Kids Floor Mattress

It is worth noting that the floor mattress can be regarded as a vital object in a home for diverse reasons. The mattress serves as a comfortable and cozy bed and a space-saving option that is preferable to the chunky bed frames. 

Nevertheless, this article will be focusing on some of the fantastic kids’ floor mattresses parents can find out there. It is vital to note that after getting accustomed to your baby’s development milestones, where they sleep henceforth is essential. 

What Is A Floor Mattress? 

First and foremost, it must be understood that all mattresses can be placed on the floor and slept on. However, certain types of mattresses are perfect for sleeping on the floor.

In other news, floor mattresses are specifically crafted to be positioned on the floor. And they are not compatible with any bed frame. They are primarily used in saving space in smaller rooms and apartments. 

More so, they get to be stored away when the user wakes up by morning. 

Are Floor Beds Safe? 

Before we delve into whether or not floor beds are safe, it is vital to note that the floor bed is a simple bed consisting of just a mattress or a mattress and a legless frame positioned directly on the ground. 

Lately, most parents are using floor beds because they feel it is safe for their babies. Similar to its name, it is a thin mattress that is laid on the floor. Since it is low, the risk of your child falling is zero. 

When you understand the breastfeeding benefits, you can easily pick your baby up at night to either breastfeed or bottle-feed when they are on the floor bed. 

As for the question that pertains to the safety of floor beds, the simple answer is that they are safe for your baby. In addition, the floor beds have some benefits, which include:

  • It helps the child to develop sleep independence

The proponents of floor beds have made it known that they offer kids more access to books and quiet toys as they ready themselves to sleep. And it enables them to rise in the morning all on their own. This gives them more independence. 

  • It supports the motor skills and body awareness of kids

Beginning from birth, kids begin to make tiny movements and turn roughly three hundred and sixty degrees. If observed closely, parents will notice that when their babies get to the edge of the bed, they tend to move back without dropping off. 

Understand that this sense of their body within a confined space is improved upon using a floor bed. The floor bed will enable your kid to enjoy an unobstructed view of space. 

  • It makes room for bonding

An advantage of this bed depends on its size because parents can lie or sit in the bed with the child. You can be on the bed to read to your kid or breastfeed your kid. 

In addition to all of this, when making use of a floor bed, you should have some safety practices in mind. Understand that the floor beds can be seen as dangerous if the room is not safety-proofed or the bed is not set uprightly. 

Some of the safety moves to practice include:

  • Position the kids’ floor mattress away from furniture or walls. This means you should place it at the center of the room so that when your baby rolls while asleep, they will not get trapped against the wall. 
  • You are to secure the furniture to the walls, ensure you cover the electrical outlets, and remove every small choking hazard.
  • Ensure that you remove all prospectively dangerous toys from the bedroom. 
  • You should consider installing safety gates if you have stairs. 

Another way to help your baby from rolling out is by making sure they sleep on the floor bed during the day.

What Age Are Floor Beds For? 

After going through the entire pregnancy phase beginning from the First trimester, there will come a time where your baby will transition from a crib to a bed. The majority of kids out there make this transition around the age of two or three. 

This is the age where they can place their leg at the top of the crib’s rail. At this stage, parents can consider moving them to a floor bed. When you move your kid to a floor bed, it will assist them in avoiding injuries. 

While all kids are different, you can consider using a floor bed for a child that is either two or three years old. It can also be used for an older toddler that has not shown any sign or desire to leave the crib. 

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Kids?

When it comes down to the ideal toddler foam mattress to purchase, it is less dependent on the construction type and more on:

  • Its firmness
  • Pressure relief
  • Support, and;
  • Its ability to grow with them. 

Understand that many things come into taking care of a child aside from the teething of your baby. Parents have so much to think about and lots of decisions to make. 

When seeking the best mattress for kids, foam and innerspring mattresses are among the most prominent choices as parents can buy high-quality models at very affordable prices. 

