Best Changing Pad Covers

Best changing pad covers: If we are honest, we will realize that even though we love our babies to the moon and back to planet Earth, no one enjoys changing the soiled diapers. However, we have something in mind for you that can be of great help.

This great help is none other than baby changing pad covers. If you never knew, most of the parents out there use the diaper changing pad cover as a soft yet safe place to hold the child while they carry out the changing procedure.

The changing pad baby cover is an amazing part of this process as it can protect the original pad from any messes or accidents. If the cover gets soiled, you can easily throw it in the washer.

Note that the baby changing cover comes in a vast range of admirable colors and prints to compliment your nursery decoration. It can also bring a little bit of joy to the parents during the diaper change duty.

Do You Need A Changing Pad Cover?

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If we are honest, we will realize that even though we love our #babies to the moon and back to planet Earth, no one enjoys #changing the soiled #diapers.

You must bear in mind that high-quality changing pads are a necessity for any parent. While there are many baby products, you will not truly need, and you will always need the changing pad cover among your diaper essentials.

The fact is with the birth of the baby, you will be changing lots of diapers, and it can be up to ten a day. You will need a soft yet padded and waterproof place to change the soiled diapers.

Every parent will need a protected place and a place they can strap the baby in place to make things easier. Normally, the diaper change pad sits right on top of a changing table or a good dresser.

Note that searching for a changing pad for a dresser is typically a simple process because pads fit on most dressers, whether big or small. If you want to know if you need a changing pad cover, the simple answer is yes.

While there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing little moments you will enjoy with your newborn,  you must have it in mind that not all moments will be so enjoyable. The not-so-enjoyable moments are those spent changing your baby’s diapers.

Even though the change is not a pleasant one, there are available ways you can make this change easier on you or the caregiver. You can change the baby’s diaper anywhere you want as long as you can safely place your baby down for the change.

Interestingly, your back, neck, and knees will truly appreciate the investment in a good changing pad for changing tables. It will help keep you from spending most of the time bent over on the beds and chairs.

Since diapers are not the only variable available when it comes down to changing your baby, there are other options you can consider. You should consider a changing table as it is among the most convenient option.

It is rated as convenient due to its size. The changing table is the ideal size for the average adult not to bend over or kneel when changing the baby’s diaper. It will help to save your back.

Interestingly, it is among the safest options as it usually has tall railings to keep the babe safe on the table so that they do not get to wiggle off.

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The changing table will make changing your child simpler because it has lots of storage shelves and drawers, and flat areas to place diapers and lotions.

It will enable you to store all your changing supplies conveniently at your fingertips so your concentration will remain on the baby and not searching for supplies. The downside of the changing table is that it is costly, and you will need to purchase the whole table, cover, and pad.

Interestingly, it is also the most viable option if you have limited space.

How Can You Change Your Child?

The first thing to note is that changing your baby can be pretty simple and also very complex, depending on what you are using. Before you change the baby’s diaper, you are to clean both the area you will be positioning your child and your hands.

This cleaning routine will be repeated after you also finish for germs not to be left behind. These germs can make the baby sick. The easiest way to keep your baby clean is with a disposable diaper, although it is pretty costly.

The disposable diaper can be put on by lying your child down on their back while on a flat surface, and you can unfasten the diaper’s front and fold it down under the baby’s bum.

Furthermore, when changing a baby boy, you should have an extra step of covering their privates so that they do not get to pee everywhere while the change is ongoing. Cloth diapers are an amazing way to be nice to the environment and save some cash.

The only downside is that they take quite a while to change, and the entire changing process varies depending on the type of cloth diaper you make use of.

What Are The Changing Pad Cover Features?

If you never knew, there are three possible parts to a changing pad. It is worthy to note that its bottom layer is the pad. Furthermore, you may want to choose a comfortable pad and comes with a safety belt.

Parents will also love one that curves upon the two sides. Note that the average length of the regular foam changing pad is roughly 16×32 inches, and they are roughly 3.5inches thick.

