Best Nursery Storage

Have you been thinking of the best nursery storage for your little one? The first thing to note is that nurseries are charming even though they are the smallest room found in the home.

Those who live in a small home may likely share a corner of their master’s bedroom with the newborn. For this reason, smart baby closet ideas are essential. Every parent wants to welcome their newborn with the ideal nursery.

And, it is not a shocking surprise that babies come with so much stuff. In no time, the nursery will be packed with lots of baby things you never even expected. However, we are here to help you with your baby room organization.

We have been able to combine diverse nursery closet organizers and provide you with baby room storage ideas that will help you maximize space so that you can select what is needed and the stuff that is not needed.

Additionally, your nursery storage will need to be functional even though it needs to look cute. There are hacks we will be provided to save you money as you can use what you have and make use of your everyday household items.

However, before we delve into the best nursery storage you can find out there, we need to give you a detailed explanation of what the nursery storage entails.

What Is A Nursery Storage?

First and foremost, babies have so many things at their disposal. And, the challenge is keeping all this stuff organized instead of littered around the home. Knowing where everything is can make your life with your newborn easier to navigate.

For example, knowing you kept the diaper cream in the diaper caddy on the dresser is excellent. Or knowing that the socks and booties are hanging in the closet organizer is a perfect way to navigate life with your baby.

When you have the ideal baby nursery drawer organizer, you will have the space to place all the:

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Stuffies
  • Blankets
  • Clothing, and;
  • Diapers.

You will no longer have to be stressed with finding all you need, and tidying the child’s room will not be difficult anymore. An ideal nursery drawer organizer includes:

  • Baskets
  • Diaper caddies
  • Bins
  • Closet organizers
  • Over The door organizers
  • Hangers
  • Hampers
  • Bookshelves
  • Storage boxes, and even;
  • Toy chests

While you may not need all the items mentioned earlier, mixing and matching these options will help you begin your search.

The nursery storage helps you keep all the baby stuff so that you do not need to stress yourself searching for what you need.

What Should You Look For In Best Nursery Storage And Organizers?

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Thinking of setting up your baby closet organizer or the baby nursery storage can feel like a challenge. And, this is why our best advice for you is to keep everything simple. A little can go so far when it comes down to organization and storage if you never knew.

You can begin with a nursery storage set to keep the little outfits in order, then move to the closet dividers, which, even though it may feel like a silly concept, will assist in keeping track of the child’s clothes by size, so you do not have to miss out on any clothes.

Once the closet is under your control, you can focus on the dresser. Here, you can place the bows, baby socks, and booties in there as they can easily get lost. Finding a system to keep them organized like the nursery storage furniture is essential.

Furthermore, you may need toy storage. You can always get a nursery toy storage instead of a huge, old-school toy box. You should pick on something large and capable of transitioning with your baby.

While getting set for your small nursery storage ideas, you can get a bookshelf or a bookcase. When your baby becomes a toddler, he or she will love to hear the same books over and again.

It is not advisable to bring heavy bookcases into the nursery as it can be hazardous. Instead, you can anchor yours to your wall. You can also look for a book holder that beautifully displays the books’ covers so that your baby can easily pick his or her favorite titles.

Finally, you will be needing a place to position the diaper changing supplies. It does not matter if it will be a drawer or a diaper caddy; you will need to place everything you need at your fingertips.

Those who will be changing diapers in diverse locations around the home select a portable diaper caddy easy to carry around.

Nursery Closet Organizer: Baby Closet Ideas

Are you on the search for nursery storage ideas? Are you lost on the best baby room storage ideas to use for your nursery?

Well, you do not need to fret anymore, as we will be providing you with some of the best baby closet organizer ideas that you never imagined. They include:

Store the excess items in plastic bins and place them under the crib

It is critical for those who do not have enough space to take total advantage of all available square feet you can find. You can make use of appropriate-sized plastic bins.

These bins should be the type that fits perfectly beneath the crib to hold the wipes, formula, extra diapers, and clothes. Do you have containers peaking out? You can try the crib skirt.

