How to Get Newborn to Sleep in Crib?

Are you worried about how to get newborn to sleep in crib? Note that, the sleep schedule of your baby changes from time to time, and it affects your routine. You would not be able to sleep while your baby rolls from one place to another.


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How to Get A Newborn to Sleep in Their Crib?

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Therefore, using a baby crib to provide them with a comfortable sleep and peace of mind is essential. Every parent has this question about how to get a newborn to sleep in crib because they are used to sleeping in the comfort of their arms.

You must understand that new parents tend to face problems in everything that concerns handling a baby. This is because catering to a baby is very different from the regular nine-to-five job.

You will not only need to be dedicating your time, and you will need to reserve your mind, soul, and heart to raise the young one. Now, you will need to figure out how to get your newborn to sleep in their Crib.

Has your newborn made it clear that he, or she wants to sleep everywhere but not in the Crib? There are reasons why this happens, and there are ways to convince the baby that the Crib is the best place for their sleep.

It does not matter right your newborn is used to sleeping like a champ on the Crib, or if your newborn is protesting sleeping in the Crib. You must first understand that you are not alone in this situation as is expected.

The reason why your newborn may not want to sleep in the bassinet or Crib could be that he or she has gotten used to falling asleep in other places. Interestingly, there are fantastic ways to reverse this trend so that you can get him or her back in the Crib.

Some of the popular spots where newborns drift off to dreamland since the baby will not sleep in crib include:

  • Your arm
  • Your partner’s chest, and even;
  • The car seat

Sometimes they are in the habit of sleeping off while they are riding in a front carrier or sling. They may sleep off while they sway in the baby swing. Understand that there are ways you can learn how to get baby to nap in crib instead of arms.

You may decide to transfer her from your warm embrace and into the Crib, but the minute you do that, the sleep is short-lived.

Since a great portion of the newborn’s sleep is spent in the active sleep state marked by sighs, cries, twitchings, and even short waking, the minute she rouses and realizes she did not sleep in where she started, she will most likely make a fuss.

Nevertheless, if you hear the new cries of protest when you place your infant in the Crib, or the baby is suddenly not interested in sleeping there anymore, it surely means he or she is going through a temporary phase.

While you are thinking of how to get baby to nap in crib, some of the reasons why they may not include:

Growth spurts

While an increase in the baby’s appetite can happen at any time, note that the fast-growing infants usually have one at three weeks, six weeks, and when they are three months of age.

Pain from teething

Babies that are as young as three or four months old can begin experiencing soreness of their gum and discomfort due to teething.

However, the first tooth will not appear until the baby gets to at least six months.


Illnesses like a cold, rash, ear infection or any other form of ailment can affect your baby’s sleep and make him or her not want to be placed in their Crib.

A new milestone

Milestones like sitting up, rolling over, and even babbling are a few of the exciting tricks up your baby’s sleeves that will prevent them from sleeping in their Crib.

Sleep regression

Understand that this occurrence is a typical setback in the baby’s nighttime routine that can happen around four months, six months, between the eighth and tenth months, and even again at twelve months.

Some expert tips on how to get newborn to sleep in crib

Are you pondering on the question that pertains to how to get my baby to sleep in his crib? Making your baby sleep is indeed a challenging task, and it is relatable for most new parents.

However, having the excellent knowledge of all the tips would make it quite an easy task for you to give your baby a peaceful sleep.

Written below are few tips that can help you the most in “how to get newborn to sleep in crib?”. Are you aware that you can have baby awake in crib not crying?

While you will need to feed your infant during a growth spurt and even ease the tooth pain and rule out all forms so sickness, you will need to try some strategies to get the newborn to sleep in the Crib.

Some of the techniques to try in how to get newborn to sleep in crib are:

Place her down drowsy

As sweet as this may feel, do not let your infant fall asleep while on your arms or resting on your chest. You can rock him or her and sing for a while but place them in the Crib when they are drowsy.

Though they are still slightly awake, they will learn how to drift off while on their bed.

Stall a while before you check-in

Since babies are restless sleepers and tend to cry a little in the Crib, you can wait some minutes before going to them as they can fall back to sleep on their own.

You are to stay the course

For those echoes may be transitioning their baby from the bassinet to a crib, tears may occur. You will need to quiet the fussy baby during this transitioning.

You should try to ease the baby into this new arrangement in phases and stick to the normal bedtime routine.

Do not depend on car seats, slings, or swings

While these common perches may likely soothe your infant, you must have it in mind that they were not crafted for safe sleeping.

If your infant begins to nod off in any of them, immediately transfer the child to the Crib.

Up the baby’s playtime

When battling with how to get baby used to crib, you are to set aside lots of time during the day for your baby to hone her latest skills like creeping, crawling, and rolling. With time she will give it a rest and sleep.

Stick with the firm surfaces

Are you worried that your infant is not comfortable, or you feel that a softer mattress will yield some more sleep? We must let you know that you cannot yield to the temptation of adding bumpers, blankets, or even stuffed toys.

Note that a sturdy mattress free of all these things is the safest place for your baby to sleep.

Ensure Your Baby is Ready to Sleep

If you have your baby playing in crib instead of sleeping, understand that, Infants have no proper time to sleep as they sleep when they feel like sleeping. However, you should ensure that your baby is ready to sleep before putting them in a crib.

This is important because an active baby can try to get out of Crib, which can be dangerous for them. There are a variety of ways that can provide you assurance whether your baby is ready to sleep or not.

Besides this, an active baby will make it difficult for you to get the ideal peace of mind. Therefore, if you are keen to know how to get newborns to sleep in a crib, make sure they are tired enough to get sleep.

