Baby game and Real Baby Diaper Changing Games

What do you think about Baby game? Handling a baby while changing his/her diaper is not as easy as it looks. To change the diaper and handle the baby simultaneously is quite difficult, to be honest. But here is a thing you can try and make a fun process. Distract your baby with super fun baby game while changing his/her diaper.  Distracting your baby requires your baby’s cooperation as well so why not involve the baby, play fun games, and change nappy at the same time.

This will keep your baby busy while you can change his/ her diaper in peace. It is a fact that changing a diaper becomes an easy task if your bundle of joy is in good mood but the same things become difficult with a grumpy baby who is not in the mood to play but to cry. These baby diaper changing Baby game make it a fun and two-way process. You will just need few things and you and your baby will be ready to rock this diaper changing process.

In this article, we are going to tell you some best diaper changing Baby game, along with distracting products for your baby to play with which you can try during your diaper changing process.

Bright Starts 52035-6-W11 Sit and See Safari Floor Mirror

Unblocked baby game and make your baby giggle with this pretty mirror set. Every moment will become playable for him/her. This cute green-colored mirror will make your baby laugh. He will enjoy his reflection every time he/she is going to see it. This cute mirror will be caught your baby’s sight and make him fall in love with it. You can also use it as a distractor while changing his/her diaper.

This mirror is made with safe, playable, and child-friendly material .it has no sharp edges with no fear of shattering, as it is not made of glass but plastic glass. It has a rectangular ship that perfectly fits into babies’ hands. It is completely safe to play with. The fabric outside of the mirror is bright-colored, catches the baby’s attention at first sight.  The design is ideal for sit and play or tummy time. The baby will discover himself from a new angle each time he/she will look into it.


  • Great quality
  • Bright colored
  • Child-friendly material
  • Good value for money


  • Poor reflection

EARSOO Electronic Piano, Elephant Musical Keyboard Toy

This colorful and playful baby elephant toy is best for your little one to play with as the playful sounds will keep your baby interested and interacted. The baby can play with it by pressing the keys of different notes and the sound will mesmerize him. There are different sounds available that will keep it interesting and playable for your baby. It also has soft light that flashes when the keys are pressed. The design is multicolored, very appealing to babies. From all the baby game, this elephant musical keyboard is the most fun to play with.

The twist and turn movements keep the baby engage. It can also be a great distractor while you can change your baby’s diapers. The elephant shape is cute and appealing to the baby t the same time. It also has a story and different music features which keep the child interested. The sizing is perfect for tiny hands. Babies can easily lift it play with it. It offers 2 kinds of play modes for babies to play with.  Multiple features make it a great toy for handling babies and diverting their attention.


  • Great quality
  • Perfect size
  • Music variations
  • Durable


  • Batteries not included

Toomies TOMY Hide and Squeak Eggs, Educational Shape Sorter Baby

Toomies TOMY Hide and Squeak Eggs, Educational Shape Sorter Baby

Toomies TOMY Hide and Squeak Eggs

This is not just a hide and seeks Baby game for your bundle of joy and baby hazel newborn. A perfect play for the development of his/ her cognitive skills. The set comes with six eggs of different kinds with cute and funny expressions on them. Your baby will crack those eggs and enjoy the funny expression of these eggs. Baby will find these squeaky eggs and play with them. These are not only fun toys but learning toys as well. There are six different eggs along with different colored shells, a child will mix and match to enjoy it.

These hide and seek are sensory toys in which will capture the baby’s attention with a cute cheap voice and first words when buttons are pressed. Your little one can easily play with it as it is designed according to tiny hands. The fun and vibrant colored octopus are also available in replacement of eggs. You can choose what you want for your bundle of joy.


