Soups For Toddlers

The first thing you should bear in mind when it comes to feeding your baby is that baby soups are delicious, healthy, and easily digestible. They are comforting and highly nutritional foods for babies, kids, and toddlers.

Understand that soups are the ideal options when the kid is fussy about food or refusing to eat vegetables. Bear in mind that when preparing soups for kids, there are some things you should note.


We will be outlining these things before giving you a breakdown of the best soups for toddlers. Before you make the soup, you are to thoroughly wash the fruits and vegetables you will be using.

Note that you are to serve the soups warm and fresh as it is best to consume the soups within one hour of their preparation. You can begin with four to five teaspoons and slowly feed some more quantity based on your baby’s tolerance and interest.

Are you aware that watery soups can be added to your baby’s porridge or their cooked rice? Well, now you have an idea. For those unaware, spices can also be added to the soups after your child has grown older than eight months.

However, you are to add one spice at a time when you are introducing spices to the kid’s soup. Understand that doing this will assist in preventing stomach upset and allergic reactions.

If the recipe you will be making use of formula milk, ensure that you do not cook or boil it. Instead, prepare the soup with water, and immediately it is warm, add the already prepared formula milk.

Ensure that you do not add salt to the soup until your baby is up to a year old. If your child is allergic to any of the ingredients used in preparing the soup, you are to remove that ingredient while preparing the soup.

Soups for kids are mostly preferred during the winter seasons or when they are ill. It is needed to get the child to adapt to diverse tastes and textures. You are to ensure that you include diverse foods in their monthly diet, asides from soups.


Soups For Toddlers

The first thing you should bear in mind when it comes to feeding your baby is that baby soups are delicious, healthy, and easily digestible. They are comforting ...


Vegetable Soup For Toddlers

While ready-made and instant soups are the easily available options for kids, you must be aware that it is not always the healthy alternative as it does not offer the needed nutrients that the nice homemade soup will give your kids.

When you look at the ingredients at the back of those packs, you will see the alarming number of preservatives, thickening agents, cornstarch, and artificial flavoring mixed in the soup.

However, the healthy choice for your toddler is the homemade soup made from fresh vegetables and prepared in the hygienic confines of the home without any chemicals.

When thinking of the best soups for toddlers, you should try out homemade vegetable soups. Some of the nutritious and healthy recipes of vegetable soups that you can prepare for your toddler are:

The Mixed vegetable soup

First and foremost, the ingredients you will need here are one to two bowls of chopped vegetables. This can be any vegetable of your choice. You will need salt, while pepper can be made optional.

With these ingredients, you just need to boil and pressure cook all the vegetables, and once it cools down, you are to puree them to the needed consistency. The next thing to do is to add some salt to give it the desired taste.

Do you want to include vegetables in the diet of your adorable little one? If yes, you can begin with the mixed vegetable soup. In times when your kids are down with any illness, this soup can be fed to them.

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Lentil soup

Are you aware that lentil soup is among the baby soups you can feed your little one? Well, you can prepare this soup with half or one cup of lentils according to your desired consistency.

You will need salt and one tablespoon of ghee, although the ghee is optional. All you need to know about preparing this soup is that you will have to boil the lentils in a cooker till it becomes mushy.

Once it becomes mushy, add your salt, and you can add some ghee on top of it all for better taste. Note that adding ghee will also help with digestion. For those unaware, you can serve this as your kid’s main meal because it is filling.

If you love adding seasonal vegetables to meals, you can add them to the lentil soup.

Tomato soup

As the name implies, you will need one to three tomatoes, little pepper, salt, and of course, one teaspoon of butter. To make this soup, you will need to boil the tomatoes and peel off the skin once it cools down.

The next step is to de-seed the tomatoes and puree it till it meets your needed consistency. You are to add pepper and salt, then garnish it all with butter to get a delicious and smooth texture.

Chickpea and spinach soup

The ingredients needed here are one to two tablespoons of chickpeas. Note that you are to leave the chickpeas sealed overnight. Then, you will need one cup of finely chopped spinach leaves and salt.

Preparing this baby soup entails boiling the spinach leaves separately from the chickpea. When it boils, you are to puree it nicely. Then, you are to mix the chickpeas and spinach puree, then add salt for good taste.

Now that you have an idea about the diverse vegetable soups for toddlers you can prepare, we can move on to other soups for toddlers you never knew about.

Before we delve into all of that, you must bear in mind that you are to make use of the finest and freshest ingredients when preparing soups for babies. Always remember to check for the expiry date of any ingredients you are using.

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Furthermore, ensure you wash your hands before you start preparing the soup. All utensils must be washed and dried before cooking commences, and the vegetables you use must be washed under clean running water.

This will help in eliminating chemicals that may be on the vegetables. Note that you cannot store the baby’s soup in the refrigerator for more than twenty-four hours.

Always have it in mind that vegetable soups are nutritious and offer a wholesome meal for kids.

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Soup For Six Months Old Baby

Is your child six months old, and you have no idea of the type of soup to prepare for him or her? Well, sit back, relax and continue reading. The soup for six months old baby that you should prepare include:

Rice Gruel or Rice Soup

The rice gruel or rice soup is a type of soup that is easily digestible for babies. This is because it is an amazing source of vitamins and carbohydrates. When feeding them this soup, you can include vegetable stock or mashed dal for more nutrients.

Bear in mind that the plain white soup is frequently given to the kid when they are sick or even suffering from loose motions. This soup is capable of providing energy for the baby.

Moong dal soup

If you never knew, this is a soup you can find being prepared in most Indian homes as it is ideal for babies. It can be easily digested, and it is a great source of iron, vitamins, and protein.

