Baby breeza advanced pro formula

Lisa is a mother of two children. Between the first and the second child, six months. She works as a hospital director that forces her to come late at eight and nine PM. she arrived at her home very tired and exhausted, which makes her unable to do any work but having dinner then go to sleep to wake up at seven am..

Although all that she suffered, she decided first to try the breastfeeding program so that her babies could be able to take the gorgeous benefit of breast her breast milk as she knows how is it substantial for the baby to feed on the breast milk enriched proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, water, fats, and antibodies to protect her baby from infections but, she failed as she did not have any time to breastfeed him regarding her job..

With the passage of time, she figured out that her baby is becoming thinner than before. She asked her doctor, and he counselled her to switch to a bottle-feeding program As she could not have the ability to breastfeed him.

At that time, her second child did already come to life takes his first breath, and she found difficulty in preparing two bottles at the same time, knowing that each bottle takes time and effort to be prepared..

She also needed to clean up the bottle very well so that the baby would not be infected. She needed to cool the water up after boiling it till it reached a suitable temperature that makes it ready for suckling. This is all time-consuming for her till she found a product that could mix, heat, and distribute very well her baby formula into the bottle very fast and within no time..

It is the baby breeza pro advanced pro formula that could do all these steps latterly within seconds. Will this baby breeza advanced pro formula help, Lisa, to get ride-off all of these issues? Does its use worth it?

Is it much easier than anything else she has ever tried out before? Does it have cons as its prons? So, first of all, what is:

The baby breeza formula maker pro advanced?

It is a machine that we use ideally in mixing the powder with water, warming, and then dispensing it in the bottle within few seconds that make the baby breeza formula maker pro advanced one of the most accessible machines that
we use in preparing the baby formula if it is not the best of them..

Pros and cons of baby breeza advanced pro formula:

• It makes you save a lot of time and headache preparing the bottle while you are so busy, or your baby is crying, and you need to feed him right now, and the other one needs to change the diaper.

• It can carry 700 grams of powder formula.

• The water tank has been designed to be in the back instead of on the side that provides an additional place for other kinds of stuff that has the priority to put things in it, and we also could take it off so quickly that we could refill it again.
• Wheels are presented at the bottom of the device so that you could move it quickly.

• The drip tray could rise up and down to fits the bottle size and length.

• The original one had seven parts, but in the baby breeza advanced pro formula , only three make it easy to wash and set it up.
• It supports up to twenty brands of formula in the US.

• It can fill the bottle with two up to ten ounces.

• The axes, funnel, and its compartment, drip tray, bottle grade, locking,string wheels, and the powder container are easily to be instilled.

• You could control the temperature of water from the control panel by taping on one button instead of waiting until the boiling water is cooled down. You also could control the degree of this temperature from room,body, and warm temperature.


• You must set up parts of the machine to get started.

• It requires routine cleanings, specifically the funnel that needs to be cleaned every four bottles or some powder will be attached at the site of the dispenser and accumulate that make the machine stops from measuring and work. Some people found this as a significant issue that they can’t deal with.

• Coming to the price, some people find that it cost a lot of money on what does it do and the others already calculated that it saves fifty cents per day, so it is priceless.

• Some people were protesting that the water tank is not enough, and they needed to be refilled repeatedly in a brief period.

Baby breeza advanced pro formula settings:

To use the machine correctly and to prevent its stoppage, damage, or even producing a watery formula that makes it difficult for the baby to digest it, you need to learn at first how to use it, its processes and parts and doing some setups :

Step one: first of all, we remove the water tank from the back and fill it with warm filtered water; if it is not presented so you could use tap water after washing the tank very well then put it back in the machine.

Step two: put a tank under the funnel and press (water only) on the control panel to wash the machine from inside.

Step three: remove the parts of the machine to wash all of them, then dry them very well before the fourth step.
The processes that you should remove to clean it up are: Funnel, and its cover Formula container and lids Drip tray Axes and orange strings Bottle grade

Step four: place the axes on base, put the powder container on it and the printing marks should be anterior, place the wheels on the axes, place the locking after that and fix it in a hole of the powder container, the stirring wheel is putting on the axes, and you should make sure that it is not moving and fixed very well then finally we insert the funnel in its compartment.

After those steps, you finally know what the baby breeza advanced pro formula settings are and how manually to use it without any difficulties.

Baby breeza advanced pro reviews:

• Baby breeza advanced pro formula is so much easier to use than any other machine as it makes my powder formula just in one step.

• Baby breeza advanced pro formula saves me a lot of time and effort in preparing the formula as before that I was preparing it for hours and minutes, but now, in just a few seconds, my baby formula is prepared.

• I have a problem with the routine cleaning of the parts and process of the machine, and it overloads me, particularly the funnel that needs to rinse toughly every four bottles.

• People said that it costs a lot, but I have calculated it, and I found out that it saves me fifty cents per day for every five bottles that make it priceless.

• I did make an experience to show the difference between the handmade bottle formula and the baby breeza advanced pro formula, and the conclusion is that they have the same thickness, the difference is that I don’t have to consume my time in shacking the bottle and that I could take good care and play with my child until the machine is finishing up..

I did compare it with baby beaba, and baby breeza is easier, and I love it as it does all the processes in just one step by pressing on just a few buttons.

• I did compare it with the original baby breeza, and the difference is that the original one makes a louder voice than the baby breeza advanced pro formula .
Another difference that the original has seven parts of dealing with, but the baby breeza advanced pro formula have only three.

