Pregnancy week by week detailed guide

Pregnancy week by week, Looking for a week-by-week pregnancy guide? It’s your lucky day! We’ve got a lot of expert-approved information on each week and trimester, detailing what’s going on with your growing baby and what developments you may expect. So keep reading for a complete pregnancy week by week guide.

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faint line on pregnancy test not getting darker

faint line on pregnancy test not getting darker

Pregnancy week by week

  • First Trimester 

A baby is only an embryo at first after fertilization and implantation: 

2 layers of cells from which all of the organs and body parts will grow. 

Your baby will be the size of a kidney bean in no time and will be constantly moving.

The intestines are growing and the heart is beating fast.

Earlobes, eyelids, lips, and nose of your growing child are all developing.

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Second Trimester

Babies are around 3 1/2 inches long and weigh about 1 1/2 ounces at the start of the second trimester. 

The heart now pumps 25 quarts of blood per day and has tiny, distinct fingerprints. 

Your baby’s skeleton begins to stiffen from stretchy cartilage to bone as the weeks pass, and he or she gains the ability to hear. 

If you’ve not already felt kicks and flutters, you will shortly.

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Third Trimester 

By the third trimester, babies weigh approximately 2 1/4 pounds. 

They have the ability to blink their eyes, which now have lashes. 

As they gain baby fat, their wrinkled skin begins to smooth out. 

They’re also growing fingernails, toenails, and genuine hair (or at least some peachy fuzz), and their brain is growing billions of neurons. 

Your growing baby will spend the final weeks of pregnancy gaining weight. 

A normal full-term baby is more than 19 inches in length and over 7 pounds.

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cvs pregnancy test faint line

cvs pregnancy test faint line


Your baby’s brain, lungs, and liver, for example, are still developing. 

Your baby continues to gain weight. It’s recommended to stay pregnant for a minimum of 39 weeks if your pregnancy is going well. 

Only medical considerations should be used to plan births before 39 weeks.


The brain of your child is still developing. Her lungs and liver are still developing. 

You may be concerned about your baby’s size.

Stay strong! Wait for labor to start naturally if your pregnancy is healthy.

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You’ve made it to 39 weeks with your baby! This is fantastic! Your baby has reached full term. 

When she’s ready to give birth, she’ll let you know. When you feel you’re about to go into labor, call your doctor.


Big congrats on 40 weeks of pregnancy! Your child is all set to be born. 

Your baby has had enough time to mature and is ready to meet you. 

When you think you’re about to go into labor, call your doctor. 

Your child measures 18 to 20 inches in length and weighs 6 to 9 pounds.

Pregnancy week by week

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All in all, through the previous lines you can find a complete guide about pregnancy week by week, take a look at it to know more about your pregnancy and your baby.




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