You can easily stash the supplies in woven baskets or those decorative buckets for those who may want to show off their storage under the crib.
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Make use of spice racks to store the baby books

Do you have some of the favorite children’s books for your baby already? When planning your baby room organization, you can use some spice racks on the wall instead of the traditional bookshelf.

Since children’s books are quite fragile, you will be capable of placing a few of them facing forward on every shelf. This will not only save you the desired space, but your favorite covers will also be put on display for an extra decorative touch.

You can place the racks towards the floor so that your baby can reach out to them when he or she can walk.

Diapers can be kept in a shower caddy

Since you will be going through lots of diapers when the baby arrives until he or she reaches a specific age, you will need to consider where to place the diapers when thinking of the baby closet organizer.

Note that if you lack diaper storage in your changing station or there is no room for a spare outfit, you can use the shower caddy. The caddy can be hung on the wall and within your reach.

This will not only give you added space but will also provide out-of-the-way vertical storage. You can paint the caddy as well.

Hang the baby shoes from a tension rod

As part of your nursery organization ideas, you can try hanging the baby shoes from a tension rod. Understand that the shape of baby shoes are very adorable, and this makes them difficult to store

However, you can keep the tiny shoes organized and out of the way by dangling them on a tension rod. The tension rod can be positioned somewhere in the room, like the closet, and you can add curtain clips.

The baby shoes can be hung from each of the clips as it will help keep them together. Asides from keeping them safe, you can easily revel in their cuteness.

Baby clothes should be sorted by season and size

When it comes to the nursery closet organizer, the excellent idea is to sort their clothes by size and season. Note that babies grow up so fast, which means you will have to keep changing their wardrobe.

Now, you can place plastic bins in the closet or dresser and use them to separate clothes by their size and type.

In keeping the clothes accessible conveniently, you can place them upright as this will allow you to see them. With this system, you can rotate out any size as your baby has outgrown the clothes and move them into self-storage.

Place the outgrown clothes in long term storage

It is worthy to note that, before you place any of the baby clothing into storage, you must ensure that you wash them and they are fully dry. If the clothes end up being damp, you will be faced with mildew issues.

When it comes down to storing baby clothes, you should have a few things in mind. For short-term storage, you may want to give the jumpers and onesie to a family expecting a baby. You can place them in simple cardboard boxes.

The more extended storage, you can easily invest in plastic storage totes to keep the clothing dry and free from dust. Another way to store baby clothes is to sort each clothing by age.

You will be sorting the clothing by zero to nine months, twelve months, eighteen months, and twenty-four months.

If you find yourself stuck with a massive pile for a particular age group, you can try sorting by season. You should have a spearman pile for stuff like swaddling clothes, baby blankets, and bibs.

Each bin should be labeled appropriately so that you can easily find everything in the self-storage unit later. Bear in mind that you can follow the wash, sort, store, and repeat the procedure for your maternity clothing as well.

Utilize a daybed and not a rocker

When it comes down to the nursery closet organizer and the best nursery closet ideas, it is advisable to use a daybed if you have space.

Asides from the daybed providing you with a comfortable place to nurse and fold the baby clothes, you will be able to sleep in it when your child is sick. If you have other kids, they can sit here without feeling left out.

It does not matter if you want to go for an affordable option or want to spend on extravagant nursery storage furniture; the daybed will provide you with the additional sleeping space you will need as a new parent.

The daybed works excellently in a nursery.

Use convertible furniture to save cash

When it comes down to nursery storage, the best baby room storage ideas will save you cash on a piece of temporary furniture. Like the daybed, you will need to carefully select furniture pieces that your baby can easily grow into.

There are diverse companies out there that provide products that will convert from a crib to a toddler bed. They can also convert to a twin bed. It will amaze you to note that the price for these three in one option can be compared to the average crib’s cost.

Although your major focus is on safety, you can also keep in mind that you can reuse the changing tables as dressers, shelves, or even storage when your baby outgrows the diaper phase.

