Switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula?

Most parents worry whether it is okay to switch back and forth between baby formula. And if switching baby formula might affect their children. They are anxious that it might cause fussiness, stool changes, and sleep deprivation of a child. The purpose of this blog post is to address parents’ fears about switching baby formula and other related questions. Baby formula or infant formula is a highly nutritious food. It is used solely for feeding infants because it is identical to human milk. It can be a complete or partial substitute for human milk because of its simulation to human milk. For instance, the Enfamil Enspire Gentlease was formulated to mimic human breast milk as closely as possible.[1] It is also a healthy option for parents who are unable to breastfeed and newborns that do not have access to breast milk owing to the mother’s unavailability, So, How to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula?

Most formulas are made with purified Cow’s milk whey and casein as a source of protein. A blend of vegetable oils as a fat requirement, lactose as a carbohydrate source. A vitamin-mineral mix, and other ingredients depending on the maker. It is important to know that some manufacturers mostly in the United States and Great Britain replace purified cow milk’s whey and casein with soybean. For infants who are allergic to other proteins. For instance, the Enfamil ProSobee Infant Formula, is a plant-based formula that doesn’t contain any dairy product. It is a great alternative to milk-based formula, so how to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula?

Baby formula

Baby formulas can come in two different forms:

  • A dry powder that you mix with water or,
  • A ready-to-feed liquid concentrate.
switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula

switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula

How to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula

Why do parents consider to switch back and forth between baby formula?

Parents consider switching formulas for a variety of reasons.

Here is a list of reasons for considering switching formula:

  1. Doctor’s advice: A pediatrician can recommend switching formula if the baby’s symptoms shows that the kid isn’t adjusting to the present formula. A pediatrician can advise parents to change to hypoallergenic formula if the child is allergic to the current formula. Your doctor may also advise you to switch formula for dietary reasons or due to low weight gain. For instance, the doctor can recommend the Enfamil A+ lactose free baby formula if it is evident that your child is lactose intolerant. This product contains all the nutrients of a milk-based formula without lactose.
  2. Sometimes, parents blame the formula for making their child gassy or fussy, sleep-deprived. If this is the case, you can consider switching your formula to Enfamil Neuropro Sensitive infant formula as it was designed for children with sensitive tummies. Parents can also switch to Enfamil Enspire Gentlease to reduce fussiness, crying, and gas.
  3. Cost of the baby formula: Low-income parents might decide to change the baby formula if it is too pricey and they can’t afford it. They can also consider changing the baby formula to the one on sale or the formula with coupons just to save cost.
  4. Difficult preparation: parents might decide to switch formulas if it is not convenient to prepare.
  5. Availability: A baby formula can become unavailable either because they stopped manufacturing it or because it was recalled following a tragic incident. Parents would have no choice but to switch to another formula. For instance, Similac’s Alimentum and Human Milk Fortifier was recalled in the US after the death of a baby and the hospitalization of three others in the United States. [2]

That was how to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula.

More Reasons why Mother’s Consider to switch back and forth between baby Formulas

So, How to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula?

  1. Infant’s choice: some infants might be picky eaters. Parents might have to switch formulas if the infant is fussy about the product or prefers one formula over another.
  2. Parent’s unique need: every parent wants the best for their child. Parents can switch formulas if they discover that the formula does not suit their baby’s needs. For instance, a parent can switch to  Enfamil NeuroPro infant Formula because it has been recommended by experts for long-term brain-building benefits up to age five.
  3. Baby’s condition: there may be a need to switch baby formulas due to a child’s health condition. For instance, babies that are allergic might have to be on an hylocegenic baby formula. Also, parents might be instructed to change their child’s formula to Enfamil NeuroPro EnfaCare. As it is suitable to complement the needs of babies born prematurely or at low birth weight. Certain formulas may also be recommended for babies with severe acid reflux.

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Can I switch back and forth between baby formula?

How to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula?

The ingredients are usually the same in the various brands of the same type of formula. The usual difference between formulas is usually the taste.

Generally, it is safe to switch formulas as long as those products have the same type of protein. In the case where the formula you want to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula has a different protein source or if your child is on a pediatrician-recommended formula it is strongly advisable to check with a pediatrician first to be sure you won’t harm the child.