More so, hybrid beds will be good for kids as they combine the comfort and pressure relief of foam with coil support. As you seek the ideal mattress for your kid, understand that the best approach to take is to consider their:

  • Weight
  • Preferred sleeping position, and:
  • Individual preferences

Toddler Bed Mattress Versus Crib Mattress

Are you among those asking questions such as “Is a toddler mattress the same as a crib mattress?”. Well, we will be providing you with adequate answers to the question. 

Understand that most of the standard toddler bed mattress size is the same as the standard crib mattress size. Note that the standard crib mattress measures 28inches x 52inches. 

This means that there is no available gap between the mattress and the side of the crib where a child can potentially find him or herself stuck. Therefore, the crib mattress would fit the toddler bed when it comes down to the toddler bed mattress vs. the crib mattress. 

For those who may still be asking questions such as “Is toddler mattress same as a crib?” the answer is no. Although, your toddler can keep on using the crib mattress that they made use of as babies. 

There are ways to choose the ideal crib or toddler mattress in the argument between toddler bed mattress vs. crib mattress. 

It does not matter which of them you are shopping for; there are some features you must look out for to ensure a comfortable sleeping surface for your baby. 

Similar to getting your baby the best prenatal vitamins, you need to get them the best kids’ floor mattress. The requirements that the mattress must fulfill include:

  • It should be supportive

The most vital aspect of all kid’s mattress is that it is comfortable and supportive. If not, your kid will not sleep well and thrive. In addition, the mattress will have to be firm, for babies while toddlers will need a softer toddler foam mattress. 

  • It must be breathable

Understand that breathability is an essential feature of all crib or toddler mattresses. The breathable mattress will enable air to circulate and enable heat to escape freely. 

It is pretty important as nighttime overheating can be harmful to young kids and babies. 

  • It should be water-resistant

One thing all parents can collectively agree upon is that toddlers and babies are leaky creatures. The water-resistant mattress will help to stop any form of unpleasant seeping into the mattress. 

Most of them come with water-resistant covers that can be removed and washed with a machine. 

  • Certifications

One unfortunate issue is that some of these mattresses are crafted with chemicals that can pose a risk to the health of humans. More so, young kids are particularly primarily susceptible if they have respiratory conditions like asthma. 

You are to search for mattresses that have either the GREENGUARD Gold or Certi-Pur Certifications. These Certifications mean that the mattress has been tested extensively to make sure it does not contain any harmful substances. 

  • It should be hypoallergenic

Most babies and toddlers have allergies that are triggered by bedding, and this can disturb their sleep. Due to this reason, it is vital to buy a hypoallergenic mattress. 

Best Kids Floor Mattress

Some of the best kids floor mattresses you can find in the market include:

  • Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes down to purchasing the best large toddler mattress for kids, the Millard Tri-folding memory mattress is the ideal one to consider. This model provides both cool night rest and convenient support undermining your child’s sleeping position. 

It can be adjusted easily, and it is effortless to transfer anywhere you are going. You can use them in any room because it folds. It is perfect for a picnic or camping trip. 

Furthermore, this mattress makes use of therapeutic and plush three-pound memory foam. It is very breathable and offers ventilated airflow to keep your child cool at night. Interestingly, it has CertiPur US certification and is engineered to be free of toxic materials. 

Parents will love that the cover of this foam can be washed and dried using a dryer without compromising its quality. Its attachment and removal are easy to do. It is an easily foldable mattress and very portable. 

You can purchase this mattress in full, queen, and twin sizes. The choice is yours to make. Bear in mind that this foam is the best solution for temporary sleeping accommodation. 

  • Inofia Tri-Fold Memory Foam Floor Mattress

If you have no interest in the Millard option above, you may likely love the Inofia tri-fold memory foam. It comes in diverse dimensions, options, and sizes although, it does not have a king mattress. 

It is vital to note that this mattress is transportable, lightweight, and, of course, portable. Parents can easily set up this mattress as all you will need to do is unfold it and easily spread it on the floor. 

More so, it makes use of high-quality memory foam, and it is roughly six inches thick. Moreover, due to its Certi-Pur certification, it is toxin-free. Interestingly, this kids’ floor mattress can neither catch fire nor generate an unattractive odor. 

