Similac pro sensitive vs sensitive, what is the differences between them?

Similac pro sensitive vs sensitive, When it comes to baby formulae, Similac is one of the most dependable brands. Their formulas are excellent, especially if your baby has digestive issues. Similac Sensitive and Pro Sensitive are made with sensitivity in mind for the baby’s digestive system, but similac pro sensitive vs sensitive what is the differences?

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Similac pro sensitive vs sensitive

So What do you think about similac pro sensitive vs sensitive?

Choosing between these two formulae, despite the fact that they are both from the same reputable company, might be difficult. 

So, to assist you to choose the finest formula for your kid here is a side-by-side comparison comparing the two.

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  • Similac Pro Sensitive

Similac Pro sensitive is very similar to Similac Sensitive in terms of formula. 

It does, however, contain probiotics as well as the OptiGRO unique blend, which is a combination of DHA, vitamin E, and lutein.

Their formula is unique in that it contains HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharide), a probiotic found naturally in breast milk.

Similac Pro Sensitive contains slightly less sugar (10.9 grams) than Similac sensitive. 

However, the change in other nutritional qualities is insignificant.

Similac Pro Sensitive contains less lactose than Similac Sensitive, which contains less than 2% lactose.

It’s possible that Similac Pro Sensitive contains genetically modified ingredients.

Similac Pro sensitive is more expensive.

A can of Pro Sensitive in a similar size costs roughly 36.96 dollars.

This is excellent for your baby’s digestion and immune system. Some babies, however, may have difficulties digesting HMO.

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That was similac pro sensitive vs sensitive, what do you think?

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similac advance stage 1

similac advance stage 1

Similac Sensitive

Similac has a very typical recipe. 

While both formulas are designed to help with a baby’s digestive issues, Similac Sensitive lacks probiotics, 

Which are incredibly beneficial for gut health. 

Both formulae, however, contain a unique blend of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E.

In terms of nutritional value, both formulae are very comparable. 

Similac Sensitive, on the other hand, has slightly more sugar than Pro Sensitive (11.1 grams).

There is also a tiny variance in the case of lactose. Similac Sensitive has more lactose than its regular version.

Similac Sensitive carries a non-GMO label, indicating that it contains no genetically modified ingredients.

The pricing difference between Similac Sensitive and Pro Sensitive is one of the most significant disparities. 

Sensitive costs a little less than Pro Sensitive.

Similac-sensitive infant formula costs roughly 32.54 dollars for a 29.8 oz can.

It’s an infant formula designed to help your baby cope with gas-related fussiness.

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neosure difference with similac

neosure difference with similac

Is Similac a better brand than others?

For more than 90 years, mothers have trusted Similac. 

Aside from that, the company is known for not using artificial growth hormones in its formulations, 

Ensuring that your baby’s growth is natural and healthy. 

They’re also the first to include a 2′-FL HMO (Human Milk oligosaccharide). 

This is a probiotic that aids your baby’s digestive health while also boosting his or her immune system.

Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Iron, Copper, and other minerals and vitamins are abundant in their formulations. 

Calcium helps your baby’s bones grow stronger. 

Furthermore, Iodine is present in all of their formulas, which is essential for your baby’s health. 

Iodine is a mineral that aids in the creation of thyroid hormones in the human body. 

Thyroid hormones are a very important hormone in the body since they serve to regulate the body’s mechanisms.

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Similac pro sensitive vs sensitive

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That was all about similac pro sensitive vs sensitive, We hope the choice is now easier for you.

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