Baby formula
baby formula

baby formula

Can I switch back and forth between formula?

How to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula?

Changing your baby’s formula frequently is not a good idea as it can upset your infant’s tummy even more.

Is it okay to switch from Enfamil Neuropro to Gentlease

You can make a switch from both brands since they both have the nutrients required to  to nourish a child and support his or her growth or development.

Thus it is evident you can switch back and forth between baby formula.

Enfamil gentlease is a partially hydrolyzed  specialty formula designed for babies with sensitive stomachs.

Enfamil Neuropro is a highly nutritious baby formula for brain-building and immune support. It is the only formula that combines both both expert recommended DHA and a Triple Prebiotic Immune BlendT.

Yes you can switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula but it is advisable to switch gradually till the baby adjusts to the taste and ingredients.

You can do this by mixing Enfamil Neuropro to Gentlease and gradually increasing the ratio till it is safe to feed your child withh just Gentlease.

Things to do before you make the switch between baby formula

  1. Consult your pediatrician: Since the doctor or pediatrician is in the right place to recommend a safe baby formula.  You should endeavour to talk to your doctor or pediatrician before you make any formula switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula even if your reason for changing isn’t due to a medical condition.  The doctor is still in the best stead to suggest a brand or formula that can improve other health symptoms, such as fussiness, gas, and difficulty pooping.
  2. Consider changing the brand and not the formula type: unless it is necessary, you should refrain from changing to a formula that has a different protein type to avoid dramatic shifts in your baby’s digestive system. For instance, there is a slight difference between Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease and Enfamil Neuropro. Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease has an easier-to-digest gentle protein blend, and 1/5 the lactose compared to Enfamil NeuroPro Infant, and the other full, milk-based infant formulas.[3]
  3. Switch to a formula with a different protein for digestive intolerances. You however have the option of changing to another type of formula to address your infant’s digestive intolerance with your doctor’s consent of course. Your doctor may suggest that you switch your baby’s ingredient to a soy-based diet instead of a cows’ milk formula to treat lactose intolerance.
  4. Examine the formula labels: it is important to read the label of the formula you intend to switch to, just to see if it contains the same ingredients as the present one. For instance, If your baby was previously drinking formula with iron, DHA, or other additives, consider switching to a formula with the same characteristics. Reading the label will help you avoid any ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction in your baby.

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How to make the switch back and forth between baby formula

If you are switching formulas based on a doctor’s advice. It is okay to stop using the present formula and switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula to a new formula.

Some experts are of the opinion that you can switch your child’s formula even in the absence of intolerance or medical condition that would warrant switching formulas immediately. They believe you can begin with the new formula to see if the baby will adjust to it. Especially if it is the same type of formula but just to another brand. However, this is not advisable.

If you are changing based on other reasons like cost and convenience, we recommend that you  ease the baby into switching formulas.

You should purchase a small container of the food first. Then you can start gradually by mixing both formulas first.

For instance, you can use 3 spoons of the old formula and one spoon of the new formula for your baby to adjust to the new formula and gradually increase the ratio till you are feeding only the new formula.

Baby formula

Angela also  auggested that you transition baby into the new formula gradually, in every 1-2 days. According to her, you can use the below stated method, if your baby takes 4 oz of formula.

  • 3 oz current formula, 1 oz new formula
  • 2 oz current formula, 1 oz new formula
  • 1 oz current formula, 3 oz new formula
  • 4 oz new formula[4]

The next step after switching is to monitor your baby’s reaction to the food. Weigh the baby periodically to see if the formula is making your child grow enough to add a healthy weight.  It is normal for most babies to double their birth weight by 5 months, but you should talk to your doctor about what is a healthy development for your baby.

That was how to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula.

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Myths around switching back and forth between baby formula food

How to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula?

This is not true. As we have stated earlier, the ingredient of a type of formula is usually the same with all brands.

If your baby is having issues with digesting the particular formula the problem isn’t with the brand it might be that your baby needs to take another type of formula, not a new brand.

Before you switch formula we strongly recommend you seek your doctor’s advice.

