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Postpartum Recovery Products: You must understand that focusing on your baby during the entire pregnancy process is natural, mainly because there is always so much to learn when your infant arrives.

Interestingly, your apprehension or probably excitement to meet your little one can be very consuming. There are many organized classes to help you prepare for the birthing process and so many books that talk about caring for the infant.

However, most people are lost on how they will care for themselves after birthing the newborn. The major reason you need this article is for you to have an idea of the postpartum recovery products needed.

Some new moms or moms-to-be are lost and wondering if they will snap back to normal throughout the diaper changing, no sleep, and figuring out how to feed the baby phase.

While we are here for you, it is vital to note that you can do things to assist in smoothing the road to recovery.

What To Expect With Postpartum

It truly does not matter if you had a vaginal delivery or a C-section delivery. This is because there will always be a recovery period for new moms at the end of the day. And, depending on your general health, age, and time duration or difficulty of your labor, the recovery may take a while or might be quite swift.

Before we provide you with any postpartum recovery products, you must be aware that you will have a follow-up appointment that will take place about six weeks after birthing your baby.

This appointment is made to check everything out and clear you for most of your normal activities; of course, sex is included. While the recovery period is ongoing, you will experience some of the following:

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Vaginal bleeding

Also known as Lochia, most new moms experience this bleeding for about one to two weeks. Then, they experience lighter bleeding for some days and even up to a month after.

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For those who birth with a C-section, you will surely have an incision with stitches. The stitches could be done with glue or staples. As for those who deliver vaginally, you may likely have stitches if there was tearing or if you had an episiotomy.

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Discomfort and swelling

You must know that you will be sore down there for anywhere from one to six weeks.

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Cracked or sore nipples

For those who are breastfeeding, you will experience this for a while. Some of you may experience breast tenderness when the milk comes in, and the milk supply tends to regulate.

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Fluctuating hormones

It is very normal to have very high highs and low lows during the early postpartum weeks.

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Postpartum Recovery Tips

You must understand that there are some postpartum recovery products and postpartum must-haves that you will need during your postpartum recovery journey. However, before we delve into the postpartum recovery products  you need, you must note that everyone’s postpartum recovery is different.

For some people, it feels easier than being pregnant, and for some others, it is very difficult. In all, you must bear in mind that it is completely normal to feel that the recovery is more complex or more easier than you ever expected.

Some of the tips to assist you in navigating through this period include:

  • Try to be kind and patient with yourself. You are to keep your expectations quite low and concentrate on resting and the time spent with your baby.
  • Ensure that you continue taking your prenatal vitamins, especially if you are breastfeeding
  • You must get good nutrition by preparing healthy freezer meals or have your friends set up a meal train. They can make use of any meal delivery service, or your family and friends can bring the food to you themselves.
  • You can pay a house cleaner to clean or ask family and friends to help out.
  • Ensure that you are always hydrated. This is vital because water is a significant player in your general health.
  • Engage in short walks when you begin to feel better. The need for this is that it will boost your mood and speed up your recovery.
  • Importantly, you are to follow up on your OB as scheduled.

As it stands, you should ensure that you talk to someone. Your mom, a lactation consultant, therapist, or even a midwife could be the person you talk to. The vital thing is that you should talk to a person that you are comfortable with.

Understand that postpartum can be an emotionally tricky time, and talking to a supportive person will help a great deal. You should make sure that you sleep as much as you can.

Do not ever feel guilty that you are taking time off to recover because, in no time, you will be back to your everyday routine.

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Postpartum Recovery Kit: Postpartum Essex For Moms

You must have the best postpartum recovery kit on hand as it will assist you in alleviating stress during the entire postpartum period. The postpartum care kit will also make you incredibly comfortable in the days following the birthing of your newborn.

Bear in mind that the best postpartum recovery products you will find in this article had high reviews from moms and some of the trusted brands out there.

Some of the best postpartum recovery items  you need in your postpartum kit list include:

First and foremost, you must remember that the peri bottle is a bottle used for squirting water into your perineal area. And, most of the hospitals out there will send you home with this peri bottle.

As one of the essentials you need in your Frida mom postpartum kit, this peri bottle is angled in a way that it quickly reaches your undercarriage. When you rinse with warm water every time you go to the bathroom, it will help keep you clean.

Also, it will prevent the irritation of delicate tissue that has already gone through a lot. Some people may not feel like wiping down there for some days.

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An amazing way to help heal the lower regions after you have gone through the marathon feat to birth your newborn is to have warm sitz baths. If you never knew, warm sitz bath aid in promoting healing and reducing pain.

You can make use of your bathtub as your sitz bath, although some women will find it painful to get in and out of the tub, most especially those that had stitches. Note that the bath is sized for every butt, and it can be positioned at the top of the toilet as it will make it easier to sit on if you are not comfortable.

When having your sitz bath, it is advisable to make use of the Thena sitz bath soak. It is vital as herbs like calendula, yarrow, and comfrey will assist in soothing and healing your perineal area after childbirth. It contains magnesium as well.

Understand that most women find excellent relief from performing one or two sitz baths daily with this wonderful herbal mix. This is an amazing postpartum bathroom kit.

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As an item to be found in your postpartum kit, cold packs are important to have. The need for this is that you will experience swelling and pain or some type of discomfort in your lower regions after childbirth.

While it is not easy pushing out a human head from a small area, the importance of this Medline perineal cold pack is that it acts as a miracle worker when it comes down to decreasing pains and swells.

It is a disposable cold pack that also acts as an absorbent pad as you may experience bleeding too.

