Now that we’ve mentioned whats the difference between Pro Advance and Advance Similac, do you still wonder if Similac Pro Advance the same as Similac Advance? Or did you decide to choose Similac Pro Advance or Advance?

Similac Pro Advance vs Similac Sensitive

After giving you the Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients comparison, we decided that telling you the difference between Similac Pro Advance and Similac Sensitive will be helpful for a better decision. 

The Similac Sensitive vs Similac Pro Advance looks a lot like comparing the Pro Sensitive against the Pro Advance, as the Pro Advance is a standard formula for healthy babies and the Sensitive is a formula for lactose intolerant babies who suffer from gas and fussiness and this is the main difference between Similac Pro Advance and Sensitive. 

The Pro Advance formula is both HMO and OptiGro and non-GMO whilst the Similac Sensitive is only OptiGro and might contain GMO ingredients. 

The price of the Pro Advance is a little higher than the Sensitive, which is always something to consider. But other than that, the two formulas have about the same nutritional value in them, but then again the Similac Sensitive has a bit more sugar in it. 

After the Similac Sensitive vs Pro Advance, we thought another comparison is in order, which is Similac Advance vs Sensitive.

Similac Advance vs Similac Sensitive

What is the difference between Similac Advance and Similac Sensitive? This is the question that we would like to answer here. So we will give you a brief to answer the question of Similac Advance or Sensitive. 

The blue Similac Advance is great if you want to give your healthy baby a boost of nutrients and Iron. But switching Similac Advance to Similac Sensitive might be what you need to do if your baby has lactose intolerance, as Similac Advance is a milk-based formula.

While Similac Sensitive has milk protein isolate instead of milk which means that it is almost lactose-free. 

You can bet that both Similac Sensitive and Similac Advance will offer your baby the support they need for their brain and eye development. As well as supporting their immune system as both formulas are OptiGRO and full of minerals and vitamins. 

So there is not much of a difference in Similac Advance vs Similac Sensitive ingredients. 

And to answer the question of can I switch from Similac Advance to Sensitive? Switching from Similac Sensitive to Similac Advance or switching from Similac Advance to Sensitive depends on the case of your baby. If he is healthy and developed a lactose sensitivity or vice versa. 

Similac iron fortified vs Similac Advance

Parents ask a lot about the Similac iron-fortified and we are here to deliver answers. The Similac iron-fortified looks a lot like the Similac Advance blue can expect for the fact the Similac iron fortified is the step one formula that is sold in Canada for babies from day one up to 6 months while the Similac advance can be used for the whole of the first year. 

There is not much of a difference here actually as the two products are Iron fortified. And the difference mostly lies in the different branding since they are sold in different countries. 

The two formulas have the same nutrients and vitamins in them. With the exclusion of Similac Step one not being OptiGRO.

Similac Pro Sensitive vs Advance

The difference between the blue Similac formula and the Pro Sensitive lies in need of usage. Again, the Advance formula is for healthy babies while the Pro Sensitive is for babies with lactose sensitivity. 

The Pro Advance is HMO, OptiGRO, and non-GMO while the Similac Advance is OptiGRO and non-GMO. The main protein source in the Similac Advance is cow’s milk. While the Pro Advance relies on milk protein isolate with a small amount of lactose. This amount will not affect your baby if they are lactose sensitive. 

Just know that being lactose sensitive is different than being lactose intolerant. If your baby is lactose intolerant then a lactose-free formula should be your choice. 

Gerber Good Start Gentle vs Similac Pro Advance

The Gerber Good Start is the equivalent formula from Gerber to the Pro Advance that Similac offers. So we decided to run this comparison by you if you want to change to one brand or the other. 

What both formulas have are vitamins, minerals, and DHA as well as the protein contained in them. As both use whey proteins. 

The Similac Pro Advance contains HMO, DHA, Vitamin E, and Lutein that are mimicking breast milk. While the Gerber Good Start has HMO, DHA, Vitamin E, and comfort protein which aids digestive support.

While the Similac Pro Advance mainly uses ingredients for the immune system but it does help with fussiness as well. This is why we consider that both formulas assist with digesting their formula better and help to combat gas. 

Gerber does have a slightly higher price than Similac; it is not that much to worry about and that would impact your choice of formula. Plus Gerber does not high popularity and it is not easy to find like the Similac.

 Good Start vs Similac Sensitive 

The Gerber Good Start formula uses ingredients that mimic the gentleness of breast milk and contains Comfort Proteins, which is easy for infant tummies to digest as Gerber says. 

While Similac claims that the Similac Sensitive formula is for babies who are uncomfortable and fussy because of gas due to lactose sensitivity.

The Similac Sensitive infant formula uses nutrients to support strong bones, brain, and eyes, complete with DHA/ARA and Gerber Good Start uses DHA, probiotics, and prebiotics that are similar to breast milk.

Unlike some other formulas like the Similac Sensitive, the Gerber Good Start does not cause constipation and does not give off an unpleasant smell even when babies throw it up. 

On the other hand, Similac Sensitive uses corn syrup as a replacement for lactose to sweeten the formula. And that is not the best addition to have. 

Both formulas are suitable for babies until the age of 12 months. But Gerber Good Start is a little more expensive than the Similac Sensitive.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Similac Pro Advance lactose free?

Similac Pro Advance is not lactose-free and it uses cow’s milk. You can find more info if you read our passage about what’s the difference between Similac Advance and Pro Advance or any other comparison that included the Pro Advance or the Pro Advance passage itself.

Can Similac Pro Advance cause constipation?

What can cause constipation in formulas is palm olein oil and the Similac Pro Advance is free from it. So if anything, the Similac Pro Advance can promote softer stools. And in fact, all Similac formulas are free from palm olein oil. 

How many bottles does 1.45 lb Similac make?

We can not give an exact number of bottles that can be made with the Similac 1.45 lb can, as there are different sizes of bottles so it will completely depend on your usage. But we can tell you that each scoop of powder gives you 2 fl oz of milk. 

Can you switch between Similac formulas?

Yes, switching between Similac formulas is no issue at all, you can switch from one to another depending on your baby’s needs and situation more than once if need be.

Why cant I find Similac Sensitive ready to feed?

Unfortunately, the Similac Company discontinued and replaced both the Similac Sensitive and Similac Advance ready to feed with Similac Pro Sensitive and Similac Pro Advance. But you can still find the Similac Sensitive in powdered form in different sizes.

Why is Similac Pro Sensitive foamy?

Some parents might worry about the foam since the Pro Sensitive should help with gas and during the mixing. Bubbles may form. That’s because you get air into the liquid while you’re mixing it. Those bubbles rise to the surface and create foam but if you wait long enough, the bubbles will pop, releasing this trapped air.

Is Similac Sensitive good for newborns?

The Similac Sensitive should be safe to use from day one up to twelve months as are all the Similac products. But it won’t hurt to check with your pediatrician first and see if he will give you the green light.

When to switch to Sensitive formula? 

How do you know if your baby needs Sensitive formula? Well, the answer is simple, you will be able to see signs of discomfort and fussiness. So changing the baby formula to Similac Sensitive might help with other symptoms like gas and spit-up. Also, you can check with the doctor or check Sensitive formula vs regular to see if you need one.


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Take away 

In the battle of Similac Pro Advance vs Pro Sensitive ingredients, we found that no one actually won as each formula has different usage.

The Similac Pro Advance is usually for healthy babies while the Pro Sensitive is for lactose sensitive babies. 

You might want to check if your baby needs a sensitive formula to begin with, and then you can start switching to Similac Sensitive formulas available. 


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