However, some studies suggest that watery moong dal soup should not be given to babies as they will need to get used to diverse food textures. For this reason, it is advisable to make this soup thick and feed the child wholesome.


Barley water/ barley soup

The first thing to note is that barley is filled with protein, calcium, and iron. Note that it is ideal for babies to consume barley soup when they have a fever or during the summer. Most people believe that this soup helps to cool the body

However, you should ensure that you feed your baby with barley moderately if your family does not have any gluten allergy history.

Carrot and Apple soup

For those unaware, this vitamin C and vitamin A soup is the best combination of soup with carrots and apples. It is rich in nutrients and the sweetness of the apple added to the soup makes it very tasty and healthy for the fussy baby.

Carrot and sweet potato soup

Have you been searching for the best soups for toddlers? Have you tried the carrot and sweet potato soup? Well, for those who have not tried it, the first thing we have to tell you is that this soup is very delicious.

It is a creamy soup that is blended with almonds. It is also known to be a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Due to the natural sweetness of sweet potatoes and carrots, your child will find this meal tasty.

Carrot and Beetroot soup

Among the best soup for a six-month-old baby is the carrot and beetroot soup. It will give you an intriguing color while bringing along a mild sweetness. Its sweetness makes it one of the best soups for babies.

If you never knew, beetroot helps increase haemoglobin while carrots are fully loaded with vitamins essential for growing kids and babies.

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Best Soup For Eight Month Old Baby

Some of the best soups for kids or babies that are eight months old include:

Chicken soup

A soup for eight-month old baby is chicken soup. This soup brings about the best way to introduce chicken to babies. Asides from being a tasty meal, it is highly nutritious, digested easily, and assists in treating cough and cold.

Note that it is very easy to make, and you can add vegetables or even corn kernels to make it tastier and filling for the baby.

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Mutton Soup/Lamb Trotters soup

Another healthy soup for eight-month-old baby is mutton soup or lamb trotters soup. It is a comforting soup for babies when they are down with the flu or cold. This soup will assist in clearing their stuffy noses and any throat infection.

This soup is healthy, especially when you are introducing mutton to your baby for the first time.

Pumpkin soup

This is one healthy and tasty soup that is made with garlic, pepper powder, and of course, pumpkin. It is for babies, kids, and toddlers. Most parents are not aware that pumpkin is a highly nutritious vegetable rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

It is the simplest soup to feed your baby when you want to include pumpkin in their diet.

Carrot soup

This soup is spiced, mildly sweet, and creamy. The fact that it is creamy does not mean people add milk or cream when preparing it. It is very easy to prepare and equally delicious. Its bright orange color is pleasing to kids.

Carrot tomato soup

This is one healthy soup that is filled with tomatoes and carrots. It is a delicious soup that gives kids a mild sweetness due to the carrot added, and a subtle sourness due to the tomatoes included.

If your kids have a common cold or cough, this is the soup to feed them.

Cauliflower soup

This soup is healthy and creamy. It is made with nuts, onions, and pepper powder. The cauliflower soup will taste best when you combine it with nuts, and babies love it due to its creamy texture.

Bottle Gourd Soup

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This is one of the tasty soups for toddlers made with bottle gourd, moong dal, and garlic. It is the ideal soup for your baby as it has a sweet flavor and is easy to prepare. When moong dal is added to this soup, it increases its protein content.

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Best & Easy Soup For Kids

Some other best soups that you can prepare for kids between ten months and one year include:

Cream of mushroom soup

This is a heartwarming soup that is best suited for the winter season. Parents should note that mushrooms are amazing immunity boosters, and when taken during times when kids have colds or cough, they can boost their energy and assist in fighting off diseases.

Broccoli soup

Broccoli soup is rated among the best soups for kids, and it is prepared using potatoes, fresh cheese or cream, milk, and broccoli as its primary ingredients. This soup is very creamy and healthy.

When introducing broccoli to your baby, the best way to go about it is to feed him or her this soup. Interestingly, it can be prepared with formula milk or breastfeeding milk for babies below one year.

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Spinach soup

As a non-dairy soup, it is made with mild spices and, as expected, fresh spinach leaves. It is the best choice to feed your kids when you want them to get used to eating spinach. It is easy to make, and it is even recommended for lactating and pregnant women.

Sweet corn soup

As a creamy and tasty soup for kids, it is among the favorite soups to prepare for your babies during the winter and rainy seasons.

Avocado soup

If your kids do not like avocado, you can prepare the avocado soup because it is creamy, smooth, and healthy for kids’ growth.

Fenugreek leaves soup

This soup is prepared with pepper powder, moong dal, garlic, and fenugreek leaves. The leaves are filled with vitamins, iron, and fiber. It is ideal for kids with little appetite, and it is good for mums that are breastfeeding.

Drumstick leaves soup

Be it drumstick leaves soup, murungai keerai soup, or moringa leaves soup, they are all tasty and healthy when prepared with the drumstick leaves and small spices. The Moringa leaves are an excellent source of protein, iron, vitamins, and calcium.

Note that it is beneficial for kids, lactating mothers, and babies. The lactating mothers will need it as they will need vital nutrients.

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When it comes to selecting the best soups for your babies, it is ideal that you check with your paediatrician before you give them any soup or food. More so, you are to adjust your spices according to the tolerance level of your baby.

Best believe that each of the outlined soups will help keep your baby nourished, warm, and hydrated in any weather. When you feed your babies any of the soups for toddlers, they will get all the desired nutrients.

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