Best Baby Bibs

Every parent out there knows the importance of baby bibs. However, most of them had no idea how necessary it was until they got to the throes of parenthood. The amazing thing is that you can go through several baby bibs in one day.

And, diverse activities will have you using specific types of bibs. Do you know the different types of bibs for each job? Do you know the bibs that will keep your baby dry, comfortable, and clean?

We will be providing you with everything you will need to know about the best bibs out there.

At What Age Do Babies Use Bibs?

One thing you should bear in mind is the fact that baby bibs had come a long way from the ancient days when they were nothing but mere cloth fastened around the necks of babies.

They were used to protect the clothes from food and liquid spills. To this day, they still serve the same purpose, although today’s feeding bibs are made from more advanced materials such as silicone.

And, they have intriguing features such as deep pockets added to catch food. Understand that there are waterproof bibs that can wipe clean to make the feeding time easier.

Bear in mind that your baby can use bibs for your so long as it is helpful. Most of the bibs are sized to fit kids up to ages three and even six. Note that these bibs can come in quite handy before your baby begins eating solid food.

There are soft bandana-style bibs out there that can help protect the baby’s clothes from spit-up, and they can absorb the drools that come with teething. There are teething bibs that come with silicone edges that your baby can easily chew on.

While many custom baby bibs are cute and convenient, you should never let your baby sleep with their bib on as it results in strangulation hazards.

What Are The Different Types Of Baby Bibs?


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Best Baby Bibs

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Like we have tried explaining above, there are different types of baby bibs available at your disposal. As you read through this article, you will be astonished by the different types of bibs.

Some of the most common bibs you will find are:

Smock Bibs

The smock bibs should be found in all houses as they are easy to clean, long sleeves, and made using a thin plastic bib. They can be used when feeding the baby. It will interest you to note that they have diverse uses, including playing in the dirt, feeding, and even painting.

Feeding bibs

When it comes to the baby feeding bibs, there are so many you can select from, and the main type is the one with a rubber design. The rubber design feeding bib had a catchment trough placed at the bottom.

The feeding bibs are easy to clean and are amazing for catching food as you feed the baby before the floor’s food lands. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that any bib can be used for the entire feeding process.

Newborn bibs

Your newborn can make use of any of the newborn baby bibs. More so, it is important to note that the newborn bibs are specifically crafted for babies of roughly zero to six months old.

These bibs are made using a fabric front; they are absorbent and have a soft terry backing. You will love the fact that they come full with two fasteners on the side of the neck.

Its design will allow parents to put on and take off the bibs with ease. They are the best for newborns as they are absorbent, stylish, and ideal for a newborn.

Bear in mind that even if your baby has not started eating solid foods or sprouting a tooth or two, they will still need the additional protection. The bib can help to keep the dribbled breastmilk or formula off your baby’s clothes while you feed them.

It can also assist in sopping up the inevitable spit up that tend to come after. The newborn bibs are usually extra small cloth bibs crafted to fit the tiny neck of your baby.

Large bibs

The large bibs are crafted for feeding because they can fully cover your baby’s clothes. Interestingly, when your baby begins teething, the large bibs will protect their clothing from the massive amount of drool they generate.

They are largely made from fabric.

Bandana bibs

The bandana bibs are predominantly used during the teething phase as they are the best baby bibs for drooling. And, they are among the most prominent types out there. These bibs are made from fabrics, and they have pleats that assist in capturing the drool.

They stop the drool from seeping through to the skin of your baby. They are the most stylish and commonly used daily. Some of its high-quality types have cotton bamboo backing that is ultra-absorbent and is very soft on the skin.

Understand that bandana bibs operate similarly to the regular cloth bibs, but they have more style. They are for babies of any age and can be very good for your drooling toddler as the bandana style looks less babyish.
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Vintage bibs

The vintage bibs recently turned fashionable and are mostly used on very special occasions. They are of standard style and come with lacing and baubles.

It is worth noting that any bib is better than having nothing to protect the clothes whenever it comes down to keeping your baby food off the toddler’s outfit.

However, you should go for the options that are easy to wash and the bibs that keep food from ending up in the baby’s laps or arms. You can purchase one or two bibs that you can frequently clean; however, it is not bad to have more for backup.

You can purchase a silicone bib as it is waterproof, flexible, and soft. It can also be wiped clean after each meal. Most of the silicone baby bibs have either a pocket or lip at the bottom to easily catch food that the baby drops, so it does not end up on their body.

You can also buy plastic bibs as they are thin like cloth bibs but are made of waterproof plastic. Thus, they can be wiped clean easily. Some of them have pockets for crumbs,  but they will not catch as much as the silicone bibs.

Some options are big enough to cover the shoulders or laps of your baby. You will also find disposable baby bibs that are single-use options and helpful when you are traveling.

When you confirm that you are pregnant, you may have so many things in mind, and the last thing that runs through your mind will be the best baby bibs to purchase.

Furthermore, when it comes to baby drools, some babies and toddlers are heavy droolers even though babies only drool when teething.

No matter the type of drooler, your baby is, bear in mind that a lightweight bib is capable of stopping up the spit to keep the baby’s shirt from getting soaked. A top that drools heavily can go through diverse cloth bibs daily.

When you purchase the cloth bib, note that they can be washed using the washing machine as they are made from absorbent and soft materials from muslin, cotton, or terry.

One of the teething bibs is the multi-use bibs. The multi-use bibs are burp cloths that come with a contoured shape and draped over the baby’s shoulders if you never knew.

What Things Are You To Consider Before Buying Bibs?

You must note that an ideal stash of baby bibs is essential for parents when the baby is born.