Store the extra items outside the baby room

When it comes to baby nursery storage, it is advisable to store the extra baby items outside the child’s room. For busy parents, you may need a highly efficient system to care for your baby.

This means you should have an additional set of your baby’s necessities always ready so you can swiftly grab them at any point in time. You can build a mini diaper caddy for the downstairs or living room area.

There is no point going back to the nursery every time the baby needs a diaper change.

Best Nursery Storage  2021

We understand that you have been preparing for this moment for a while, and you mustn’t allow clutter to get in your way.

Since we have provided you with some of the best nursery organization ideas,  it is time to know some of the best nursery storage out there. They are:

The GOLOHO nursery organizer is an all-in-one-get-organized set for your baby nursery. It comes with fifty pieces, a six-shelf hanging organizer, and two huge printed bins that have lids attached.

Furthermore, this baby closet storage comes with three little printed bins, eight clips to use in hanging the baby clothes in place, and twelve baby closet dividers. You will also find twenty-four baby-sized velvet hangers.

Interestingly, its closet dividers are helpful as they assist in separating baby clothes by their size. However, some parents claim that its hanging organizer and printed bins are smaller than they had in mind.

Bear in mind that its hanging organizer has a measurement of 6x10x39.37 inches and its two storage bins have a measurement of 10x10x10 inches.

GOLOHO Nursery Organizer and Storage Closet Set (50 Pieces), Chevron Pattern, Grey and White

$35.05  in stock
as of February 17, 2024 2:24 pm

As one of the best nursery closet storage out there, understand that the COMEMORY cotton storage basket is a bear-themed rope basket available in either white or grey colors.

It is ideal for holding your extra shoes, books, blankies, stuffies, and anything you desire to store. It is made of natural cotton, and its handles can be easily gripped. It provides maximum durability with the thick double stitching of its handles.

Even though some parents claim that it does not keep its shape well, bear in mind that it is made with cotton rope and available in just two colors.

COMEMORY Cotton Rope Storage Basket with Cute Bear Design Foldable Woven Laundry Basket with Large Capacity Decorative Basket Organizer for Toys, Blanket, Towels, Clothes, 16"(D) x 14"(H)

 out of stock
as of February 17, 2024 2:24 pm

Have you been on the search for nursery storage furniture? You are in luck as the Wallniture floating bookshelves are shelves that are made using sturdy wood, and they tend to look like they are floating once you install them.

You can display anything you want on these shelves for easy access. You can place books or stuffies here. Since the covers face forward, your baby can easily see and pull out their favorite books whenever it is time for a story.

Note that each of the boxes contains about two shelves and hardware for easy installation. For safety purposes, you are not advised to install these shelves over the baby’s crib. Avoid installing them in places where the objects can likely fall on your little one.

Like we stated earlier, it is made of solid wood and comes with two shelves.

Wallniture Utah Wall Mount Nursery Décor Kids Bookshelf Floating Wall Shelves Book Photo Display Varying Sizes Set of 3 White

$49.98  in stock
as of February 17, 2024 2:24 pm

If you never knew, tiny babies come packaged with tiny accessories that are very easy to misplace. However, thanks to the mDesign dresser drawer, you can use its soft fabric boxes to organize and store your baby’s socks, clothes, shoes, and blankies.

It comes with five baby nursery storage boxes that include eight sections, one four-section, one rectangle, and two square organizers. You can mix and match all of these to fit your drawers.

Understand that they are easy to clean by using a damp cloth, and it comes in about ten different color combinations to match your nursery style.

However, you should note that you will have to purchase more than one set of this dresser drawer organizer to hold all the baby’s ends and odds.


On a general note, you do not need to sweat it when it comes to what you need for your baby closet organizer. You can skim through this article to have some of the best baby closet organizer ideas.

Now that you have an idea of the best nursery storage to purchase, you will also need to find out more on how to get your newborn to sleep in the crib. Hang on to our site as we have all the information you will need through your baby journey.


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