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Enfamil neuropro sensitive reviews First review

My son has a dairy allergy, therefore any other formula made his stools very stiff and unpleasant. 

He’ll just drink this one because it doesn’t cause him any trouble.

We still mix this with his lactose-free milk to keep him, 

regular and ensure he gets an even distribution of nutrients and vitamins now that he is 18 months old.

worm looking thing in enfamil

worm looking thing in enfamil

Second review

My baby was delivered 5 weeks early, and I was unable to breastfeed her. We used the hospital-recommended premie formula, 

but when we brought her home, she would cry for hours on end. For three weeks, she was constipated and gassy. 

It was difficult to make the move because it is lower in calories than what was recommended, 

but I’m pleased we did because she became happier, slept better, and her constipation ceased. 

She’s four months old already, and she’s growing up large and strong, just like every mother wishes.

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Third review: 

I like that I can get this in quantity at a reasonable price. 

Because of my low milk supply owing to medical difficulties, 

we’ve had to supplement with formular for my 7-week-old since he was approximately a week old. 

He has a delicate stomach and spits up frequently, so this is the only formula we’ve discovered that works for him so far, and it’s also one of the more expensive ones. 

With my husband as our sole source of income so that I can stay at home with our son, every cent counts, 

so being able to purchase a more expensive formula in bulk for a reasonable price is incredible! 

Also, the shipment was quick!

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woman bfing in front of enfamil booth

woman bfing in front of enfamil booth

fourth review

Five out of five stars. 

We tried Enfamil Sensitive after trying several various brands of formula and were on the point of converting my kid to soy formula, 

and I’m pleased we did! There are fewer spit-ups, gas, and constipation, and he sleeps after feedings and appreciates the taste. 

Overall, my little one appears to be more at ease and satisfied with this formula! Momma is overjoyed because her kid is happy.

Fifth review

This was the winner after trying four others from Enfamil. 

This is a fresh new enfamil product, and we couldn’t be happier that we decided to give it a try. 

When your infant is a newborn, it’s difficult to make these kinds of judgments, but nothing was working. 

He made the transition at 2.5 months and is a much happy baby over three weeks later. 

There will be no more stomach issues, hard stools, loose stools, colic, or gas.

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Sixth review

I can’t comment on the flavor because I’m not the one who is drinking it. The scent is awful, but that’s because it’s all formula, and I wish I could supply milk in another way. 

With all of that put aside, it made my baby feel a lot better than he did before. 

Despite pediatricians’ denials, I discovered he has a Lactose Intolerance using my motherly instinct. 

His eczema was becoming worse, and his stomach pains from gas were never-ending. 

It wasn’t all horrible, but it also wasn’t all good.

 After extensive research, switching to this formula was the finest move I’ve ever made for his body. 

It’s a night and day difference.

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