Burabi baby formula maker

Burabi baby formula maker

What is exactly the burabi baby formula maker? What does it do? 

How does it work? Its pros and cons? And is it worth it to purchase the baby the burabi baby formula maker or not?

Tina is a mother of two children, the first in six months and the second in two months. She decided to follow the bottle-feeding program with her first child from the beginning regarding her work as she works as a director of one of the companies in her city, which makes her wakes up early in the morning and comes late in the afternoon. so, she doesn’t have time to breastfeed her baby.

At first, she felt comfortable with this decision but, after her second baby was born, she began to feel difficulty in preparing bottles for her little children because she cannot take care of her babies and making bottles at the same time. She was afraid that this dispersion would end in an accident to one of them. 

She did ask her friend for advice and she recommended her burabi baby formula maker. She told her that she used to have the same problem as her because she has three children of similar ages but, after she tried this formula dispenser her life is much easier than before, she could do her work at home, her work at home, her work at the company and preparing the bottle of her three children within seconds.

Actually, in centuries and decades, preparing the bottle manually was not a great issue to take concerns about even if mams and dads have babies of similar ages but those formula machines dispensers make life easier and more comfortable than before and allow them to take good care on their children without worrying about them falling from bed or hit their heads.

What is the burabi smart baby formula milk maker?

It is a machine that mixes the formula up with water, regulates the temperature according to your demand, and dispenses your formula all within seconds.

burabi smart baby formula milk maker makes life much easier than before as you may wake up in the night on your baby’s screaming and you don’t have time to regulate the temperature of the water, Count the ounces of formula that you want for your bottle, mix it up with water then shake well to prevent any clumps in the bottom of your bottle then give it to your baby so that he will stop screaming and takes his nutrition.

With burabi baby formula maker, you could make all of these steps by pressing the button while you lay on the bed. Yes, lying in bed as this machine has the ability to be controlled from an app on your smartphone called” burabi’s app”.

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Steps of burabi baby formula maker:

  • First, you should open the cover.
  • Remove the screw and the other parts.
  • Wash the container very well and make sure that nothing of the powder is left.
  • Wash the other parts like the spindle and screw very well.
  • Before you put all the parts in the machine, you should make sure that all of these parts are dried and cleaned thoroughly.
  • At first, put the wheels then adjust the spindle after it.
  • Make sure that the sticks and tabs fit the slot in the container.
  • Put the stirrer in the machine and tighten the cap very well.
  • Then put the lid and close it.
  • Remove the lid and the funnel from the machine.
  • Clean and rinse them with clean water very well.
  • On the panel, press the “clean “button after you put the funnel and the cover back in place to clean them with warm water.
  • Then remove them again to dry them thoroughly and assemble those parts after cleaning them very well.
  • Put the funnel back in place but, make sure that the stick outside the cover fits the ages of the funnel.
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Important points during cleaning the burabi baby formula maker:

  • After each use, you should clean the funnel and the holes in the bottom of the container very well to remove any remnants of powders.
  • Before refiling the powder container, you should make sure that all the parts including the container are cleaned well.
  • Before refilling the container with powder make sure that the tabs fit the slots of the container.
  • Before assembling the funnel make sure that the sticks fit the slot on the rim of the funnel body.
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Pros of burabi baby formula maker:

  • It is a machine that has the ability to mix, dispense and adjust the temperature and the concentration of the formula within seconds.
  • A simple touch on the panel or the smartphone will make your desirable formula within seconds.
  • It is considered to be a great time saver, especially when the baby is screaming at night.
  • It has a Thermo block to adjust the temperature that you prefer in eight-second without the need to wait until the water is warmed or cooled.
  • It has eighteen sensitive sensors as pressure sensors to detect the powder container, button control, and assembly water tank, temperature sensor to detect the water temperature, photoelectric sensor to detect the place of the bottle, the water volume, and to quantify the water volume.
  • It has a sixty-seven degrees sloping touch panel that allows the panel to display clearly and comfortably without the need for bending postpartum.
  • Safe to be used and easy to be cleaned as it has the one key automatic design that enables the burabi baby formula maker to clean well by clicking one bottom.
  • It has an airtight powder container that has been designed with tightly sealed features to prevent the moistening and spoiling of the powder of formula.
  • The powder container, the funnel, and the water tank are made of food-grade Tritan EX four hundred and one make them more sterilized, not harmful, and easy to be washed. This material prevents them from corrosion and makes them steadier.
  • It is equipped with memory cells to record each process from the first time of usage.
  • It is connected by burabi’s app on your smartphone that makes you control up to ten uses on one machine as temperature, pressure, and photoelectric sensors but, you should make sure that the bottle is in place so that those sensors are worked then press confirm on your phone to begin the process. That means that you can make your bottle formula while you are lying down on the bed within ten seconds.
  • Within seconds you will have the baby formula with perfect temperature so you don’t have to reheat or cool it anymore, you also don’t have to shake the bottle to prevent any clumps from being precipitated.
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Cons of burabi baby formula maker:

You need to clean the funnel up every single use and make sure that no powder is collected in it.

Amazon cannot be reached to all the customers in all countries around the world.

It is only connected with wi-fi but not the phone itself.

Some people complain that It is expensive but, compared to what it does, app control, wi-fi connection, quickly finishing within ten seconds, water function it worth it to be tried.

