What is the difference between similac pro advance and pro total comfort

What is the difference between similac pro advance and pro total comfort? Similac Pro Advance and Pro Total Comfort are Similac brand infant formulas manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. To address the needs of various infants, the firm has created a wide range of baby formulas. The traditional formula for healthy infants, lactose-free formulas for children with lactose intolerance, hypoallergenic formula for children with allergies to standard formula components, easy-to-digest formulas, and more are just a few of the areas Similac’s formulas address. So what is the difference between similac pro advance and pro total comfort?

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enfamil gentlease formula

enfamil gentlease formula

What is the difference between similac pro advance and pro total comfort?

Because it supports gut health, which comprises 70% of the immune system, 

And studies have shown that 2’FL HMO circulates in the circulation throughout the body, 

The formula containing 2’FL HMO strengthens their immune system to the same degree as those who are fed breast milk. 

Aside from 2’FL HMO, Similac Pro Advance contains OptiGRO, a combination of DHA, Lutein, 

And Vitamin E is also available in Pro Total Comfort and is beneficial to a baby’s brain, eyes, and cellular development. 

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enfamil gentlease ingredients

enfamil gentlease ingredients

Ingredients in Similac Pro Advance and Similac Pro Total Comfort

After we’ve established what each of them is for, it’s time to examine their ingredient lists, 

Since this is what allows them to accomplish their goals and where the differences can be plainly seen. 

Similac Pro’s major components are nonfat milk, which also serves as a protein source, as well as whey protein concentrate. 

Lactose from cow’s milk is used as a carbohydrate source, 

While a mixture of oils such as high oleic safflower oil, soy oil, and coconut oil is used as a fat source.

Because lactose is present in the ingredient list, the formula is not suitable for lactose-intolerant newborns.

Whereas the 2’FL HMO has 2′ Fucosyllactose right after the list of oils.

Similac states that its HMO is not produced from human milk. 

This is valid since science and technology have developed a technique to make the component outside of the human body.

However, whether the compound is derived from humans or not, 

The name remains the same because it is structurally identical to the natural source.

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Similac Pro Total Comfort, on the other hand, is designed to help babies with feeding problems caused by the protein and lactose in cow’s milk. 

It also contains the necessary ingredients to solve the problem. 

Due to the aforementioned difficulty, this formula uses maize maltodextrin as the primary carbohydrate source, along with sugar, 

And whey protein hydrolysate is generated from cow’s milk as the protein source. 

Because the protein has already been hydrolyzed to break it down into tiny pieces, this ingredient is easier on youngsters.

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Let’s see how Similac Pro Advance stacks up against Similac Pro Total Comfort. 

Pro Advance is a traditional formula that should only be used on healthy newborns, as you may know.

Total Comfort, on the other hand, is a particular formula that should be given to those who have trouble eating because of cow’s milk protein and lactose.

Another distinction is the 2’FL HMO, which is only offered in the Pro model.

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All in all, what is the difference between similac pro advance and pro total comfort? We believe that your decision should be based on your baby’s tolerance for cow milk products. If your baby has difficulties digesting lactose and milk proteins, we recommend Pro Total Comfort; otherwise, Similac Pro Advance is a fantastic choice if your baby is healthy.



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