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One of the Frida mom postpartum kit package to have is the Frida mom donut cushion. While new moms are told to sit and feed their babies, they have no idea about the pain that comes with sitting for the first week or two.

The donut cushions are actually a lifesaver for those who may have experienced tearing or those who have an episiotomy or pains after delivery.

Best Postpartum Recovery Products

Your apprehension or probably excitement to meet your little one can be very consuming. There are many organized classes to help you prepare for the ...

This cushion will enable you to sit while you take some of the pressure off the sensitive areas. Some of the hospitals out there offer a disposable version of this cushion.


Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

The amazing nipple butter from Earth Mama organics is one of the items you should have in your postpartum care kit. It is made with one hundred percent USDA certified organic as well as being GMO-free.

This nipple buttercream is made using shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula seed extract, olive oil, and beeswax. Most moms who use it love the fact that it is not sticky, and its texture is not gunky as it is labeled to be safe for ingestion.


Solimo Thick Maxi Pads With Flexi-Wings

Once again, we have to talk about what it is like being down there. Since you will be experiencing bleeding, which will most likely be heavy for days or even weeks after delivery, you will need some good pads at hand.

Even though your hospital may send you home with some nice pads, it is best to have a package at home. Since you cannot place cups or tampons in the vagina for up to six weeks, the Solimo thick maxi pads are among the postpartum must-haves for moms.


Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear

Another Frida mom postpartum kit item is its disposable postpartum underwear. While you do not want to destroy your silk undies with bloodstains, disposable underwear is an amazing idea when you recently birth your baby.

This made the list because they are softer and capable of holding pads in a better position than the mesh granny panties some hospitals give. These disposable underwear are high-waisted.

This means that they will not press against your incision for those who had C-section delivery.


Kindred Bravely Nursing Sleep Bra

During your postpartum recovery stage, your breasts may become sore and uncomfortable since your milk regulates. This is where a soft and comfortable nursing bra becomes a must-have.

While there are many nursing bras with underwires and cups that make you feel normal when you are out, the best for you is a comfortable sleep bra. This is why you should have the kindred bravely nursing bra in your postpartum kit.

It is made of cotton and offers both support and comfort as you sleep.


Reduce Tumbler With Straw

As we mentioned in our tips for the postpartum recovery stage, you will need to be well hydrated. It is a vital means to boost your recovery and maintain your energy levels as you concentrate on your baby.

The Reduce Tumbler with straw is a huge tumbler that weighs fifty ounces. It will keep you from having to stand up for refills, and it will keep your drinks cold for a long time.


Pink Stork Postpartum Mood Support

One of the postpartum essentials kit you need is the Pink stork postpartum mood support. However, it would help if you talked to your OB-GYN or the midwife before you pop any supplement, especially breastfeeding.

Some moms already claim that this herbal supplement helps to regulate their mood during the postpartum stage.

If you never knew baby blues are very much real, and this amazing mix of vitamins and herbs will likely assist you to regulate your hormones during the weeks and months after delivery.


MiraLAX Laxative Powder

Understand that birthing, hormones, and pain medications are the ideal recipe for constipation. Your doctor will most likely give you a prescription stool softener or recommend a subtle over-the-counter stool softener like the MiraLAX.

This laxative powder will be of great help to you during this phase.


Belly wrap

While some women love them, others do not. However, they come with amazing benefits when it comes down to postpartum belly binding. The belly wrap is found in the mom’s postpartum kit as it helps to repair diastasis recti.

The diastasis recti happen as a result of the uterus growing and stretching your abdominal muscles. It also assists with being a support to your pelvic and lower back.

Do you know how often you need to belly binding? Well, you should wear it for about four to six weeks after delivery. And to reap great benefits, you can wear it ten hours daily.
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As one of the postpartum must-haves, you will need to know that the ingredients that you place on your pad will assist your bottom and vagina to feel better and heal swiftly. You are allowed to change the padsicle as often as you like.

Once they deliver, most women change it every three to five hours; however, it is all up to you.


Sprays, salves, and balms

One of the postpartum recovery essentials you need in your kit is bottom balms, sprays, and salves for your recovery. This will go a long way to help with the pain after childbirth.



As you go through this phase, it is ideal that you have some pairs of cute pajamas and highly comfortable loungewear items that you quickly put on. These are some of the postpartum care kit for moms.

The loungewear must be comfortable and breathable as it is needed during the recovery period.


Postpartum Doula

Asides from getting all the rest you need to recover after birthing your baby physically, you will need to heal emotionally and mentally. This is why postpartum doula care is among the best things you need to get yourself.

The postpartum doula is skillfully trained to assist you through the entire transition of adding a baby to the family.

The doula will help you with the easy house works, make snacks and simple meals and teach you essential baby care tips like swaddling, diaper, bottle feeding, burping, and breastfeeding, to mention a few.

The job of the doula is to assist you in getting on an ideal routine. The postpartum doula is a newborn care specialist and will provide you with peace of mind and a highly deserved break from the baby so that you can nap a while and shower.

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On a general note, the early days of birthing your baby are precious, and taking good care of yourself can help you enjoy these days thoroughly.

Birthing is a significant accomplishment that you have just attained. Though it comes with some discomfort as your mind and body try to recover, there are many resources at your disposal to assist you in being comfortable.

We have successfully provided you with some of the best items you can place in your postpartum essentials checklist. Ensure that you go through this list of postpartum essentials as they will help you heal and transition amazingly to motherhood.

Since you now have an idea on the postpartum recovery products to purchase, you will be highly interested in our article on the best baby food makers.

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