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Similac gentlease, Similac Pro-Total Comfort is the gentlest formula available, with 2′-FL human milk oligosaccharide (2′-FL HMO), an immune-nourishing prebiotic identical to that found in breast milk that aids in the development of a baby’s immune system. similac gentlease is an easy-to-digest formula for babies with sensitive stomachs, and it’s a wonderful alternative for kids who can’t tolerate other milk-based formulas.

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enfamil infant formula reviews

enfamil infant formula reviews

Similac gentlease

Galactosemia is not recommended for newborns or babies.


After just one day of feeding, parents reported a substantial reduction in fussiness, gas, and crying.


Similac Pro-Total Comfort is the gentlest formula, with 2′-FL HMO, a prebiotic that aids in the immune system strengthening of your baby.


Features of a proprietary combination of DHA, lutein, 

And vitamin E, all of which are present in breast milk and are crucial for a baby’s brain and eye development.

Similac is the most popular baby formula brand among parents.


Similac is the first and most popular baby formula without the use of artificial growth hormones. 

Similac Pro-Total Comfort is made with non-genetically modified ingredients.

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Is there a gentlease formula from Similac?

Similac Pro-Total Comfort with 2′-FL HMO is a gentle infant formula that is simple to digest. 

It’s not made from human milk.

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enfamil gentlease baby formula – 32 oz refill box

enfamil gentlease baby formula – 32 oz refill box

Product description 

Similac Pro-Total Comfort Infant Formula is the first and only mild, 

Non-GMO baby formula with 2′-FL HMO to help boost your baby’s immune system, 

And make him or her more like a breastfed baby than ever.

 After just one day, parents reported a dramatic reduction in fussiness, gassiness, and crying, with ongoing improvement throughout the feeding. 

Its unique combination of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E is essential for a baby’s brain and eye development. 

Similac is the No. 1 infant formula brand preferred by parents, 

And the No. 1 brand is fed in hospitals, so you can trust it.

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  • Immune System Support for Your Baby

Similac Pro-Total Comfort with 2′-FL human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), 

The 1 brand for immune support, provides comprehensive nutrition designed to enhance your baby’s immune system. 

It contains a special combination of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E to aid in the brain and ocular development of your kid.

  • Supports the development of the brain and eyes

Similac Pro-Total Comfort has a proprietary mix of DHA for brain nutrition, lutein for eye health, 

And vitamin E for growth and development, all of which are key ingredients found naturally in breast milk.

  • There is no palm olein oil.

Formulas without palm olein oil have been demonstrated to provide your baby with gentler feces, similar to those of breastfed babies. 

Furthermore, our no-palm-olein-oil mix promotes calcium absorption.

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In the end, remember that whatever infant formula you pick, similac gentlease or any other formula, rest confident that each FDA-approved product must fulfill a stringent set of nutritional standards. Formula selection is ultimately a matter of personal preference—both yours and your baby’s, We recommend disregarding the marketing promises and going directly to the ingredient list, reviewing which alternatives are best for your baby’s digestive comfort with your physician.



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Similac Alimentum, 6 Count, Hypoallergenic Infant Formula, for Food Allergies and Colic, Starts Reducing Excessive Crying Within 24 Hours, Corn-Free & Lactose-Free, Ready-to-Feed, 32-fl-oz Bottle

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  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Our formula is suitable for lactose sensitivity and has broken-down protein that is easy to digest for babies with food allergies or colic due to protein sensitivity
  • START FEELING BETTER TODAY: Similac Alimentum starts reducing colic symptoms due to protein sensitivity within 24 hours in most infants
  • WITH AN IMMUNE-NOURISHING INGREDIENT: First and only hypoallergenic formula with 2 -FL HMO, an immune-nourishing ingredient
  • EBT ELIGIBLE: Eligible to be purchased with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in select stores; The SNAP name is a service mark of the US Department of Agriculture The USDA does not endorse any goods, services, or enterprises

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