When pregnancy test should be done and how?

When pregnancy test should be done, Taking a pregnancy test is a key step that may be highly stressful for women, whether it comes as a surprise or after months of trying to conceive. Whatever the outcome, a pregnancy test is one of the first steps you can do to put your fears to rest. Knowing when pregnancy test should be done, on the other hand, goes a step further in dispelling uncertainties. Here’s a quick rundown.

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When pregnancy test should be done

When pregnancy test should be done

When pregnancy test should be done

A missed or delayed menstruation is usually the first sign that you should obtain a pregnancy test. 

You should, however, always wait a set amount of time before taking a test. 

To confirm your suspicions, take a test one or two weeks after you’ve had sex or ten days after you’ve missed your period.

The reason for the delay is that in order to confirm the pregnancy, 

A critical pregnancy hormone called hCG must be discovered, 

Which normally occurs 7-12 days after the egg is fertilized and the implantation cycle is completed. 

Once this occurs, the hormones begin to double every 48 hours, ensuring the accurate test result.

Otherwise, even if you take the test sooner, the hCG levels will not be correctly matched, 

Resulting in negative results, even if you are pregnant.

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When is the most convenient time to take a test?

When is the most convenient time to take a test?

When is the most convenient time to take a test?

The time of day, like the day itself, is a contentious issue. 

Experts say that taking a pregnancy test first thing in the morning, on your first pee, will give you the most reliable results. 

This is because morning urine contains a larger quantity of hCG hormones than night pee.

It is not necessary to consume more water than normal for this pee test.

This can dilute your urine, change the findings, and increase the chances of seeing false positives on the test.

It goes without saying that you can redo the test if you get a negative result or detect false positives.

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When should you take a pregnancy test?

You can also use blood tests, 

Especially if your home tests have been coming up negative but you have reason to suspect you are pregnant. 

Blood tests are significantly more sensitive, accurate, and check for hCG levels in the blood, 

Whereas home tests evaluate the levels of hCG hormones. Again, a few days late is an excellent time to take a test.

For women who have had a miscarriage, pregnancy problems, or health hazards in the past, 

Blood tests may be a suitable alternative to explore. 

The most vital early weeks of your pregnancy will be continuously monitored in this manner.

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How does the test kit function?

An over-the-counter test looks for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in your urine, 

Which is only present in your urine if you’re pregnant. 

If a fertilized egg attaches outside the uterus or to the uterine lining, this hormone is produced. 

After the eggs are fertilized by sperm in the fallopian tube, this procedure may take 6-7 days.

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To sum up, to know when pregnancy test should be done, you should be careful about your period date, to be able to choose the right time for taking the test.



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