You will go through a fair few as your newborn spits out milk feed, dribbles as he or she is teething, and when they begin the path to solid foods. Bibs will be found in your bag until when your kid is done with the toddler years.

However, not all bibs are equal, and it is vital to seek durable, protective, washable, and comfortable fabrics.

Some of the things to consider include:

The material

There are lots of materials to choose from that range from plastic, rubber, and fabric. Note that the fabric cotton bibs for babies are usually made with organic cotton or cotton.

The material is used for diverse reasons, including moisture control, comfort, and, of course, durability. Its backing is among the most vital parts of the bib as it may sit against the skin of your child.

More so, the superior quality bibs have a cotton bamboo backing or toweling that is soft to the touch and does not irritate your baby’s skin. One thing to know about bamboo is that it is highly absorbent.

Thus, it makes sure that minimal drool gets to leak through to the baby’s skin and clothes. Another reason to use bamboo is that it is friendly to the environment.

Hence, it replenishes at a swift rate, and it is a renewable material. If you never knew, bamboo is the quickest growing woody plant globally as it generates up to thirty-five percent more oxygen than most trees.

Its fasteners

The most prominently used fasteners you will find out there are the plastic KAM snap style fasteners. It is easy to open and close. It is also specially designed so that babies cannot understand the fastener by themselves.

Note that this type is also mad enough metal though it is not common. Dependent on the manufacturer,  they tend to add one or two fasteners. One benefit of having diverse fasteners is the fact that they are adjustable.

More so, another fastening device type is the drawstring. It is not so common, but they are popular on vintage bibs.

Do Newborns Need Bibs?

On a general note, it is advised that newborns wear newborn baby bibs. The newborn bibs are vital as babies tend to spit up while being breastfed. It will save you from washing your baby’s clothes after every meal.

It is also recommended that the fastener is placed at the side as it will be easier to affix and remove for newborns since their neck muscles are not developed yet.

What Are The Best Baby Bibs?

Some of the best baby bibs are:

One thing to note about the KiddyStar toddler bib is that it is made from organic cotton and polyester fleece. It is ultra-soft and highly comfortable. If you need a super absorbent bib, then this is the bib for you.

It comes in a diverse neck size range and has been sourced highly in almost all bibs categories. It is the ideal bib for your baby’s delicate skin. It comes with four snaps, and it is capable of fitting your child as he or she grows.

When it comes down to its absorbency, it gives a stellar performance. In all honesty, it outshines the majority of its competition. It is capable of absorbing thin liquid almost instantly, and thick liquid is absorbed a little slower.

One of the downsides to consider when it comes down to this bib is that it is large. If you need a small bib, then this is not the option for you. Also, its care maintenance places this option among the high maintenance bibs.

Its manufacturers suggest that parents add half a cup of vinegar to its first wash to help set and preserve the color and for amazing results. It should also be laid flat to dry.

Also, parents can tumble dry this bib on low heat as this is faster. Is your baby a heavy drooler? If yes, this is one of the best baby bibs for drooling out there.

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The first thing to note about the KUDL absorbent baby toddler bib is that it is super absorbent, ultra-soft, and very easy to wash as it does not shrink. It features premium cotton at the front and fleece lining at the back.

It is capable of absorbing thin liquid swiftly and absorbs thicker liquid a little bit slower. You will be impressed with how much it can retain before any form of seepage takes place.

It provides a highly convenient snap-on closure making it easy to use for parents and comfortable for the child. You can toss this bib into the washing machine and dry it using low heat.

As a large bib, it cannot be placed under newborn bibs, but it fits toddlers. This bib also features three-neck size settings, and it is better than some of its competitions.

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Among the silicone baby bibs is the PandaEar silicone bib, which is affordable, easy to clean, and highly travel-friendly. It is one hundred percent food grade, made with BPA-free silicone, and fits babies of up to ten months and older.

It is believed that this bib is easy to wash using hands, and you can quickly dry it with your towel. It comes with a button and hole closure system as well as four-neck size settings.

Its material is pliable, and its pockets remain open to catch both food and liquid. We think that this bib is amazing for eating meals when you are not home.

You can place a utensil in the pocket of the bib, roll up the bib and stash it in your diaper bag. Bear in mind that you will need to connect two or more buttons to prevent the baby from removing this bib.

Even though it has a flaw with its silicone holes, which rips with time, it is easy to clean and ultimately dry.

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The MatiMati bandana bib is not only comfortable for the baby, but it is economical, stylish, and can be easily laid flat to dry after being washed. It is rated among the baby dribble bibs that serves as a great option for teething babies.

It is soft to the touch, and its fleece is placed on the backside. Interestingly, this bib lays flat on your child’s chest rather than bunching up underneath the baby’s chin.

Since it snaps on, babies of roughly three months to twenty-four months of age can wear it. It absorbs thin liquid slowly and is perfect for retaining a good amount.

Furthermore, as one of the baby bibs you can buy, you must note that it struggles to absorb thick liquid though it can retain a good amount of liquid before seepage happens.

Though it is easy to wash, its care instructions state that you are to lay it flat to dry. Thus, this can be time-consuming. It also provides two neck size settings as you can only buy the large size or the small size.

Even though it lacks an adjustability range, it is a good option for absorbency due to its ability to retain.



You find the information provided here about the best-personalized baby bibs to buy helpful in our best interest. Ensure that you supervise your baby the whole time they are wearing any of these baby boy bibs or baby girl bibs.

Now that you have an idea of the best bibs to buy, you will love to read more about the best nursery storage you can find out there for your baby’s room.

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