Fake pregnancy test how to do

Fake pregnancy test, For most women, faking a pregnancy is a simple trick. If you think a pregnancy prank will make your spouse, friends, or family laugh, the best method to fool them is to fake a pregnancy test. You can get a false positive on a pregnancy test in a variety of ways, from purchasing a phony test to changing a real test. Additionally, if you imitate the early signs of pregnancy, your prank will be more convincing. Keep in mind that this prank of fake pregnancy test may offend folks who have experienced infertility or miscarriage.

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ept faint positive pregnancy test

ept faint positive pregnancy test

Fake pregnancy test

The simplest method is to get a phony pregnancy test. 

The best option is to use a joke pregnancy test because they always give you a false positive. 

Bring the test into the toilet and urinate on it as if it were a genuine test. 

Wait for the outcome before showing it to the person you’re fooling. 

Fake pregnancy tests are available online or at a regional joke shop.

To ensure that the test you buy works properly, read and follow the instructions.

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In a cup of Pepsi, dip the test. 

Because some soda constituents resemble pregnancy hormones, they can cause a false positive on a pregnancy test. 

When you go to the bathroom to take the test, bring a Coke with you. 

Rather than urinating on the test, dip it into the Coke. 

Before you open the restroom door, hide the beverage. 

You should keep an extra Coke in the bathroom in case you are requested to take a quick test to confirm your pregnancy. 

Put it somewhere where no one will see it, such as inside your makeup bag or a package of tampons.

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Open the test and draw a line.

The front and back sides of most pregnancy tests are separated by a piece of plastic. 

To remove the front of the pregnancy test, use a thin piece of metal, such as tweezers or a metal nail file. 

Then draw a line with a marker that is near to the same color as the test findings to create a positive result. 

Put the test back together after dabbing some water on it to make it appear as you peed on it.

Your best option will be a light pink marker. If you draw on all of the lines, the results may be better. 

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diffrent types of igital pregnancy test

diffrent types of igital pregnancy test

Take the test an hour before the prank. 

The majority of pregnancy tests are only accurate for a few minutes. 

The pee begins to drain from the pad at this point, darkening the lines. 

This frequently results in a false positive. 

Take advantage of this by scheduling your test at least an hour ahead of time.

Bring it into the restroom and pretend to take it once the result appears to be positive. 

This doesn’t always work, but it is a common cause of pregnancy test false positives.

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Fake pregnancy test

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All in all, you can use any method of the above ones to get a fake pregnancy test, but remember asking directly for support is better than using fake methods to do.




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