Headaches during pregnancy causes and treatment

Headaches during pregnancy, You’re not alone if you’re pregnant and suffering from headaches. According to a medical study, 39% of pregnant and postpartum women suffer from headaches. Though you may experience a different type of headache during pregnancy than usual, most headaches aren’t hazardous. Keep reading to know some more details about headaches during pregnancy.

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2 lines on pregnancy test one faint

Headaches during pregnancy

Headaches in the first trimester of pregnancy can be caused by a variety of factors that are not present in headaches in the second or third trimesters. 

Headache discomfort during pregnancy can sometimes be an indicator of other health issues.

Any headaches you experience while pregnant, before or after, should be reported to your doctor.

Keep a headache notebook to track how often you get headaches and how severe they are. 

Make a list of any other symptoms you’re experiencing.

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chemical which forces monthly pregnancy test

Headaches are classified into several categories

Primary headaches account for the bulk of headaches experienced during pregnancy.

This indicates that the headache discomfort occurs on its own. It’s not a sign or symptom of another condition or a pregnancy complication. 

The following are examples of primary headaches:

Migraine attacks cluster headaches tension headaches

Approximately 26%

Tension headaches are a reliable source of headaches during pregnancy. 

If you get chronic headaches or migraines during pregnancy, or if you have a migraine history, tell your doctor.

Migraine sufferers may experience fewer attacks during pregnancy if they have a history of migraines. 

Migraine has also been connected to difficulties that occur later in your pregnancy or after your baby is born.

A pregnancy issue such as elevated blood pressure might produce secondary headaches.

Headaches during pregnancy and their causes.

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  • First trimester 

In the first trimester of your pregnancy, tension headaches are frequent. 

This could be because your body is going through a lot of changes right now. 

These changes have the potential to induce pain in the form of headaches:

Hormonal shifts

weight changes due to increased blood volume

The following are other common reasons of headache pain during the first trimester of pregnancy:

Dehydration, nausea, and vomiting are all symptoms of stress.

Sleep deprivation

Caffeine deficiency


Blood sugar levels are low

Insufficient physical activity

Alterations in vision sensitivity to light

  • Second trimester 

Headaches in the second and third trimesters can be caused by a variety of factors. These are some of them:

Extra weight, poor posture, insufficient sleep, and poor nutrition can cause muscle strain and stiffness.

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Blood pressure that is too high

Headaches in the second or third trimester of pregnancy could be an indication of elevated blood pressure. 

In the United States, around 6 to 8% of pregnant women aged 20 to 44 have high blood pressure.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that (CDC),

This treatable problem might result in catastrophic complications for both the mother and the infant. 

This is the most common symptom after the 20th week of pregnancy.

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Headaches during pregnancy

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To sum up, To manage high blood pressure or headaches during pregnancy, your doctor may prescribe medication. You’ll also need to reduce your salt intake and increase your fiber intake. Regular exercise is also essential for maintaining a healthy blood pressure level.




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