Baby brezza formula pro

Baby brezza formula pro

All parents, especially the first-time ones, want to provide their babies with everything in the most perfect way. Food and drinks are on the top of the list parents don’t want to mess up with, because babies’ digestive systems aren’t yet well developed and the slightest mistakes in their diets make the biggest problems.

 That’s where baby brezza formula pro comes in handy. It gives you the perfect formula, with only one button push. How does it work? And how useful can it be? What are its pros and cons? And a lot of other questions you might be asking, you’ll find it all in this article. So, keep reading. 


Baby Brezza Formula Pro

All #parents, especially the #firsttime ones, want to provide their #babies with everything in the most perfect way. #Food and #drinks are on the top of the list ...


What’s baby brezza formula pro 

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For all of you who haven’t yet encountered the baby brezza formula maker pro yet, let’s introduce it to you, because you will just love it. 

Baby brezza formula maker, as the name entitles, is your way to provide your baby with the perfect formula with only one button push, without having to worry so much about the formula consistency or the water degree, or the fact of having a lumpy/diluted formula every time you prepare food for you baby, especially at these times of night when you can barely open your eyes rather than concentrate, or when you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to heat the water or adjust the formula.

 I bet you’re wondering now how life can be so easy using this product, and I know there’s a million questions in your head regarding how to use the baby brezza formula maker pro, and where to buy it and all the other questions. We will tell you all about it in detail in this article. 

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Who can use it ? 

Baby brezza formula pro is designed to provide food for babies who are using formula instead of breast-feeding. So, as long as you need to feed your baby formula, you can use the baby brezza  pro formula, in order to do that in a quicker and more efficient way. 

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How to use baby brezza formula pro?

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Baby brezza  formula pro usually requires you to just add the powder in the tank, push a button and get your formula ready with no effort. But before you can do that there are some instructions and information you need to be aware of, in order to get the best of it. 

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Before use baby brezza pro formula maker instruction

Before you use baby brezza formula maker pro, you need to be familiar with how the machine works. So, let’s brief you: 

The machine is designed for you to fill it with water, add the powder, adjust the setting, and voila! Your part is done. Baby brezza formula pro heats the water, gets it to the perfect temperature according to your settings, takes the right amount of powder, and gives you the formula according to the bottle size you choose. And it’s ready! 

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How to set baby brezza formula pro

There are few buttons and lights on the machine that you should know to get used to the machine, and they are: 

  • The Temperature light; it’s the one that keeps flashing whenever the water isn’t warm enough, and that doesn’t happen each time you prepare the formula, rather only when you fill the tank freshly with new cold water. 
  • The Ounces button is the one you press when you want to choose your feed size, it has 5 lights numbered 2 to 10, adding 2 ounces with each press. 
  • The Start and Stop buttons. 
  • The Funnel light that flashes every time the machine funnel isn’t completely all the way in, you need to push the funnel right back into place whenever this light flashes. 
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Baby brezza formula pro powder set up 

This product has an option related to the powder settings. The Machine adjusts the powder settings according to the brand of formula you’re using. The measuring wheels in the machine has different numbers on it, each indicating the perfect settings for each brand of formula. In order to know which number to choose you need to visit the website

There you can choose which type of product you’re using, which is here “Baby brezza pro formula”, the country you live in, the formula brand, and it gives you the perfect setting number. You can see how to change numbers on the wheel in the Baby brezza formula pro manual. 

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Instructions of use  

After getting familiar with the baby brezza formula pro settings, using this product should be user friendly. You will have to just fill the water in the tank (we will explain the parts in a bit), add the formula in the container above and press the start button. Your bottle will be ready in no time. 

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Baby brezza formula pro manual

Baby brezza formula pro manual will be your best friend before and while you’re using the machine, as it has everything in it, from the names of every part of the machine, to how to assemble and disassemble it, and how to prepare your first bottle. It can also show you how to clean the product from time to time. 

One of the important tips you need to take care of while using this product on are the signs that appear on the machine screen, for the machine is super friendly and safe; it tells you if the water isn’t hot enough, or if the funnel isn’t in place, and so on. We can’t display the signs here in the articles, but you can see them in the manual as well. 

The manual can also tell you about all the problems you might face on the long term. You can find that in the last page under the title “troubleshooting” and “Indicator lights”.

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baby brezza formula pro warranty 

Baby brezza formula pro has a 1-year warranty that’s available for consumers who buy the product for personal or household use. It ensures fixing or repairing your product if anything happens to it within the warranty time. If you don’t have any receipt or proof for the purchase date, then the manufacturer date is to be used. 

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Baby brezza formula pro components 

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Baby brezza pro formula is very user friendly and it’s easily disassembled and reassembled, but before you can do that you need to get to know the parts, they are as the following: 

  • The body is the slim part that carries all the other pieces in it, and it has wheels below to make it easier to move the product. 
  • The “Base” is the bater where you put the water tank on. 
  • The “water tank” is the long container you fill with water, it goes on the side of the body, so you always see if it needs to be refilled whenever you prepare the meal. It has min and max lines to guide you. 
  • Looking at the front, you can see the “Drip tray” where you can adjust on the body on 5 different levels, according to your bottle size. 
  • The “Bottle Grate” is where you put the bottle after adjusting the former part. 
  • There’s a “funnel” and a “funnel cover” which are also placed on the front of the body, and that’s where the formula is poured from. 
  • The “Control Panel” is where you have all the button. 
  • The “Axle” is where you can add the powder container with all its pieces. 
  • Last but not least, we have the “Powder container” with all the pieces assembled in it, and they are: the “Lower measuring wheel”, the “Upper measuring wheel” the “Locking cover”, the “Stirring wheel” and the “Powder container lid”. 
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Assembling baby brezza formula pro

Knowing how to assemble and disassemble the baby brezza formula pro is very important, because you will need to clean it from time to time in order for it to work properly and give you the perfect formula. And it’s actually very simple. You can do it in few steps as the following: 

  • The powder container is the most important part you’ll need to clean, and in order to do that you will have to: 
  1. Remove the container from the axle, and take the lid off 
  2. Grasp the Steering wheel and pull it up while holding the container down, in order to remove it
  3. Remove the locking piece, it’s pretty simple as it’s not really attached to anything 
  4. Take both the Measuring wheels out, and it’ll all ready to be cleaned
  • The funnel is also very important to be cleaned every 4 bottles, in order to avoid the build-up. Removing the funnel, the funnel cover, the tray and the bottle grate is super easy, one step and you hear a click, and that’s it.
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How to clean it?