After purchasing any of the best changing pad covers, you will most likely want to buy a changing pad liner. The changing pad liner is a waterproof layer that will enable you to keep the leaks and spills from getting the changing pad dirty.

The liners are pretty cheap to replace when they get too filthy, but the changing pads are much more expensive.  This is why you may likely want to keep them cleaner.

Bear in mind that the changing pads are also not always made from a fully waterproof material to leak and soak up the actual pad, thus, resulting in nasty odors and harmful bacteria.

Note that the baby changing pad covers go over both the liner and the pad. It is primarily a soft outer cloth that is simple to clean between uses by just putting it in the washing machine.

Doing this will save you the time from having to wipe down or scrub the pad. There are lots of features to consider when it comes to purchasing the best changing pad covers. Some of the features to consider are:

The regular cloth covers

These function like bedsheets, and their major purpose is to help protect the lower layers of the pad and make the changing area more comfortable. It is frequently stated on its packaging that they can be doubled as bassinet sheets.

This is because bassinets are usually smaller in size than the regular changing pad.

The waterproof cover

The waterproof pads for changing tables are great because they can save parents from purchasing a separate chain pad liner. This cover will actively protect the pad from any form of liquid.

However, they do not double as bassinet covers.

The material

Since the plastic of the changing pad tends to be cold and sometimes stick to the baby, it is best to purchase one with soft cotton as it will be comfortable for the baby to safely lie on.

You can also purchase one with waterproof material as it will help cut down the additional layers that need to be bought and cleaned daily. If you are purchasing a waterproof changing pad cover, you should double-check for a semi-absorbent material.

If not, a massive amount of pee can easily find ways to run right off the cover and onto the floor or your body.

Access to safety belt

The diaper changing pad cover should not cover up the safety belt. Your topmost priority should be the safety of your baby. This is why you must double-check the sizing and compare it to the pad you have.

Also, you are to double-check where the safety belt is attached to the pad to have an idea of the areas to not cover with the changing pad cover.

Best Changing Pad Covers Of 2021

Some of the best changing pad covers of 2021 that you can purchase out there are:


Circo Wipeable Changing Pad Cover

The first thing to note about the Circo wipeable changing pad cover is that it is an amazing cover that will disrupt your need for a changing pad liner. It is made with soft yet fuzzy sides and has a waterproof center area that can be wiped between uses.

The sides of this wipeable changing pad are made with a soft and fuzzy material, and this makes it amazing for your baby to rub against during the diaper change.

Interestingly, the changing table’s center has a plastic-type material that allows parents to keep the changing pad on for diverse uses between washes.

The cover is amazing for the busy mom who cannot throw the cover in the wash immediately after every change. The amazing advantage of this pad cover is that it is wipeable and it is waterproof.

Also, it comes with soft edges. However, the disadvantage is that it is costly, and its fuzzy sides are hard to wash. Its waterproof center gets slippery when wet, and it comes in a single pack.

You must bear in mind that this wipeable changing pad is among the easiest changing pad covers to use. Its soft edges will provide your baby with additional comfort while the waterproofing protects your pad.


Ziggy Baby Changing Pad Cover, Cradle Bassinet Sheets Fitted Jersey Cotton

One thing to note about the Ziggy baby changing pad cover is that it is a double pack of cotton changing pad covers. It is made to fit most of the changing pads and cradle mattresses as well as bassinet mattresses.

Its two packs come in two different colors and designs. This changing pad baby cover measures about 32inches x 16 inches x 5 inches. It usually holds on to your mattress or pad by its elastic edges all the way around.

It is similar to a fitted sheet. Understand that it is crafted to fit every standard changing pad, be it contoured or flat pads. Its material is one hundred percent high-quality Jersey knit cotton.

It also comes with matching crib sheets and swaddle blankets so that your baby can have items that are coordinated. Its advantage is that it comes in a two-pack and doubles as a cradle or bassinet sheet. It is affordable.

