Difference between similac pro sensitive and sensitive, which is the best?

Difference between similac pro sensitive and sensitive, which of these two should you buy, and how do you know which one is better for your baby? That’s why we’ve put together a thorough comparison of these two algorithms today. If you’re torn between Similac Pro Sensitive and Similac Sensitive, we’ve got you covered, Through the following comparison that shows the difference between similac pro sensitive.

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abbott similac riyadh office

abbott similac riyadh office

What is the difference between similac pro sensitive and sensitive?

Considering the fact that these two formulae are from the same reputable company, choosing between them can be difficult. 

So, to assist you to choose the finest formula for your kid here is a side-by-side comparison of the two.

Similac pro sensitive is great for generating and developing immune support if you want to know it in a nutshell. 

Similac sensitivity, on the other hand, will be your greatest bet if you want to get rid of your baby’s gas fussiness. 

But, depending on many conditions, there’s more to the comparison. Let’s learn more about them.

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Similac Pro-Sensitive Infant Formula

  • Number one when it comes to immune support

It’s the first 2′-FL HMO-containing infant formula for sensitive babies. 

This is based on pediatrician recommendations and the results of a 12-month IQVIA ProVoice survey that ended in February 2020.

 Breast milk contains substantial amounts of 2′-FL HMO, which is essential for immunological support.

  • GMO-free formula

Unlike the conventional formula, the Pro-sensitive formula contains no artificial growth hormones.

It is for this reason that it is referred to as a non-GMO formula. Non-GMO formulas are completely safe for your child. 

Aside from that, the formula is palm oil-free.

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  • It’s got just the right quantity of nutrients in it.

Similac has included a good amount of calcium in the formula. 

This calcium will be beneficial because it will support and maintain the baby’s strong bones. 

It contains a combination of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E, all of which aid in development.

You can get the product from amazon.

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difference between isomil 1 and similac total comfort

difference between isomil 1 and similac total comfort

Similac Sensitive Infant Formula

  • Gas-related fussiness in your infant is addressed with this product.

Lactose sensitivity is the cause of flatulence and fussiness. 

If your infant is under the age of 12 months, you can test the formula. 

There’s a chance this won’t fit your kid, but that’s simply because the formula is designed for babies with minor problems. 

It’s best to see a doctor if your youngster becomes more uncomfortable.

  • This is a milk-based formula.

Breast milk and Similac-sensitive infant formula are quite similar. 

It’s also the first leading formula that doesn’t contain any synthetic growth hormones. 

This means there were no significant differences between this formula and the cows’ milk from both rbST-treated and non-rbST-treated cows.

All while providing your baby with the nutrition he or she requires during their first year.

You can get the product from amazon

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Conclusion: If you ask us about the difference between similac pro sensitive and sensitive, we would choose, However, if the baby has digestive issues, we would immediately switch to Similac Sensitive.

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