  • Bright colors
  • Very engaging
  • Available in different shapes
  • Durable


  • Not ideal for infants or babies under six months

Bebamour Baby Rattleb – Sensory Toys

These beautiful varieties of rattles are perfect for your bundle of joy’s happy moments. He/ she will have a perfect fun time playing with it. It is perfect for your newborn as these sounds and colors will attract him/her and he will be interested. These rattles are made of child-friendly material with no sharp edges or blunt corners. Advanced designs along with amusing and interesting sounds arouse the curiosity of the baby and he finds it attractive to play with. If your baby is she, then she may like rapunzel baby game but this toy is unisex and equally playable for both.

These are perfect for babies from 0-6 months. These toys are light weighted and perfectly fit in tiny hands. Those different sounds stimulate the baby’s curiosity and listening. They will be a great help in the development of a child’s fine cognitive and motor skills. These all rattles come in a box so that you can keep them together and even carry them along with you. The storage box is provided so that you can easily organize them. These rattles are heat resistant and odorless, to keep your baby safe from any hazard. The colors and design vary from animal to candies and other stuff. The toys are also easy to clean as dirt and debris can be easily taken off with one wash.


  • Pleasing variety
  • Durable
  • Safe toys
  • Multiple sounds and colors


  • Quality is not up to the mark.

Red Kite Baby Peppermint Trail Play Gym

This play gym with beautiful and vibrant colors along with cute and cheerful toys can be your baby’s happy place. Different activity toys add to the excitement of the gym. The play area is perfect for your baby to spend some fun time. These toys are exciting and affordable at the same time. It can also be a great distractor while you can change your baby’s diapers.

This peppermint trial gym is playable and most exciting as the baby will have fun in the comfortable place. You can leave your baby in it without any fear of sharp edges. This is an entire collection of detachable toys that are hanging toys as well.

Babies will be focused and entertained along with interesting eye coordination.

The whole toy range is detachable which means you can also convert it into a play mat or a baby’s changing place. You can use this as baby game dress-up option as well. It includes different varieties of rattles and balls and a carry bag. Amazingly, it converts into a ball pool as well.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Well made
  • Good value for money
  • Great for tummy time


  • Quality is not long-lasting

Not all the baby game are like each other. Every Baby game serves a different purpose.

Following are some best distracting diaper changing Baby game that you can play with your baby and change the diaper by engaging him/ her into the baby game.

Peek A Boo

Babies enjoy appearing and disappearing Baby game they find it quite magical.

This Baby game is fun, exciting, and great in reinforcing using our baby’s cognitive skills also called object permeance. This makes your little one believe that although he can’t see the object in front of him the object still exists.

You can do it with anything such as a ball, different toys or even yourself.

This Baby game may shock your child at first but he/she will enjoy it after several attempts. It teaches the baby in the unconscious that whatever is disappearing is not forever.

And the super fun thing is whether it’s missing toy or missing mommy it always comes back in the end.

Tell a story 

Real Baby Diaper Changing Games

Real Baby Diaper Changing Games

Do you want the best Baby game?

Turn diaper changing time into talking time, you can tell short stories, sing a song, and point at things related to the story.

This will keep your baby engage and interested.

Talk with your baby with expressions while changing his/ her diapers.

It will make him interested and most important still, then you can change diapers easily. Babies enjoy soothing songs.

You can repeat the baby’s name by painting a finger towards the baby. He will love it.

Silly noise symphony

Babies love stupid noises. These noises instantly grab cuties’ attention and they respond to it as well.

You can make a symphony on your own for the baby. Why not does it while changing the baby’s diapers.

The baby will be focused on the noise and will pay attention to it while you can change the nappy easily.

Different noises such as mood, some giggle, or beeping just like a robot. You can try just laughing and the baby will join.

Trust me, you will enjoy it more than your little one. You can also take inspiration from fun baby online Baby game for free for making different noises and expressions.

Get moving

Once the baby starts to crawl, it becomes so difficult to catch him and then change the diaper.

Running after the baby and then changing the diaper is another difficult task. When the baby starts moving, it becomes nearly impossible to hold still and then secure the diaper.

Therefore, the moving Baby game is an excellent distractor.