As for its disadvantages, it runs small and does not accurately fit specific larger changing pads. The Ziggy baby changing pad cover is a fundamental changing pad cover for people who do not want or need much.


Changing Pad Cover Set 100% Jersey Cotton by Ely’s & Co.

As a parent seeking the best-changing pad covers, you must bear in mind that the changing pad cover set by ElyaC & Co is a set of two adorable and straightforward versatile covers.

It is made available in packs of two and comes with diverse neutral color options made available from blacks and greys to light pinks and light mint. Like this, you will have a cover for your baby’s personality.

This diaper changing pad cover is lightweight and enables your child to breathe easily while lying on the changing pad. It is made from one hundred percent high-quality Jersey knit cotton.

Note that this material is not only safe to wash in washing machines, but it can so be dried using a dryer. It will save you from lots of headaches that hand washing will have caused you.

Additionally, this cover measures 39inches x 16inches x 5inches as this is the standard size for most changing pads. Also, this is the standard size for most of the cradle mattresses.

Even though its colors are neutral, you will love the diverse options it provides. Another advantage is that it has really strong elastic that goes all the way around.

As for its cons, they tend to shrink after washing, and they tend to fun small for mattresses even though those are advertised to fit every bed well enough.

These sheets are very affordable and are a cute alternative to protect your baby’s changing pad. Since it is cheap, you will not encounter any issue with replacing the sheets if any stains occur.


Aden + Anais Changing Pad Cover

Are you searching for a fantastic changing pad baby cover? Look no further as we bring the Aden+Anais changing pad cover to you. It is a very high-quality changing pad cover specially crafted for changing pads and not for mattresses.

Each of its packages comes with one changing pad cover. And, its covers also come in six diverse colors and patterns.

Its changing pad cover is made of one hundred percent cotton muslin, and the material is about two layers thick. This will help with the breathability and protection of your young one.

The covers are prewashed before they are packaged to avoid any form of shrinkage during the first wash. You can wash this changing pad cover using a washing machine.

Its changing pad cover measures about 33inches x 17inches. You will love the fact that the pad has space for waist belts so that you can keep your baby safely on the changing pad without compromising the cover.

Some of the advantages of this diaper changing pad cover are that it is made with high-quality materials, and its covers are prewashed. Its cons include the fact that it is pretty costly, and the material is relatively thin, making g it rip very easily.

The Aden + Anais changing pad cover does not double as a bassinet cover or a cradle cover. However, its material is breathable, and it fits very well.


Gerber Changing Pad Cover

It is vital to note that the Gerber changing pad cover is among the softest changing pad covers you will find out there. While it comes in packs of one, it is made available in roughly six different and bright colors.

Some of its covers are solid, but most of them have a polka dot combination of different kinds. It fits over any available standard changing pad that can measure roughly about 16inches x 32inches.

It is made from one hundred percent polyester material, and it is very soft outside; thus, your baby will love lying on it. Its outer material is made with a fuzzy balboa fabric, and the edges have elastic so that it can fit over your changing pad.

Some of its advantages include the fact that its covers have slots for a safety belt and very soft. Its cons dwell on the fact that its fuzzy material can hold dirt and smell but not so easy to clean.

It is expensive and has only one changing pad cover in a single pack. In all, Gerber is a famous name when it comes down to some of the best baby products on the market. Gerber’s changing pad cover is made of quite quality materials.

Is comfort your primary concern? This baby changing cover will fit your needs as it is soft against your baby’s delicate skin.


On a general note, you must understand that the best changing pad cover is necessary for your little one as long as they have their diapers changed. When you discover the ideal changing pad cover, it will help prolong the life of the changing pad.

Also, buy a diaper pad liner. You will not need to worry about waterproofing, and you can concentrate primarily on getting a soft material that will keep your baby comfortable during the diaper change.

Now that you have an idea of the best changing pad covers to select from, you may want to read more on the best maternity belts to purchase while you await the arrival of your beautiful baby.
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