Baby bottle washer machine review

Baby bottle washer machine, Your life appears to revolve around feedings when you have a newborn, It’s time for them to eat again by the time the infant finishes eating and you’ve cleaned up everything, As a result, any technology that aids the procedure is a welcome addition, The Baby Brezza One Step Sterilizer Dryer promises to use steam to kill 99.9% of bacteria. I’m unable to independently verify their assertions. Sterilization, according to the CDC, destroys all bacteria from an object. In hospitals, steam is used to sterilize equipment, although the baby bottle washer machine is normally placed under pressure, like in an autoclave.

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Baby bottle washer machine

Baby bottle washer machine

Baby bottle washer machine

The device is a standalone countertop appliance that uses 120-volt electricity to boil water and generate sterilizing steam, 

As well as a heating unit to dry the things placed within properly. 

An accessory rack is added to the roughly 17-inch-tall by the 12-inch-wide appliance to store the bottles or components placed within.

Fill the water chamber (approximately 1/2 cup water) and set the accessory rack on the base to use the Baby Brezza One Step. 

Bottles must be dismantled, hand-washed, and rinsed before being placed face-down on rack posts. 

Upper rack posts should be used to store nipples, bottle rings, caps, and pacifiers. 

Finally, place the dome-shaped cover on the appliance’s base and turn it on to start sterilizing.

Sterilize just (approximately eight minutes), sterilize and dry (30, 45, or 60 minutes), and dry only are the three options. 

A countdown of the sterilizing cycle and subsequently a countdown of the drying cycle you have selected begins on an LCD display. 

The lid has vent holes in it to allow steam to escape during the cooking process. 

When a cycle is over, the machine automatically shuts off.

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Baby Brezza bottle

Baby Brezza bottle

How does it feel to use

Making use of the Baby Brezza One Step is a straightforward procedure. 

Before using the unit for the first time, I thoroughly cleaned and rinsed the lid and accessories rack with hot water. 

To fill the reservoir, the instructions suggest using pure water. 

So far, I’ve had no difficulties using filtered city water.

We couldn’t fit all six Avent bottles on the accessory rack posts when it came time to load them in. 

We could only fit three bottles and accessories in the device at a time because these bottles have an inner component, 

Nipple, collar, and cap to sanitize.

We chose the 60-minute to sterilize and dry cycle once they were loaded. The dome immediately became encrusted with steam. 

Some steam escaped from the vent holes by design, and hot air is ejected through the fan vent. 

Because the device becomes extremely hot when in use, keep it in a location where it won’t need to be relocated. 

To keep my tabletop from warming, I set it on a big trivet.

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What makes it unique?

Even if you are sleep-deprived, the Baby Brezza One Step Sterilizer Dryer is straightforward to use. 

Simply fill the machine with purified water, add the bottles, nipples, and accessories, and choose a cycle. 

After each cycle, the bottles and accessories are completely dry and ready to use. 

The bottles may simply be left in the appliance until you need them.

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The disadvantages

While One-Step is simple to use, I wish the accessory posts were more adaptable to different bottle sizes. 

If the lid was not set completely straight, there was some leakage.

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In the end, and about the baby bottle washer machine, The CDC advises treatment for newborns less than 3 months, those born preterm, or those with a weaker immune system. It is frequently done with steam and decreases the number of bacteria to a safe level.

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