Take some yoga mat or other thing and let your child roll do it several times and then roll your child in the changing nappy and change the diaper.

There are several baby simulator Baby game online present on the internet.

You can also check those for inspiration and better use of products.

fun baby online games for free

fun baby online games for free

Safe mirror

Safe mirrors are great for distracting babies while changing diapers. Just put the mirror on the right or left side of the baby and let him recognize that cute little face. It is a fact that babies love mirrors. They enjoy staring at it. You can hand it to your baby, he will instantly shift his attention to it, and you can change your baby’s diaper with ultimate peace.

You do not need any fancy toys or other expensive stuff to divert your baby’s attention. These simple and fun diaper-changing Baby game are a total lifesaver. Try these simple Baby game and make the diaper changing process a fun and memorable experience both for you and your bundle of joy.

Bright Starts Sit and See Safari Floor Mirror Tummy Time Activity Toy, Ages Newborn +

 in stock
as of April 11, 2024 2:13 pm


  • See the fun for yourself of baby’s self-discovery!
  • Make silly faces alongside baby with large mirror
  • Crinkly leaves and colorful fabric engage baby
  • Ideal for tummy-time or sit and play
  • Folds flat for easy storage or travel

TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggstension Egg and Spoon Toy

$25.42  in stock
5 new from $25.42
as of April 11, 2024 2:13 pm


  • IDEAL EASTER FUN: Hide the eggs for an Easter egg hunt or why not have an egg & spoon race? The eggs fall and crack just like in real life but without the mess making a perfect gift for your baby's first Easter
  • SHAPE SORTER: Introduce your baby to the world of shapes by matching the Hide & Squeak eggs to their right spoon. Discover different coloured Easter chicks inside to mix and match and make your favourite colour combinations
  • PRESS AND LISTEN: An all-round sensory toy hide & squeak eggs will alert your toddlers attention as each colourful chick makes a cheerful chirping sound when pressed
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY: This popular sorting toy contains 4 different Easter eggs and spoons with bright colours and individual faces perfect for babies and toddlers
  • COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER HIDE & SQUEAK TOYS: Use with other Hide & Squeak toys as all shapes are designed to correspond with holes across the range - so you can make the most of your Hide & Squeak collection.

Play Gym With 50 Balls & Slide

Viglink The Bay
Last update was on: April 11, 2024 2:13 pm

Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Patch's Colour Playspace Activity Gym

Viglink Baby Bunting
Last update was on: April 11, 2024 2:13 pm

Lovevery Play Gym & Mat - Ages 0+ months

Viglink Bloomingdales UK
Last update was on: April 11, 2024 2:13 pm

Baby kids Musical Piano Early Educational toy Infant Toddler Developmental Fingers Kids Music 37 Keys Gift Plastic Cute Toy

 out of stock
as of April 11, 2024 2:13 pm

Multifunction Music Table Toys for Baby Toddler Learning Early Education Musical Machine Piano Activity Center Gift 6 months+

 out of stock
as of April 11, 2024 2:13 pm

Wrap up

These are some great distracting newborn Baby game for your baby to keep him/her distracted while you can change the diapers at ease.

Babies love to listen to sounds and stare at weird facial expressions.

Do try them out and I hope it will sort your problem of keeping the baby still, while you can change the diaper at peace.

Following products are also helpful to keep the baby engaged. These simple and fun diaper-changing Baby game are a total lifesaver. Do try them out.


  • How to distract the baby during nappy change time?

You can do different activities such as sing a song, make weird expressions, give him/her favorite toy, or anything, which makes your baby calm, and still. 

  • Why does a baby cry when parents change the diaper?

Babies are sensitive and when you took off something from them due to temperature adaption, they do not like it at all and start crying. Therefore, try soothing them and do it as fast as possible.

  • What to do while nappy changing time?

The one thing you must do is distract your baby. You can tickle your baby or start giggling. These small things will divert the baby’s attention.

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