Use Cribs For Night Sleep Instead of Naps

Cribs are helpful in keeping your baby safe throughout the night. But you should try to use these cribs only for long night sleeps instead of using them for small naps.

Does your baby rolls over in crib? Your baby will not want to remain in the Crib after waking up, and placing them in or out of the Crib can be fussy.

Also, making them used to crib for small naps would only increase your work. This will make your baby habitual of sleeping in the Crib only, and you can get the required peace of mind.

Get the Crib Ready

Is your baby not sleeping in crib? or How to get newborn to sleep in crib? The best way to make your baby feel comfortable while sleeping in the Crib is to ensure that it feels quite comfortable.

You need to check that the crib sheet should not feel too cool while placing the baby inside the Crib as it can wake them up.

breast feed tutorial

Hence, using a sleep sack would work great for transitioning your baby from swaddling and also ensures that your baby feels warm and comfortable in the Crib.

Babies love to sleep close to their parents as it provides them a secure feeling. Therefore, you can try to sleep over the crib sheets before placing your baby on the sheets. This will give them your smell and creates an illusion of being near you.

Transition Gradually

It is important for your baby to feel secure in the Crib, and this feeling can’t be developed overnight. Also, your baby needs to feel comfortable before complete transitioning from co sleeping to crib.

The best way to do this is to move the Crib inside your room and generate your baby’s habit of sleeping in the Crib. This way, they will not feel unsafe or awkward when the Crib is moved to their room.

Develop a Routine

Are you worried about how to get newborn to sleep in crib? A baby’s sleep cycle can be predicted, and if they have a sleep routine, they will thrive better.

Also, being consistent can help your baby in many ways as they find comfort in predictability and knowing what would come next during his first few years.

You should closely observe the baby’s sleep pattern and create a routine that perfectly fits his way.

It would be better to find out what would work best for your baby and ensure you are sticking to this regular sleep routine and making the transitioning process easy in a possible way.

How Can You Get Your Older Baby To Sleep In Their Crib?

While you may get it right with putting your newborn to sleep in the Crib, sometimes it is hard to get the older baby to sleep in theirs as well. There are days where it is a challenge on how to get newborn to sleep in crib.

Some ways to get your older baby to sleep in the Crib include:

Place all the things that work

If your older baby sleeps amazingly during the day but does not enjoy the Crib at night, you can try to find out what makes it different at night. You will need to make some adjustments and place everything that will make them sleep in the Crib.

Make gradual changes

You can try to get your older baby to take their first nap of the day in the Crib. And if this works, you can add another. From here, it will be easier for you to achieve the goal.

Ensure that the Crib is appealing

You can select bedding that appeals to the older baby or even allows them to help out select the ideal choice.

You can allow the older baby to spend quiet time inside the Crib with board books and music playing while you are not far away. You can create a positive experience when you let him or her spend time in the Crib.

Do not change from your routine

If it is possible, you should try to keep the nap and nighttime routines the same when the older baby knows that lunch is usually flowed by a nap, and then the playtime will give your baby the sense of security that can make the transition easy.

Try sleep training techniques

Do you wonder why some of the highly popular topics in books about babies focus on sleep? The reason is that everybody needs it, but it is not so easy to get it.

There are diverse techniques from crying it out, down to pick it up, and even putting down methods and then the controlled crying technique. You can try the method you are comfortable with, as not all methods will appeal to parents.

Try your best to be consistent

While this is tough, there are changes you will need to adjust and even adapt to when your baby is sick, on vacation, or going through massive changes.

However, the more you stick with what the bay expects from you, the better the results will be.

List of best baby cribs you can purchase

A crib might look like a prominent place for your infant, but it is one of the safest places to keep your baby.

Buying a crib would be a worthy investment for your newborns as it will help them grow and get a comfortable sleep. This will also help them develop a habit of sleeping without you to benefit them in the first few phases of their life.

We have brought a brief list of the best baby cribs you can purchase online for achieving the needed peace of mind.

It is a 5 in 1 convertible crib that can turn into a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed as per your child’s growth. This bed has four high mattress positions that can be adjusted according to the height of your baby.

Also, it is built from fine and superior quality wooden material to provide long-lasting use. When training a baby on how to get newborn to sleep in crib, this product can be counted as a worthy item you can purchase for your newborn.

Furthermore, this product is available in various color options, and the pricing might be changed as per your choice and product popularity.

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You can use this baby crib as a standalone bassinet and place it in your bedroom, living room, or any other room.

This Crib is an ideal option if you are looking for a product that can be carried anywhere to provide your baby with a comfortable sleep.

It is easy to convert this bassinet into a bedside sleeper as one of the side features zipper mesh to make it easy for conversion.

The Crib design is made with the idea of offering five-level conversion, and it has in-built wheels with brakes to provide ease to new moms for moving the Crib.

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You can create a comfortable and classic nursery for your little one with this multipurpose Crib manufactured by Delta.

It is designed to bring long-term use, and it can be converted to a daybed, toddler bed, and full-sized bed.

Therefore, it can be used for your baby over the years as it features three mattress positions for providing much-needed comfort to your little one. This crib is highly comfortable for your baby.

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Wrapping Up

It can be difficult for you to choose the right way in training a baby how to get newborn to sleep in crib. But the tips mentioned in this article will help you get answers to your question on how to get a newborn to sleep in a crib?

This article also features some of the best products, primarily cribs that you can purchase online for your newborn.

Now that you know some strategies that will help make your infant and even your older baby sleep in their Crib, you may likely need the information we have provided in our next article. It entails the best changing pad covers to buy for your baby.

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