• It is not expensive compared to the advantages that it gives to me.

• I feel so supported with the baby breeza advanced pro formula comparing with any other formula maker.

• Some people said that it makes the formula watery in consistency, and this may cause a problem during digestion.

• The baby breeza advanced pro reviews reeling between positive and negative opinions but, most of the reviews agreed that baby breeza advanced pro formula is much better and easier than any other device.

Baby breeza advanced pro formula VS tommee tippee:

What is the tommee tippee machine?

YouTube video

Baby breeza advanced pro formula

It is a machine that we use ideally in mixing the powder with water, warming, and then dispensing it in the bottle within few seconds that make the baby breeza ...

It is a machine that is used in preparing sterilized powder formula to make it easier for the parents that follow the bottle-feeding program and save time instead of the handmade bottle feed.

How can we use it?

Step one: before you use the perfect prep machine, make sure that you did wash your hands very well.

Step two: you must sterilize and rinse toughly the setup and process of the machine so that the bacteria could not find its way to the formula.

Step three: you should fill the water tank above the minimal level, and you could use cold water to fill the tank.

Step four: press the dial according to the amount of feed. For example,if you want to feed the baby three ounces, then press three on the dial.

Step five:after that,you should adjust the base or the stand that the bottle will be placed on according to the size and the length of the bottle so that the apex of the bottle will fits the outlet of the dispenser to prevent the splattering of the formula.

Step six: once you press on the start button, you will notes a red light is flashing and the hot water release from the dispenser. These shots of hot water have its benefit in killing any bacteria hosted in the formula once it has been mixed with the formula

Step seven: once the water finishes dispenses from the machine, the red color will be changed to solid red, and you will hear a double sound.

Step eight: then remove the bottle carefully from the stand, then put your prepared powder in it after calculating your ounces, then put the cover of the bottle on it and shack it very well till the powder dissolve in water.

Step nine: open the bottle again and put it on the stand of the machine and press again on the start button, and the green light will flash. This process will take two minutes so that the machine could dispense the remaining water in the dispenser.

Step ten: after the process is accomplished, the green light will be changed to solid red, and a repeated beep will be heard.

Step eleven: the final and the last step is to shack the formula very well the test its warmness by dropping a few drops on the wrist of your hand;then, you are ready to feed your baby, congratulations!!!

So, to compare the baby breeza advanced pro formula VS tommee tippee, we will find that both of them have the same aim, which is :
• To make life more comfortable, easy, and less stressful to the parents,specifically the mother, with the bottle feeding program.

• Both want to make sure that the baby is feeding on a non-infected and sterilized formula, specifically when the microorganism stick at the tip of the bottle as salmonella enterica..

and the powder that may carry specific bacteria as cronobacter sakazakii or which is called Enterobactersakazaki witch is a germ that may live in the dry food as the dry powder.Although it is rare, it causes severe illnesses like diarrhea and urinary tract infection toward any age but, it is fatal to the baby.

• Those infections that is caused so easily with the bottle feed is because that the powder does not have the antibodies that are presenting in the breast milk of the mother.

• So, those machines provide minor infections and more sterilization to the formula to protect our children from any severe conditions.

• They are Saving time as baby breeza advanced pro formula prepare the formula latterly in few seconds while the tommee tippee prepare it few minutes compared to the handmade formula that needs hours to be prepared.

• They are also saving effort, as both consume less time and steps than the handmade formula.

• Some people said that it costs more than it gives, and others said that it saves fifty cents per day.

But the difference is:
obviously presented in the number of steps and set up process as the baby breeza advanced pro formula have only four steps for preparation while the tommee tippee have eleven steps which make the tommee tippee machine consuming more time and effort than the baby breeza advanced pro formula..

But because it takes less time and effort, the baby breeza advanced pro formula costs more than the tommee tippee machine.

To summarize up:

• Baby breeza advanced pro formula is the most helpful machine in preparing the baby formula.

•Baby breeza advanced pro formula consumes less time and effort that make people love to use it without any hesitations.

•Baby breeza advanced pro formula sterilizes the powder and the bottle very well.

•The drip tray could of baby breeza advanced pro formula be moved up and down to fits the bottle size and length.

•Baby breeza advanced pro formula has wheels at its base so that you could move it everywhere without difficulties in lifting it.

•Some people found that the routine cleaning up of the machine is so exhausted, specifically the funnel and its cover that needed to be rinsed toughly every four bottles.

•The machine has parts as axes, drip tray, funnel, and the funnel compartment, the stirring wheel, bottle grade, orange strings, and the powder container that needed to rinse toughly then set up the process.

•Some people did complain that the machine stopped without any reason but, the reason is that they have neglected to wash it conscientiously until the powder did accumulate at the dispenser and stopped the machine currently.

•Some people compare it with the original baby breeza, and they found that the original one is doing a prominent voice than the baby breeza advanced pro formula and that the tank is presented at the side of the machine that takes more place than the advanced ones.

•When we did compare it with tome tippee perfect pre-machine, we found that its use is much easier, it takes less time in preparing the bottle less effort, and you don’t have to check its temperature as it is already ready to be suckled by the baby.

•Some People said it costs too much, and the others declare that they have calculated it and it did save fifty cents per day for every five bottles, so they found in this way that it is priceless.

• The baby breeza advanced pro formula supports up to twenty brands in the US., which means that you could use up to twenty types of formula in the machine.

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