Cleaning the baby brezza formula pro is very important, in order to avoid build up, and messing up your baby’s formula. The machine usually tells you when you need to do that, which is mostly after 4 bottles or when formula stuck in the container bottom. If neither this nor that happen, just make it a habit of cleaning the machine on a monthly basis in order for it to work properly. 

After removing all the parts as mentioned before (if you still find it hard to do as written, you can check baby brezza formula pro manual for pictures, or YouTube, to make it easier), you can clean them with running soapy water. Make sure to dry all the parts very well before resembling it back again. You can also remove the water container and clean it the same way. 

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Baby brezza pro formula pros

baby brezza formula pro has many pros as a formula maker, and some of them are: 

  • It’s very quick, and can get your baby formula in just a few seconds, without having to prepare the bottle yourself every time your baby is hungry (and parents know that is a lot!) 
  • It’s easy to use 
  • The parts are simple to clean and reassemble
  • You can use all the types of bottles, not just the baby brezza bottles, as the tray has many levels to it
  • The measuring wheel powder setting makes it just accurate, so you can have the right amount of formula water ratio, right after adjusting the right number. 
  • It’s benefit cost ratio is just right if you’re formula feeding, and especially if you have multiples. 
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Baby brezza pro formula cons

Looking at the reviews we found a few cons or issues people had while using the baby brezza advanced pro formula, and they are: 

  • The fact that you have to clean the powder container and the funnel every four bottles
  • It’s a bit noisy
  • The water capacity is a bit small, and you have to remove it and fill it every few feeds 
  • It doesn’t sterilize the water; you will need to use baby water or a filter
  • It takes a lot of time for the water to heat, when you refill it 
  • Some actually found it a bit pricy 
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Baby brezza formula pro reviews

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A lot of people ask “Is the baby brezza  pro formula worth it?”, and that comes either from the ones who didn’t use a formula maker before or the ones who are already using other types of formula makers of warming bottles. Here are a couple of reviews from people using the products to answer you. 

  • One of the moms using this machine said that it is a life saver, as she has twins! She only commented that it needs lots of cleaning, yet was satisfied by the machine, specially at the night time
  • Another mom said the machine is just amazing as your baby won’t wait for you, it’s quick and deserves way more than 5 stars. 
  • Another parent said that she couldn’t live without the machine now, as it took away all the stress coming from waiting for the bottles. 
  • A mom found the machine good but she’s waiting for the next model, as she found the formulas made by this one a bit weak, and it takes a lot of time for the water to heat up. 
  • One of the users wasn’t satisfied at all saying that the machine didn’t work properly from the start, and she found it hard to contact support. 
  • One parent said that the machine doesn’t mix or dispenses the formula in the right amount, and it made her baby fussy after each feed.
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Baby brezza formula pro vs Baby brezza pro advanced

A lot of people who were using baby brezza formula pro were already satisfied with it, but after using the baby brezza advanced pro formula, you can notice the difference and actually be much more satisfied, and that’s because it has, as the name entitles, advanced. 

You can notice these differences when you compare baby brezza pro with baby brezza advanced pro formula: 

  • Baby brezza advanced pro formula has a slimmer design, as the water tank with removed to the back instead of being on the side of the body and container. That’s very much easier, especially when you don’t have much place on the counter. 
  • Baby brezza advanced pro formula is faster than the original, it can prepare a 4-ounce formula in 13s instead of 20s by the former, according to some users who actually calculated the duration it takes.
  • Baby brezza advanced has a digital screen with different ounces numbers from 2 to 10 that you can change with one press, while the original had 5 options that adds up 2 ounces with every click. 
  • Baby brezza advanced pro is so much quieter than the original one, so it won’t wake up your baby in the middle of the night. 
  • Baby brezza advanced has 3 different warming temperatures, and a water only option, which wasn’t available in the former baby brezza pro formula maker.  
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Tips and hacks while using baby brezza formula pro

  1. Make sure to fill the water tank at least 10 mins water before your baby’s feeding time, as sometimes it takes the machine a little bit longer to heat the water. This way you can avoid your crying baby while waiting for the formula. 
  2. Clean the machine every now and then before you get a lot of buildup in it, which might just make the formula concentration inaccurate. 
  3. When you clean the container, make sure you scrape underneath the dispensing portion, or else it wouldn’t dispense properly and you might actually see some lumps in your baby’s bottle.
  4. The bottle grate and the tray might get some splashes from the water or the formula, so make sure you clean that at least once a day, to avoid it getting sticky.
  5. Make sure to shake the bottle after getting your formula ready as the machine only dispenses the right amount of water and formula, but it doesn’t mix it for you. 
  6. Keep in mind that the machine adds half and ounce more than what you want in your bottle, but that’s actually normal because the formula powder raises the water just a little bit, and the bottles already have the space for it. 


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To sum up 

Baby brezza formula pro maker is the perfect method to prepare your baby bottles in no time, as it helps you have them at the perfect concentration and temperature just with one push of a button. 

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