Baby Trend Trend 2.0 Activity Walker Advantages and Reviews

There is nothing all parents want more than seeing their toddler walk their first baby steps. When they try to talk, fall only to rise and walk again, those are just priceless moments. Baby walkers are designed to help your toddler achieve. They have many types and many purposes. But all of them help your baby to have steady steps until they are old enough to walk on their own. 

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about baby walkers and of the best type: baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker and its reviews. When you finish reading you will have all the knowledge you need before you buy this product. So, keep reading and enjoy. 

What are baby walkers? 

Baby walkers are some baby products designed to help your baby walk while entertaining them. These tools help your baby learn to have their first steps while eating or playing. 

While this may sound great as it gets you closer to seeing your first baby steps, some guidelines say that it’s not very beneficial, or worse, they are dangerous. But that’s just normal, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. 

In the first few passages, you will learn about the different types of baby walkers, how and when to use them, and if it’s safe to use with your baby.

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Types of baby walkers 

Baby walkers have many types, and while they all have the same name, they are used for multiple different purposes. These types include: 

  1. Sit-in walkers: These are the ones developed to help your baby walk. They have a plastic frame, with leg holes inside it. The baby is put inside of it to walk with the frame around to protect them from falling. They also have a small tray for the babies to put their toys or food on. 

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  1. Sit to stand walkers/push walkers: These are designed for older babies to encourage them to walk and maintain their balance. They consist of a bar or a play station that the baby holds on to and keeps pushing around. 
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  1. Convertible walkers: This is a mix between the two. It’s a sit-in walker, with a play station or an entertainment center that can be added or removed, and converted into a push walker. 
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Why do people have a baby walker?

People usually buy baby walkers as they help their babies develop and learn their baby steps and learn how to walk. As babies love to stay upright after reaching 6 months. Plus, they also need to walk and move around and explore the world around them. A baby walker provides your baby with all of that. 

In addition to that, baby walkers are so entertaining, as they provide a place for your baby to play while walking. And some types also have a play-station or an entertainment center that gives your baby the joy and push it needs. 

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Baby trend activity walker

Baby trend is one of the huge brands of juvenile products that has been providing the world with baby products for more than 30 years. 

One of those products is the baby trend trend activity walker, which is considered one of the best baby walkers in 2021. They have many versions of the product like baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker, baby trend trend 3.0 activity walker, and baby trend trend 4.0 activity walker.

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Baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker 

baby trend 2.0 activity walker (or is it’s called on the website baby trend wk14c33a baby trend 2.0 activity walker) is one great tool your baby can have to assist them take their first steps. It has a great variety of features that distinguishes it from other baby products, as we will discuss next.

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Baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker features 

Baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker can give your baby multiple options and easy movement as it has the following features: 

  • Multi-directional wheels that give the baby a very wide range of movement. 
  • A wide base that provides extra support and stability while they move. 
  • A large tray for the baby to put their food or toys. 
  • 3 adjustable positions for height. 
  • A removable bar with toys. 
  • A foldable design for easy removal, transport, or storage. 
  • A padded seat for the comfort of your baby. 

baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker

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Baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker blue sprinkles

Baby trend 2.0 activity walker blue sprinkles is just another for the product we’re talking about here. You might think that it comes in blue color, as suggested by the name. Yet it’s only the name of the product, and blue is not the only color it has. 

baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker


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Yes, there’s baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker blue sprinkles blue, but there are also other available colors in different versions of the product. Like baby trend trend activity walker yellow sprinkles and baby trend trend activity walker red.

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Baby trend 2.0 activity walker manual

Baby trend 2.0 activity walker manual provides you with baby trend 2.0 activity walker blue sprinkles instructions of use. It comes in the box of this product, and it’s is also available on the baby trend website in 3 different languages, in case you lost your copy. 

In this manual, you will find all the instructions you need before and while you’re using the baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker, to ensure the safety of your baby. 

You will also find the steps of assembling the different parts of this walker, and how to fold and store or move it. 

In addition, this manual comes with a warranty available for the first 180 days after the purchase. You can use this warranty in case of factory defects. But it doesn’t apply in case of abuse or misuse or excessive wear and tear. 

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Baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker instructions of use 

Here are some of the instructions you need to carefully follow while using this product, in order to avoid any hazards happening to your baby. We will also tell you in brief how to assemble this walker. 

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Assembly and disassembly 

This product has several parts, they include: 

  • Base 
  • Seat 
  • Toy bars 
  • Tray 
  • Wheels 
  • 6 stoppers 

When you open the box, you will find that the Base, seat, and tray are already attached together. You just grab the seat up and it’s fixed. Then to assemble the remaining parts, you need to follow these instructions: 

  1. Fix the seat to the white rounded frame, by pushing the buttons in the seat fabric into the corresponding holes in the frame until it snaps. 
  2. Put the pins on the back of the seat into the holes of the frames by pushing downwards through the fabric until each one clicks.
  3. Start fixing the wheels and stoppers into the bottom side of the base, by placing the base on a flat surface with the bottom facing up. Then push the stoppers and wheels into their corresponding places into the base until you hear them click. (Make sure to apply enough pressure so they wouldn’t get loose and cause your baby to trip).  
  4. Attach the toy bar into the tray, by pushing the plastic into the bar and rotating it counterclockwise to fix it into position.

