Stages of pregnancy in detail

Stages of pregnancy, Pregnancy lasts approximately 40 weeks, beginning on the first day of your last regular period. The weeks are divided into three trimesters. In these three stages, find out what’s going on with you and your kid. So keep reading to know stages of pregnancy with some details.

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a faint line on pregnancy test

a faint line on pregnancy test

Stages of pregnancy

  • First trimester.

Your body goes through multiple alterations during the first trimester.

Hormonal changes have an impact on nearly every organ system in the body. 

Even in the initial weeks of pregnancy, these changes might cause symptoms. 

When your period stops, it’s a sure sign you’re pregnant. Other modifications could include:

Extreme exhaustion

Breasts that are tender and swollen. Your nipples may also protrude.

Irritable stomach, with or without nausea (morning sickness)

Cravings for or distaste for certain meals

Swings in mood

Constipation is a common ailment that many individuals suffer from (trouble having bowel movements)

Urine needs to be passed more often.



Gaining or losing weight

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Second trimester

For most women, the second trimester of pregnancy is easier than the first.

During these months, though, it’s just as crucial to keep informed about your pregnancy.

You may have noticed that symptoms like nausea and tiredness have faded.

However, your body is undergoing fresh, more obvious changes. 

Your abdomen will grow in size as the baby grows.

You’ll start to feel your baby move by the end of this trimester!

You may experience the following symptoms as your body changes to accommodate your growing baby:

Body aches include pain in the back, abdominal, groin, or thigh.

Stretch marks are widespread on the abdomen, breasts, thighs, and buttocks.

Skin discoloration around your nipples.

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early faint positive pregnancy test

early faint positive pregnancy test

Third trimester

You’ve made it this far! Some of the aches and symptoms you felt in the second trimester will reappear.

Furthermore, many women experience difficulty breathing and realize that they need to use the restroom more frequently. 

This is due to the fact that the baby is growing and putting extra pressure on your organs. 

Don’t worry, your child will be OK, and these problems will go away after you have a child.

You may notice the following new physical changes during the third trimester:

Breathing problems


The ankles, fingers, and cheeks swell. 

(If you notice any sudden or extreme edema, or if you gain a lot of weight quickly, call your doctor straight once.)

This could indicate the presence of preeclampsia.)


Breasts that are soft and supple.

There’s a chance your belly button will protrude.

Sleeping problems

The baby has started to “drop,” or shift lower in your abdomen, which is a good sign.

Contractions can signal either real or false labor.

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Stages of pregnancy

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Finally, at the last stages of pregnancy, your cervix thins and softens as you get closer to your due date . This is a normal, natural mechanism that helps the birth canal open throughout the delivery process. Your doctor will perform a vaginal exam as you approach closer to your due date to assess your development.

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