How to Protect Your Child from Coronavirus: What Parents Should Know?

Protect Your Child from Coronavirus – Kids are god’s precious gift to their parents. Parents would do anything to make sure they are safe from any harm, and that is not an easy task especially when during a pandemic. The Coronavirus pandemic is a worry to everyone nowadays but it is one thing to worry about yourself and totally another thing to worry about your dear ones.

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a virus that causes flu-like symptoms but more severe and can progress to respiratory complications. However, it causes milder disease in children. It is not known why but that is good news. That doesn’t change the fact that it is still a threat and we are here to tell you how to avoid it.

Tips to Protect Your Child from Coronavirus


Regular Hand Wash

The Coronavirus has been reported to live on surfaces for 3-12 hours. So your child’s hands might get infected with the virus if she or he touches a contaminated surface.

The most protective method to Protect Your Child from Coronavirus is that they wash their hands before and after they eat, play, or perform any other activity. This should be done with any type of soap for 30 seconds.

If water or soap is not available, alcohol with concentration of 70% can serve as a substitute for hand wash.


Tell Them to Avoid Touching Their Face

The virus does not live in the air for a distance of more than one meter. This means that it will infect your child more probably if he touches his face with his infected hands than his presence around sick people. So tell him or her to keep their hands off their face and even create a reward system to keep them motivated.


Remind Them to Keep a Safe Distance

Although it is best to stay home, children may accompany adults in grocery trips or play with siblings or relatives or even neighbors next door. So you should be sure to let them know and understand clearly the symptoms of the disease and that it can spread to them at an arms distance.

Try to tell them that in a friendly tone or as a form of role-playing so that they know they should avoid anyone who is coughing or sneezing.


Advise Them to Avoid Crowds

Explain to them how the Coronavirus spreads fast and that keeping a distance is one of the main mechanisms of preventing the disease.

Tell them that it is better and safer for them to skip school, playgrounds, birthday parties, and any other gathering that might come up. Try to cheer them up with other home activities.

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Explain the Situation Clearly

Your child will hear about the COVID-19 in school or read about online, and not everything she or he will hear would be true. This will cause them to be unnecessarily worried and might severely affect their mood. So we advise that you check in with their child, ask them what they heard and make sure it’s true.

Try to reassure them that the Coronavirus will not affect them severely and that they shouldn’t worry about the adults either as 80% of the cases will completely recover. The psychological state of your child shouldn’t be a depressed one.


Be Present and Listen to Their Concerns

Rumors are going around the place and most of them exaggerate the current situation. This may lead your child to feel an unnecessary fear.

Keep an eye on any change in their behavior that may suggest anxiety. Tell them that you are here and they can come talk to you anytime and about anything. Make them feel safe at all times.

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Make a Schedule to Keep Them Busy

Since school, sports, and all activities are canceled, your child may be feeling down and bored. This stress will affect their immunity negatively making them more vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

Protect Your Child from Coronavirus – Keeping them with activities as drawing, talking, or building projects will keep them distracted and lift up their mood.

If the children are of older age, let them choose their own project to let that be cooking, solving puzzles, or any other idea they suggest.


Act As a Role Model

Children can easily be affected by the mood of the room. If the adults seem worried or act nervously, that will cause them to be worried and act weirdly.

So always try to act normal and smile on their faces and try to engage in their games. And if any family member gets infected, reassure them that they will get well soon and there is no need to excessively worry.

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Make Sure to Avoid Using Racist Blames

Because the disease started in a certain community, children might faultly believe that a certain nation is to blame for the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Make sure to avoid certain blames when explaining to them the current situation and tell them that the disease spread because of its scientific nature and there is no nation to blame for that.


Help Them Learn New Skills

Now that your kids are staying in all day, help them limit their television hours to two or three hours a day.

During the rest of the day suggest new languages they can learn, help them discover their hobbies, solve a puzzle, or paint in their favorite color books.

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Boost Their Immunity

“You are what you eat” is a very popular yet very true saying. Food has an important role in strengthening your child’s immunity both in the long term by foods and short term by multivitamins.

Food that boosts your immunity is that rich in vitamins E, C, and B6.  These are present in red meat, vegetables, fruits, salmon, and almonds. Many other foods are nutritious in those vitamins.

For extra support, you can give your child multivitamins made for kids. Boosting your child’s immunity will help him get through the Coronavirus with very mild symptoms.

How to Deal With The Symptoms of Coronavirus?

So how do you know that your child has caught the new Coronavirus? Symptoms in children include fever, dry cough, and sneezing. These symptoms are similar to those of the normal flu. An abnormal presentation may be diarrhea.

  • If your child experiences any of these symptoms call your doctor to check in with him or her. Make sure to keep your child away from other family members and pets to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.
  • Instruct your child and everyone else to wash their hands regularly. Make sure your child stays hydrated as the fever might cause some degree of dehydration.
  • Help your child get enough rest and sleep. Clean the household more often than your normal.
  • Watch out for complications as fast breathing, sleepiness, or trouble breathing. Reassure your child that they will get better soon.

Last update was on: March 4, 2021 2:29 pm

Final Word

Now with everything made clear, we hope you stay home to stay safe. Wash your hands every 3 hours and before and after anything you do especially eating and touching your face.

Keep your house clean and follow government protocol and hopefully, you will pass this pandemic safely with your family. This quarantine is hard to keep up with but always remember that this is a temporary phase and that you are not only protecting yourself but your whole country. Also, you could read more here about the Coronavirus and Pregnancy…

Last update was on: March 4, 2021 2:29 pm

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