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Burabi formula milk maker review:

Some of the burabi formula maker reviews were:

  • I love this machine, once I ordered it the vendor told me that he will send the updated version. I get the older and the updating one on the same day and I want to mention how the updating version prevents the clumps from precipitating so that my baby will not be aspirated.
  • I love it because it can be also used as a coffee or tea machine after the baby is done with his formula.
  • The powder is mixed with water very well at the right temperature.
  • The burabi’s app and the Wi-Fi connection worked very well.
  • One thing that the burabi baby formula maker seems not to do is not to warn you when the machine is out of formula.
  • I search for an automatic machine and choose this for many reasons:

First, that this machine was designed to clean the dispenser spot at the funnel

Second, I can reach its spare parts whenever I need them.

Third, it is a wi-fi smartphone connector.

Fourth, it has a child locking character.

  • I use Similac pro advanced with its barcode but it did not respond.
  • I can use by far three different types of formula at first, it did not work when I inserted the barcode but I did a keyword search and it came up with no problem.
  • I liked the measures in MLS so that I’m not binding with two oz but I can use only one oz per time.
  • Sometimes I do find that the formula comes out very watery but it is with some types of formula more than the others. I tried to work the cleaning machine but I found that cleaning the funnel is easier.

Most of the burabi formula milk maker reviews were positive reactions.

Reviews on amazon

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burabi smart baby formula pro milk maker:

This is the updating version of the burabi baby formula maker machine. It is much more advanced than the older one and it has the same abilities as the old version but in addition, it works with a wi-fi connection app.

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Pros of burabi smart baby formula pro milk maker:

  • It recognizes and identifies different formula brands automatically by applying the brand barcode on your phone.
  • The burabi baby formula maker is equipped with eighteen types of sensors so that any faulty process that has been done could be detected and prevents the formula from being dispensed.
  • With the smart app on your phone, you can track the feeding process and the growth progress of your baby.
  • If one of those light is flashing that means that there is something wrong and you need to check it out:

If the powder indicator is lightning, that means that the lid of the container did not close well.

If the funnel indicator is flashed, means that the funnel is not assembled in its correct position.

If the bottle indicator is flashed, you need to put the bottle on the base.

If the lock indicator is flashed, means that the panel is locked.

If the volume indicator is flashed, means that the water tank is not placed probably or the tank is empty.

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burabi smart baby formula milk maker with app control:

burabi smart baby formula milk maker with app control in the pro advanced machine, make the use of it much easier than the old version as you have the ability to connect with the burabi baby formula maker remotely.

Because your child may be crying or want his formula right now and you don’t have the time to go to the kitchen to prepare it. you want the formula once you get in the kitchen to be already prepared so that you will just pick it up. This app provides this for you.

Steps of usage:

  • You should at first set the English language on your phone.
  • Search for Burabi+ on google play or the app store to download it.
  • Scan for the QR code.
  • Make sure to be connected with wi-fi, then login to the app and click “connect device”.
  • On the panel, press on the positive sign and hold it for three seconds until a sound comes up and the wi-fi indicator flashes.
  • Then on your phone click connect to a new device to pair with the machine.
  • Click formula selection then scan the barcode on the formula box.
  • Press on the panel or the phone the start button to begin the process.

One of their websites:


Burabi Smart Baby Formula Dispenser, Milk Maker , App Contorl, BPA Free, With FDA, FCC, CE, RoHS, RCM Certificates, Burabi



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burabi smart baby formula pro milk maker reviews :

  • This machine is very helpful to me and my husband as I’m a new mom and can’t follow the breastfeeding program.
  • When I bought this machine, its packaging was very tight and the material that this machine is made from is very hard compared to the other formula makers that are made of plastic.
  • I get frustrated at first because to use the app you need to be connected with wi-fi and I didn’t know this information, so you need to read the instructions very well.
  • The app just scans the American brands’ barcode and I use the German brands but once I sent the barcode to them, they admit it within twenty – four hours on the app and the machine works automatically to adjust the temperature and calculate the concentration of this new formula.


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To summarize up:

  • burabi baby formula maker is a machine that mixes the formula up with water and dispenses it within seconds.
  • It adjusts the temperature and calculates the ounces that you want.
  • It is connected with a wi-fi application on your phone to have a remote control on the device.
  • You should wash and rinse the funnel every single time you use it to prevent the accumulation of the powder in it.
  • Burabi baby formula makers can scan for above eighteen American brands even if there is a new brand you can send it to them and they will apply it on the burabi’s app within twenty -four hours by sending the barcode.
  • If any of the temperature indicators, volume indicator, funnel indicator, bottle indicator, or even the lock indicator is flashing so something went wrong with them and you should check them out.
  • Make sure when you open the lead and fill the container that it should be felt above the minimal level.   
  • Some reviews said that the burabi baby formula maker can not just be used as a baby formula machine but, also as a tea and coffee machine.
  • Some people said that it is a con for a machine to be connected with a wi-fi application on your smartphone because if wi-fi is disconnected they will not be able to do their baby formula.
  • Some people complain about the price of the formula machine as it cost two hundred and fifty dollars and this is too much for a formula maker.
  • One of the mothers said that her baby is three months and she works every day and she won’t have the ability to follow the breastfeeding program but, the moment she brought this machine her life becomes so much easier and she mentioned that she felt more comfortable with it than any other thing she tried before and that she and her husband are not worrying about their baby anymore.
  • One of the reviews said that she used the German formula but when she scanned the barcode of this formula and add it to the container of the burabi formula machine it did not work then she called the company of this machine and they applied the barcode of the German formula and after twenty-four hours this formula is accepted and she did that with three other German formula just once she scans the barcode of them the machine adjust the temperature and calculate the concentration of this formula then she press one button to get her baby formula without gases with good texture.
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