Pregnancy apps best ones

Pregnancy apps, These phone-based baby trackers can be quite useful in tracking your baby’s development as well as your body’s pregnancy changes. “Pregnancy is a period when your body changes a lot,”  “An app can be a terrific way to prepare yourself for what to expect and know what’s normal or not.” “However, keep in mind that an app does not substitute medical treatment, and you should never rely on an app to address medical questions instead of consulting your doctor.” So what are the best pregnancy apps.

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faint control line on negative pregnancy test

faint control line on negative pregnancy test

Pregnancy apps

So, What do you think about pregnancy apps?

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

“I’ve recommended this app for tracking menstrual cycles,” 

“which can be very beneficial if you’re thinking about trying to conceive.”

However, Ovia isn’t just a fertility tracker; it can also be used to track your pregnancy. 

What is the best feature? The app allows you to look up the safety of specific foods and drugs, 

Ensuring that you don’t consume anything that isn’t suggested during pregnancy by accident.

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Sprout Pregnancy

When it comes to keeping track of your (and your baby’s) daily progress during pregnancy, 

Journaling is highly important, and this app offers one of the best journaling alternatives available.

“Journaling and exchanging anecdotes or tales with other expecting mothers can provide you with a sense of valuable social support,” 

Even better: the app will display you lifelike motions and heartbeat sounds that accurately duplicate what your baby is doing at any given time.

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Glow Nurture Pregnancy App

It’s difficult to stand out among the sea of pregnancy apps, but this one succeeds thanks to its simplicity,

It’s a great option for pregnant women who want to keep track of their pregnancy stats, set reminders, and bump photos in one place, 

Because the pregnancy brain is real and will make you forget everything.

This software also works well in the postpartum phase, 

Allowing you to keep track of breastfeeding and pumping sessions while also providing you with personalized information about what to anticipate after the fourth trimester.

You can download the app from amazon

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Mind the Bump

If you’ve never been a huge fan of meditation, you should think about it now that you’re expecting. 

You’re about to go through a life-changing event, and your mental health is just as vital as your physical health. 

Furthermore, pregnancy may be quite stressful, and all of that stress is bad for both you and your baby’s health.

Mind the Bump is a terrific way to prepare your brain and body for all the enormous changes heading your way. 

(not to mention the hard work of labor and delivery!). 

It was created by mental health clinicians who are trained in meditation, awareness, and perinatal health.

“Bringing other things into your pregnancy, such as meditation, can be beneficial, 

And utilizing an app like this can cover a ground that we don’t always have time to cover inside the office during visits,” 

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different types of pregnancy test positive

different types of pregnancy test positive


Although Matriarc is technically a postpartum app, 

It is definitely a good idea to download it before you go into labor if you want to get a head start on your postpartum self-care.

The app includes 120 professionally shot workouts that target areas like the core and pelvic floor that are commonly compromised during pregnancy and birth. 

Furthermore, while most pregnancy applications focus on the baby (which is vital! ), 

Matriarc is created to assist new mothers in focusing on their personal health and welfare (which is equally critical!).

Pregnancy apps

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In the end, through the previous lines you can find the best pregnancy apps you can use, we hope that may help you.




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  • Weekly information about you and your baby.
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  • Calculate your baby's due date!
  • Not sure when your baby is due?
  • Not sure when your conception date was?
  • Want to know how many weeks pregnant you are?
  • Want to know when the end of your first trimester is?

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