It is fantastic for rooms, tents and even dorm rooms. Your baby can easily turn on this foam as it conforms to the body curves and hugs the baby to sleep.  As a thick mattress, it is close in semblance to a real bed. 

  • D&D Futon Furniture Floor Mattress

When searching for a roll-up mattress for kids, the Japanese futon mattress is your best bet. This mattress is made of cotton batting. It can be rolled up so that you can keep it safe in your closet. 

It is three inches thick and perfect for sleeping on the floor. Also, it can be used for several purposes like children playing games, massage, yoga, picnics, and much more. It can also be used in places like mobile houses or the living room. 

For those who desire a budget-friendly toddler foam mattress, the D&D Futon mattress is a fantastic investment. It can be bought in black and ideal for parents who want firm support for their kids. 

It is shipped with ninety percent white cotton construction as well as polyester fiber. Quality regulations have approved this mattress, and it conforms to the body. It provides premium yet quality night rest and the best alternative for kids. 

As for its maintenance, the black cover is usually seen against it, making it impossible to wash. Nevertheless, you can get it to spot cleaned or allow it to rest under the sun. This is because it has been built with durability at the core. 

  • Lucid 4″ Folding Mattress & Sofa

As a large toddler mattress, the Lucid folding mattress is a highly flexible way for your baby to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest as well as daily use. 

When it comes down to kit for kids mattresses, the Lucid folding mattress comes with a sofa to provide comfortable seating making it ideal for watching television or simply reading books. 

It can double as a play mat, and it is ideal for the kid’s playroom. Interestingly, you can even make use of it as a launchpad. It has a carry handle for easy transport and makes use of a removable and washable cover. 

According to the Lucid manufacturers, the mattress can be used as a mattress topper. This is due to its cushioning and convenient support. It is a fantastic option to bunk and trundle beds. 

As a Certi-Pur US-approved product, it does not come with any harmful odors and allergens. It makes use of hypoallergenic materials. This means that it quickly resists dust mites and bacteria. 

As for its comfort, the mattress uses a thick layer of gel memory foam and conforms to the baby’s body curves. This occurs in a way to decrease pressure and distribute even weight. 

Due to its gel beads, it enables the mattress to be breathable. Moreover, it is easy for its maintenance because when your child is done with it, it can be easily stored due to its portable and relatively lightweight. 

Moreover, its fabric cover can be washed. Finally, since it uses hypoallergenic materials, it is perfect for kids with chronic asthma and other complications. 

  • MAXYOYO Futon Mattress

The first thing to note is that this is a fantastic roll-up mattress for kids. It consists of both prominent Tatami and futon mattresses plus hybrid. This model comes with diverse colors and patterns. 

Though this model uses triangles, parents can shop for others like pineapples, moon, and even stars. It is a portable mattress as well as lightweight. It is perfect for transportation and traveling. 

The MAXYOYO futon mattress is four inches thick and great for the perfect rest. It can be stored easily due to the bandages and the canvas storage bag. However, it would be best to keep it in a bag to preserve its lifespan and quality. 

Furthermore, this kids’ floor mattress provides fantastic comfort and a dustproof cover. It simply means that you will not need to worry about dust mites and bacteria. Interestingly, the quilted cover does not cause itching, and it will not scratch your child. 

Regardless of your child’s sleeping position, this large toddler mattress provides proper support. In addition, its use is highly versatile. 


On a general note, when it comes down to the kids’ floor mattress, there are many things you can put into consideration. We have outlined these things so that you can purchase the ideal mattress for your little one. 

When choosing the ideal eco kids mattress for your little one from our list, the choice is yours on the exact mattress that fits into your budget. There are tips to follow as well when selecting the mattress of your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Is there a particular age for kids floor beds?

Yes. You can place your child on a floor bed when they are roughly two to three years old.

  •  What do kids floor beds do?

Kids Floor Beds help to give the child an independence. It helps them not to feel confined to a crib and to play with their toys until they sleep.

  •  Is it OK for my child to be on a floor bed?

Yes it is so long as your child is up to two years old.

  • What is the best floor mattress I can buy?

There are different floor mattresses that you can purchase. You can buy the D&D futon mattress or even the MAXYOYO Mattress.


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