Ectopic pregnancy and its treatment

Ectopic pregnancy, When a fertilized egg develops outside of a woman’s womb, in another section of her abdomen, it is known as extrauterine pregnancy. It can cause life-threatening bleeding and should be treated very away. The egg implants in the fallopian tube in more than 90% of cases. A tubal pregnancy is what it’s termed. So here’s some more details about ectopic pregnancy.

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extremely faint line on pregnancy test

extremely faint line on pregnancy test

Ectopic pregnancy

It typically occurs within the first several weeks of pregnancy. You might not even realize you’re pregnant or notice any symptoms.

Early signs of this case include the following:

Pelvic discomfort and light vaginal bleeding

Vomiting and an upset stomach

Sharp stomach cramps

One side of your body hurts

Weakness or dizziness

Shoulder, neck, or rectum discomfort

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Risk Factors

You may never know why you’re pregnant or ectopic. A torn fallopian tube could be one of the causes. 

It may prevent the fertilized egg from reaching your uterus.

If you do any of the following, you’re more inclined to have an ectopic pregnancy:

Inflammatory illness of the pelvis (PID)

Cigarettes are smoked.

Have a sexual disease and are above the age of 35

Has your pelvic surgery left scars?

Previously had an ectopic pregnancy

Tubal ligation or hysterectomy reversal were attempted.

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clear blue pregnancy test very faint vertical line

clear blue pregnancy test very faint vertical line


A pregnancy test and a pelvic exam will almost certainly be performed by your doctor. 

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An ultrasound of your womb and fallopian tubes may be performed.

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When should you seek medical advice?

If you have a combination of the above symptoms and think you could be pregnant, 

See your doctor or call NHS 111 – even if you haven’t got a positive pregnancy test.

An ectopic pregnancy can be dangerous, so get medical help right soon.

Your doctor will inquire about your symptoms, 

And you will almost probably be required to take a pregnancy test to determine whether or not you are pregnant.

You may be sent to a specialist early pregnancy clinic for a more thorough examination, 

Which may include an ultrasound scan and blood tests to confirm the diagnosis.

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There are three ways for treatment:

Expectant management — you’ll be constantly watched, and if the fertilized egg doesn’t dissolve on its own, you’ll be taken to the hospital.

One of the treatments listed below will be used. 

A powerful chemical called methotrexate will be put into you to prevent the pregnancy from expanding surgery

Keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) will be performed under general anesthesia to remove the fertilized egg, generally along with the affected fallopian tube.

You’ll be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of each option. 

In many circumstances, a specific treatment will be suggested depending on your symptoms and the findings of your testing.

Some therapies may decrease your ability to conceive normally in the future, 

While most women will be able to conceive. Discuss this with your doctor.

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To sum up, You can’t always avoid an ectopic pregnancy, and you can lower your risk when using a condom to protect yourself from STIs when you’re not trying for a baby and quitting smoking if you do.




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