Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Kids are little angels that fill the house with love and laughter. Most parents wait for the moment they are blessed with their little ones. But how do you know that this month is the one? A positive pregnancy test is the most definitive sign but there are more subtle early pregnancy symptoms; these symptoms may not be specific to pregnancy but they can be highly suggestive as early as one to two weeks after fertilization.

These early pregnancy symptoms are not typical for all pregnancies. Not all women will experience the same symptoms. You may notice some of them or none at all. Also, they don’t have to occur in all of your pregnancies. Early pregnancy symptoms are similar to what you may experience before or during your menstrual period. But when accompanied with a missed period they are highly suggestive. So we made a list of all the early pregnancy symptoms to help you detect your pregnancy sooner.

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms


Implantation Bleeding

The earliest s sign of pregnancy is implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding or vaginal spotting occurs when the fertilized ovum attaches to the uterine wall.

This occurs 3 to 4 days after fertilization, making the time of spotting close to or the actual time of your next period. However, the difference between implementation bleeding and an actual period can be easily spotted by new mothers.

Vaginal spotting is lighter in color than your normal period blood. As the name suggests, vaginal spotting last a way shorter period of time, while your normal period would last for 3 to 7 days, Implantation bleeding occurs for a few hours to 3 days; and in a smaller amount. Vaginal spotting would never soak up your pad. Actually, it could be noticed only when wiping.

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Another one of the commonest early pregnancy symptoms is cramps. Cramps could be confused with your normal period as they occur in the same time and may be accompanied by implantation bleeding.

But pregnancy cramps are much less painful than those of your normal period.  They usually last for a shorter as well. But rest assured, cramps along with the vaginal spotting need no treatment.

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Sore Breasts

Due to some hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, breast soreness is one of the early pregnancy symptoms.

You may start to feel your breasts becoming fuller and feel a little painful. This occurs as early as two weeks after contraception. This is due to the rapid change in hormones that occurs in the beginning of pregnancy.

As the weeks go by, the breasts will continue to become bigger and the nipple and areola will become darker. However, the body should get used to the hormone swings and the pain should ease up.

One practical solution until then is using cotton non-padded bras instead of pushup ones.

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Missed Period

One of the surest earliest signs of pregnancy is a missed period. A missed period means that your ovaries are taking a pause so that your uterus can prepare for the baby.

A missed period can be due to stress, sickness, or any other reasons but being pregnant is one of the most important reasons to consider.

So that’s why if your period is a week late, try taking a pregnancy test as it will probably be positive!

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Fatigue is one of the early pregnancy symptoms. It occurs due to hormonal changes, mainly because of the elevated progesterone.

There are many reasons contributing to this fatigue as the low blood pressure, low blood sugar, and the boost in blood production to support the baby.

The fatigue is most significant in the first trimester and then your energy levels go back up.

Unfortunately, there are a million reasons to cause that feeling of tiredness; however, when fatigue occurs with other early pregnancy symptoms you should feel suspicious.

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Nausea and Vomiting

Morning sickness is a very common one of early pregnancy symptoms. It can occur during any time in the day and occurs as early as two weeks.

The exact reason responsible is unknown but is blamed on high estrogen levels. The increase in hormone level causes the stomach to empty slower than normal. Pregnant women also have an enhanced sense of smell which may cause them to feel nauseous easily.

One tip that may help through this is to stay hydrated and keep a pack of salt crackers in handy.


Frequent Urination

Another downside caused by the low blood pressure is an increase in the number of bathroom visits; due to the increased blood production by the body to support your growing child and the vasodilatation of blood vessels, more blood is filtered by the kidney than normal causing frequent urination.

This can get a bit uncomfortable but is one of the early pregnancy symptoms. Unfortunately, frequent urination, unlike other symptoms, may last till the end of your pregnancy as later the uterus compresses the bladder.

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Constipation and Flatulence

Similar to bloating that occurs before your period, constipation is one of the early pregnancy symptoms. It occurs due to elevated progesterone which slows down your digestive system.

This allows gases to build up and may escape somehow causing flatulence. High levels of estrogen also cause a delay in stomach emptying making you feel bloated.


Food Cravings

Odd food cravings is one of the commonest early pregnancy symptoms. The reason you might want pizza or ice cream is the hormonal changes. The cravings are wild during the first trimester when the hormone swings are most prominent and then start to fade away.

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Elevated Basal Temperature

If you are keeping track of your temperature to determine your ovulation days, then you may notice an increase in basal temperature after ovulation.

If this increase is sustained for 2 weeks, that means you are probably pregnant. In the absence of any other cause of fever as sickness or exercise, we suggest you pay your gynecologist a visit to make sure.

Until then make sure to stay hydrated and in rooms with cooler temperatures in order to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

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Just Feeling Pregnant

They always say moms have a sixth sense and they are right! If you are feeling pregnant, you might actually be!

You have that intuition because you feel different: a little more bloated, heartburn, a little nauseous, or those extra trips to the bathroom. And more often than not that feeling is proven to be true!


Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

You may be feeling different but with no clue why while your pregnancy may be the actual cause. Weird early pregnancy symptoms might include a metallic taste in your tongue. This taste usually disappears after the first trimester but may stick around.

Other symptoms are increased blocked noses or sinuses due to increased mucus production, blue maps over your body due to dilated veins, bleeding gums or noses, or something as weird as vivid dreams or nightmares.

Learn more about morning sickness during pregnancy.

Final Words

While a positive pregnancy test or ultrasonography is the most definite proof, these early pregnancy symptoms may help you notice that your baby is there sooner. This is good for you and the baby because it allows for sooner prenatal care making sure your pregnancy is safe. So if you are trying or expecting a baby, keep an eye out for those symptoms.

Last update was on: April 13, 2021 5:02 am

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