P.S. To fold the walker, turn the button to unlock and push it to release. Then push the tray down to the lowest position. 

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These are one of the most important parts you need to read to make sure your baby is going to be safe while using this product. Follow these warnings carefully. 

  • You can use this product only for infants who already learned how to sit upright, and are learning to walk (around 6 months old). 
  • Your baby should be able to have good control and adequate neck strength to support their neck.
  • You should stop using this product if your baby learned to walk unassisted, or can climb out. 
  • You shouldn’t use this machine if your baby weighs more than 30 pounds, or measures more than 32 inches. 
  • Don’t try to adjust the tray height while your baby is in the walker. 
  • Don’t use the machine if any of the parts are missing or broken. 
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Baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker reviews

Like any product, the baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker has its pros and cons, and you can know these from the customer reviews that we will mention here.

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Baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker positive reviews 

Many customers using this machine described it as: 

  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Worth the money. 
  • Light-weighted. 
  • Babies love it. 
  • Easy to adjust the height. 

And here some reviews from some customers: 

  • One mother was very excited and happy about this baby walker, and she said that it’s lightweight and the toys are interesting. She was also sad that her son was moving around the house as if he was in a demolition derby, chasing his brother. 
  • One of the customers described the product saying that “it’s just what I needed”. She used two different baby walkers before this one and she found them heavy. Now using this one her baby can move around as he wanted. She also thinks that it’s worth the money 
  • One customer was very grateful for having this baby walker as her baby was extremely tall and chubby and it killed her hand carrying her all the time. Her baby is now using the baby walker, after refusing to use any other product. 
  • One mom was happy and she said this was the best and least expensive walker she had, and that her baby is moving around like a champion. 
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Baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker negative reviews  

This product, like any baby walker, has its cons, which caused some customers to be displeased with it. Here are some of their reviews: 

  • One of the customers was very disappointed in this product, saying that it doesn’t “roll”, she compared the product with Joovy spoon baby walker saying it’s much better. 
  • Another customer wasn’t very happy with the product. He found the toys very cheap. And he complained that the walker needed a lot of hand strength to insert the stoppers in place or snap the seats. He wasn’t also very happy with the tray. 
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Where can I buy the baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker? 

Baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker is available for purchase on many different websites, including Amazon, ebay, Walmart, and their official website Babytrend. 

It costs around 30 bucks or something in that range. Depending on the website, the color, the version of the products, your country’s delivery fees, and such. Yet, it’s a great price for such a product, which anyone can afford. 

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Baby walkers’ disadvantages 

While all those advantages mentioned in this article are very attractive, baby walkers still have some disadvantages. According to some health institutes, baby walkers do not help your baby to walk, rather delay the natural way your baby progresses.  

You might need to learn first how a baby learns to walk. All babies usually pass by certain steps in the process of learning how to walk. They first learn how to roll over, crawl, stay upright, and stand. Then they learn how to take baby steps, and keep their balance without falling. Babies need to spend some time learning to do that to pass the process. 

Baby walkers lessen the time babies spend performing these steps, hence it might not actually help them develop their motility. In addition, it might cause them to trip over, or go to dangerous places if the product doesn’t have a braking mechanism or is not safe enough.

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Is it safe to buy a baby walker? 

Baby walkers, including baby trend trend 2.0 activity walker, are generally safe. It doesn’t cause any harm to your baby. Yet you need to follow all the safety instructions mentioned in this article to avoid any hazards.

You have to always watch your baby while using a baby walker, and you should check any product for safety measures whenever you’re buying one. As your baby’s safety should always come first.  

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Safety instructions to follow when you buy a baby walker 

After reading and knowing all the information you need to know about this type of product, we think that you can make an informed decision. If you’re still buying this product for your baby, here are some safety instructions you should follow, according to the Australian consumer product safety standards: 

  1. A safe baby walker must have a braking mechanism, to stop it from falling down the stairs or steps.
  2. A baby walker should resist tipping over an obstacle. 
  3. It should resist tipping over when the baby leans out of it. 
  4. You should only use the baby walker on a flat surface. 
  5. Always keep your eyes on your baby while using the baby walker, as they can get into dangerous places very quickly. 
  6. Use the baby walker in a baby-proofed area to avoid your baby reaching anywhere near electricity, chemicals, heaters, or any dangerous objects.
  7. Try to avoid keeping your baby in the walker for more than 15 mins. 
  8. Have a lock on your baby walker, or choose one with a lock on it to stop it from moving when you want to.
  9. Only use the baby walker when your child learns who to sit upright and support their head and neck. 
  10. Always check that everything is fixed in place before using the baby walker. And stop using it if any parts are missing or broken.
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To sum up 

Baby walkers are a great tool to help your baby develop their waking abilities. They have many types; some help the baby walk while inside the walker supported, while others help the baby stay steady and keep their balance while walking or playing. 

To have a baby walker, you need to choose one that’s safe for your baby. For example, it must have a braking mechanism to prevent the baby from falling down the stairs or trip over. 

While baby walkers are generally safe and entertaining, as they help your baby walk and have a play at the same time, some might think it’s not beneficial. Some health institutes think they hinder your baby from developing right, rather than helping them walk. 

Before buying a baby walker, make sure to do your search about the product’s safety, and you can always consult your pediatrician about the benefits of using this product with your baby. Your baby’s safety always comes first. 

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