How to Use a Baby Wrap?

As a mother, it is the first duty of them to take proper care of the babies. You might be thinking that keeping babies close to you would help in taking the proper care. This is true to some extent, as there are other things that play an essential role in taking care of your newborn. One of those useful things is a baby wrap. However, mothers from long ago have brought these wraps into use, but they have evolved to different styles.


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How to Use a Baby Wrap?

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Earlier, there used to be one of two methods for tying baby wraps, but now you can find many of them. Here we will take you through the different styles in which you can use a baby ring sling. So, now you would not have any questions, such as how to use a baby wrap? Or how to put on a baby sling. Read to know the detailed information of the ways to tie baby wrap.

Why Should You Use a Baby Wrap? 

Using baby-wearing comes with ample benefits as it can help you respond to a baby crying in a good way. The chances of your child crying are also low as he will remain close to you most of the time. Besides this, you can promote a healthy bond between you and your child by remaining close. The scent and warmth that comes from a mother make the baby feel secure.

One of the major benefits you can make after learning how to use a baby sling carrier is to keep your hands free to complete other tasks. You will have the freedom to take a walk, do light household work and play with other children.

There are different types of baby wraps, and you can tie them in different ways. Some of the most common wraps are hip hold wrap, kangaroo hold wrap, and pocket cross carry wrap. So, the question that might pop into your mind would be how to use cuddlebug wrap? Here we will have a look over tips to do a pocket cross carry wrap. That’s because most baby ring slings can be tied in this manner, and it is the safest among all.

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How to Do a Pocket Cross Carry Wrap?

You will find ample ways online to tie a baby wrap. But here, we will first discuss the pocket cross baby ring sling style. It is ideal for newborns, infants, and bigger babies, and the right manner on how to use a baby cuddlebug wrap is mentioned below.

Place the Wrap Properly

At first, you need to find the middle of the wrap, and that usually has a tag for ease of users. Then, place the center of the wrap on your upper chest with the fabric flat spread out.

After this, you need to bring the ends of the wrap behind your back to form a flat X. This will also help in bringing the ends of the wrap over both your shoulders. You should ensure that the wrap fabrics are spread out flat instead of bunching up.

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Create the “seat”

Once you have the middle panel of the wrap over your torso along with tails, then take the tails and sew them from the center panel. Also, you need to pull the tails tight for removing the slack and achieve a form-fitting. Make sure that the wrap is not restricting your breathing, but it should be tight enough to handle the baby’s weight.

Take the tails of the wrap and cross them at the place where you want to make your babysit. This should be primarily at the belly-button height, or it can be higher for infants. After this, pull the ends of the tails behind you and ensure that they are tight enough for tying. Depending upon the wrap size or your body size, you can decide to tie it back or bring it to the front side for a tight knot.

Once done, you need to check again that the wrap is providing you enough space for moving your arms, and now you are ready to put your baby inside the wrap.

Place your baby

For placing the baby in the wrap while facing you, you need to pull the center panel of the wrap down for exposing more fabric part that crosses your torso. You need to hold the baby high over one of your shoulders while stretching out the innermost part of the wrap fabric.

After this, you need to stretch this fabric around your child’s leg from one knee to another. However, this should support your baby by holding him in one place. You need to shift him to the other shoulder side to stretch the other crossed wrap fabric piece over your baby body.

Next, you need to pull the center panel of the fabric upside so that it goes from the baby’s bottom up to the back of his neck. This should make your baby quite snuggled inside the baby sling wrap to avoid too much movement.

Remove your baby

There is no need to untie the wrap for getting the baby out of it. You only need to pull down the center panel of the baby wrap while providing support to the baby with one of your hands. Then, pull off the crosspiece of baby wrap one after another.

You also have the accessibility to put your baby back inside the wrap after some time. Besides this, you need to ensure that the tightness of the baby wraps, and you might even need to retie the knot before placing your baby back. This should be done to avoid the case of wrap loosening, and your baby might fall and get injured.

Which is the Best Baby Wrap You Can Purchase? 

As of now, you might know enough about purchasing a baby wrap and how to use a baby sling for a newborn. So, you might be ready to purchase one, but do you know which of the products would be ideal to fulfill all your needs? If not, then have a look over the products mentioned below that you can purchase. These products come with a manual that can teach you how to use a baby sling.


CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling

CuddleBug offers a lifetime warranty on this product, and it is one of the premium baby ring slings that you can buy for your newborn. It’s easy to keep your baby secure in the machine washable and easy to use CuddleBug baby wrap that has a mixture of cotton and spandex. The fabric might look gentle, but it is strong enough to handle the weight of your infant. It also comes with a guide on how to use a ring sling with newborn.

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Now you would not have to hassle looking at the ways on how to use a wrap carrier. That’s because this baby carrier wrap by Sleepy Wrap can be assembled easily in a few minutes. The stretchy material of the carrier makes it easy to use for your baby multiple stages and allows you the freedom to use both your hands. You can also conveniently breastfeed your baby while wearing him or her close to you using this baby sling.


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It is another great alternative that will not make you question how to use a wrap for a baby. This product by Moby Store has a fine texture, and it can hold a baby weighing up to 33 pounds. Besides this, it has ultra-soft, feather knit, and breathable material that makes it the first choice for many new moms. It can also be used as a blanket and pillow for your baby when not in use. Therefore, purchasing this versatile product will always bring you in a win-on-win situation.

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Moby Wrap Baby Carrier | Evolution | Baby Wrap Carrier for Newborns & Infants 


Wrapping Up 

We hope the information of this article has informed you about the important information on how to use a baby sling wrap on a concluding note. Also, the products mentioned in this article are verified and approved for the purchase of new mothers.

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