Pregnancy discharge causes and risks

Pregnancy discharge, Starting a year or two before puberty and lasting beyond menopause, you will always have some vaginal discharge. The amount of discharge you have varies over time. Just before your menstruation, it normally gets heavier. It’s typical to have more discharge while pregnant than before. Pregnancy discharge from a healthy woman is normally thin, transparent, or milky white, and does not have an unpleasant odor.

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What does pregnancy discharge look like pictures

What does pregnancy discharge look like pictures

Pregnancy discharge

It’s common to have more vaginal discharge during pregnancy.

This reduces the risk of infection spreading from the vaginal area to the womb.

The volume of discharge rises as the pregnancy progresses. 

It may contain streaks of sticky, jelly-like pink mucus in the last week or so of pregnancy.

When the mucus that has been present in your cervix during pregnancy comes away, this is referred to as a “show.”

It’s an indication that your body is getting ready to give birth. In the days leading up to your due date, you may have a few little “shows.”

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Throat thrush during pregnancy

Thrush is a yeast infection that can cause vaginal discharge that is abnormal.

If you have thrush while pregnant, consult your midwife or doctor for advice on how to treat it.

Thrush can lead to:

Itching and irritation around the vaginal area increases vaginal discharge that is usually white (like cottage cheese) and does not smell.

If you suspect you have thrush, see your doctor, pharmacist, or midwife as soon as possible because some thrush treatments should not be used while you are pregnant.

Thrush can be avoided by wearing loose cotton underpants. It’s possible that avoiding scented soaps and bath products will assist.

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What causes vaginal discharge to change?

Vaginal discharge ebbs and flows throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle due to hormonal variations.

Once you get pregnant, hormones continue to have a role in the changes in your vaginal discharge.

Changes in the cervix during pregnancy might also impact vaginal discharge.

As the cervix and vaginal wall soften, the body produces more discharge to help avoid infections.

As your pregnancy progresses, the baby’s head may press against the cervix, resulting in increased vaginal discharge.

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Pregnancy discharge smell

Pregnancy discharge smell

When should you contact your doctor?

Any irregular discharge should be reported to your healthcare professional, since it could indicate an infection or an issue with your pregnancy. 

The following are some symptoms of abnormal discharge:

Strong and foul odor with redness, itching, or vulvar swelling in a yellow, green, or gray tint.

Atypical discharge could indicate an infection. Infections with yeast are fairly common in pregnant women.

If you get a yeast infection while pregnant, your doctor may prescribe a vaginal cream or suppository.

To avoid a yeast infection, take the following precautions:

Dress comfortably with loose, breezy clothing.

Cotton underwear is recommended.

After showering, swimming, or exercising, dry your genitals. 

To boost beneficial bacteria, including yogurt and other fermented foods in your diet.

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Finally, remember that, Pregnancy discharge may potentially cause abnormal discharge as a side effect. Douching is the process of cleansing the vaginal interior with water or other agents. Douching isn’t necessary for a woman, and it can even lead to illness. It has the potential to disrupt the vaginal bacterial equilibrium. 




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