Your baby cannot stick to a specialty formula permanently you will have to switch back to regular formula. This is not necessary.

Specialty formula and regular formula contain the same nourishing ingredients for your infant.

So even if the condition that led to your doctor recommending a special formula has been corrected you still don’t need to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula.

Your baby might be stuck with a no-dairy diet for life.

This is not true. Most children outgrow cow milk allergy by the time they turn five.

Dairy products might even be reintroduced by the doctor to your child’s diet when he turns one.

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Minor Issue to expect when you switch back and forth between baby formula

Formula brands might differ in protein ratios and different fats.

  1. Bowel change: switching formulas might cause bowel changes like a change in the colour of your child’s stool to green if the formula contains more iron. This change would however not affect your baby’s health. Also, some formulas, such as hydrolyzed protein formulas used for infants with milk allergy, can cause more frequent stools.
  2. Stomach upset: this is a common side effect. Your baby might experience a little stomach upset because you changed his or her According to Dr. Gian Musarra, writing for St. Louis Children’s Hospital, babies that are used to a particular brand may have to adjust their digestive system to a new brand.
  3. Show Allergic reactions: There is a chance of your baby showing allergic reactions to the new formula. These symptoms can include hives or skin rashes, bloody  stool or vomit and abdominal cramping.
  4. Diarrhea: Generally, your baby should not have diarrhea because you switched formula the worst symptom would be a little bowel change. However, your baby might have diarrhea if you change the type of formula to another formula he or she can’t tolerate.  For instance, changing between types of formula from hypoallergenic to milk-based could cause diarrhea if your baby has a milk allergy.
  5. Bloody stool or vomit. If you notice blood in your baby’s stool or vomit ,you should take your baby to the emergency room immediately .This is a sign of a severe allergic reaction and it requires immediate medical treatment>
  6. Other signs that your baby might not be adjusting to a formula includes low weight gain, forceful vomiting, excema, and excessive fussiness.

That was how to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula.

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When you switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula, It is also important to note that this adjustment will not happen overnight.

It will take a few feedings for your baby to adjust to the new formula and for the symptoms to disappear.

Similac sensitive versus enfamil gentlease which one is better

How long does it take for a baby to adjust to a formula change?

The adjustment depends on several factors. Sometimes it can depend on the kind of formula change you made. Did you change to another brand or did you change to another formula type?

The adjustment might take a while if you switched your child’s formula type. Changing a child’s formula from a diary-based diet to a soy-based diet might take the child a while to adjust. [5]

The pace of adjustment can also depend on the child. Some children might adjust fully to a formula change with just a full bottle of the infant while it might take some infants some time to adjust to the formula switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula or for their symptoms to dissuade.[6]

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enfamil ar vs similac alimentum

enfamil ar vs similac alimentum

Can I Mix Baby Formula ?

There is also the option of mixing baby formulas instead of switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula.

Some mothers opt for mixing formulas instead of switching back and forth either to save cost or probably because their baby prefers the mixture.


We talked about How to switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula? As long as the switching wasn’t recommended by your doctor to address a problem it is better to ease your baby into switching formula. Be your baby’s bartender, mix the formulas and increase the ratio gradually until it is the new formula so that your baby can adjust to the formula without any dramatic shifts and to minimize the side effects. We strongly advise that you don’t change your child’s formula to a soy-based formula without the approval of your child’s doctor. Soy is a common allergen, That was switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula.

Parent Review.

  1. from UK

I am very invested in the care of our baby and I help my wife out a lot. When our baby kept passing gas and burping repeatedly we knew something was wrong with her diet so we contacted my mother-in-law who is a trained nurse and she advised we might have to switch our baby formula to one with less lactose. Well, for some reasons our baby reacted to the milk based formula we began feeding her with and we were introduced to Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease. My wife’s mum advised that we start with mixing it with the old formula and gradually transition to Enfamil alone to help our baby adjust to the new formula. Let’s just say we it’s 7 months now and we have had no problems at all with gas, burps, and night crying. It is such a relief.

Is neuropro formula better

Enfamil neuropro sensitive formula

Switch Back and Forth Between Baby formula



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